Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC review

Solar energy supplier and installer Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC. They serve residential and commercial clients and the neighboring states by designing and installing solar power and solar hot water systems. To further assist their clientele in cutting energy expenditures and increasing ROI, they also provide energy efficiency solutions and expert assistance.
Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC review

Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC overview

Solar energy supplier and installer Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC. They serve residential and commercial clients and the neighboring states by designing and installing solar power and solar hot water systems. To further assist their clientele in cutting energy expenditures and increasing ROI, they also provide energy efficiency solutions and expert assistance.

What Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC has to say about itself

The top supplier of superior solar roofing solutions in the country is Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC. Our knowledgeable staff can provide you with better solar roofing services as well as safety, value, and peace of mind since they have greater expertise in the roofing sector. Thanks to our all-encompassing approach to solar roofing, we can evaluate the particular needs of each residential or commercial property and provide the best solar roofing solution.

Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasWA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, bifacial, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow-battery systems.
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, SEIA, NEC, UL, SRCC

Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC website review

An exceptionally competent and reliable source of information for a company that assists its clients with energy-efficient roofing is Pinnacle Roofing Professionals' official website. The website provides details about the company's services, credentials, honors, and other pertinent subjects. The layout and navigation of the website are clear and polished, and it is nicely structured. There are some customer evaluations and pictures of finished projects on the testimonials page. All things considered, the website is a trustworthy resource of information for anybody wishing to find out more about the business or work there.

Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC price policy

PackagesSolar Panel System Installation - Starts at $15,000, Solar Energy System Service & Maintenance - Starts at $150/hour, Solar Panel Cleaning & Washing - Starts at $100/panel, Solar Battery Storage - Starts at $5,000, Solar Inverter Replacement - Starts at $2,000, Solar Inverter Upgrade - Starts at $2,500, Solar System Design & Engineering - Starts at $3,000, Solar System Permitting & Licensing - Starts at $1000
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express), PayPal, or Apple Pay.
Payment discounts10% discount on services for retired veterans, 10% discount on services for senior citizens, 10% discount on services for first responders, 10% discount on services for active military personnel, 5% discount for repeat customers, 5% discount on repairs over $2,000, 10% discount for customers referred by a friend or family member

Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC online reputation

Customers generally have nothing but great things to say about Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC. Customer service, job quality, and response have all received accolades. Even some clients have said their experience exceeded their expectations. However, some clients have had problems with slow quotation turnaround times, unpleasant employees, and poor communication. Despite some unfavorable reviews, many clients have had nothing but wonderful things to say about Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC and their offerings.
The customer support at Pinnacle is terrible. After entering into a twenty-year contract, I am still working with them. I have tried several times to get them to talk to me about replacing a damaged panel but to no avail. Without explaining to me what the issue was, they sent a technician to repair the broken component. The first letter has just now arrived and it asked me to enclose my most recent electric bill so they could double-check their records. Customers are not important to this organization. I will not use their services again and would not recommend them to anyone. If you value your ability to communicate with and help your customers, you should stay away from them. That's because they don't care. After my contract is up, they will be gone. - Jacoby S.
CAUTION: DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. First, the panels rely on the city's power system, so they won't save you if the electricity goes out. The solar-powered gadgets up above need access to municipal power. Second, we're stuck in a 20-year contract with Pinnacle, and we get zero help from them. Our lack of new install" status means that neither pigeon barriers nor a battery for emergency power will be installed. That is to say, once you're inside, they stop caring about providing for your requirements. Oh, and you can always expect to pay $100 or more each month for them. Don't be duped by the salespeople! It's a total con." - Leon D.
Up until your panels are up, they are fantastic at answering inquiries; after that, forget it! I had two bids fall through due to the panels when attempting to sell my house. For over two months, I have called Pinnacle once or twice weekly, waited thirty to sixty minutes each time, and then been promised a callback or email. A nightmare has come true! Pinnacle's customer service is terrible and it seems that solar panels have little effect on selling a property. What a letdown!!!!! Please don't! Don't do business with them!!! - Matteo N.
That firm is the worst ever!! It's been six months since I had solar panels put in, and they still aren't working. During the installation, some things from my garage were taken. The stucco on my house is all holes and damaged since the technicians put the equipment in the improper spot. No one will return my calls or answer my questions honestly. Despite my repeated calls, the issue still hasn't been resolved. It was promised that a representative will get in touch with me to arrange a time to visit and assess the situation. No one has stepped forward as of yet. Stay well away from this firm. Indeed, they are dreadful! - Bruce F.
Keep in mind that Pinnacle does not provide product support. The panels on our roof are making a lot of noise, and when we went to investigate, we found that birds were breeding in the gutters and leaving their droppings everywhere. The seller never warned us of the possibility of encountering such an issue, and when we contacted Pinnacle about it, they told us that we need to clean up the bird droppings ourselves before they would send someone to install animal guards at our expense. We are inconsolable! We are now going to get in touch with our attorney and maybe the media. Please take note! - Sam B.
Pinnacle Roofing did a fantastic job installing our solar panels. Their prices were fair, they arrived on time to begin work, and both their technicians and their workers were kind and competent. They clarified all we needed to know. The cleaning staff did an excellent job every day. The project was finished earlier than expected. Lenny will continue to be accessible for queries even after the job is finished. On a scale from 1 to 10, I wish I could give them a 10. Any potential client of theirs has my enthusiastic recommendation. - Jamari L.
Pinnacle did an excellent job throughout. The sales guidance provided was thorough, and the prices offered were competitive with other preliminary estimates. The staff was helpful and kind. Excellent work, all around. Despite the harsh winter conditions, they were able to finish the project by its projected end date. If you need Solar panels installed, I highly suggest these guys. - Bryant E.
Wow, that's a very neat and tidy setup. The electrician's work in mounting and installing the apparatus was superb. The installation was completed well, and the workers even helped with the cleaning. Excellent planning, with every angle taken care of as we went along. Without reservation, I endorse this firm as the go-to choice for solar installation. They are very well-informed and successful in the employment market. They spent a lot of time deliberating where to put it. If you want your money to go as far as possible, this is the most crucial step. There are a lot of trees on my property. I have no qualms about recommending this firm to anybody in need of roofing or solar work. Exceptional job! - Orlando J.
Pinnacle was able to install solar panels on our roof at the same time they replaced our shingles. The roofing work was completed fast and well installed. The solar panels were eventually installed after that. There were some small setbacks at the beginning of the solar work, but these were quickly remedied. Once they got started with the installation, everything went well and they were flexible with our timetable. They were quick to respond to follow-up queries and diligent in their pursuit of a completed utility company connection, allowing us to reap the benefits of our solar panels. - Jay P.
Working with Pinnacle Roofing was among the most positive business interactions I've ever had. These are experts in their field. They represent the cutting edge of solar technology. My assignment was among the more challenging ones. I have a gas generator and am interested in getting credit from the grid and using a battery for backup purposes, but only if the timing is set up properly. They came up with a brilliant solution. Always accommodating changes and patient while discussing technical details. If you need a new roof and want someone that does an excellent job with solar energy integration, look no further than Pinnacle Roofing. - Davis T.

Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC Social media
When looking for trustworthy information on solar energy options, the Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC Facebook page is an excellent place to start. There is a fair probability that someone in the area has used their services or can attest to their excellence since they have over 4,000 followers. The website presents the company's products and services expertly via the use of many photographs, videos, and articles. In addition, they disseminate publications that provide advice on roofing and solar power. Fans are kept interested and excited by the periodic gifts and discounts they provide. Multiple comments and shares on many of their postings indicate that their service is appreciated by their audience. Overall, the Facebook page for Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC is a fantastic place to learn about solar energy and roofing options.
Top solar energy supplier Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC has a LinkedIn corporate profile. Along with presenting details about its solar services, the website professionally presents itself thanks to its branded colors and logo. Customers may learn more about home and business solar installation alternatives, which increase the accessibility of solar energy for many. Customers may also use the page to keep up with the most recent business news, including promotions and technological advancements. Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC is an obvious choice for anybody wishing to invest in solar energy, as seen by its more than 150 followers. To give prospective consumers greater confidence in their decision to work with this organization, the website also includes case studies from actual clients. The LinkedIn profile of Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC, one of the top US solar suppliers, is a trustworthy and educational resource for anybody wanting to start their path toward effective and cheap solar energy.
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Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews524.6


Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC Pros & Cons

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Experienced
  • Limited Area
  • High Cost
  • Limited Services

Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC Final Conclusions

Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC offers roof replacement and solar installation services. Customers constantly express their appreciation for the company's customer service, efficiency, and knowledge after using their services, which have been offered since 2009. Based on the many favorable customer evaluations, Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC is a top-notch business.

Pinnacle Roofing Professionals, LLC locations

Main Address5014 208th ST SW Lynnwood, WA 98036
Phone Number2069193538

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