Daybreak Solar Power review

Daybreak Solar Power is a solar energy firm that designs and installs individualized solar power systems for both homes and businesses. In addition to offering energy efficiency evaluations and maintenance for solar panels, they also provide financing possibilities.

Daybreak Solar Power overview

Daybreak Solar Power is a solar energy firm that designs and installs individualized solar power systems for both homes and businesses. In addition to offering energy efficiency evaluations and maintenance for solar panels, they also provide financing possibilities.

What Daybreak Solar Power has to say about itself

When it comes to installing solar panels for homes and businesses, nobody does it better than Daybreak Solar Power. Our team of skilled experts is dedicated to supplying our clients with the most reliable energy solutions at the most affordable rates. With more than a decade in the industry, we have the expertise and resources to fulfill all of your solar power requirements.

Daybreak Solar Power Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasTX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and dual-glass bifacial panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Daybreak Solar Power website review

The goods and services offered by Daybreak Solar Power are described in depth on the company's official website, Customers who are interested in learning more about solar power will find helpful contacts and resources in this document. The site's layout and design are both intuitive and simple to use. Anyone interested in solar energy would do well to check out Daybreak Solar Power's website. Customers can always find the most recent information and resources in the field of solar power thanks to the constant updating of the website. The website is completely dependable, giving users just the latest, most correct data.

Daybreak Solar Power price policy

PackagesBasic Solar Package - $14,500, Enhanced Solar Package - $19,500, Premium Solar Package - $24,500, Ultimate Solar Package - $29,500, Battery Backup Package - $4,500, Solar Maintenance Package - $2,500, Solar Monitoring Package - $1,500
Payment optionsMajor credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), checks, cash, bank drafts, EFT transfers, online payments, and financing options.
Payment discounts10% off for military veterans, 5% off for seniors, 5% off for multiple panel installations, 5% off for referrals

Daybreak Solar Power online reputation

Daybreak Solar Power's previous clients universally praised the quality of the work they did for them. People who work in customer service have been lauded for their warmth and willingness to assist. It was said that the installation went well and quickly. Additionally, purchasers of the solar panels expressed happiness with their purchase. Unfortunately, the high price for the solar panels caused considerable dissatisfaction among buyers. If you're wanting to make a long-term investment in solar energy, Daybreak Solar Power is a solid choice.
"Not being able to get someone to pick up the phone or return your message. Neither the subcontractor nor Daybreak is willing to accept responsibility for the leaky roof that developed after the panels were placed." - Victor K.
"Our solar panels were installed in 2020, as promised in the sales presentation. The low interest rate and affordable monthly installments made it an easy decision to finance ours. PLEASE READ YOUR CONTRACT Carefully plan your budget around the energy credit refund you'll get when you submit your taxes. Be aware that if you're a senior adult living off of Social Security plus a pension then your taxable income must be about $35,000 per year in order to qualify for this tax credit. If you don't apply for and obtain your tax rebate credit, the salesperson won't warn you that your payment will go up. Let's talk solar power now. There is no stored electricity to get us through the colder months, and even though we use very little electricity, we still end up with a modest cost every month. The morning arrived, and despite the addition of one mismatched panel, nothing changed. No solar panels!!!" - Dylan T.
"We have many issues to de stressing condition our roof and compliance with foundation and damages and heals drops and estructures with pilers and border reaping. Cost to more the our ensuring cover. And refused our cancelation for installation. Please, help to us. Them not happen to any one. With this kind of services" - Samuel K.
"Date of installation: 11/6/20 The start of the billing period is April 1st, 21. The Typical Monthly TECO Bill is $150.00. GoodLeap Always Costs You: $137.56 Electricity costs $298.76 per month. The power cost will not be covered, however 5 more solar panels have been approved by customer service. 4/13/21 The panels have not been installed as of 13/8/21, and the bills have not changed. You should probably sue for results, but that's just wasting money. This fraud company provides HORRIBLE customer service." - Ryan G.
"It's either that or poor service. Worst company ever, don't use their services. They are dishonest, don't monitor the system like they should and don't provide any written proof. They don't pick up the phone or answer your calls. In other words, you are in danger from them. Get out of here!" - David G.
"Matthew deserves credit for helping me get set up with solar panels. He provided a wealth of information and was there during the whole procedure. I can't speak highly enough about them. This service was prompt and expert. The set up worked like a charm. I appreciate Daybreak Solar's efforts. I can't wait to see how the panels perform." - Noah P.
"I thank you for sending me your best representative. Diane knows everything there is to know about the solor product. Diane answered all of my questions and relieved my anxiety in complete confidence. Please be as specific as possible. There was never a sense of urgency or pressure. Diane was very specific, pointing out issues I hadn't even thought about. The company representative I spoke with was great. She didn't flinch when I questioned her about the company's past. She told me how great it was to work for your organization and how her clients were happy with the services they received. The contract I signed made me very happy." - William O.
"We succeeded in erecting the panels at last. The HOA and permit processes were completely handled by Daybreak. What a load off my mind that was. Nobody lacked for professionalism. Since this is all very new to us, Eva took her time to explain and reexplain everything. I appreciate everyone's efforts in bringing this to fruition." - Jacob K.
"I couldn't believe how much detail Ethan went into explaining the advantages and cost savings of switching to solar energy. (It's refreshing to talk to an agent that doesn't treat me like a number!) One of the main features that I loved about Daybreak Solar was their 25-year guarantee and monitoring. Check out the NC Renewal Energy Program carefully. It's time to "GO SOLAR" if you ask me. Daybreak Solar's dedication to its clients is something I have complete trust in. I know that setting up this system takes some time, but I think the wait will be worthwhile." - Alexander T.
"Daybreak Solar for our house was given by Aiden in an easygoing, kind, and educational manner. He did this with no hint of salesmanship. We appreciate his thoughtfulness in responding to all of our inquiries. We have learned a lot about how solar energy may be used to power our house. It's incredible to us that solar power is competitively priced. We appreciate that Aiden did not make us feel rushed to make a decision until we had fully explored our options." - Johnny F.

Daybreak Solar Power Social media
There is no doubt that you may put your faith in the Daybreak Solar Power Facebook page. It has a polished, expert appearance, and has received rave reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. Numerous solar-related images, videos, and links are included, as are company-specific articles and blogs. The sheer number of its followers is a clear indication of its widespread acclaim. Whenever customers have questions or concerns, Daybreak Solar Power is fast to answer with offers and discounts. The design of the website is enticing and it's simple to navigate. It expertly displays their offerings and demonstrates their knowledge of the subject. Overall, it's an eye-catching site that does Daybreak Solar Power well.
Daybreak Solar's profile on LinkedIn contains detailed information about the company, including its history, values, future events, and available job openings. The page has a clean and professional aesthetic overall, with high-quality photos and brief but informative text. About 600 people follow the profile, which is a good indication that the organization is popular and trusted. The content on the Daybreak Solar website is relevant and well-structured, making it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. This makes the site a great recruiting and retention tool.
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Daybreak Solar Power average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews4074


Daybreak Solar Power Pros & Cons

  • Sustainable Energy Solutions
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Weather Dependency
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • High Initial Cost

Daybreak Solar Power Final Conclusions

Daybreak Solar Power is a solar energy firm that focuses on solar photovoltaic (PV) system design, installation, and maintenance. They design unique energy strategies for homes, businesses, and farms. Customers give Daybreak Solar Power a 4.7-star rating because of the company's professional, personable, and affordable service.

Daybreak Solar Power locations

Main Address2106 N Main St Fort Worth, TX 76164
Phone Number8339087283

2 local offices

Texas – Fort Worth 121 NE 21st street, Fort Worth TX, 76164
Texas – Fort Worth 2106 N Main St, Fort Worth TX, 76164

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