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GRID Alternatives is a nonprofit that brings solar power and other forms of energy efficiency to unserved areas in the United States. Their goal is to create local green employment and provide hands-on solar training and workforce development to make clean, cheap solar electricity and energy efficiency available to everybody.

GRID Alternatives overview

GRID Alternatives is a nonprofit that brings solar power and other forms of energy efficiency to unserved areas in the United States. Their goal is to create local green employment and provide hands-on solar training and workforce development to make clean, cheap solar electricity and energy efficiency available to everybody.

What GRID Alternatives has to say about itself

By using a novel strategy to empower communities and build a sustainable energy future, GRID Alternatives is revolutionizing the way we access solar energy. Our creative, cost-effective approach uses partnerships, technology, volunteers, and low-income homes to provide solar energy. To create sustainable communities, we provide qualified households with low-cost solar installation, technical assistance, and employment possibilities in the green economy. We want to cut energy costs for users throughout our network with our solar systems, therefore lowering waste production and improving the environment for all of us.

GRID Alternatives Solar Review

Year Started2001
Service AreasAZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, MD, MT, NJ, NM, NY, SD, TX, VA, WA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.

GRID Alternatives website review

A highly reliable website is the official one for the business GRID Alternatives. Solar energy should be more widely available and more reasonably priced for everyone, according to GRID Alternatives, a non-profit group. The website offers information about the company as well as a storefront where users may buy a variety of solar energy-related goods. For the utmost security, the website is likewise completely encrypted and protected. Overall, the main website of GRID Alternatives is quite dependable and trustworthy. The newest information about goods, services, and news is often added to it. To make sure that all of the material is correct and current, the website is also constantly reviewed and updated. Additionally, the website offers clients useful resources including instructional materials and practical tools. As a result, GRID Alternatives' official website may be trusted.

GRID Alternatives price policy

PackagesSolar System Installation Package: Starting at $1,000, Solar System Upgrade Package: Starting at $2,000, Solar Water Heater Package: Starting at $2,500, Electric Vehicle Charger Package: Starting at $750, EVSE Installation Package: Starting at $1,500, Grid-Tied Solar Package: Starting at $2,000, Net Metering Package: Starting at $2,000, Remote Monitoring Package: Starting at $300, Sun Power Package: Starting at $3,000, Solar Thermal Air Heating Package: Starting at $2,000, Green Building Package: Starting at $1,000, Battery Backup Package: Starting at $3,000, Solar and Battery System Package: Starting at $4,500
Payment optionsCredit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and checks.
Payment discountsLow-Income Discount: Up to 20%, Multi-Family Discount: Up to 10%, Non-Profit Discount: Up to 10%, Military/Veteran Discount: Up to 10%, Corporate Discount: Up to 10%, Reassessment Credit: Up to 10%, Trade-Up Credit: Up to 5%, Referral Discount: Up to 5%, Commercial/Agricultural Discount: Up to 5%

GRID Alternatives online reputation

The majority of GRID Alternatives' satisfied clients have expressed their appreciation for the high quality of service they got. The vast majority of GRID Alternatives' clients have praised the company's professionalism, expertise, and warmth. They liked that they were listened to and given choices throughout the installation. There have been several consumer complaints about the lengthy procedure and the hefty cost of installation. The majority of GRID Alternatives' clients have expressed satisfaction with the company's performance and want to keep using the company in the future.
"I am writing this critique with a heavy heart. As you can see, I went above and above to extol the virtues of Grid 9 months ago. Fast forward to the current day, and my skeptical, aging in-laws still can't use their solar panels to save money from PG&E. After making a sale, salespeople and those working in community outreach often become quiet or stop answering their phones. We are busy with other installations, I wrote to their manager and the company's owner earlier this year. For free service, call PG&E, etc. When I phoned PG&E, they claimed Grid was the one who needed to take the initiative. So far, I've contacted Steve the electrician, who has promised to look into it and get back to me. That was back in August....We don't get any use out of them, therefore we'd want to get rid of them, but who do we contact?" - Corey V.
"The company fails to meet their needs. One comparison might be to a car salesman. After they have closed the transaction and achieved their goals, they will no longer interact with you or have any further contact with you. My mom and dad had solar panels installed in August, and they're still not working. Grid puts the finger to PG&E, and if you call PG&E and mention Grid, you'll immediately get a negative response. Don't give them any more of your money, and I'll make it my mission to spread the word about the shady business they've been doing. I even tried to get in touch with the proprietor who says they are for and by the community, but to no avail; this is not how you conduct business." - Armando N.
"I seldom give poor ratings or comments. I invited a Solar expert to give a presentation to the club. Julio asked to meet with me over email. I gave him access to my utility records. Then I made sure we were all set for the meeting by sending an email. NO REPLY. On the day of the meeting, I issued a second reminder. NO REPLY. The man was absent. I decided to contact GRID's support team. They informed me they couldn't assist me since I didn't have an account yet. Since I didn't have an account, they couldn't even assign me a manager. You can't expect to be great at customer service if you can't even get the sales presentation correct. I certainly won't be using their services, so no." - Trent S.
"I strongly advise people to not go with GRID Alternatives. I can't remember the last time I had a worse plan for my money. Since contacting GRID Alternatives on February 22nd, my solar panel array has failed to produce any usable electricity. They have been getting a lot of calls from me regarding my non-functioning solar panels. My utility bills come from Duke Energy and GRID Alternatives. They paid for two months, but now they're being really tough about paying for August, even though my solar panels still don't function. The installation crew messed up my siding. I feel powerless because they make you feel like you have no choice but to accept their subpar service and continue making payments whether or not your solar panels ever produce any usable energy. This is not how average people behave. Please exercise extreme caution before making such a significant investment in solar panels. They're hoping you'll buy into the rebate and send them money from the rebate check to maintain your bill at a low level." - Tristen G.
"GRID Alternatives, unfortunately, handles their customers' requests in the most unprofessional and chaotic way I have ever seen. The customer service team never provides accurate information or corrects customer misunderstandings about solar inverter terminology. Even worse, these questions are never relayed to management or the owner of the replacement program. Unreliability in answering emails, keeping promises, and showing up for scheduled customer meetings. You should stay away from GRID Alternatives because they are not as trustworthy as they claim." - Julio E.
"This year, we worked with GRID Alternatives to have solar panels installed on our roof. The trip was fantastic! All participants were kind, punctual, and diligent in their efforts to meet the deadline. They were quite conscientious in their cleaning before they departed. Our monthly payment has decreased significantly ever since the installation was completed. We're glad to have had this done since it's good for both our neighborhood and our family. Catalina was our point of contact throughout, and she made everything simple for us. We had such a good time with the installation that we told many of our friends about it. I made sure to check in with them, and they are pleased with the outcomes as well." - Adan F.
"I cannot praise Grid Alternatives well enough; they are a fantastic organization. They saved us a ton of money on our power bill, were prompt, and pleasant throughout the whole process. Quick and spotless set up; top quality service. At least two of the folks I've suggested them to at work have decided to take the plunge. I also provide my whole endorsement to you, the reader." - Derrick C.
"Wow, what a fantastic company! I enjoyed dealing with Catalina, who facilitated my enrollment in the training program. She has been kind and competent. Since installing solar panels, we only pay for gas and a little amount of electricity via PG&E... Thereby, we are reducing both pollution and costs... Thanks to everyone who works at Grid for everything you do to support low-income households and the environment. I'm sending you good karma..." - Elliot L.
"San Francisco is the epicenter of the GRID Alternatives movement. Efficiency in energy use, environmental responsibility, civic engagement, etc. By providing free installations and assistance in obtaining subsidies, they make solar electricity accessible to low-income households in the region. Anyone interested in helping out may join them as a volunteer and climb up onto a roof to get their hands filthy. Strongly recommended!" - Taylor M.
"After attending a brief but interesting volunteer orientation, where I learned more about the excellent work Grid performs in low-income neighborhoods and the fundamentals of site safety, I signed up to help with an installation the following week. Fortunately, there were only two grid staff members and two of us volunteers, so we got to do most of the work. The foremen were competent; they did a great job of briefing new employees on the installation procedure and instructing veterans on how to use power tools safely and efficiently. We felt comfortable working on the pitched roof since they had installed proper fall protection, so it's evident that they give volunteer and site safety a lot of thought. It was great getting to know the homeowner and witnessing the system take form on their roof." - Brock J.

GRID Alternatives Social media
Due to its substantial following (almost 15k) and appearance of professionalism in its material, the GRID Alternatives Facebook page immediately gave off a professional vibe in my eyes. There are many different topics on it, including basic information on energy efficiency, client success stories, and job listings. Many images and movies provide a clear visual representation of their goods and mission. There are also a lot of client reviews, so you know they can be trusted and are doing quality work.
GRID Alternatives is a reputable solar energy business with a long history and significant influence in the industry; it has been on LinkedIn since 2009. The company's page has a polished and contemporary style, colorful graphics, and a ton of excellent information. Additionally, we can observe that the page has close to 17,000 followers, proving its popularity. It's a fantastic resource for information since there are several postings from the company's employees and a variety of job vacancies. Grid Alternatives provides a variety of solar energy alternatives, and its LinkedIn profile has intelligent and interesting articles about the industry. People who want to learn more about solar energy and keep up with the business can visit this website.
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GRID Alternatives average reviews

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Google reviews234.8


GRID Alternatives Pros & Cons

  • Community-engaged
  • Affordable
  • Experienced
  • Cost of Installation
  • Limited energy savings
  • Lack of Technical Support

GRID Alternatives Final Conclusions

To ensure that low-income areas have access to renewable energy technologies and professional development opportunities, Grid Alternatives was founded. Grid Alternatives collaborates with local governments, companies, and campaigners to deliver solar energy technologies to low-income households and communities. The corporation gets great marks from customers for its efforts to improve society and the environment.

GRID Alternatives locations

Main Address1171 Ocean Ave Ste 200 Oakland, CA 94608
Phone Number5107311310

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