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As a family-run firm, Drews Solar gives every project its complete attention. Maria handles customer contact and office assistance while I focus on site visits, system design, and installs. This ensures that your project gets along fast and that you can have your concerns addressed even while I'm away from the office.

Drews Solar overview

As a family-run firm, Drews Solar gives every project its complete attention. Maria handles customer contact and office assistance while I focus on site visits, system design, and installs. This ensures that your project gets along fast and that you can have your concerns addressed even while I'm away from the office.

What Drews Solar has to say about itself

We never skimp on our job, arrive on time, make ourselves accessible to clients at all times, and establish reasonable expectations with them. We install everything neatly and efficiently, and we choose high-quality, aesthetically pleasing equipment for your home. We treat every house as if it were our own.

Drews Solar Review

Year Started2016
Company Websitedrewssolar.com
Service AreasWI
Service TypesSolar Panel Installation, Solar System Design, Solar Financing, Solar System Maintenance, Solar System Repair, Solar System Upgrades, Energy Efficiency Solutions, Solar System Monitoring, Solar System Consultation
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries

Drews Solar website review

The website's main navigation menu is clear and easy to use, making it straightforward for visitors to reach sections like Home, About Us, Solar Services, Finance, and Contact. Regardless of scrolling, the menu remains fixed at the top for ease of access. A prominent call-to-action (CTA) button on the homepage's main picture invites visitors to ask for a free gift. The key advantages of solar electricity, including economic savings and environmental effect, are also highlighted on the website. The company's legitimacy is boosted by the presentation of reviews from pleased clients. Information about the company's history, goals, and beliefs may be found on the "About Us" page. Additionally, it features team members, adding a human touch and fostering trust among prospective customers. On this website, Drews Solar's solar services are thoroughly described. It describes how to make the conversion to solar energy, the many kinds of solar systems that are available, and its advantages. The information is properly organized and useful. Visitors to the website may get in touch with the business using the contact page's contact form, phone number, and address. It also includes a map for simple location identification and the business's operating hours. Overall, the Drews Solar website does a good job of outlining the company's offerings, advantages of solar energy, and financing possibilities. A pleasant user experience is facilitated by its user-friendly design, educational content, and polished presentation.

Drews Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Financing Options
Payment discountsNo payment discounts specified

Drews Solar online reputation

Based on the client testimonials supplied, Drews Solar has developed a reputation that is mostly favorable. The business is praised for its expert installation work, clear explanations, and caring customer support. After installing Drews Solar panels, several customers reported seeing considerable power bill reductions. The team at the business, lead by Michael and Maria Drews, is informed and talented, and they have won accolades for their devotion to provide superior solar solutions. Several clients have expressed satisfaction with the operation of their solar energy systems thanks to Drews Solar's ability to fulfill its commitments and deploy high-quality equipment. However, several clients had conflicting feelings regarding their interactions with Drews Solar. While the majority of customers were satisfied with the installation procedure and performance, a small number of people had minor problems or encountered delays in having their complaints addressed by customer support. A few customers also said that the anticipated cost reductions were not as large as they had planned, indicating that the panels' performance did not meet their expectations. All things considered, Drews Solar seems to be a dependable solar company with a proven track record of completing successful solar panel installations. They have a good reputation among clients because to their expertise, thoroughness, and reasonable price. To guarantee a seamless and positive solar experience, it may be good for potential customers to enquire more about customer care response times and establish reasonable expectations about energy savings.
"Drews Solar panels were easily installed, and initial testing indicates that they are performing as expected. One of the panels had a slight problem, so I contacted customer assistance. They did reply quickly, however it took longer than I had hoped to address the issue. They did end up fixing the problem, but I now have mixed thoughts about their customer service." - Robert
"A few months ago, I had solar panels put by Drews Solar, and I've been keeping a careful eye on how they've been doing. The panels are producing around the expected quantity of power, which has reduced my electricity cost by about ten percent. However, based on their claims, I expected a far larger decrease in my monthly energy bills. The panels do their job and haven't given me any difficulty, but their performance hasn't exactly thrilled me, either." - Ryan
"In August of 2021, I had Drew's Solar build a solar energy system, and I couldn't be happier with it. Since then, I've been saved a ton of money on my power bill each month by the utility company. Drew's Solar's staff was very professional throughout the whole process, from the first consultation to the final inspection of the solar panels, wiring, and other components. They were incredibly thorough in their explanations and kept me in the loop the whole time. The installation went well, and the crew was careful with my property and left no mess behind. When looking for a solar supplier, I discovered that Drew's Solar offered the best value for money without sacrificing quality. In my opinion, Drew's Solar is the best option for anybody looking into installing solar panels. After seeing their work, I'm considering hiring them to install a solar-powered battery backup system, too. Drew's Solar, you've done a fantastic job, both in terms of service and knowledge." - Mary
"The 20-panel DREWS SOLAR array has exceeded our expectations in every way. They were quite professional throughout the whole process. Their labor, communication, and civility are consistently high-quality, and they provide detailed estimates and explanations. Michael Drews has always done high-quality installations, according to our local electrical inspector. We were thrilled to see that Drews Solar was quoting the equipment we had come to regard as the finest after much study and receiving numerous quotations. In the sake of time savings, they don't provide price quotes for competing items, but you can be confident that their high quality and fair pricing are precisely what we had in mind. In addition, they did not make any attempts to oversell. Maria Drews was our go-to person for all things related to the utility company, the Dane County rebate, the permits, and the certificates, and she kept us updated and took care of all the legwork throughout the whole process. We have no qualms about giving our enthusiastic endorsement to this neighborhood business. There's no way you'll be let down." - Chris
"It was a pleasure to work with Drews Solar. Everyone we dealt with was prompt, helpful, and kind. From placing the bid to activating the system, everything went well. We were kept in the loop the whole process, and our inquiries were addressed promptly and thoroughly. Thanks to everyone who helped us out, Drews Solar has our highest recommendation." - Greg
"Our energy-hungry lasers and other workshop equipment are now fed by a 14-panel system built by Drews Solar. After deciding in the autumn of '22 that I wanted to work with Maria, Michael, and their team for this endeavor, I was able to secure a spot on their calendar for the spring of '23. Good contractors are constantly in demand, so don't delay. Check out their in-depth and considerate website. They were prepared to begin my assignment on schedule, and their efforts were fruitful. The time required for the setup was less than a day. After then, it took another 19 days to go through the necessary administrative hoops at Alliant Energy. We proceeded from conceptualization to full realization in under three weeks. I'm really satisfied with the work that Drews Solar did for me. They are experts at what they do and can do any task without unnecessary delay. In addition, everyone on the staff is kind and helpful. I wish I had more opportunities to work with these wonderful people." - Emily
"We requested a price for a home solar energy system from Drews Solar in early spring 2023. Michael and Maria Drews answered our many inquiries fast and fully. Michael spent 45 minutes at our home, asking lots of questions to make sure he knew what we required before presenting a formal bid, and assessing the roof, house, garage, basement, electrical panel, and internet. He examined numerous methods, described their pros and cons, and advised us on what he would do in his own house. Drews Solar's installation started on time and went well. Michael and Maria kept us informed and addressed our issues throughout the process. Timely, polite, and competent personnel. They cleaned up daily and installed everything well, passing all city inspections and MG&E's permission. Drews Solar helps us power our lights and AC using solar energy. Two more installers, whose identities I won't disclose, gave us quotes. Picking Drews was easy. Michael and Maria Drews are trustworthy, open, attentive, and talented. I recommend Drews Solar to homeowners considering solar panel installation." - William

Drews Solar Social media

The main goal of Drews Solar's Facebook page is to advertise their Madison solar energy services. With frequent changes and follower engagement, the page seems to be regularly maintained. With a cover image displaying the installation of solar panels, the website has a tidy and expert structure. The Drews Solar emblem appears on the avatar, aiding in brand awareness. By replying to messages, comments, and reviews, Drews Solar connects with its subscribers on a regular basis. They appreciate good comments and will respond quickly to any requests or problems. A portion of the website is devoted to user testimonials and suggestions. The majority of evaluations are favorable and commend the business' professionalism, output quality, and customer support. A prominent call to action button on the website sends visitors to Drews Solar if they have any requests or recommendations. Additionally, the page makes it simple to get their contact details, including their phone number and website. In overall, Drews Solar's Facebook page efficiently advertises their solar services, interacts with their audience, and highlights their industry knowledge.
A short description of Drews Solar may be found on the business' LinkedIn profile. It states that it is a solar energy business that specializes in the planning, setting up, and maintenance of solar energy systems. They stress their dedication to provide sustainable energy options. The size of the business or the number of workers are not stated on the page. However, it indicates that Drews Solar is situated in Madison, Wisconsin, which is a part of the United indicates. Drews Solar is a company that specializes in solar energy and works in the renewable energy industry. They provide services for solar system design, installation, and maintenance. Their background in both residential and commercial solar installations is mentioned on the website. The website often posts articles about solar energy, developments in renewable energy, and business news. Periodically, they also provide news on their initiatives and successes. With a respectable number of likes, comments, and shares under their posts, the page's level of interaction seems to be moderate. Jobs are listed under a section of Drews Solar's LinkedIn page. This shows that the business is actively adding new employees and searching for fresh talent. Overall, the Drews Solar LinkedIn profile provides a decent summary of the staff, services, and experience of the business. This shows their dedication to green energy while also interacting with their audience with timely material.
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Drews Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews845


Drews Solar Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive Services
  • Energy efficiency
  • Experienced Team
  • Weather dependency
  • Space Requirements
  • Maintenance and repair

Drews Solar Final Conclusions

Customer reviews have made Drews Solar a respected solar energy company. Customers provide the organization mostly good reviews, proving its devotion to high-quality solar systems and expert services. Drew Solar's installation is well regarded. The company's knowledgeable and meticulous personnel ensures effective solar panel installation without any issues. When the worker respects their items and cleans up, many consumers have a pleasant experience. Drews solar panels have reduced energy expenditures for many clients. Solar energy systems often provide enough electricity to offset utility expenses. However, several consumers believed the energy savings were less than planned. Drews Solar is trusted for solar energy. Most consumer feedback is favorable, however certain areas need work. The company's customer care has been criticized for delays in addressing minor concerns. Drews Solar is known for its professionalism, service, and solar energy solutions. The solar business respects the company's qualified workforce, clear communication, and customer satisfaction. For energy saving and sustainability, Drews Solar is a good alternative for households and businesses. Customers should investigate and speak with Drews Solar to understand how their energy demands match the company's services.

Drews Solar locations

Main Address1325 E Dayton Street, Madison WI, 53703
Phone Number6086584285

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