Dynamic Energy review

Private energy services provider Dynamic Energy specializes in improving energy performance via auditing, consulting, and other means. In addition to doing energy audits, the business also keeps tabs on energy use, certifies buildings as environmentally friendly, and more. Its ability in maximizing energy efficiency to save costs, pollution, and downtime has earned it widespread acclaim.
Dynamic Energy review

Dynamic Energy overview

Private energy services provider Dynamic Energy specializes in improving energy performance via auditing, consulting, and other means. In addition to doing energy audits, the business also keeps tabs on energy use, certifies buildings as environmentally friendly, and more. Its ability in maximizing energy efficiency to save costs, pollution, and downtime has earned it widespread acclaim.

What Dynamic Energy has to say about itself

Private energy services provider Dynamic Energy specializes in improving energy performance via auditing, consulting, and other means. It is an industry leader in the planning, design, engineering, construction, and servicing of energy-saving infrastructure, including but not limited to distributed energy systems and retrofits for existing buildings. Its ability in maximizing energy efficiency to save costs, pollution, and downtime has earned it widespread acclaim.

Dynamic Energy Solar Review

Year Started2007
Company Websitedynamicenergy.com
Service AreasIL, MA, NJ, NY
Service TypesInstallation, Maintenance, Financing, Monitoring, and Design.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

Dynamic Energy website review

The dynamicsolar.com main page may be trusted. The design of the website is expert and conducive to a pleasant visit. All of the data is well-arranged and easy to understand. The website also includes testimonials from satisfied clients, as well as information on available services. The website is also safe to use since it uses a current SSL Certificate. Customers may be certain that their details if submitted, will be encrypted and protected from prying eyes. Overall, it's safe to say that you may put your faith in the official dynamicsolar.com website.

Dynamic Energy price policy

PackagesBasic Solar Panel System Package: $5,799, Enhanced Solar Panel System Package: $6,999, Premium Solar Panel System Package: $9,799, Add-on Solar Package Options: Starting at $500 - $4,000, Solar Inverter Options: Starting at $800 - $2,500, Solar Battery Options: Starting at $1,500 - $3,500, Solar Panel Installation & Equipment Packages: Starting at $2,500 - $7,000
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) as well as PayPal and checks.
Payment discountsLoyalty Reward Points: Up to 10% discount off of all purchases, Referral Program: Up to 10%, Bulk Purchasing Discount: Up to 10%, Contract Discount: Up to 5%

Dynamic Energy online reputation

For the most part, Dynamic Energy has been a fantastic supplier for many of its clients. Numerous clients expressed satisfaction with the company's service, affordable prices, and helpful customer support. Others, however, have had a variety of issues, such as inconsistent invoicing or a lack of customer support responses, which were unsatisfactory. By resolving these problems, the business should work to increase customer happiness.
"We were conned. At the end of the year, the salesperson said, we would get a check for $11k. He neglected to mention that we wouldn't get the tax credit on $12 an hour until we are in the higher tax rate and paid that much in. After solar, you won't have to pay an energy bill. They don't inform you that the risk associated with installing solar panels on your roof causes your monthly home insurance premium to increase by $100. They claim it raises the market worth of your house. FALSE! You are said to be off the grid. FALSE! Your solar system also shuts down if the electricity utility does. When Dynamic Energy comes knocking, 31 grand later, they still haven't sent someone over to switch on the solar.Run away from that direction quickly to save oneself the nightmare, falsehoods, and further expenses." - Tyler T.
"Dynamic Energy salespeople fraudulently claim to work in the "Net Metering" department. They purposely ignore signs about the prohibition against harassing customers while conducting door-to-door sales. Last week, even though there was a no-sales sign hanging on my door, many Dynamic Energy employees kept knocking on it. When asked to speak to management, the employee responds that he is the manager and is about to leave. This constitutes harassment at this point." - Dylan O.
"NEVER PURCHASE SOLAR PANELS! I was assured that my home's worth would grow by at least $21,000, but it did not at all, thus I am now forced to GIVE my 32,000 solar panels to my new purchasers! I just lost all 32,000 when I sold my house. Nobody desires them. There won't be a debt assumption. Therefore, avoid buying them based on the firms' falsehoods that they would raise your home's worth. I had an appraisal performed; it found ZERO VALUE for the $32K and is already consuming the money I received from the sale of my house. You should keep in mind that you will just lose $32,000 and can never get it back. Such deception and fabrications. I'm going to court! Additionally, they said in the message below that I need to contact them... I sent around 15, but they don't seem to care or reply. EVERY LIE" - Jonathan F.
"I don't have many regrets in my life, but buying solar panels from Dynamic Energy certainly tops that list. You guys provide the worst customer service I have ever encountered. The salesman offered a completely different vision of how my electricity and bills would work than what was actually happening. If it were up to me, I would have taken those panels off my roof and restored everything as it was. The false information the salesman gave me scared me. No monthly energy costs for $120. Unfortunately, it wasn't. In fact, how is that possible? He calculated my costs before I even got my first electric bill (I had just bought a house). I feel very cheated and wonder if Dynamic Energy is just three men using phones in the back of a van." - Caleb W.
"I was astounded that a maskless salesman repeatedly knocked on my house, upsetting my family, during a pandemic in a county where masks were required. The salesperson then had the gall to demand a photo of my electricity bill. I had been thinking about getting solar, but this unprofessional experience has made it clear that Dynamic Energy won't be receiving my business when I'm ready to buy. It would have been more acceptable to provide a booklet or other reading material given the present pandemic crisis." - Nicholas H.
"With the overall Dynamic Energy experience, we are SO delighted! The text and email exchanges were quite useful, keeping us updated throughout the whole process. We could simply text to organize any schedules and to ask questions, which made the whole process incredibly simple and manageable. All of the installers, inspectors, and individuals who responded to our calls, messages, and emails were really kind, accommodating, and competent. We couldn't be happier with our experience and heartily endorse Dynamic Energy!" - Gabriel D.
"Christian was excellent. The only solar representative we encountered who truly adhered to his 30- to 40-minute time period was the one who came to our house. He took the time to address all of our inquiries, and when he was unable to provide an immediate response, he phoned for assistance. We first spoke on February 12th, then on February 26th, we phoned him to accept. It was wonderful that he didn't pressure us or make us feel like we were losing out by waiting and instead allowed us consider it and conduct our own research. They installed everything, and they were done in about two hours! Our HOA is the last on the list, and our energy provider has already been attended to. Dynamic Energy has been communicating with me through emails and texts at every stage of the process to confirm and arrange meetings, inform me of my progress, and direct me toward the information they want from me. Dynamic Energy arranged a municipal inspection for April 10th, 2022, and if all goes according to plan, we should have our solar powered up and running by the end of the month. Thus far, the shift has been simple and painless. We signed a contract with Christian on February 26th, and it seems that around two months from that date, we should be installed and producing our own electricity. Excellent experience so far with no difficulties or concerns. Strongly advise using Dynamic Energy." - Nathan R.
"My sales representative and installation manager exceeded my expectations with their courtesy, competence and quick service. They exceeded all expectations during the presentation, which really surprised my wife and me. He was forthright in his intentions and gave us no information or expectations that were too high for our purchase. His presentation and explanation of what solar energy is and the benefits of switching to it were extremely easy and exciting; we loved how he helped us feel confident in our choice. They did a fantastic job installing the solar panels on my house. He also made sure to advise me on any changes to our original design before installing the panels. They installed my system and tested it to make sure I understood every detail. They were enthusiastic and offered top-notch assistance. I appreciate everything you gentlemen have done for the Dynamic Energy family and my city." - Jackson V.
We just completed the entire procedure with Dynamic Energy to install solar panels on our new home. Our salesman was very knowledgeable and helpful. He gave us a clear explanation of the procedure and followed up with us to make sure everything was going well. The installation process went quickly and the team members were courteous and professional. They talked to us in detail about the equipment and answered all of our questions. Dynamic Energy did a fantastic job, and I have no doubt that we will continue to enjoy their top-notch service as we complete the other steps of the procedure." - John F.
"It is strongly advised to use Dynamic Energy. Excellent service was provided. There were no issues with the firm, and the procedure was quite simple. They made every effort to cause us no trouble. One of our salespeople, was outstanding from start to finish. He always had an answer for me when I had a query. I would advise anybody seeking for solar to use this business." - Samuel

Dynamic Energy Social media

Video and image material are both included on the Dynamic Energy Facebook page. With a backdrop of just blue and the business logo, it is likewise rather basic. There is a link to the Dynamic Energy website, and the information looks to have been properly written. It cannot be argued that this page is a popular one since there are so few subscribers. Unfortunately, there isn't much information supplied about the business or its services in depth. Due to this, it may be challenging to verify the page's reliability and validity. The website probably serves more as a forum for client comments and inquiries than as a reliable source of business data.
On LinkedIn, you may find Dynamic Energy, a reputable solar energy provider. They include a lot of details about their services on their website, which has a current, polished appearance. The website looks to be fairly popular and is managed by an experienced group of solar industry experts from across the globe. It looks to be a reliable source of knowledge and guidance on solar energy with close to 6,200 followers. The website regularly publishes updates on its project accomplishments and business news, demonstrating its commitment to providing trustworthy services. It also features a variety of tools, FAQs, tutorials, and other information for anyone considering going solar. Overall, Dynamic Energy seems to be a solid and current source of solar energy information.
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Dynamic Energy Pros & Cons

  • Innovative
  • Sustainable
  • Affordable
  • High Costs
  • Limited Reach
  • Lack of Flexibility

Dynamic Energy Final Conclusions

The leading independent retailer of energy services is Dynamic Energy. They serve the home, business, and industrial sectors with effective energy solutions. Customers generally appear satisfied with Dynamic Energy's services, saying that it delivers dependable, open, and affordable energy services.

Dynamic Energy locations

Main Address1550 Liberty Ridge Dr., Suite 310 Wayne PA, 19087
Phone Number8778098884

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