E2 Solar, Inc. review

We at E2 Solar are committed to using the power of the sun to build a sustainable future. We take pleasure in our dedication to sustainability and a brighter future as an Oregon-based small company run by women. In our ideal future, communities won't be threatened by hydraulic fracking's pollution or the removal of mountaintops for coal mining. In our vision, the next generation will inherit a new planet in which plentiful natural resources are used to generate power.

E2 Solar, Inc. overview

We at E2 Solar are committed to using the power of the sun to build a sustainable future. We take pleasure in our dedication to sustainability and a brighter future as an Oregon-based small company run by women. In our ideal future, communities won't be threatened by hydraulic fracking's pollution or the removal of mountaintops for coal mining. In our vision, the next generation will inherit a new planet in which plentiful natural resources are used to generate power.

What E2 Solar, Inc. has to say about itself

Our commitment to exclusively use reliable solar panel manufacturers and premium, tried-and-true components distinguishes us from the competition. We are dedicated to providing the greatest items for our customers while promoting the local economy. Despite the fact that we have been in the business since 2005 and have seen several company mergers and exits, we are aware of the solar industry's ongoing evolution. We've stayed unwavering in our commitment to partnering with reputable suppliers that provide high-quality goods throughout it all.

E2 Solar, Inc. Review

Year Started2005
Company Websitee2solar.com
Service AreasOR
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries

E2 Solar, Inc. website review

The company's offerings and solutions are briefly described on the home page. It has a noticeable call to action button where people may inquire about a free consultation. The website also includes client endorsements, which lends legitimacy to the business's services. The design is well-organized, making it simple for users to move between the many areas. Utilizing symbols and graphics of superior quality improves aesthetic appeal. Detailed information about the different services offered by E2 SOLAR INC. is available on the website. Installation of solar panels, battery storage, electric car charging stations, and energy-saving techniques are a few of these. E2 SOLAR INC displays examples of its prior work in a specific portfolio area. The website contains an excellent blog area with articles about solar energy, sustainability, and business news. Users may also access tools like FAQs and manuals that can be downloaded to learn more about solar energy. For users to contact the business, the website contains a contact page with a contact form, a phone number, and an email address. Users may interact with E2 Solar Inc. on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube thanks to social networking icons built into the website. Overall, the E2 SOLAR INC website successfully conveys the business's offerings, knowledge, and dedication to sustainable energy solutions.

E2 Solar, Inc. price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card, Bank Transfer
Payment discountsNo payment discounts specified

E2 Solar, Inc. online reputation

It can be inferred from the customer testimonials supplied that most consumers had favorable things to say about E2 Solar Inc. They have received compliments on the quality of their solar energy systems, the effectiveness of their installation teams, and their sales expertise. Customers have expressed their satisfaction with E2 Solar's connection, responsiveness to questions, and assistance with installation. Particularly in the sales and technical facets of solar installations, customers strongly valued the expertise and training of E2 Solar workers. The efficiency, adaptability to changes in installation plans, and attention to detail of E2 Solar's installation personnel have all been complimented. E2 Solar has received accolades for their exceptional customer service both before and after the installation process and for responding quickly to consumer inquiries. There were, however, a number of unfavorable evaluations that called attention to areas where E2 Solar Inc. may need to improve. One client brought up problems with customer service and communication, including persistent inquiries about scheduling and delays in providing system details and supporting documents. Another customer expressed dissatisfaction that E2 Solar was not returning calls despite attempts to get finance for a large solar project. Overall, E2 Solar Inc. seems to have a solid reputation for offering high-quality solar systems, and many happy clients value their expertise and workmanship.
"In January, we requested a price for a 21kW solar installation from this firm. Have put in time and effort to get a bank financing for the huge undertaking, just to have E2 fail to return our calls. Have made multiple attempts to get in touch over the last few months but have not received a response. It's quite infuriating to collaborate with someone who never returns calls. I would have signed the plan right away if they had just updated it, but they clearly aren't interested in doing the job. Up until they stopped calling, everything went well." - Ed
"Up until E2 decided they couldn't uphold their guarantee, I had a positive experience with the company. In 2017, we had our system built, and when the Solar Edge inverter started failing, they came out and replaced it. However, only a few days later, the replacement inverter stopped talking to the Solar Edge servers. A simple cat5 wire connection from the inverter to the router cost me $600. For the last four years, it has relied on cellular technology. I maintained my composure despite my disbelief. E2 said I labeled them a liar (I didn't) and told me they were withdrawing their support when I questioned a hypothesis Solar Edge was offering. What?! They're saying that the warranty only covered the labor and not the parts?! Solar Edge chuckled when I asked them about sending technicians to homes; they instead told me to contact the system integrator (E2) for help. Sounds reasonable to me. Any business unwilling to provide long-term support for a product that should last 20 years or more has lost my business." - Chris
"We needed assistance with a complicated installation on our barn, and E2 Solar came through for us when other "quick-flip" contractors balked. Mike went above and above by coordinating with Bend Electric to get our property's outdated electrical system up to code, solar-ready, and inspection-ready for Central Electric Coop and the county. At every turn, the E2 staff was prompt, efficient, and polite. I would highly suggest them as the best in the area." - Ken
"The training and expertise in sales that E2 gave were first-rate. The installation crew was efficient and accommodating while I made changes to their initial blueprints to suit my preferences in wire layout and aesthetics. The crew helped me through the inspection process and is always there to answer any random queries, whether they are specific to my installation or more general solar energy inquiries. E2 comes highly recommended from me." - Alison
"For the second time, I've had E2 Solar set up a solar power system for my home. Mike, Kelli, and the rest of the staff are fantastic. They have always been fast to answer to my queries. During the HOA design review, I was given all of the materials the panel required, including conceptual images, which facilitated the process. If I ever decide to have a storage system installed, I know who to call: E2 Solar." - David
"We've owned ours for a year and a half months. There have been zero issues, and E2 Solar has been responsive to all inquiries. It's great that my monthly power cost is under $10." - Tim
"E2 Solar's installers were professionals; they were thorough in their research, worked quickly yet carefully, and were careful not to harm my standing seam metal roof. They did an excellent job of cleaning up after themselves, and the array is quite safe and attractive. The E2 electrician finished the connection in two days, and even though it included installing a lot of boxes in two distinct buildings, he did it in a way that was clean, nice, and orderly. To my dismay, though, the E2's customer service and communication have been subpar. Asking the same questions over and over again regarding scheduling and discounts was the norm for me. Worst of all was the month-long wait between system installation and first electricity output. Finally, E2's promised system orientation and distribution of system documentation were delayed by more than a month after installation was finished." - Kat

E2 Solar, Inc. Social media

The design of E2 SOLAR INC's Facebook page is polished and expert. Their emblem and solar panels on the cover show that they are focused on solar energy solutions. The brand's legitimacy is ensured by the fact that their profile image doubles as their emblem. The page has over 700 likes and a respectable number of followers. The website often posts articles about sustainability, renewable energy, and solar energy. Moderate page engagement is shown. Posts get a respectable number of likes, comments, and shares. However, since it is not evident on the website, the response time to comments and messages is not immediately apparent. The entries consist of a variety of educational pieces, business news, project updates, and promotional material. The article's well-written material will be helpful to those who are interested in solar energy alternatives. Customers may submit testimonials on the page in the testimonials area. Customer satisfaction with E2 SOLAR INC's services and installations is typically favorable in the reviews. The Facebook profile for E2 SOLAR INC looks nice overall, has helpful material, and has good client feedback.
A business that specializes in offering solar energy solutions is called E2 SOLAR INC. E2 SOLAR INC is briefly described on the firm's LinkedIn profile, which specifies that it is a solar energy company with headquarters in the United States. They express their goal, which is to provide residential, commercial, and agricultural clients sustainable and reasonably priced solar energy solutions. E2 SOLAR INC has between 11 and 50 workers, which suggests that it is a rather modest business, according to their LinkedIn profile. The corporate headquarters are in Bend, Oregon, in the USA. On its LinkedIn profile, the business often provides articles, business news, and updates on its initiatives. With more than 200 followers, E2 SOLAR INC has a respectable presence on LinkedIn. The business earned a number of recommendations from customers and coworkers who highlighted their professionalism, expertise, and product quality. Some of the workers have profiles on LinkedIn that detail their responsibilities, backgrounds, and talents. This provides information on the members of the E2 SOLAR INC team and their background in the solar energy sector. There are no accolades or certifications specifically mentioned on the company's LinkedIn profile. Overall, they are portrayed as a credible solar energy business with a strong emphasis on cost and sustainability on E2 SOLAR INC's LinkedIn profile.
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E2 Solar, Inc. average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews214.6


E2 Solar, Inc. Pros & Cons

  • Cost Savings
  • Benefits for the environment
  • High-quality solar panels
  • Limited geographic presence
  • Weather dependency
  • Space Requirements

E2 Solar, Inc. Final Conclusions

E2 Solar Inc. has mixed reviews and feedback. Many consumers were pleased with the company's work, expertise, and solar installations. E2 Solar Inc. does outstanding solar installations, however their customer service and communication might improve. These improvements may boost consumer satisfaction and corporate reputation. Their competent personnel, efficient installation teams, and solar system performance have saved consumers money. Customers like the company's flexibility to personalize installations to their requirements. E2 Solar Inc. must answer many allegations. Negative evaluations showed customer service and communication issues. Some customers are frustrated with delayed replies, repeated queries, and no follow-up. In conclusion, E2 Solar Inc. has provided high-quality solar installations to numerous delighted clients. To strengthen its reputation and provide a consistently great client experience, it has to increase customer service, communication, and long-term support.

E2 Solar, Inc. locations

Main Address20784 High Desert Lane Bend OR 97701
Phone Number5413881151

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