Eastex Solar review

Solar PV system sales, design, installation, and maintenance are the areas of expertise of EasTex Solar, a certified Texas electrical contractor. The most dependable components available are included in our system designs, which yields the lowest cost of ownership and maximum return on your investment.

Eastex Solar overview

Solar PV system sales, design, installation, and maintenance are the areas of expertise of EasTex Solar, a certified Texas electrical contractor. The most dependable components available are included in our system designs, which yields the lowest cost of ownership and maximum return on your investment.

What Eastex Solar has to say about itself

You won't be dealing with salespeople at Eastex Solar who were solely taught how to get customers to sign a 25-year loan; rather, you'll be dealing with experts who KNOW solar and will share their expertise. Although we can't serve everyone's solar needs, we really hope that the circumstances allow us to serve yours!

Eastex Solar Review

Year Started2017
Company Websiteeastexsolar.com
Service AreasTX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries
CertificationsBBB, NABCEP

Eastex Solar website review

Users may easily access various website parts thanks to the navigation menu's prominent placement at the top of the page. The stuff that is linked to from menu items is well described and is structured properly. A sizable banner with a call-to-action button is present on the site and invites users to learn more about solar energy. Additionally, it promotes the company's vision and core principles, with particular emphasis on its dedication to renewable energy and sustainability. Regarding the solar services and goods supplied by Eastex Solar, the website offers comprehensive information. This makes it possible for prospective clients to get better acquainted with the offerings. In a part of the website devoted to case studies and client feedback, successful projects and satisfying experiences are highlighted. With regard to solar energy, sustainability, and business news, Eastex Solar offers a blog area where they provide educational articles. They also provide visitors searching for information tools like FAQs, a glossary, and a solar calculator, which is beneficial. Visitors may connect with Eastex Solar on sites like Facebook by clicking on links on the website that go to its social media accounts. Overall, the Eastex Solar website efficiently markets its solar services and goods, offers helpful information, and fosters trust via client testimonials and case studies. Positive user experiences are influenced by intuitive design and simple navigation.

Eastex Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Financing Options
Payment discountsCash discounts

Eastex Solar online reputation

Customers have provided Eastex Solar with both favorable and negative comments, according to the customer reviews. Positive evaluations highlight the business's professionalism, subject-matter knowledge, and capacity to assist clients with solar panel installation. Customers are pleased with the efficiency of the solar systems, the money they save on power bills, and their general good dealings with Eastex Solar. Negative reviews, on the other hand, address issues with the company's customer service and communication. Some consumers complain about installation delays, trouble receiving answers to their questions quickly, and unhappiness with the after-sales service. The vast majority of clients seem content with Eastex Solar's services and the effectiveness of the solar panels they have placed. The favorable evaluations underline the company's emphasis on fostering connections and offering helpful information to assist clients in making wise selections. On the other side, the unfavorable testimonials point out areas where the business may strengthen, including increasing communication and effectively and swiftly resolving client concerns. Before working with Eastex Solar or any other solar energy supplier, prospective clients should carefully analyze both good and negative reviews, do their homework, and get referrals.
"You know what they say about people who tell you how honest they are: they're the worst liars. Cal Morton, owner of EasTex solar, boasted to me about how trustworthy he is on several occasions.... Cal will provide you with a beautiful brochure full of numbers and computations when you discuss solar. I was told that by investing in this much solar, I could cut my monthly electricity costs by 55%. I have had my system up and running for just over six months, and despite the promise of a 55% decrease in my bills, I have only seen a 2% reduction so far, although maintaining almost the same consumption levels.  #1.I contacted Cal after waiting a few months with no success in negotiating a lower rate of payment. He said my electric company was at fault and that he would install a magnet device that would clamp onto and connect to the meter so that we could compare the amount of power I create with the amount of electricity I use. Despite my repeated attempts to get this magnet sent and installed, none of those things happened. Cal maintained that the issue was with my electric company's billing, and he promised to send a letter to that effect. Once again, despite several phone requests, I received no reply from Cal Morton. #3. Be on your guard if you meet Cal Morton and he brags about how trustworthy he is." - Jim
"If they don't return my call, I'll go on to the next potential customer. Two weeks ago, I called and left a message, but it's okay. Choice among many available businesses. The proprietor could write a two-page dissertation if they wanted to, yet they won't respond phone calls. Excellent work. Best wishes!" - Stan
"Eastex Solar explained our home's solar choices at the first consultation. However, follow-up contact was inconsistent, and several of our queries required repeated tries to respond. The installation went well, but it seemed detached." - Andrew
"Eastex Solar was a nightmare to work with. However, the installation took far longer than anticipated, clocking in at more than a month. The installation worker was rude and careless, destroying several plants and making a mess in my yard. The solar system also had problems soon after installation, and getting a fast response from their support personnel was difficult." - Baski
"The salesman from Eastex Solar was aggressive and unhelpful. The deal was signed under duress. There were several issues during installation, including holdups and blunders in setting up the system. Furthermore, we have been disappointed by the after-sales assistance, which has been sluggish to respond to our reported difficulties." - Matt
"While researching reputable solar panel manufacturers located in our state, I spoke with numerous firms before settling on Eastex Solar, which comes with our highest recommendation. As first-time solar users, we were reassured by Eastex's business philosophy and emphasis on relationships, which gave us faith that we had chosen a partner who would guide us through every step of the process. They came to our place for a site study, explained how the equipment functioned, walked us through the installation process, and provided their expertise, all of which were invaluable. Because of the trust we were able to establish with Reece via his openness and willingness to share information, choosing Eastex Solar was a breeze. From the Texas-made panels to the evening-supportive battery system, Eastex Solar gave a wonderful overview sheet outlining exactly what we need. From the design phase to the final stages of the transaction, communication was crystal clear. Months after the installation, we are still receiving information from Eastex that demonstrates their honesty and dedication to our project, including their efforts with our power supplier to assist us receive refunds. We chose wisely, as evidenced by the fact that we have not had to pay an electric bill since the system went live because we export more power to the grid than we import, and by the company's willingness to answer our questions about the app that reports system details. We are relieved to have discovered Eastex Solar, a reliable firm that stands behind both their products and its customers." - Carol
"After devoting a good chunk of time to learning about solar energy firms, I can state with confidence that there is a great deal of false information available. To have folks like Cal and his group exists, thank heavens. Cal was a breath of fresh air after months of dealing with slimy salespeople who were just interested in increasing their commissions. The same might be said of his son, Reese. It wasn't like they were attempting to "sell" me anything. They were forthright in their responses to my inquiries and offered helpful suggestions. Although I had done my homework and understood what capacity system I needed, they made some adjustments that increased output. It's been a year since his crew set up my system. They worked quickly and effectively after all the necessary licenses were granted. The development of my system took less than a day, and I had it live in only a few days after that. Cal's staff expertly navigated the necessary permissions and paperwork. My system has worked better than I anticipated, and I have already saved around $1,200 in power expenditures after just one year. I expect it to pay for itself much more quickly than I anticipated, especially considering the rise in energy costs. Call Cal and Reese at if you're thinking about going solar. They won't pressure you into buying or attempt to upsell you. You'll be able to make a well-informed choice with the help of the information they provide. That's why I'm giving them such a glowing recommendation." - James
"My solar panels were activated and I began generating power in October 2022. Having solar panels installed was a fantastic idea from the start. My first power account from Navarro County power Coop after the installation showed no electricity charges. Even though it was not running for the whole billing cycle, my system still generated more electricity than I used. Since then, my enjoyment of my solar setup has only increased. A total of nearly $100 was saved during the two foggy winter months when I didn't quite generate enough power to have a $0 energy expense. My system will pay for itself in 12 years if it saves me only $100 a month. As the days become longer and the number of days with clouds and rain decreases, my monthly savings will go much above $100. When I filed my taxes and received my return, which included over $6,000 from the solar tax credit, I was overjoyed. Cal Morton and EasTex Solar have exceeded my expectations. If you're looking at solar panels, they're who you should go with." - Scott
"Eastex Solar's quality exceeded my expectations. Reece and Cal represent the firm externally. These two factors combined to make my experience memorable. Reece handled all of the daily contact and addressed all of my issues. Cal, the owner, made sure I was happy with every step of the installation. Most of my interactions were with Austin, the head electrician. He did a great job and was really professional. On our land, we have two 12k systems (two meters). We used 64 REC 370AA Black panels installed on the ground, two Sol-Ark 12k inverters, and two Fortress 18.5k batteries. There was one Sol-Ark, one Fortress Battery, and thirty-two solar panels on each one. There have been zero problems thus yet. Our business utility costs are now +17 and our home utility bills are -20. Wow, a year ago there were only around 300 of these. Consequently, our monthly household expenses totaled -$3. Don't procrastinate if you want to install a solar system. Every day that the sun shines is money out of your wallet. " - Dennis
"Our power bill skyrocketed when we added a pool and other outbuildings to our property. To cut down on that costly monthly electricity bill, we hastily decided to look into solar energy. The extension of the tax credit was the impetus for us to begin. The "local" and individualized attention we got from EasTex Solar was a major factor in our decision to work with them. It was crucial to us to work with a company based in East Texas. Cal visited our home to evaluate our situation and provide ideas, but he never tried to force us to buy anything. Highly approachable. We were able to have our panels put in the allotted time and are now generating our own electricity. I get a kick out of the app on my phone that displays the amount of power I've sold back to the energy provider. Our electricity cost dropped from $288 to $28 in the first full month we used solar. What? Okay, just $28. Our monthly solar payment has effectively replaced our energy expense. Moving from renting to owning is akin to that. We also qualified for a sizable tax credit, but this benefit gradually phases down over time, so we had to make a choice quickly. We are quite pleased with our decision to switch to solar power. By taking these measures, we are not only helping the environment, but also reducing costs. I'd call it a win-win situation." - Curtis

Eastex Solar Social media

The Facebook page "Eastex Solar is the best solar company in Texas" is devoted to promoting solar energy solutions in Texas and goes by the name "Eastex Solar is the best solar company in Texas." A sizable amount of likes and followers were obtained by the page, showing a respectable degree of popularity and involvement. The precise amount of followers and likes on the page is not provided, however. The website often posts articles, advice, and news regarding the company's services and initiatives that are relevant to solar energy. Relevant photos and even videos are added to posts to make them aesthetically attractive and engaging. The website includes a number of favorable endorsements and client endorsements emphasizing the contentment of prior clients. The administrator of the page regularly replies to user comments and messages, which contributes to the page's high response rate. This demonstrates a dedication to providing excellent customer service. There may be space for development in terms of drawing in more interactions, albeit the general engagement rate (likes, comments, and shares) on posts seems to be somewhat low. The contact information on the website, which includes a phone number and email address, makes it simple for consumers to ask questions or seek guidance. The Eastex Solar Facebook page is generally well-designed, has educational information, rave customer feedback, and user participation.
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Eastex Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews364.8


Eastex Solar Pros & Cons

  • Experienced and reputable company
  • Customized solar solutions
  • Experienced Team
  • Reliance on grid connection
  • Limited geographic presence
  • Space Requirements

Eastex Solar Final Conclusions

According to the existing customer reviews, Eastex Solar's performance and reputation are inconsistent. Customers were quite pleased with the company's expertise in solar energy, particularly in the design and installation of solar panel installations. Many people have praised the organization for putting a strong focus on developing connections with customers and offering tailored guidance. Customers have praised Eastex Solar for the high quality of its solar panel installations, saying that they have saved money and obtained sufficient energy output. Some clients like the company's openness in outlining the many solar energy possibilities and assisting them with the installation. The firm has received accolades for using auxiliary battery systems and panels made in Texas. Negative evaluations imply that the company's communication may be patchy, leading to sluggish replies and unsolved client complaints. Some consumers express displeasure with the after-sales service since they have trouble getting prompt assistance for issues that develop after installation. While Eastex Solar has received accolades for its use of high-quality equipment, individualized guidance, and solar panel installation, there are still several areas where the business can do better. Enhancing the entire customer experience and reputation of Eastex Solar may be accomplished by resolving communication issues and offering improved post-sale assistance.

Eastex Solar locations

Main Address819 County Road 446, Palestine, Texas 75803, United States
Phone Number9038051849

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