Sungrade Solar review

Veterans in the solar sector were responsible for creating and shaping Sungrade. They developed a fierce passion for promoting solar energy and helping to preserve our environment as a result of their experiences. We conduct our company with the understanding that the shift to renewable energy on Earth will happen "when," not "if."

Sungrade Solar overview

Veterans in the solar sector were responsible for creating and shaping Sungrade. They developed a fierce passion for promoting solar energy and helping to preserve our environment as a result of their experiences. We conduct our company with the understanding that the shift to renewable energy on Earth will happen "when," not "if."

What Sungrade Solar has to say about itself

We are the only solar firm that regularly do drone surveys and evaluations. Receive the data you want with 100 percent accuracy, efficiency, and no damage to your roof. In addition to the regular manufacturer warranties, we will service and guarantee your complete system for 25 years. In the very unlikely event that anything does occur, our experts and support personnel will always be there for you.

Sungrade Solar Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar panel installation, Solar financing, Solar system design, Solar system maintenance, Solar energy consultation, Solar battery storage, Solar system upgrades
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries
CertificationsNot specified

Sungrade Solar website review

Information on solar energy products and services may be found on the user-friendly and well-designed Sungrade Solar website ( The user-friendly navigation menu makes it simple and clear for visitors to peruse the various areas of the website. For quick access to all pages, the menu is pinned to the top of the page. The services and advantages of Sungrade Solar are briefly described on the webpage. It has a visible call to action button that invites users to get a free quotation, which is a calculated move to convert leads. The website gives comprehensive details on the solar energy solutions that Sungrade Solar offers. The website offers a section devoted to client testimonials that features encouraging words from happy consumers. This increases trust in Sungrade Solar. Sungrade Solar has a blog area where they provide educational materials on solar energy. This highlights their expertise in the area and offers visitors useful information. Users of the website may contact Sungrade Solar via the contact page's contact form, phone number, and email address. Social networking icons are already there on Sungrade Solar, making it simple for users to interact with them on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Overall, the website for Sungrade Solar does a good job of showcasing their solar products and services.

Sungrade Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $40,000 or more
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer, PayPal, Financing Options, Solar Loans, Solar Lease
Payment discountsReferral discounts,Seasonal or promotional discounts, Bulk purchase discounts

Sungrade Solar online reputation

Based on the consumer feedback, diverse customers' experiences with Sungrade Solar are being reported, leading to a varied overall conclusion. It seems that although some customers have had good experiences with Sungrade Solar, others have experienced troubles and difficulties with the business. Some customers commended the sales representatives for their in-depth knowledge, patience, and discretion during the sales process. The installation procedure for some clients proceeded without a hitch, and the solar panels, optimizers, and inverters were said to be of high quality. Sungrade Solar has sometimes replied to customer questions and helped with getting discounts and tax credits, which has added to the overall excellent experience. The option to convert to solar power has been well received by customers who want to cut their carbon footprint and energy expenses. Some customers have expressed annoyance and disappointment about their inability to receive a response from Sungrade Solar to their inquiries, issues, or requests. Installation concerns, including roof damage, connection troubles, and panels breaking off in heavy weather, were mentioned in a number of unfavorable reviews. So, while some customers giving Sungrade Solar great feedback on its goods and services, there have also been cases of consumer disappointment brought on by poor communication, poor installation, and broken promises. When assessing Sungrade Solar as a potential source for solar energy solutions, potential clients should take into account these conflicting assessments and exercise caution.
"I spoke with a lot of solar salesmen before deciding on Sungrade Solar. Despite warning signs, I decided to give them a try. Without telling me, the sales representative downgraded my system. When I started signing the eDoc, I became aware of the difference. The salesman and his management kept their promise and gave me a significant discount after much haggling. The suffering began on install day. They told me I could create my solar and EV charging station without the charger being assigned to the house before the install, according to their project coordinator. A separate 240v outlet for the e-charger was offered to me. The electrician told me that the charger did not include a plug or outlet on the day of the installation and that they would need to connect it directly to my breaker panel or that I would need to do it myself if I wanted it to be detachable. While distracted, I gave them permission to install, and the two months that followed were a nightmare. Hardware and roof tile nails were left in my front and backyard after the installation. The installation of my EV charger needed multiple phone calls, emails, and visits from the personnel. After a few months, the area saw severe storms with high winds. One of my solar panels had apparently detached, and a few others had fractures from being struck by the loose panel, according to someone driving past my home. The damage is difficult to perceive since my roof is so high. To inquire about fixing or replacing the damage, I called Sungrade. Then I was told that because the damage was caused by the weather, I should get in touch with my home insurance for repairs. Others in the neighborhood including my neighbor across the street have solar panels without wind damage. I should get greater assistance in repairing the damage since the installation took place less than seven months ago." - Lesley
"At first, everything seemed great, but recently, we've had an issue (a cracked panel without any obvious explanation) and the firm hasn't responded. Could they have closed shop? I don't know, but I know they won't respond to my emails or phone calls. Despite adding more panels than were suggested, we still don't have enough power for our home. I'm willing to revise my earlier November evaluation if they get back to me." - Don
"One untruth after another followed our conversation with the salesperson from Sungrade Solar in 2021. The interest rate was the deciding factor in our decision to remain with them. It was a catastrophic error. The deadline for installation was set as October 2020, with full functioning expected by December 2020. No such thing ever occurred. In June of 2021, we finally established a connection. We discovered a roof leak in January of 2022. Our roof was recently replaced, and our roofing contractor maintained communication with Sungrade to ensure a smooth solar installation. Since I had been working as a roofer up to that time, I had been inspecting the progress on a regular basis. Dealing with Sungrade and their broken promises was a nightmare. Three of the Sungrade contact numbers I had were dead when I tried calling to report the breach. The one who really works there hasn't answered our calls. Our closet has a poisonous odor emanating from it. After calling in our roofer, we discovered that sunlight was streaming into our attic—directly attributable to the solar panels. There is a pilot hole through which light may be seen since the penetrations were not sealed correctly. A new roof and solar panels cost us an absolute fortune. They will be held legally responsible for any subsequent harm caused by their indifference. They have put us through enough already." - Ken
"After speaking with a sales representative and receiving a price from sungrade, we had contractors out for an assessment, and then we heard nothing more from sungrade. I get that things are hectic and the world is always changing, but can't they at least answer my one call or reply to my one email?" - Sylvia
"In the year 2020, I had my system put in. The setup succeeded without a hitch. Sungrade's service and warranty are the primary reasons for my positive review. They are liable for the equipment and monitoring that is covered by the 25-year guarantee. The system monitoring failed because my system ceased communicating. The only advice I've been given by the firm is to get in touch with SolarEdge, the producer of the relevant equipment, myself. When I have a contract with Sungrade Solar, I shouldn't have to go through the component suppliers to obtain assistance. I'd be willing to revise my assessment if this problem is rectified soon, but for now I'm stuck in a never-ending cycle between Sungrade and Solar Edge. Both parties are blaming the other." - Hareesh
"Over the previous six years, several solar companies have knocked on my door and phoned me, but I've always refused because I'm either not ready, don't have the money, or don't have a large power bill. Sungrade Solar came on my door and stated, "What if it doesn't cost you anything to get the system installed, and you pay no more than you do now for electricity?" I liked how they encouraged me to complete the survey even though it was risk-free. After they left, I worried about rebuilding the roof, getting a big loan, and my home's street appeal. After our initial meeting, they reviewed the survey results, their services, guarantees, warranties, and financing choices with me. They understood my requests and made a great product. The panels covered virtually the whole garage and supplied enough electricity for my yearly requirements. I added a panel for a hot tub or other big electrical appliance. Sungrade Solar treated me like a VIP. High-quality solar panels, optimizers, and inverters will monitor and maintain my system for 25 years. Knowing I wouldn't have to deal with a contractor who installed it and left me to test it was comfortable. Each solar panel's optimizer reports output to a central monitoring system. I'm a computer geek, so using an app to monitor my solar PV system excited me. Before registering with Sungrade Solar, I researched DIY solar PV systems and PG&E's solar installation rules. Sungrade Solar's permits, installation, and PG&E grid connection cost more than doing it myself, but the peace of mind is worth it. I won't be reminded to install solar panels each year by my growing PG&E bill. Since California gets a lot of sunshine, solar electricity is free and ecologically good. Sungrade Solar has good BBB and customer review rankings. The sales team, surveyor, and website made it apparent that they wanted to get consumers to convert to solar electricity to decrease their carbon footprints. Their detailed explanations of their service and reassurances eased my concerns. I'm happy with Sungrade Solar. I trust the firm's work and cost." - Calvin
"Working with Sungrade Solar was the absolute BEST. After a year of study and many bids (including three on-site bids), I decided to look into Solar Companies. The salesman at Sungrade was quite helpful and unobtrusive; there was no "'used vehicle sales' push. Half a dozen times, he came out to aid me and answer my inquiries. Sungrade was the one we settled on. Sungrade followed up with us and secured our SGIP battery rebate (2 LG solar storage batteries) and also directed us to a fantastic tax credit that allows us to write off the system over a 5-year period. Our system's installation and construction contractor was fantastic. There were zero hiccups or glitches, and everything was wonderful. My next-door friend wound up hiring Sungrade to replace his roofing system after I recommended them. Superb assistance to customers." - Francisco
"Sungrade Solar and its sales representatives provided me with outstanding assistance before, during, and after the installation of my solar panels. From the first day the two Andrews came to my home in San Clemente to talk about their system and the money I might save by switching to solar, all the way through the approval process, design, and installation, everything went well. Sungrade is pioneering a new way of thinking about solar systems, and I had previously heard many horror tales about them. Cutting my energy cost in half was a no-brainer after installing their innovative rack system mounting and inverter into my current provider SDG&E panel and then selling back my solar power to them for credit. Sincerely, Sungrade Solar" - Katie
"The thought of installing solar panels has always scared me. It was something I was interested in, but the salespeople who knocked on my home were just too pushy. Until Sungrade's Dean, that is. Dean was really helpful during the whole installation and activation process. He was available at all times, answered all of our concerns, and handled all of the necessary paperwork. He was helpful and well-versed in all things solar. Even the crew who conducted the actual installation did a fantastic job. They were careful with our belongings, efficient workers, and conscientious cleaners. Thanks a lot to Sungrade Solar!" - Michael
"Although I seldom post reviews, I feel compelled to single out James Snyder and Sungrade Solar for a thunderous ovation. Contact James if you reside in southern Orange County and are thinking about installing solar panels. He was nothing but a consummate professional from the moment we met. He was patient and comprehensive in his responses, and he clearly understands the procedure. More stars would be given if I could. Our panels were installed after we finished the financing procedure, and they have been operational for a few months now. No problems at all." - Terrison

Sungrade Solar Social media
A firm called Sungrade Solar specializes in offering solar energy solutions to both residential and commercial clients. The purpose of Sungrade Solar is briefly summarized on their LinkedIn profile, where it is said that they are "committed to making solar energy accessible to everyone." About 70 people work at Sungrade Solar, according to their LinkedIn profile. Its main office is in California, and it also has locations in Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. This suggests that they are well-represented in important solar energy markets. Over 4,460 people were following Sungrade Solar's LinkedIn profile at the time of investigation. This suggests a reasonable amount of interaction, indicating that their target audience is interested in their material. It is important to remember that the quantity of subscribers may fluctuate over time. On its LinkedIn profile, Sungrade Solar often posts articles, updates, and business news. They concentrate on issues pertaining to solar energy, sustainability, and the advantages of solar energy use. By sharing staff profiles, job openings, and team news on LinkedIn, Sungrade Solar promotes employee engagement. This strategy showcases their corporate culture and the expertise and commitment of their staff. Overall, Sungrade Solar's LinkedIn profile conveys a polished and appealing impression of the business. They clearly express their goals, show off their knowledge, and interact with the audience. Their dedication to provide cost-effective solar energy solutions is shown on the website, which also establishes them as a major participant in the market.
YouTube Channel
588 Subscribers

Sungrade Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews2644.6


Sungrade Solar Pros & Cons

  • Energy Independence
  • Long term investment
  • Government incentives
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Uneven energy production
  • Limited availability

Sungrade Solar Final Conclusions

Sungrade Solar seems to be primarily interested in promoting solar energy as a means of lowering its carbon footprint and decreasing reliance on conventional power sources. Excellent goods and services: A few clients acknowledged their happiness with Sungrade Solar's high-quality solar panels, optimizers, and inverters as well as the installation procedure. Adaptable sales team: Some interactions with sales representatives were deemed favorable since they were said to be helpful, instructive, and not unduly aggressive. Financial Advantages: Some clients have valued the possible financial advantages of solar energy, including lower energy expenses and the usage of tax credits and rebates. Sungrade Solar has received complaints from a number of consumers about their inability to resolve problems, answer questions, or handle warranty issues in a timely manner. Installation problems: Some unfavorable reviews mentioned issues with the installation, including as roof damage, inadequate sealing, and panels breaking off in inclement weather. Potential clients should approach Sungrade Solar cautiously and do extensive study before making any judgments in light of the conflicting opinions. To make sure you have a good experience if you decide to deal with them, it is crucial to understand about their customer service policies, warranties, and communication practices.

Sungrade Solar locations

Main Address1255 Treat Blvd. Ste 300 Walnut Creek, CA 94597
Phone Number8003467665

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