Northwest Electric & Solar review

We are committed to offering you the finest quality solar solutions that are specifically suited to your requirements using our team of knowledgeable and qualified solar specialists, cutting-edge technology, and dedication to great customer service. Discover more about our services on our website, read client reviews, and obtain a free estimate to get started on your solar adventure right now.
Northwest Electric & Solar review

Northwest Electric & Solar overview

We are committed to offering you the finest quality solar solutions that are specifically suited to your requirements using our team of knowledgeable and qualified solar specialists, cutting-edge technology, and dedication to great customer service. Discover more about our services on our website, read client reviews, and obtain a free estimate to get started on your solar adventure right now.

What Northwest Electric & Solar has to say about itself

Greetings from Northwest Electric and Solar, Washington State's reliable solar professionals! Are you prepared to harness the power of the sun and make your house or place of business a powerful energy-efficient machine? You've found it! As Washington State's top solar contractors, we specialize in developing and installing cutting-edge solar panel systems that may save you money on energy costs, lessen your carbon footprint, and help create a greener future.

Northwest Electric & Solar Review

Year Started2011
Service AreasWA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline solar panels, Polycrystalline solar panels, Thin film solar panels, Bilateral solar panels, Hybrid solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries

Northwest Electric & Solar website review

The website for Northwest Electric & Solar ( looks to be a well-planned and educational website for a firm that provides solar power solutions. The website's top navigation menu makes it simple for users to reach different areas including Home, About Us, Services, Projects, and Contacts. Users can discover the information they need more quickly thanks to our simple navigation layout. A big banner of solar panels and a call to action button on the homepage invite site visitors to ask for a free offer. Additionally, it gives a short description of the company's offerings and emphasizes their knowledge in solar energy solutions. The Services section lists the several solar energy services that Northwest Electric & Solar provides, such as electric car charging stations, battery storage options, and solar installations for homes and businesses. The finished solar energy projects are included on the Projects page along with photographs, descriptions, and important information. The website features a section called Resources that includes useful information, instructions, and commonly asked questions about solar energy. This displays the firm's dedication to informing clients and giving them useful information. The company's contact information, including a contact form, a phone number, and an address, is available on the Contact page. Making Google Maps integration available makes it simple for clients to locate the company's headquarters. Overall, the website for Northwest Electric & Solar does a good job of conveying the company's expertise in solar-related products.

Northwest Electric & Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card
Payment discountsNo payment discounts specified

Northwest Electric & Solar online reputation

The overall assessment of Northwest Electric & Solar (NWES) may be summarized based on the consumer comments given. In comparison to other businesses, NWES has distinguished itself by offering timely bids and attending to client demands. Electricians who are knowledgeable and patient: Customers were grateful for the knowledge and understanding shown by NWES electricians who were ready to address their concerns and provide explanations about the installation of solar panels, electrical work, and chargers. Positive reviews show that NWES delivered top-notch craftsmanship, resulting in successful installations of solar panels and electric car chargers. Based on their great experiences, a number of customers have strongly recommended NWES for both the installation of solar panels and electric car chargers. However, some consumers have left some unfavorable reviews and voiced their worries. One customer complained about overcharging for services, scheduling issues, and a staffing shortage while also expressing discontent with price and apparent inexperience. Poor follow-up and communication. Another customer expressed frustration with NWES's lack of follow-up, missing meetings, and poor communication. Refusal to address concerns: On occasion, customers believed that NWES was either not responding to their complaints or was hesitant to resolve problems with their services. It is essential to remember that different consumers have different experiences, and although many customers have given NWES favorable comments, there have also been some bad ones.
"The job wasn't done in April; rather, Northwest Electric and Solar began it in the past and had to call in backup electricians because they were overwhelmed. After dealing with the hassle they created, I now have some spare time to write a review. Apparently, three separate guys came through and performed a "very poor job across the board," as one new electrician described it. I should also remark that NW Electric and Solar missed a few incompatible switches, lights, and fans, costing us hundreds of dollars in replacements and drywall repairs." - Gary
"When we asked Tesla for advice on who to hire to install our wall charger, they sent us to NW Solar. It was OK at first since we got prompt responses to our questions. We emailed in some images and measurements and were promptly provided with a quote and an appointment time for a technician to visit the site. The one that entered was named Jeff. It was frustrating working with him, and overall it was a horrible experience. First, he said we got a fantastic bargain for the estimate we were given, even though he knew we would be charged an additional $300-$400 if it were up to him. Second, for the same amount we were given, he insisted we only install the dryer outlet and not bother installing and returning the wall charger. He didn't accomplish anything in his little 15-minute visit. We got a call from him later that day requesting that we sell our 14-50 adaptor to "his customer" since Tesla had run out. We thought he was out of place asking us that, so we responded negatively. Jeff had previously came out to double-check everything, but we decided to sign the contract later that day nonetheless. Nick, another technician, arrived on the day of installation. He was courteous and realized that he was only doing his duties. He informed us that he will need extra supplies since the length is more than the 15 feet specified in the project description. He immediately dialed Jeff's number and filled him in on the issue. In addition, he said he needs another worker to come in next week since he didn't bring enough supplies. Jeff, however, has changed his demands and is now looking for additional compensation. We consented, as we now see, because of the additional resources and labor. Nick is the only one who showed up the next week. He was successful in completing the task by himself. It's about time! The project was finished, but we were still charged for the extra supplies and labor even though nobody was used. Even though we agreed that the extra cost was to cover material and another technician, we phoned Jeff about it and he believes that the pricing is appropriate. Even though he claimed he warned us about the higher price from the start, his statements "if it was up to me I would have charged you more" imply that we are not obligated to do so. If such was the case, the contract terms should have been revised. The entire investigative process, he claims, was a fraud. To begin, we didn't intentionally mislead you. Our lack of expertise prevents us from knowing the specifics of the installation required for accurate sizing. Second, he visited us here at home. I don't see why he didn't just take the measurements himself before we signed the contract and avoided all this hassle. He did nothing except lounge about the home, perusing our Tesla merchandise to peddle to passers-by. Third, the agreed-upon extra cost was supposed to cover materials and further technology; but, given that no such technology has been released, it is unclear why we are continuing doing so. Nick wouldn't get paid the equivalent of 2 salaries for the work he supposedly completed by himself." - Calvin
"The response time from this firm was absolutely terrible. They showed up for the initial demolition and pre-wiring but did not have a large enough staff to deal with any complications that arose afterwards. Whole electrical runs were gone, and I had to engage a different company to replace them. Moreover, they overcharged me many times, despite my being on the premises and my knowledge of how "long" they were there. I was charged for days they weren't even there, and their first two-minute visit was invoiced as if it had lasted two hours. A very dubious and incompetent business." - Ed
"For the installation of the charging outlet, Tesla suggested we use NW Electric and Solar. Instead of sending an estimator to your home, they had you measure and email photos of your garage. The scheduled visit had been set for a while. We scheduled the appointment a couple days before our Tesla was delivered. My hubby skipped out for the electrician so I could stay home with the kids. Not a soul was there. My husband contacted them, and they said someone had called in ill but they'd neglected to tell us. They requested a new day and time, but only after I had received my Tesla. When we phoned Tesla, we were promptly sent to Seahurst Electric, and that company dispatched an electrician to our location without delay. We never heard from Northwest Electric and Solar again after they emailed us indicating they had forgotten about us and we had not replied." - Tara
"I discovered them on Angie's List, but I am unable to leave a review there since I paid for many services at once (including the installation of a transfer switch, which I subsequently had them remove and reimburse me for). We had them set up an attic solar fan for us back in October. We didn't find out that they'd messed up the work until January, when water started seeping into our guest room. I phoned them, but they wouldn't send someone out to look at it unless I could show that the problem was caused by their work and not our roof (the house was constructed in 2012). It took a few days to get roofers out there to take photographs and prove that the damage was caused by NW Electric and Solar's subpar work because of the previous storm. There was a lot of back-and-forth to get our contractors paid (I refused to use their contractors), and then I asked for reimbursement for the initial cost of installing the attic fan; Derek initially refused, but then seemed to turn the corner and ask what would be a fair price after I pointed out all the trouble, time off we had to take, and depreciation of our home's value (we are legally obligated to disclose this damage), and then he said no deal because I refused to use his Sure, I've got the emails and the photos, but they wouldn't fly on Angie's List, where contractors must spend thousands just to be included." - Merry
"Using Tesla's suggested list, I contacted a number of businesses online that offered to install the Tesla Wall Connector. While others waited days to react to my Sunday query, they got back to me within two hours and offered the greatest costs. Jake, the electrician, was great to work with. While I was there, he patiently answered my numerous questions concerning the charger, the solar panel, and electric work in general. Within an hour, he had everything ready for me to use. Two other businesses I contacted seemed to think my panel was a sub-panel and asked for a photo of it. After doing some investigating, I explained that it was a split-bus panel and showed them where the master switch was located. Because they didn't have any 60A breakers on hand, another shop gave me a quotation for a 50A breaker instead. No one from Northwest Electric & Solar asked any probing questions, and the process went down without a hitch. Currently, there is no state sales tax in Washington for the installation of an EV charger, and no paperwork was required from me. Our solar panel friends had previously used them, and they came highly recommended. If you're looking to have an EV charter installed, NW Electric and Solar comes highly recommended from me." - Tom
"My home in Oregon has Tesla solar panels and a powerwall, both of which were installed by Northwest Solar and Electric. They were outstanding. They were very explicit in telling me what was expected of me, how things would go forward, and how any problems that arose would be dealt with. Moreover, we encountered challenges (which had nothing to do with them or their team) and these were effectively communicated, prioritized, and resolved. The expert craftsmen and electricians who worked on my home constantly made care to go above and beyond my expectations. Honestly, it was a delight to collaborate with them. You may trust them with whatever endeavor you have. This degree of expertise is now quite scarce among home service providers in the Puget Sound area." - Alexey
"I'm a member of the HOA board for a downtown Seattle apartment complex with 130 units. For the last several years, we've been unable to get EV chargers for our designated parking spots. DCC-9 energy management systems were ultimately determined to be the best option for our structure. Since the cost of power is added directly to the resident's SCL account via DCC9, the HOA is able to avoid billing-related issues. To facilitate the installation of DCC-9+EV chargers in each unit's charging area, we intended to engage a contractor to bore the appropriate holes in the concrete slab and run conduit from our electrical room to the garages. I called NWES, and they sent Jeff to our office. In less than 24 hours, Jeff had assessed our plan's viability and provided a quotation to me. NWES didn't attempt to oversell us; instead, they gave us precisely what we asked for. We signed, and the installation was completed around 6 weeks later. For a fair price, they managed the necessary permits and concrete drilling for our electric vehicle charging installation. Very high quality of work." - Manuel
"In January I began researching solar energy, learning about the various panels on the market and requesting quotes from five local solar businesses. Because of their promptness, efficiency, and attentiveness to my inquiries and demands, I ultimately decided to go with NW Solar and Electric. In the beginning, Dane and I worked together, and later on, Carlo became the project manager. They were able to get me into their installation schedule only days after the deal was signed. There were no hiccups, and we breezed through the inspection with flying colors. I'm overjoyed with how things turned out. The panels are beautiful, and they are performing as intended." - Areg
"I can't say enough good things about this solar installation business. The first call was excellent, and there was none sales pressure. Google Street View photos of your home and your power bill based on kWh use are used to get an initial estimate. They provide an understandable breakdown of the many panel and system configurations available. The project manager (clad in a mask) then emerged to answer my queries and run me through the project's finer points. To verify the system geometry, they also take aerial images of your property. The crew arrived on the appointed day and finished the installation in a swift eight hours! Everyone was kind, hid their identities behind masks, and left no trace of their presence. We are thrilled to reduce our carbon impact and think it looks fantastic." - Galen

Northwest Electric & Solar Social media
The page is the official Facebook page for Northwest Electric & Solar. It has a certified blue checkmark on it to show that it is real. Their electrical and solar services are the main topics of the website. The solar panel installation on the cover highlights their solar energy offerings. The corporate logo is seen in the avatar. The page has over 3000 followers and likes, which is a respectable number. This indicates that there may not be a lot of organic reach or engaged users on the page. The website often posts articles on electrical and solar services. Posts may contain written updates, pictures, or videos. The informational material features their projects, installations, and business news. Nevertheless, there seem to be occasional pauses in between updates and irregular message frequency. The page's sections for services, images, and videos provide visitors more details about the company's products and previous endeavors. However, the lack of thoroughness in these areas restricts the visual depiction of their work. In general, Northwest Electric & Solar's Facebook page has promise, but it needs regular involvement and a good visual depiction of their work.
Northwest Electric & Solar LLC is described in a synopsis on the business' LinkedIn profile. They are referred to be a full-service electrical contractor with a focus on solar power systems, according to the statement. They stress their dedication to provide sustainable energy solutions and their expertise in both residential and commercial projects. While Northwest Electric & Solar LLC's headquarters are listed as Seattle, Washington, the website does not specifically specify how big the business is. The page displays how many workers are linked to the business on LinkedIn. Thirty workers were listed on the website at the time of study. According to this, Northwest Electric & Solar LLC is a tiny business. The website lists the company's specialties, which include solar power systems, electrical contracting, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly solutions. Updates and publications on initiatives, successes, and business news are routinely posted on the website. This shows that Northwest Electric & Solar LLC is actively conversing with its LinkedIn audience and is dedicated to informing them about its operations. Overall, Northwest Electric & Solar LLC's LinkedIn profile portrays the business as a reputable solar power system specialist electrical contractor.
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Northwest Electric & Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews464.8


Northwest Electric & Solar Pros & Cons

  • Renewable energy focus
  • Cost savings
  • Environmental benefits
  • Limited energy storage
  • Reliance on grid connection
  • Limited geographic presence

Northwest Electric & Solar Final Conclusions

Based on the existing customer reviews, there are differing views on the operations and reputation of Northwest Electric & Solar (NWES). NWES has received accolades for being on time, having skilled electricians, doing high-quality work, and receiving good reviews from delighted clients. These good elements show that NWES has been successful in installing solar panels and electric car chargers for several clients in a suitable manner. However, several customers have voiced issues over the functioning of the business. Performance problems, poor communication, missing appointments, and unanticipated additional expenditures are some of the criticisms that have been made. There are also grievances over unsolved problems and purported ineptitude in project management. This contradictory criticism suggests that NWES's operations and customer service may have both strengths and shortcomings. While some customers have enjoyed the services and are happy with them, others have had problems and have voiced their displeasure with some parts of NWES functioning.

Northwest Electric & Solar locations

Main Address18001 73rd Ave NE Kenmore, WA 98028
Phone Number2063560601

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