Energy Renovation Center review

At ERC, we think that looking out for our customers comes first. With every installation, we pay great attention to the little things and work hard to provide a top-notch client experience. If things doesn't go according to plan, we'll make every effort to fix it and make sure you're happy. We promise complete client pleasure if you're wanting to go solar in Texas.

Energy Renovation Center overview

At ERC, we think that looking out for our customers comes first. With every installation, we pay great attention to the little things and work hard to provide a top-notch client experience. If things doesn't go according to plan, we'll make every effort to fix it and make sure you're happy. We promise complete client pleasure if you're wanting to go solar in Texas.

What Energy Renovation Center has to say about itself

Whether you want to lower your carbon footprint, cut your power costs, or raise the value of your house, our solar panel systems are made to suit your requirements. Our team offers superior solar panel solutions for both residential and commercial premises, drawing on more than 25 years of combined expertise. Offering premium solar panel technology, flexible financing choices, and performance guarantees, we adapt our systems to match each client's particular demands.

Energy Renovation Center Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasTX, CA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries

Energy Renovation Center website review

Information and resources for homeowners and business owners interested in making their buildings more energy efficient are available on the Energy Renovation Center website ( The homepage gives a quick rundown of the business's offerings and history, with an emphasis on its expertise in providing energy-saving products and services to both homes and businesses. With a large button urging site visitors to set up a free consultation, the site clearly prioritizes bringing in new customers. Insulation, heating and cooling systems, solar panels, windows, and doors are just some of the energy-saving upgrades advertised on the website. You can see the company's commitment to its clients and the success of its projects in the glowing reviews posted by those clients on the website. Providing case studies to back up their claims of successful implementation of energy-efficient solutions is a nice touch. Site users may find a wealth of information in the website's resource area, which has helpful guides, articles, and videos on the topic of green home improvements. A blog section is provided to provide the impression that the organization is always providing its customers with up-to-date information, useful hints, and insightful industry analysis. The website provides many channels for getting in touch with the business, such as an online form, a phone number, and an address.

Energy Renovation Center price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card
Payment discountsCash discounts

Energy Renovation Center online reputation

Based on customer feedback, the Energy Renovation Center (ERC) receives both positive and negative reviews that highlight both strengths and areas for improvement. Experience and efficient service. On several occasions, clients have praised ERC for their expertise and efficiency in projects such as solar installations, roof replacements and turf laying. They were satisfied with the results and performance of the installed systems, resulting in lower energy bills and higher property values. Professional staff: Some clients mentioned that the roofing and window installation team did a great job and they were impressed with the color and solar panel placement suggestions. Communication and responsiveness issues were noted in several negative reviews. Customers have mentioned unanswered calls and messages, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction with the overall experience. Some customers have reported problems with the installation team leaving rubbish, empty bottles, and improper waste disposal leading to inconvenience and a negative impression of the company's professionalism. One client felt unfairly accused and reported additional costs that were not reported in advance. Another expressed frustration with the company's inability to quickly and effectively resolve technical issues, which leads to ongoing problems with the solar system. Overall, ERC seems to have strengths such as experience, efficiency, and some employees providing excellent customer service. However, they also face challenges in maintaining a constant flow of information, ensuring quality control, and addressing customer complaints in a timely and satisfactory manner.
"I'd offer a 0 star rating if it were an option, but the truth is that this system has caused me nothing but trouble with my finances. To begin, there has been absolutely NO CHANGE in the amount I am charged by Edison, and the amount is actually increasing. Therefore, I have these panels on my roof for no good reason other than to have a lien placed on my home for $30,000 and to have my property taxes increase because I was told by the company to add my son to the deed because they assured me that this is a common practice and that I need not worry about it in order to secure financing for the loan. NOT the case The property was reassessed, the taxes skyrocketed, and they had me taken off the deed. It cost me everything in the world to rectify my mistake and rejoin my act. The assessor's office informed me today that the $450,000 market value of my house has resulted in an increase of $256,481.00 in proproperty taxes since the corporation in question forced me to add my kid to the deed and then withdrew me from it. The legislation changed in 2/2021, and now it's impossible to transfer property from a parent to a child unless both parties make it their permanent residence, which isn't the situation with my family and hasn't been for years. Obviously, I'll have to sell my house if my taxes go up by that much; there's no way in hell that I can pay it." -Sam
"I've been asked if they can come help with my project, so that's something new. They promised to meet at a certain hour but never did. I'm relieved that I recorded their missed calls, texts, and appointments." - Henry
"Don't believe the hype when a company says things like, "We pay close attention to detail when it comes to taking care of our clients." DOUBLE TALK! On January 29th, 2021, my panels were fitted. On September 19th, 2022, my panels suddenly ceased functioning. As soon as I found out there was no manufacturing, I called the firm; without asking any questions or doing any kind of inquiry, they handed me SMA's contact information. I indicated that I had changed my wifi username, and again, without further examination, they believed it was a monitoring problem. Since then, I have called them many times each week, and each time they tell it is due to wifi. Neither Rachel nor Nikole looked at the server logs to see if there was anything suspicious. They installed the system less than a year ago, but when I requested them to send a technician out, they told me it would cost $299 for a service visit. PLEASE DISREGARD THIS BUSINESS. Do not hire this firm. I should not have sent them to my parents; they did not step up to the challenge at the first obstacle." - Marshall
"The company never responds to emails or phone calls. They have left messages saying the panels aren't functioning. The front desk says the project manager would call me back the same day, but she hasn't yet. They say they are not responsible for the rising cost of my energy bill. Poor quality and unreliable service to customers. I plan on reporting this company to the BBB." - Charlie
"If you're trying to sell your property but your roof needs repair, you should proceed with caution. Don't trust the salespeople who will say anything to get a deal until you've read the small print in the contract. Representatives from this firm are similarly useless." - Lola
"My solar panels and roof were just installed by Energy Renovation Center. The suggestions they gave for the color of the roof and the placement of the solar panels were spot on, and I'm really grateful. They arrived, gave me a timeline for the following few days, tore off my old roof on the first day, put the new roof and most of the solar panels on the second day, and by the third day, my solar panels were operational and generating electricity. My power bill has been nil for the last several months, and I couldn't be happier about it. The staff was efficient, thorough, and clean. Extremely pleased with the outcome. Strongly recommended." - Jack
"I hired them to undertake work on my windows, solar panels, and roof. The roofing crew that came out did an excellent job and worked really hard. The two window installers were fantastic. Before I reached home, the solar panel installers had already left. Leaving all the work garbage and boxes behind, as well as numerous bottles of pee in the incorrect receptacle, which I had to take and place in the right receptacle (yuck), and fully overfilling my trash early in the week meant I had nowhere to put trash. I feel like I got nickled and dimed with extras that weren't communicated to me or my staff, despite the fact that everything looks and functions wonderful in the end. The sales man treated me like such a douch. Calls and messages go unreturned much too often. I was told how hard he was trying for me since he had already visited my home four times. Honestly, I had no idea what was going on with Oh Wow sales. Jamie, the office person, was a lifesaver; she answered all my concerns, helped me relax, and even phoned to check in. I think I may have had a heart attack if she hadn't been working on this project. Very satisfied with the service, however I cannot suggest the company since I believe I was unfairly charged." - Alexander
"I requested an estimate for ERC to lay turf in my backyard. They showed up when they said they would and handled themselves professionally throughout the whole process. They even suggested a drainage system to assist the new grass endure for many years, which was something no other company had mentioned. Although the new drain system's layout and installation required more manpower, the ultimate result was much superior to what could have been achieved by using any of the competing firms. The other businesses were probably simply trying to find the simplest and quickest method to get the task done. I received four quotations, and theirs was among the finest. The more complex installation and drainage were not included into the other estimates. After many months of rain, I'm relieved that we decided to build the drain system at the project site. The grass was dry and ready for my daughter and I to play on only a few hours after a strong storm. Needless to say, I will be hiring ERC again when I am ready to install solar panels and a new HVAC system, and I would recommend them to anybody seeking for Turf." - Frankie
"Joey has been frustrated by the poor quality of service provided by the solar industry throughout his career. In the end, he decided to create this business, and his primary goal is to provide the greatest items at the most affordable costs, delivered promptly and expertly. Joey is the genuine thing, and I trust he will do a good job for you. They can offer a lot more than simply solar panels for your house. Package offers might be a great way to save money. Also, you should look at it." - Tony
"After making the decision to switch to solar power, we went to EnergySage to compare prices from eight various providers. When comparing prices, warranties, and quality of work, we determined that Energy Renovation Center was our best option. Everyone involved in creating and installing our system, as well as the project managers, went out of their way to guarantee our satisfaction. If you're considering going solar, I highly suggest ERC." - Phil

Energy Renovation Center Social media
The Energy Renovation Center, a business that specializes in energy-efficient renovations, seems to be the focus of the page, which appears to be devoted to marketing its offerings. The page includes several articles, images, and videos pertaining to their work. The company's logo, which is a stylised form of their name, is shown on the profile image. With words describing their experience, the cover shows a picture that is relevant to energy saving. The page has a sizable amount of followers and likes, which suggests a respectable degree of user interaction and interest. Informational articles, advice, project updates, and before-and-after images of their work are all included in the content. The audience is engaged and the company's competence is shown thanks to the range of material. A suitable amount of likes, comments, and reposts are given to each post. Users often ask questions, provide criticism, or make suggestions regarding the services in their comments. The website seems to be responsive, and the business is engaging with people and actively reacting to feedback. Users may score and comment on their interactions with the Energy Renovation Center in the reviews area of the website. Potential clients' confidence may be increased by receiving favorable evaluations.
The Energy Renovation Center's goals and offerings are summarized in the business overview section. Solar panel installation, new windows, and HVAC system replacement are just some of the energy-saving upgrades they highlight on their website. According to their about us website, Energy Renovation Center is a tiny business with less than ten personnel. Los Angeles, California is home to the company's headquarters. The firm is in the business of building rehabilitation and installation, with an emphasis on green energy. Key personnel, such as the CEO and senior executives, have been profiled on the company's LinkedIn page. This gives guests a glimpse into the background and expertise of the company's top brass. The Energy Renovation Center is constantly seeking new employees, as seen by the number of job ads on its LinkedIn profile. This demonstrates the firm's commitment to development and growth. The Energy Renovation Center's LinkedIn profile gives readers a thorough introduction to the company's offerings, history, and current happenings.
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20 Subscribers

Energy Renovation Center average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews364


Energy Renovation Center Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive Services
  • Energy efficiency
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Price
  • Limited geographic presence
  • Uneven energy production

Energy Renovation Center Final Conclusions

Potential consumers' perceptions and decision-making may be influenced by the company's strengths and weaknesses. ERC has received recognition for its expertise in solar panel installation. Customers valued advice on solar panel installation and roof color, which led to effective and affordable solar systems that considerably lowered their energy expenses. The effectiveness of ERC services has received positive feedback from several clients. They highlighted the prompt installation of roofing and solar panels as well as the prompt completion of projects. ERC has received appreciation for charging reasonable rates for its services. According to several customers, their prices are among the finest they have ever obtained from a company. Several evaluations mentioned unpleasant interactions with specific staff, such as the salesman who was criticized for being impolite and inattentive. In terms of solar installations and other relevant initiatives, ERC generally has some experience and expertise. However, problems with communication, customer service, and quality control have partially tarnished the company's image. Before employing ERC services, prospective customers should use prudence and thoroughly evaluate their requirements and expectations.

Energy Renovation Center locations

Main Address2016 E Randol Mill Rd Ste 409, Arlington, TX 76011
Phone Number8886040226

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