Brimma Solar review

In the state of Washington, we have the necessary licenses, bonds, and insurance. We are also pre-certified as a PV solar installation contractor with various WA utilities, registered installers of made-in-WA solar components, and installers of registered solar components. You may trust us since we have been serving this region for over 11 years from our headquarters in Seattle, Washington.
Brimma Solar review

Brimma Solar overview

In the state of Washington, we have the necessary licenses, bonds, and insurance. We are also pre-certified as a PV solar installation contractor with various WA utilities, registered installers of made-in-WA solar components, and installers of registered solar components. You may trust us since we have been serving this region for over 11 years from our headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

What Brimma Solar has to say about itself

The transition to a solar energy system is simple with Brimma. In Washington State, we provide end-to-end services as solar installers. Numerous local homes and businesses have already benefited from our assistance in switching to renewable energy. Brimma Solar will be there for you once you are aware of all the benefits of going solar. For both residential and business customers, we build solar arrays. We begin by providing a free estimate that is only informational and without obligation. When you're ready, our team of expert journeyman electricians and mechanical installation professionals will handle everything.

Brimma Solar Solar Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasWA
Service TypesSolar panel installation, Solar system design, Solar panel maintenance and repair, Solar energy consulting, Solar financing and incentives, Energy monitoring and optimization, Battery storage solutions
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries

Brimma Solar website review

The website's navigation system makes it easy to discover information. The site has a huge graphic with a clear call-to-action button to obtain a free quotation. The website describes the company's major services, including installing solar panels, storing batteries, and monitoring energy use. Icons and short explanations explain Brimma Solar's advantages. About Us describes the company's goal, values, and solar expertise. Showing team members builds trust and personalization. The Brimma Solar website details its offerings. The website features client testimonials from delighted consumers. This boosts customer trust. The Brimma Solar blog covers solar energy, sustainability, and industry news. This shows their expertise and consumer education. The website prominently displays a contact form, phone number, and address. A free quotation page makes it simple for prospective consumers to contact. Brimma Solar's website showcases its services, experience, and renewable energy dedication. Clean design, useful information, and a user-friendly interface provide a good user experience.

Brimma Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer, PayPal, Financing Options, Solar Loans, Solar Lease
Payment discountsFederal Tax Credits, State and Local Incentives, Financing Options, Referral Programs

Brimma Solar online reputation

Brimma Solar seems to have both favorable and bad customer reviews. Brimma Solar's service and professionalism have been lauded by clients. The installation went well and the corporate reps were trustworthy. Brimma Solar was pleasant and convenient, according to many reviews. The firm was responsive and scheduled, making solar energy transfer easy. Timely installation and performance: Some customers were pleased with Brimma Solar's solar panel systems' performance and timely installation. Tax credit misunderstandings: One reviewer felt mislead or confused about the 30% tax credit, which disappointed them since they did not obtain the promised financial advantages. Communication and response time: Brimma Solar consumers complained that emails and phone calls were not responded promptly or at all. Property Value Claim: One reviewer worried that Brimma Solar is making fraudulent claims regarding property value rises, making it hard to cancel the arrangement. While some Brimma Solar customers have had excellent experiences, others have had issues with communication and expectations. Potential customers should investigate, seek numerous bids, and clarify tax credits, contract conditions, and property value claims before making a selection. To guarantee a good experience with solar or other major investment, read reviews, examine the company's reputation, and contact with the service provider.
"If someone could really respond to my emails and phone calls, that would be fantastic." - Patrick
"Obviously lied to my dad and told him the value of his property will increase by 4.1%. We can't get out of this agreement unless you pay us 30% of the total cost of the project. Around 6,000. Ouch." - Sam
"Ultimately dissatisfied. The panels are functioning normally. The set up process was smooth. Nice people all around. Given that we installed solar panels, it seems to reason that they would. BUT. The salesperson either misled us about how the 30% tax credit works, or he has no idea what he's talking about. We were assured that this year we would be able to claim a tax credit equal to 30% of the cost of the panels, which would help us pay for them. Perhaps, however we didn't find that to be the case. Absolutely not. I appreciate your brevity, Brimma." - Steven
"I had a solar panel system put by Brimma Solar yesterday, and I was extremely pleased with their service and the professionalism of their staff. They also made it easy and convenient for me as a client to have the job done quickly. I have no qualms about recommending this company to any of my friends or family who may be in the market for its services. Awesome work, and much appreciation." - Patricia
"Brimma Solar just finished installing our solar panel system. All I can say is that these people rock. The installation crew was quick to answer any concerns I had, and they performed a fantastic job overall. As though the wiring and plumbing had been planned out at the same time as the home. Personable and reliable; a pleasure to deal with. If I ever need further work done or a new system installed, they will be my first contact, and I will not hesitate to refer them to friends and family." - Jess
"We planned to install solar panels on the newly purchased house and decided to seek several price quotes beforehand. It didn't take long for Brimma to get back to me and schedule a time to talk about our project. The discussion through Zoom to go over alternatives and prices was quite productive. If we opted to follow ahead with our project, they were forthright and informed about the procedure, fees, and timing involved. There was no doubt in our minds when it came time to choose Brimma, and we had full faith in them. Working with financial institutions, our local utility, and the installers was a breeze thanks to their efforts. I have recommended Brimma to many friends and coworkers who are considering installing solar panels, promising them that they would be satisfied with their estimate." - Shel
"Everything about these men is well handled. We had Brimma install 44 panels, and we couldn't be happier with the results. They were on schedule and completed earlier than expected, and there was no push to buy. They tidied up the place well before they went. We're happy with our system since it's simple to use and Brimma is always available when we have questions. Much appreciation for the excellent effort." - James
"The quickest to quote was Brimma. They responded to my questions and even beat the price of the competition. I timed my installation well. After two months, I still haven't heard from them. I phoned them as the day neared and they assured me that they frequently make their timetable. A few weeks later, I was informed that I had been hired. The set up was successful. We completed the installation in one day. That the system wouldn't be accessible for well over a month was news to me. The electrician stated L&I needed to check things out first. 30 days. After L&I was finished, the new meter was put by PSE. Three to four weeks passed before it was accomplished. Since Brimma didn't forewarn me, I thought I'd address it. That part might have used more clarifying if it was going to meet my expectations. The cost, setup, and performance of the panels were all excellent. The deal was sealed by the fantastic financing arrangement they secured with a regional credit union. After two months, we've grown to like the panels. I can't wait till summer ends. I'm dissatisfied with the home monitoring options available to me. Every time I tried to read, it logged me out. In this case, the app did not work either. I sent Brimma and Chilicon many emails asking for help. Brimma took almost a week, and Chilicon never even replied. Because to a lack of personnel, he expressed regret. For the future, I am concerned. Please don't make us wait two weeks for a response if this is a real problem. He proposed two solutions that would fix the monitor problem for the most part. Although it occurs less often, the wireless connection will disconnect. We're happy we made the switch to solar power and excited about the future rewards. The oddities caught us off guard." - Rob

Brimma Solar Social media
With a cover image of solar panels and a logo for Brimma Solar, the website features a polished and aesthetically pleasing look. With around 900 fans and followers, Brimma Solar has a respectable number of fans. The website often posts articles on solar energy, renewable energy sources, and its advantages. The articles, deals, and news regarding the company's initiatives and accomplishments are all included in the postings. The viewers will benefit from the intriguing and well-written information. With a respectable number of likes, comments, and shares on most posts, engagement on the page seems to be moderate. But certain postings get noticeably more comments than others, suggesting that particular subjects or advertisements are more popular with the audience. Brimma Solar seems to be reacting to remarks and comments on their page. They have high customer service and engagement because they reply to questions and problems from customers quickly. On occasion, the website will provide films on solar energy, installations, and reviews. Overall, the Facebook page for Brimma Solar portrays a professional image, offers educational information, and engages with its audience well. However, more frequent posting, more openness to subscribers, and more variety in material types might all help the website perform better yet.
Solar energy solutions are the main focus of Brimma Solar LLC, which is a provider of renewable energy. No particular details regarding the company's size or location are provided on its LinkedIn profile. On the other hand, the fact that it specifies customer service in the United States suggests a presence there. With an emphasis on solar energy, Brimma Solar works in the renewable energy industry. About the number of workers or their positions within the organization, the LinkedIn profile does not provide specific information. It does however have a number of staff biographies that emphasize their expertise in solar energy and related topics. News on solar energy, market trends, and business updates are posted on the website on a regular basis. Different posts have different levels of engagement in terms of likes, comments, and shares. The culture and principles of the organization are not clearly reflected on the LinkedIn profile. The emphasis seems to be on clean energy, sustainability, and the advantages of solar energy, as seen by the overall content. The "Jobs" part of the website is predicated on the idea that Brimma Solar often advertises openings. Overall, the Brimma Solar LLC profile on LinkedIn sheds light on their expertise in solar energy solutions, dedication to sustainability, and involvement with market news and updates. The website may, however, be more successful in demonstrating the company's potential if it included more details about the size, location, and personnel biographies.
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Brimma Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews684.8


Brimma Solar Pros & Cons

  • Excellent service and professionalism
  • Competitive prices
  • Efficient Installation
  • Communication and efficiency
  • Problems with the monitoring app
  • Long response time to problems

Brimma Solar Final Conclusions

Brimma Solar's performance and reputation seem to be relatively mixed based on the available customer comments. Although the organization has gotten compliments in a number of areas, certain consumer complaints have been expressed that need to be resolved. For offering its clients top-notch service, Brimma Solar has received accolades. This entails effective installations, affable employees, and a client-centered strategy. The company's solar systems are dependable and effective, according to positive comments on energy generation using Brimma Solar panels. Performance and reputation issues with Brimma Solar: Brimma Solar's communication and response times have been criticized, and some clients have reported waiting too long for their requests to be fulfilled. Customers seem to have had a mixed reaction to Brimma Solar, both favorable and bad. Even if the organization offers efficient energy production, reasonable rates, and good service, there are issues with communication, disinformation, and problem-solving that need to be resolved. Potential clients should carefully read available reviews, do extensive research, and engage in open communication with the company before choosing Brimma Solar or any solar energy supplier. This will help to resolve any issues and ensure that the supplier chosen meets their unique needs and expectations. To make an educated choice, it also helps to gather several quotations and viewpoints from different solar firms.

Brimma Solar locations

Main Address117 E Louisa St #272, Seattle, WA 98102
Phone Number8668080018

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