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EcoSmart Home Services is a firm that specializes in energy efficiency and home performance; they provide a wide range of services to assist customers improve the health, comfort, and safety of their homes. Building envelope services include insulation, air sealing, HVAC installation and replacement, water heater tune-ups, upgraded lighting, ventilation, and energy audits.

EcoSmart Home Services overview

EcoSmart Home Services is a firm that specializes in energy efficiency and home performance; they provide a wide range of services to assist customers improve the health, comfort, and safety of their homes. Building envelope services include insulation, air sealing, HVAC installation and replacement, water heater tune-ups, upgraded lighting, ventilation, and energy audits.

What EcoSmart Home Services has to say about itself

EcoSmart Home Services' goal is to meet the requirements of all homes with services that are both affordable and safe for the environment. When it comes to indoor air quality, water conservation, and energy savings, we are the experts since we only utilize the best products and services available. You may be certain that your comfort and energy savings will not be compromised by our dedication to efficiency and sustainability. You may be certain that your house will be greener, smarter, and more pleasant after using EcoSmart House Services.

EcoSmart Home Services Solar Review

Year Started1985
Service AreasCT
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and hybrid panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

EcoSmart Home Services website review

The official website of the business EcoSmart Home Services is located at It offers details about the company's goods and services as well as a consumer online shop. The website is well-made, pleasing to the eye, and simple to use. It also offers phone and email contact information for customer service. The website is safe and reliable. Their whole product information is current and correct. Additionally, the information is kept safe and private since their online shop uses SSL encryption technology. Customers may examine their open privacy policy and terms of service before making purchases from them. In general, is a trustworthy source of data and goods.

EcoSmart Home Services price policy

PackagesSolarSignature System - Starting at $29,999, SolarPlus System - Starting at $21,999, Standard Installation - Starting at $4,999, Premium Installation - Starting at $7,499, EcoSmart Solar Saver - Starting at $1,999, EcoSmart Solar Battery - Starting at $6,499, EcoSmart Solar Battery with Inverter - Starting at $7,999, Solar Hot Water - Starting at $14,999, Solar Attic Fan - Starting at $699, Solar Pool Heaters - Starting at $3,999
Payment optionsCash, checks, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, and wire transfers.
Payment discounts10% discount for military and veterans,10% discount for senior citizens, 10% discount for first-time customers, 5% discount for Auto-Pay customers, 5% discount for Refer-a-Friend, 5% loyalty program discount for repeat customers

EcoSmart Home Services online reputation

The majority of EcoSmart Home Services's satisfied clients can attest to the high caliber of care and attention to detail they've received from the company. Customer support agents have been praised for their breadth of expertise, helpful demeanor, and eagerness to go the extra mile to satisfy requests for in-home services by several satisfied clients. However, a few consumers have complained about the higher prices and more complicated scheduling compared to other suppliers. In spite of the above complaints, EcoSmart Home Services has received mostly good feedback from clients.
"As part of Energize CT, I had a home energy assessment completed. The technician spent almost half of his 4-hour visit teaching a new employee, therefore the inspection itself took longer than that. The technician, however, said that my basement is warm. Since moving into the house, the basement has had no heat. Due to the technician's comments, they revoked my eligibility for insulation rebates. I asked them many times to fix the problem, but they never did. No auditor has been dispatched to check the technician's findings. Moreover, the turnaround time for the report of appraisal was well over a month. During the technician's visit, I also requested a price estimate for solar panels. He assured me that an organization representative will contact me soon. This has never been done before. Disappointing service all around. This is something I absolutely would not suggest. I wish Google had a "no stars" rating option." - Randy J.
"Don't waste your time or money with this shady firm; after promising to replace your water heater, they disappeared for three months before finally calling to say they couldn't propose anything. You liars!! We shouldn't make empty promises. Is this some kind of arrangement where they get paid for doing nothing?" - Gerardo E.
"I can't give this film a glowing recommendation. I never know who I'm talking to or what department they're associated with, and I never know who answers the phone. My solar system has failed two final inspections and is still not operational, and the communication has been awful. When will the installers return? I'm meant to start making payments for a system that hasn't even passed final inspection. Horrible. I should have done more homework and hired a different firm." - Cohen H.
"I'd lay -150 if I could!! This is the WORST business I have ever dealt with. No one is ever available when you need them. It took them months to remedy a problem that they created. The solar panels had been installed on the roof for six months before they were activated. And we're STILL trying to figure things out!!! After more than half a year!!! I have never, and will never, suggest Palmetto to anybody. DO NOT CONTACT THEM!! If you do, you'll end up regretting it." - Cade N.
"The sales pitch for my solar installation assured me that the system would generate enough power to meet 99–100% of my needs. The amount of money I spend on electricity would be little. My monthly solar payment is $150, and my electric bill is almost the same. Some reductions occurred, $185-$243, but not the typical 90% discount. In the sales meeting, my EcoSmart Home Services salesman proposed. The organization makes lofty claims about the service they'll provide, but then locks you into a 30-year contract that doubles your energy payments. It's been three weeks after your company's reply to me on this forum promised to address my issue, and I still haven't heard back from anybody there. Other evaluations I've read make similar claims, and I'm willing to bet that customers never hear back from you, either." - Jakob M.
"I can't express how relieved I am that I trusted EcoSmart Home Services with my solar installation. From my first encounter with their representative through the completion of the job by the installers and electrician, I had nothing but a positive experience. I am not someone who gives up control easily, yet EcoSmart kept me informed, worked within my (tight) deadline, and helped me achieve my objectives. Even now, more than three years after first contacting them, I always get a prompt response to my emails and phone calls from someone who is both kind and knowledgeable. Strongly recommended! There will be no letdowns on your part. The fact that I have no power bill at all really helps!" - Gael K.
"For the last decade, solar energy has been of interest to me. EcoSmart provided me with amazing installation and performance, as well as outstanding after-sale service. Instead of an installer, I got a partner. The comparison on EnergySage provided me with the information I needed. I presented the bids to a solar engineer, who recommended EcoSmart's solution despite the company's relatively high price. There was nothing more the EcoSmart team could have done to perfect the setup and layout. The panels have worked as advertised, I have no ugly pipes or other Aesthetic gaffes common to other houses, and I receive updates in real time. Last year's storm knocked down my service, but they came out the next day to get me back online. I am very satisfied with my system and can't speak highly enough about my experience with EcoSmart." - Danny L.
"Our solar panels were installed by EcoSmart at the end of October 2019. In little over two days, the installation was successfully finished. Since installation, there has not been a single issue with the solar panels. If you need solar panels supplied and installed, I highly recommend EcoSmart. We went with EcoSmart because of its stellar reputation for happy customers, and we're glad we did. We felt like we were in good hands with EcoSmart because of how quickly they responded to our queries and concerns." - Dustin H.
"When I contacted Eco Smart, they told me I could either lease or purchase the system. The salesperson, Ben, was a breeze to deal with, and the whole system was installed in a single day. The workers did a great job of ensuring that the wife's flowers were not crushed. The electrical inspection passed on the first try with no issues discovered by the inspector. A few days later, we were able to connect to the Eversource Grid. The nicest part, however, was receiving the July bill from Eversource and seeing that with central air running, it amounted to less than ten dollars." - Jameson I.
"I've always considered installing solar panels because of how appealing the concept is, but I wasn't sure whether I should. I had several inquiries for which I could not get satisfactory answers through an online search. I contacted EcoSmart Home Services because I was interested in having an energy audit done and also because I wanted to find out more information about solar panels and whether or not I should invest in them. Stephen was incredibly helpful and answered all of my concerns over the phone. He was competent, kind, and reassuring; I had no worries about anything. We decided to have EcoSmart Home Services install our solar panels because they were very well-informed, competent, and helpful in dispelling my fears of making the switch to solar power. Their crew toiled through record-low temperatures to finish the project by the end of the year, and the results are excellent. We are very satisfied with EcoSmart's service and would suggest them to anybody interested in installing solar panels." - Everett A.

EcoSmart Home Services Social media account not registered
The LinkedIn profile for Solar Energy firm EcoSmart Home Services. It's quite bare and out of date. Very little useful information is provided about the firm due to the lack of visuals (pictures, videos, and links). It seems like it was last updated in 2018, so you probably shouldn't put too much stock in it. This page isn't doing well in terms of popularity, with just a few people following it. It seems to have gone unused and unmaintained for some time. Considering how dead it is, most people would probably go elsewhere for a solar energy company rather than bother with EcoSmart Home Services.
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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews133.4


EcoSmart Home Services Pros & Cons

  • Professional
  • Sustainable
  • Affordable
  • Limited geography
  • Limited services
  • Difficulty finding technicians

EcoSmart Home Services Final Conclusions

EcoSmart Home Services provides products and services that improve the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes. As part of its mission to minimize emissions and energy costs, the company strives to produce energy-efficient products and services. Customers rave about how informed, responsive, and trustworthy the company's staff is.

EcoSmart Home Services locations

Main Address105A Clark Drive East Berlin, CT 06023
Phone Number8887735866

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