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About Elevation Solar

Energy is not always simple. We’re here to simplify things. You have everything you need to power your home more effectively with Elevation’s whole-home solution.

Elevation is regarded as one of the greatest places to work, one of the fastest-growing businesses in the nation, and a multiple-time winner of the Department of Energy Contractor of the Year award.

Cut Back on Your Energy Use


  • Free consultation
  • Helps cut down on home utility costs
  • Several trusted brand names
  • Extended warranty program


  • Available only in eight states
  • No pricing info online

What is Elevation Solar?

Arizona-based Elevation Solar is a manufacturer of solar panels. The company, which was founded in 2014, provides household energy solutions for people wishing to lower their energy costs. Elevation Solar offers solutions for:

  • Energy management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smart home integration
  • Smart energy management
  • Energy storage
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Residential grid services

2019 saw Elevation Solar win the U.S. Department of Energy’s Contractor of the Year Award. The business collaborates with well-known brands in the solar and energy industries, such as LG and Panasonic. It has access to possibilities for an extended warranty because it is a “Premium Installer” for Panasonic. Only eight states now have Elevation Solar operations.

How does Elevation Solar work?

To set up a solar energy system that works for you, follow these five steps from Elevation Solar:

  • No-cost advice: The Elevation Solar team evaluates your house and looks through the utility rate options you have. Additionally, you can upload your electricity bill online to start receiving a personalized quote digitally.
  • A customized proposal that matches your home is produced by your consultant after gathering information about your energy requirements, reviewing your utility usage, and considering the costs.
  • Survey and design: To ensure that the engineers create a system that saves you as much money as possible on your energy costs, the team surveys your home and the nearby property.
  • Installation and setup: Elevation Solar takes the initiative to obtain the required building permissions and city permits. The business then typically needs just one day to install.
  • Final inspections: After your system has been approved by your city and electrical provider, you’re good to go.

Elevation Solar costs

Elevation Solar has a price-match guarantee but does not provide pricing information on their website. Costs vary depending on the type of system, the size of your home, and whether you qualify for the federal solar tax credit. Installing solar panels typically costs between $20,000 and $25,000. (after the federal tax credit).

FAQ Elevation Solar

Where is Elevation Solar available?

There are eight states across the US where Elevation Solar is accessible: Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, Texas, Utah, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

What solar batteries does Elevation Solar use?

Elevation Solar features Panasonic and Generac batteries.

Does Elevation Solar have a warranty on its products?

Yes, it offers a 10-year workmanship warranty for roof penetrations and a lifetime workmanship warranty for its systems. Additionally, Elevation Complete Protection, a program for extended warranties, includes a 30-year warranty on panels, inverters, racking, and roof penetrations.

Is Elevation Solar a good company?

A reliable supplier of solar panel systems is Elevation Solar. Even if its services are only now offered in eight states, it’s still a good option for those who have access to it. Just keep in mind that it’s always advisable to compare quotations from several businesses to get the one that best meets your needs. Overall, Elevation Solar is a good option for solar energy solutions if it suits your budget and provides service in your area.

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