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Empowered Energy Systems is a renewable energy company that specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of solar energy systems. They provide a range of services, including solar panel installation, energy storage, and energy management systems. They also offer energy efficiency solutions, such as LED lighting and energy-efficient appliances.

Empowered Energy Systems overview

Empowered Energy Systems is a renewable energy company that specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of solar energy systems. They provide a range of services, including solar panel installation, energy storage, and energy management systems. They also offer energy efficiency solutions, such as LED lighting and energy-efficient appliances.

What Empowered Energy Systems has to say about itself

Empowered Energy Systems is dedicated to assuring client satisfaction and system performance from PV Solar design through installation and support.

Empowered Energy Systems Solar Review

Year Started2004
Company Websiteempoweredenergysystems.com
Service AreasCO
Service TypesCommercial solar - Grid tied, Solar hot water sales and installations, Solar pool heating sales and installations, Energy audits, Residential solar - Hybrid solar systems, Energy monitoring
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Thin Film, and Bifacial
Backup BatterySealed Lead Acid (SLA), Gel, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), and Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd)
CertificationsNABCEP, LEED, UL

Empowered Energy Systems website review

Empowered Energy Solutions provides many different services, such as product installation, energy monitoring and benchmarking, system optimization, and energy audits. All of these services are intended to assist clients in lowering their total energy usage and lowering their electricity costs.  They work with clients to develop specialized solutions that address their particular demands, and all of their services are intended to pinpoint places where energy may be saved. In order to guarantee client pleasure and continuous savings, the organization also offers ongoing monitoring and maintenance services.  The business uses a variety of technologies and approaches to conserve energy in a comprehensive manner. Using energy-efficient heating, cooling, insulation, air sealing, window coverings, and renewable energy sources like solar and wind power are all part of this.  Customers of Empowered Energy Solutions may also access instructional materials to learn more about ways to save energy in their homes and places of business. They include videos, blog entries, webinars, and other useful content. The business is dedicated to assisting consumers in making wise decisions regarding their energy usage and realizing savings. Empowered Energy Solutions provides a variety of other sustainable solutions, such as green roofing, rainwater collection systems, and sustainability consultancy, in addition to their energy efficiency services. With this all-encompassing strategy, consumers are certain to get the greatest guidance and assistance for all of their energy requirements. Empowered Energy Solutions enables consumers to access these cutting-edge tools and services, assisting them in lowering their carbon footprints and building a more sustainable future.

Empowered Energy Systems price policy

Packages1. Solar Rooftop System - $10,000 2. Solar Ground Mount System - $9,000 3. Solar Carport System - $12,000 4. Solar Tracker System - $11,000 5. Battery Backup System - $6,000 6. Solar Hot Water System - $3,000 7. Solar Pool Heating System - $3,000 8. Solar Attic Fans - $1,000 9. Solar Security Lights - $500 10. Solar Landscape Lights - $300
Payment optionsCredit/debit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal
Payment discounts0% interest financing, cash discounts, and trade-in offers.

Empowered Energy Systems online reputation

For individuals who are interested in green energy, Empowered Energy Systems provides a variety of solutions, particularly solar panels. Throughout the whole sales and installation process, their team's experience and responsiveness provided excellent information and support. The majority of their clients report lower power expenses after installing solar panels, and the quality of their goods typically appears to be excellent. However, there have been reports of conflicting experiences, with some customers reporting minor system difficulties or delays in the installation process. Additionally, there have been instances of unfavorable feedback when clients have reported feeling pushed into the sales process, dealing with subpar installations, and seeing systems that are not operating correctly. However, Empowered Energy Systems has generally been praised for their expertise, clientele, and quality of work. To achieve a successful outcome, it is essential to evaluate unique requirements and preferences and, if possible, get more information about particular situations or experiences.
"Empowered Energy Systems offers an extensive selection of options for those interested in green electricity. I had a lot of questions about solar panels, and they were all expertly answered by their experts. Nonetheless, I found their prices to be somewhat higher than those of competing businesses. It was OK, but I think it is best to shop about before committing to anything." - Laurie
"The service I received from Empowered Energy Systems, from whom I just acquired a solar energy system, was outstanding. From the first consultation through the final installation, they were quick to respond and really helpful. Their items seem to be of high quality, and my power expenses have gone down ever since they were installed. Unfortunately, the installation procedure was little delayed, which was an inconvenience. Still, I have no complaints about the quality of their work." - Craig
"In my opinion, Empowered Energy Systems is a mixed bag. However, the salesperson was helpful and forthcoming with information regarding the company's wares. The crew who came to install it was timely and did a good job. Unfortunately, a few weeks after the installation, I had a little problem with the system, and it took longer than planned to find a specialist to solve the issue. I was little irritated by the wait, but the situation was ultimately addressed well. In retrospect, I can only conclude that the experience was about par." - Jerry
"Having Empowered Energy Systems install my solar panels was a mistake. The sales procedure was aggressive from the start, and I was pressured to buy more items I did not need. The installation crew was late and chaotic. Furthermore, the system has not been functioning as effectively as promised, and my power expenses have not decreased much. Unfortunately, I cannot and do not suggest using their services." - Robert
"When I finally decided to convert to solar electricity, Empowered Energy Systems let me down. The salesperson was uninformed and flummoxed when asked fundamental questions regarding the items. The installation itself was shoddy, resulting in a number of mistakes that needed fixing thereafter. When I attempted to contact customer service, they were unresponsive and unhelpful. My experience with them as a whole has been quite negative, and I would strongly suggest that people look elsewhere for similar services." - Dan
"Excellent business. For our Hotchkiss house, we opted for Empowered Energy's net metered solar installation. Excellent service from a personable and competent team. The installation crew's cooperation, dedication to safety, and high-quality results left us very satisfied. We are delighted with our solar energy system. " - Mary
"The solar panels on our home's roof were custom-made by Empowered Energy Solutions during construction. They did what they said they would do, and did it quickly. They broke out exactly how much solar we would need based on our projected energy use, and now we only pay a fraction of what we used to each year. We are considering getting an electric vehicle, and if we do, we will surely have them install additional solar panels. Our solar system has served us well for many years. Many of my friends have purchased after hearing positive recommendations from me." -Susi
"It was a joy to collaborate with Empowered Energy Systems. Our Paonia property now has solar panels thanks to their skilled installation. Kelly's updates were always on time, easy to understand, and uniformly accurate about all aspects. In addition, JJ, the project manager, did a fantastic job keeping everyone informed and explaining how everything worked. The amazing crew guys who conducted the actual installation were fantastic to deal with and managed to get everything done despite the extreme heat. I have nothing but praise for their work. Once again, I appreciate it." - Mia
"Due to the ground mount, septic system, mature trees, and the goal to limit as little space as possible in the future, our installation presented some challenges. After 35 years, we still could not pinpoint the exact placement of our water lines, landscape lighting wire, or leach lines. Naturally, this caused issues once building had begun. Its answer really empowered us. They moved into problem-solving mode instead of using this as an excuse to pile on costly change orders or disregard our design goals. The group continued considering alternatives until they discovered one that would need the fewest adjustments in terms of functionality, cost, and time required for installation.There have been very few issues with the system in the five years since it was installed. It has produced 3% more electricity than predicted. When we have had small issues or had questions, we have received prompt and helpful responses. After that, we had Empowered install solar panels in a shopping complex we own." - Miller
"We live in an incredible solar system. Before beginning the assignment, I was given detailed instructions. The speed with which the Empowered team completed the installation also amazed me. They finished the job on time and did a good job of it. We appreciate your help and are thrilled to be able to generate eco-friendly electricity." - William

Empowered Energy Systems Social media

Empowered Energy Systems' Facebook page excels in interacting with its fans and providing them with in-depth information about the goals of the business and its offerings. First, the website is stacked with photographs of the company's items that are well arranged and well-lit, giving fans an idea of what to anticipate from the business. In order to make it simple for followers to remain up to date on the firm's goods and services, the page also provides fast connections to the corporate website and other social media pages. Additionally, the website does a great job of consistently providing updates about the business, including information about new goods and services as well as updates on projects and activities that Empowered Energy Systems is engaged in. In order for followers to be informed about the firm and its offers, this encourages more involvement and interest from them. They also provide a specific section for client feedback and inquiries, which is useful for individuals who are curious about the business. It is simple to follow Empowered Energy Systems and learn more about their goods and services thanks to its organized, current, and interesting Facebook page.
Empowered Energy Systems' LinkedIn profile is professionally designed and gives followers a thorough overview of the company's goals and offerings. First, the website is conveniently organized into parts with corporate details, job listings, and staff biographies. People may easily discover more about the business and the job that they are performing as a result. In order to keep fans informed of the business's activity, the page also provides easy access to the website and other social media profiles. Additionally, the page has frequent updates from the business informing followers about projects and events that Empowered Energy Systems is a part of, as well as new goods and services. This assists in attracting followers by providing them with timely, current material that is pertinent to the business. Additionally, they feature a section dedicated to client comments and inquiries, which offers useful insight to anyone considering the business.In conclusion, the Empowered Energy Systems LinkedIn profile is interesting, educational, and simple to use, enabling fans to remain in touch with the business.
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Empowered Energy Systems Pros & Cons

  • Flexible financing
  • Reliable and experienced team
  • Innovative solutions
  • Limited geographical reach
  • Potential for system failure
  • High capital costs

Empowered Energy Systems Final Conclusions

Empowered Energy Systems LLC supplies clients in the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors with innovative energy solutions. Its goods and services are created with convenience, security, and efficacy in mind. They provide an extensive selection of cutting-edge solar systems, microgrid components, battery storage systems, smart grid technologies, and more. Empowered Energy Systems LLC is devoted to developing dependable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient products and services. Their solar systems are equipped with cutting-edge technology that enables consumers to create their own renewable electricity at a lesser price than using conventional energy sources. Its microgrid components form an integrated system of dispersed energy resources that may be employed to cut carbon emissions and increase energy independence. The battery storage devices enable customers to maximize their usage of solar energy, store extra energy for later use, and lower their total electricity expenditures. Moreover, the firm offers a variety of smart grid technology solutions that allow consumers to better monitor their energy use, increase efficiency, and optimize savings. Several levels of protection are incorporated into the design of their goods to safeguard the safety of their consumers and the environment.

Empowered Energy Systems locations

Main Address12125 Burritt Rd, Hotchkiss, CO 81419
Phone Number9702345412

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