Florida Power Services review

Providers of energy-related services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Florida, Florida Power Services is an energy services and consulting organization. Energy management, auditing, and evaluation, electrical system design, and installation are all part of the company's offerings.

Florida Power Services overview

Providers of energy-related services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Florida, Florida Power Services is an energy services and consulting organization. Energy management, auditing, and evaluation, electrical system design, and installation are all part of the company's offerings.

What Florida Power Services has to say about itself

Florida Power Services is Florida's leading power supplier, and we work hard to keep our rates low and our service dependable. Our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations and become their preferred power supplier in the state via dedicated service and creative problem-solving. When it comes to your energy requirements, our team of experienced and highly-trained consultants is here to assist you make the right choices.

Florida Power Services Solar Review

Year Started2007
Company Websitefloridapowerservices.com
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Design, Financing, Construction, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and hybrid panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.

Florida Power Services website review

Florida Power Services' main website, floridapowerservices.com, has a clean, business-like appearance. It offers a variety of details about the business, its offerings, and its clients. The website is simple to use and has useful tools including contact details and FAQs. Customers may register for services, see account information, and make payments through the website. Customers may be certain that their data is safe since Florida Power Services has a solid reputation for reliability. Anyone thinking about using Florida Power Services should visit the website.

Florida Power Services price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Solutions - Starting at $14,900, Commercial Solar Solutions - Starting at $45,000, Solar Battery Backup Solutions - Starting at $7,500, Solar Panel Maintenance - Starting at $200, Solar Panel Cleaning - Starting at $150, Solar Panel Repair - Starting at $200, Solar System Design - Starting at $500, Solar System Installation - Starting at $4,500
Payment optionsCash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and financing options.
Payment discounts30% federal tax credit, 15-25% state and local incentives, 0-10% utility rebates, Financing options with 0-5% interest rate, 0-25% SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credit), 0-10% off solar panel monitoring, 0-10% off solar array upgrades, 0-20% off solar panel replacement

Florida Power Services online reputation

In general, clients are pleased with the work done by Florida Power Services. Staff professionalism and dedication to service excellence have been praised by many customers. Some customers have also noted that the solar panels were easy to install and have saved them money on their electricity bills. However, there have been complaints from some clients about the service's slow response times and general absence of assistance. Florida Power Services has been commended for its commitment to using renewable energy sources to meet its customers' needs despite these challenges.
"Avoid doing business with this dishonest organization. After submitting a written proposal, they sought to charge more when their representative arrived without making any improvements to the service. The representative and I had a lengthy phone conversation. Three days later, he finally managed to schedule a meeting. He was more than 30 minutes late, and he came to inform me that the agreement we had agreed on on paper was off the table." - Kishan D.
"There's too much terrible news to give in a single post without also giving you caffeine. Now that we're nearing the finish of the project, their visits have just served to disappoint us more. After more than 20 excursions, we still haven't made the progress we've been hoping for from day one. This project lasted more than a year. The office tries to make apologies, but the field teams still don't seem to get what the customers want. I'm looking for people who have had negative experiences with Florida Power Services so I may learn from their tales and see what additional measures they took to address the issue when Florida Power Services failed to do so." - James R.
"DISASTROUS SOLAR COMPANY!!! When my cousin and her husband found out that we were being ripped off, they canceled their panels with this business. Now, the firm is threatening to sue them for thousands of dollars and is constantly bothering them. AVOID!! Sharks, man!" - Sebastian E.
"If I could, I'd give it no stars at all. They set up the panels, but the system is still broken over two months later. Failed to meet municipal requirements. It took 4 weeks and my complaint before they finally hooked up the electrical boxes. Now they have to relocate their electrical panel, which might do irreparable harm to my brand-new house, have it reinspected, and submit it to APS for approval. It could be another six months before the solar panels begin to pay off for me. I see now why they wait a year before making you pay for the apparatus. Going Solar? Don't go with the firm." - Michael T.
"One of My Biggest Mistakes At first, it was a pleasure working with Florida Power Services. Personable, timely, and informative in answering queries. They started working on the contract in November, and by Christmas 2021, my solar panels were up and running. Then the problems began. The once-quick answers are now often nonexistent. The installation of the panels was swift, however activating the meter and power supply took much longer. We have been waiting for months now, and all anybody has said. At this time, I had already begun making payments on the storage unit. In April, I had enough and wrote a message to the sales person, demanding answers or having them remove the equipment so we could take the matter to court. Incredible as it may seem, just two days after speaking with the proprietor was I ready to go. My system seemed finished to me at this time. The increase in my power bill from year to year prompted me to start asking questions. They said that the delay was caused by the fact that they were still waiting for a back ordered component. In December, I was informed that the component had arrived and that an installer was awaiting arrival. The month of March is rapidly approaching, and there has been no contact. It's been a year and two months since I had this system installed, and they're still not finished. One of the many other alternatives to going solar is what I would suggest." - David F.
"After obtaining many quotations from solar energy providers, we were prepared to quit up after falling prey to the Brevard Solar fiasco. Fortunately, I was able to contact Frank at Florida Power Services. The first company to present without any sort of flags or barriers. Frank was always incredibly honest and accommodating. It wasn't the cheapest estimate we got, but it was the most worthwhile in terms of the machinery and labor involved. There was not a single hiccup during the whole process. This was the pinnacle of perfection." - Terry S.
"Our solar panels were already in place when we bought the house. We are unable to locate the original installer. At least five Solar Power service providers were contacted to inquire about inspecting and maintaining the installation. Three out of the five businesses never returned calls, despite repeated efforts and voicemails. One business I contacted specifically said that they would not inspect our system unless we intended to purchase further equipment from them. Florida Power Services not only provided all of these services at an affordable rate, but they also answered the phone, scheduled an appointment, and came on time. They were also instrumental in us learning more about the capabilities and advantages of our current system. If you're thinking about going solar for your house or company, I highly suggest Florida Power Services." - Ivan F.
"Honestly, this has been the most enjoyable first-person shooter experience I've ever had. Andy is the most trustworthy contractor I've ever worked with; he completed the first phase of my system in 2017 and is currently working on the second phase, which includes the installation of a battery backup, in July 2019. I can't wait to get my system fully implemented, so thank you, Andy, and I hope to work with you next week on my project." - Damon P.
"George from Florida Power Services installed a 10 KW system on our roof 15 months ago. George was a pleasure to deal with during the solar quotation and installation processes. Our power rates dropped precipitously once Duke gave their approval and the unique meter was put in, and the whole process took just a few days. Last year in June and July, we had enough credits to keep our bills at the Duke minimum fee amount of $22, and that was with the air conditioner running. We generate excess electricity in the fall and spring. Even if we had to pay $50 or $60 in August, that sum is little in the grand scheme of things. The technology operates invisibly, going about its business unnoticed while quietly using solar energy. So many people are willing to drop a million on a beach home, but they don't see the value in adopting solar, which is both a good investment and a good feeling." - Fred O.
"Louis and the organization have earned my highest praise. Louis gave us a reasonable estimate, and we stuck to it. Louis began the project before learning that the estimated solar panels would be delayed. He found better-quality American-made panels and maintained the original pricing. The setup was fast and easy, and it was approved on the first try. Louis kept me updated and was quick to respond throughout the assignment." - Arthur U.

Florida Power Services Social media

Florida Power Services, a solar energy firm, has a poorly designed Facebook profile. Few people subscribe, and there's little there to learn about the firm. None of the links work, and there are no media files to view. It's also impossible to know for sure whether dealing with this firm is safe. The lack of engagement from potential buyers and followers is indicative of the page's low popularity. Therefore, you should not depend on the content of this website to inform your decisions concerning this business.
The solar energy experts at Florida Power Services provide a wide variety of solutions for the solar industry. The company's LinkedIn profile has not been updated in what seems like forever. The page was thrown up quickly and does not inspire confidence in the quality of their offerings. It lacks a representative picture, followers, post activity, and media of any kind. The page as a whole gives off a very feeble and amateurish vibe. Therefore, this page does not instill confidence in the company's services and does not reflect the quality of such services. As a result, you shouldn't rely on the information presented here on solar power.
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Florida Power Services average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews734.6


Florida Power Services Pros & Cons

  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Responsive
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Limited coverage area
  • High rates

Florida Power Services Final Conclusions

Electricity for homes and businesses in Florida is provided by Florida Power Services, an energy provider. The programs and services they provide run the gamut from fixed-rate to variable-rate to renewable energy options. Florida Power Services has excellent customer satisfaction ratings and low dissatisfaction rates.

Florida Power Services locations

Main Address503 E. Jackson Street Suite 302, Tampa FL, 33602
Phone Number7276679955

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