FOR Energy review

FOR Energy was founded by father and son McGrown in 2010 and offers its services in 17 states. The company has helped thousands of families get the best value for their money to change to solar
FOR Energy review

FOR Energy overview

FOR Energy was founded by father and son McGrown in 2010 and offers its services in 17 states. The company has helped thousands of families get the best value for their money to change to solar

What FOR Energy has to say about itself

FOR Energy is dedicated to serving as your go-to resource for leading an energy-saving and more sustainable lifestyle. Since each home and business is different, we provide a variety of products to help meet your particular energy requirements. By allowing us to develop a unique, solution-based strategy for attaining your energy efficiency goals, you can take control of rising energy expenses.

FOR Energy Solar Review

Year Started2010
Service AreasCA, NV, UT, AZ, CO, NM, TX, FL, SC, NC, NJ, MD, GA, IL, MS, VA, MO
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline
Backup Batterylithium-ion batteries

FOR Energy website review

Since the company deals with all types of energy saving, the website has different categories that talk about different types of services. There is no detailed information on the technical characteristics of the panels and materials on the website, and there is no information about the price, but you can ask all questions to the online assistant and schedule an appointment with the company rep

FOR Energy price policy

PackagesThere is no detailed information about packages and the cost of installation, but it is possible to sign up for a consultation
Payment optionsThere is a 30% Federal Tax Credit, a $1000 State Tax Credit,
Payment discountsRefer a Neighbo and get $500

FOR Energy online reputation

Despite certain unfavorable aspects, the organization has an outstanding overall reputation. Some clients complain about the high cost of services, but others argue that the installation, materials, and upkeep are well worth the money. We propose that you familiarize yourself with other offers before making a final selection; nonetheless, FOR energy company is a reputable and well-known solar provider.
"Strong beginning, but poor follow-up and perhaps deceptive marketing and sales techniques. Introduction: 3 stars (downgraded due to promises not being honored) I worked with a few vendors to get quotations, and FE immediately offered the best price (annual production/cost). The door-to-door salesman was quite helpful in connecting us and educating me on FE procedures. Both parties discussed rewards and promises that For Energy would keep. Claims made against their rivals that convinced me: 1. For Energy will take care of all the hassles associated with installation (dealing with installers, getting permissions, setting accounts with utilities, inspections, etc.) – True 2. Your system will be checked for problems and treated proactively – sort of bogus. The installer might take action if your system is malfunctioning, but they can't guarantee it. They definitely won't guarantee that your stipulated annual production amount will be met. For me, this was a key selling feature. For no other reason than to please the customer, the salespeople confidently claimed that they will not only reach a production quantity but perhaps surpass it. 3. The statement "Your system is eligible for state refunds, and we'll help you with the information you need to get it" is sort of accurate. State return is proving to be more difficult; they sent me the incorrect form and no CRS id number, among other problems. suggested I collaborate with an accountant. Install: 4 stars (downgraded due to survey claims) Titan conducted the installation and survey. I was given the best place on my roof before, but I asked for an obviously less ideal spot above the garage so that any potential leaks would have the least amount of damage to the house. I was told that a tree near the location might have an impact and requested that they take that into account when conducting the survey. Put it where they needed to in order to fulfill their commitments if the poll indicated it would have an influence on annual production. Given our roof's gentle slope and the way the panels would be put, I was assured that the site would be suitable. The surveyor/For energy failed on this front and should have simply placed it in the original spot as I requested because it turned out to be untrue. However, they succeeded in making everything appear tidy and well-sealed at the end. FE guided me through the hardware and provided basic troubleshooting tips including post-storm checks and updates to my homeowner's insurance. then used a teleconference to review the hardware to see how it turned out. Operation: Two stars After almost a year, the system is only making 80% of what it was supposed to make. I was told that they would look out for problems and take care of them ahead of time, but I had to reach them and after a month, I still hadn't heard anything more than "we will look into it." When I asked the company again, someone finally talked to me about the problem. Service to customers: 2 stars Everyone who helped me set up my business and made promises no longer works there. In this way, a company can use temporary workers to put out fake ads and then go back to being a business. If I could have found proof, I'm sure they would have helped me. I thought I kept everything in gmail, but I can't find it, so I must have used something else. I know they use a site called a "portal" a lot, so if you talk to them on that site, print and save everything. I'll give them two stars because at least they tried to help me. They gave me a "break even" price, which means I would have to pay the same amount to improve production as they said they would, but once you lose trust in someone, it's hard to let them continue to cost you. The last thing I want is a sloppy, rushed installation that damages the roof or other gear. The system is modular, so if I want to add to it later, I could just do it myself. What I've Learned: Solar brokers like For Energy make the installation process easier, but your local solar installer may already do the same steps. If you've been working with a door-to-door salesperson, keep good records of everything, as the long-term company only seems to honor functional hardware and a proper installation. Again, this is through the solar installer." - derek.doile.nm
"It is vital to mention that I have formal education in Green Building and Energy Audits. I had recently had a full energy audit done a few weeks prior by a different business I found at the Home Show. When Affordable Energy Solutions contacted me, I scheduled a time for them to come out and perform the audit and explain their choices. I had to put it off for a few weeks and requested them to call me when it was time. They didn't call to remind me... I had to call them because I dimly remembered having something planned for that weekend. At the time, I spoke with Jacey, who stated that he would prefer to conduct his own energy audit to ensure that the statistics are true rather than relying on the one I had just completed. I understood and agreed, and I set a new time for them to come out and perform the audit. Jacey called me the day of the audit to say he was running late due to traffic. He arrived with another man named Jim around 20 minutes after our apartment was set up. I could tell there was something wrong with Jacey the moment she walked into my house. He complained of a severe headache and was unable to maintain eye contact for the whole of his visit. He realized I was knowledgeable about what he does and began to describe things in a way that sounded like he knew what he was talking about. To be honest, several of the topics he discussed did not make sense in light of what I previously understood. He seemed to be attempting to talk over my head to confuse me. It grew heated at one point when he questioned my knowledge and I stamped on him. It was quite uncomfortable. The fact that he entered my home and couldn't make eye contact with me while speaking down to me was a MAJOR turn off! present were multiple occasions when the two of them would chat to each other as if I wasn't even present, even discussing their personal lives. Apparently, Jacey has been thinking about moving to Mesa with his girlfriend!! Crazy!! What does it matter? Keep in mind that I was under the notion that they were there to perform an Energy Audit the entire time. When I inquired about it, they stated that they were merely there to perform an Energy Evaluation. When I replied that I thought we were having an audit, they said I had misinterpreted them and that they may come back another day if I wished. I told them no because it would be a major inconvenience for me, and I was not satisfied with their professionalism or knowledge. The two men continued to look through my attic to have a better idea of what they could give me. They didn't even have a ladder to reach the roof!!!! Jacey then climbed on top of my trash can to go to the top of my roof. He couldn't figure out how to open the gable vent to access into the attic once he got there. (Keep in mind that this simply pops off and has happened multiple times since we moved in!!) When he returned home, he began to question the state of my roof!! When did I request that he assess my roof? My hubby finally returned home from work. Jacey didn't even stand up to introduce himself and avoided eye contact with my spouse. Jacey had also been in contact with the person I went to the home show with. As a result, Jacey was attempting to offer us both a package deal that included someone going to our houses to videotape the process of what they do. For them, this would be a sort of marketing. He never really stated why we should allow him to do that, only that they would offer the marketing discount or the $1000 toward repairs that we each won in the contest. When my husband informed him that we needed to talk about it and get back to him, he became quite uncomfortable. Finally, as they prepared to depart, I requested Jacey to simply send me a copy of the buds for each possibility he discussed. He promised to send them to me within 24 hours. (Keep in mind that when he was in my house, I had sent him an email with a copy of the last Energy Audit I had gotten done. He confirmed receiving it and then proceeded to tell me that it was all false information! Strange, because I was present to observe the business taking the necessary computations and images of my property.) A week or two later, I receive a phone call from Jim, who was following up with me. He wanted to know whether I had any queries about the email that had been sent to me. I told him I hadn't received an email and was just curious. He ended up forwarding me the detailed email that had been sent to an entirely random email address!! When I read the information that was supplied, they still did not explain what the benefits of doing the marketing option would be, and they did not even disclose the reductions on the bid. I responded by email, stating that we would not be interested. Jacey responded by email, saying he was perplexed but fine with us not employing him. Jim followed up and requested that I phone him. I'm not going to call him back. Basically, I thought they were unprofessional and uneducated. When they left, I found that Jim's rocking chair, which was a family relic, had been damaged! Finally, they wasted approximately 2 hours of my time for NOTHING and forced me to pay extra money to repair the chair that they ruined! I would never recommend this company to a friend or family member." - Meghan M.
"Review for energy. A young lady came to my door during the pandemic to see if I was interested in solar power. She got me interested by telling me about it and how it could save me money. So, they just put my solar panels up. I thought it was great. They really did a great job. I work, so I wasn't there for any of it, but they came to do the job when they said they would, did the work they were supposed to do when they said they would, and finished the job to the end, cleaning up so I never knew they had been there. As you might expect for a job of this size, it took them a few months and hit a few bumps along the way, but they got it done and even got me hooked up with the electric company. Reed and his band did an amazing job. I would tell anyone to try For Energy. When it's hot in Arizona in the summer, I'm looking forward to having much lower electric bills." - F.E.
"Nice gentleman who gave a lengthy spiel about their services. On a 900 square foot property, I required attic insulation and duct sealing. His bid, which included replacing some duct work, was more over $7000.00. The duct work is entirely contained inside a minuscule fraction of the relatively small house's square space. What makes this $7000? And the contract has a language that forbids the purchaser from saying anything unfavorable about their products or services in texts, emails, social media, or to the Better Business Bureau, or risk a court suit for tens of thousands of dollars. This is allegedly not permitted for Angie's List firms, although it was stated in the proposal." - Carla T
"Our solar system was installed on 10/17, but it has not yet been activated. The business has not responded. Our task cost $100,000. I would not recommend them to anyone at all. No response. Just delays all the time." - Patric V. Hogan
"5+ from the beginning to the end!! We've been interested in going solar for years because we think it's good for the environment, but we didn't like what the other solar companies had to offer. One day, Paul from FOR Energy came to our door. He was very nice and knew a lot, so we chose to meet with his manager, Eric. After FOR Energy Solar showed us what Solar could do to get rid of our APS bill, we signed up. Our project managers, Mitch and Spencer, were always on top of our project, so we didn't have to do anything. Their technician was Titan, and they did a good job and showed up on time. Reed was our Project Manager from FOR Energy. He was at our installation and made sure we were happy every step of the way. He even used a drone to get some great videos of our solar panels. When APS said "OK," he came back, turned on the system, and showed us how everything works on the app. It was a great way to finish the job! Every step of the way, FOR Energy has gone above and beyond. They are great people who do great things for our community. Trust FOR Energy to take care of you like they did for us if you want to learn more about Solar. We're finally getting our own power from the sun!" - Diane
"Amazing from the beginning to the end.I had a solar system put in by FOR in 2017, and I can't say enough good things about them. I did a 10.55 kW machine. From the sales process to the install, the experience was top notch. I chose to redo my house last year, so they had to come out and take the panels off before the work could begin. After a year of having the panels in my back yard and summer bills of $800, they came back today to put the system back together. Extremely happy with everything FOR Energy and I strongly suggest you go solar with them. They will give you a great first impression and good service in the future. After all, you're not just picking a company to do the installation for you, you're choosing a company to be there for you for the next 20 years if something goes wrong." - Sean
"We had only lived in our house for a short time, but we already knew that we wanted to get solar panels. The FOR Energy team did a great job of explaining exactly what our choices were, designing a plan for our home, and helping us through the installation and financing processes. We are very happy with how the array looks and how it has lowered our monthly power bill. From start to finish, it was a great time!" - JTAxtin
"FOR Energy simply the best . We had to wait for months to get a menu from this company. Best deal on the market!!!! They really helped us with everything. Quick and Professional to the Hill!!! Will recommend to all!!!" - Alexander Chervotkin
"Great People, fast, and friendly! Laura Briggs, a great real estate agent in the Valley, told me about FOR Energy. People told me that if I went Solar, I wouldn't be able to sell my house. But things have changed, and Solar actually makes my house worth more! Eric P explained how everything would work, and I chose to go solar. Titan measured my roof, got the plans and design accepted by the city, and put in the most advanced solar panels on the market. Reed came by several times to make sure everything was going well and to let me know what was going on. I think FOR Energy is great!" - Barbara B.

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FOR Energy Pros & Cons

  • High Cost
  • Installation delays
  • -
  • Over 12 Years Experience
  • Award Winning Service
  • The company provides a full range of energy saving services

FOR Energy Final Conclusions

Despite some negative aspects, the company's overall reputation is excellent. Some customers note the high cost of services, but others note that the installation, materials and maintenance are worth it. To make a final decision, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with various offers, however, FOR Energy company is a reliable and well-known solar provider

FOR Energy locations

Main Address4630 E Elwood St #9, Phoenix, AZ 85040
Phone Number866-981-6265

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