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The energy, electrical, and power management consultants and engineers of Gordian Energy Systems are privately owned. For its business, industrial, institutional, and government clients, the firm creates and implements turnkey energy strategies. In addition, they provide comprehensive packages for renewable energy site evaluations, power quality audits, renewable energy projects, and demand-side energy management strategies.

Gordian Energy Systems overview

The energy, electrical, and power management consultants and engineers of Gordian Energy Systems are privately owned. For its business, industrial, institutional, and government clients, the firm creates and implements turnkey energy strategies. In addition, they provide comprehensive packages for renewable energy site evaluations, power quality audits, renewable energy projects, and demand-side energy management strategies.

What Gordian Energy Systems has to say about itself

A leading supplier of creative and trustworthy energy solutions is Gordian Energy Systems. With a focus on maximizing energy efficiency and lowering emissions, we design, develop, install, and maintain sustainable power generating and storage systems. We provide our clients with a cost-effective and personalized power solution to meet their demands, from large-scale solar farms to household systems. At Gordian Energy Systems, we are dedicated to assisting you in meeting your energy production and storage demands as efficiently as possible.

Gordian Energy Systems Solar Review

Year Started2019
Company Websitegordianenergysystems.com
Service AreasMD
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair, Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film
Backup BatterySealed lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Gordian Energy Systems website review

The material shown on Gordianenergysystems.com, the company's official website, is comprehensive and presented professionally. The website's layout is clean and straightforward. Descriptions, technical details, and costs for each product and service are included here. The website also has consumer reviews and access to a help desk. The site as a whole seems professional, trustworthy, and easy to navigate. There is a wealth of data just waiting to be uncovered. Customer assistance, product information, and direct connection to Germain Energy Systems are all readily available. Due to these factors, GordianEnergySystems.com may be trusted as a resource.

Gordian Energy Systems price policy

PackagesSolar System Packages: Prices start at $4,995, Solar + Battery Storage Packages: Prices start at $7,995, Solar + Tesla Powerwall: Prices start at $6,995, High-Capacity Solar + Battery Storage Packages: Prices start at $11,995, EcoRoof Tile Packages: Prices start at $7,495, Roofing and Energy Solutions: Prices start at $5,995, Solar Portal Kits: Prices start at $495, Solar Installation Services: Prices start at $99.
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), as well as checks.
Payment discountsRefer-a-Friend Discount: 5%, Multi-Year Discount: 5%, Payment Discount: 5%-7%, Bundled Solutions Discount: 5%, Automated Billing Discount: 7%, Renewal Discount: 5%, Long-Term Agreement Discount: Up to 15%

Gordian Energy Systems online reputation

The majority of Gordian Energy Systems' happy clients would recommend the firm to others. Reviews generally agreed that the items and services were of high quality at reasonable prices and that customers received helpful, educated, and polite assistance. However, not all clients had a positive experience. Some complained about delayed response times, subpar quality, and technological challenges. Regardless of the conflicting feedback, Gordian Energy Systems will never waver in its dedication to superior customer service.
"DO NOT EVER rely on this dishonest business. My name was etched onto the Gordian Energy Systems company. They promised us batteries but have yet to deliver them. If you decide against resigning your papers, your payment will increase. My roof is being crossed by a cable. The solar panel installation on my roof does not match the approved layout." - Garrett T.
"In June, we signed up for Solar energy; now it's October. I understand that things take time, but they've scheduled three appointments with us and canceled or rescheduled each one. Our employers have been inconvenienced by our repeated requests to reschedule the time off that we had previously scheduled in advance. Then, to make things simpler on the electrician, they suggested we switch to a different battery that doesn't qualify for the rebate—for $4,600!!! Get the heck away from that business ASAP!! The $5000 cancellation charge prevents me from running away immediately. So what if my time is wasted? They owe me money every time they have to reschedule!!" - Braden G.
"Things misled us about tax refunds and how things truly function, much as many of the bad reviews claim they do. Even if you do receive all of the tax rebates to which you are entitled, they will likely be dispersed over a period of years, leaving you with insufficient time to use the money to reduce your loan balance by 50% before your payment increases. This means you will either need to come up with thousands of dollars to pay down the loan immediately, or you will have to pay a higher payment for the duration of the loan (typically 20 years). Have had more than one of their customers contact me at tax time to verify the inaccuracies of their returns. Their salespeople engage in very dishonest methods with respect to tax refunds, even though this has been the subject of several complaints. If you plan on consulting tax experts after the purchase (as they claim to recommend doing), you should look elsewhere." - Alexis P.
"Garbage! The salesman lied to us and stated the battery would keep us going for 30 days if the power went out, but it won't even last through the night. They also have to send someone out to repair the solar when the electricity goes off. It takes hours, every time! Simply said, solar energy today is crap. The support staff is doing their best to assist you, but unfortunately, they are unable to change the situation. Not someone I would suggest!" - Javier O.
"Gordian Energy Systems provided us with a bad experience. The solar installation that was supposed to take 50-65 days ended up taking approximately 6 months. For the better part of six weeks, we had to deal with a trench in our driveway and repeated requests to relocate electrical boxes. The final product looks terrible and has little in common with the design we originally authorized. We had the electrician refuse to install the conduit inside the garage and he threw a fuss, so now we have conduit running across brand new siding." - Lincoln K.
"We highly recommend Gordian Energy Systems. The quality of their installation, whether it be a solar field, rooftop, or parking lot array, is exceptional. Your Gordian contact will be there for you from the moment you first get in touch with them until the very end, ready and willing to explain everything from the procedure to the savings to the tax credits and beyond. If you're looking for business solar, I definitely suggest Gordian Energy Systems." - Braxton E.
"Very helpful and kind salesperson. Despite a delay in product delivery, the installation was completed on schedule. Had a hiccup in getting commissioning to the home, but it might have been because of the holidays. Once they arrived to the residence, they performed an excellent job of explaining the process, assisting with tax forms, and submitting work orders for any unfinished tasks or missing components. I've learned a lot and am excited to start using solar energy." - Jaylen H.
"The Gordian Energy Systems crew is fantastic, particularly the people that go to your location to do tasks like installing and testing your battery or answering any questions you may have about it. We weren't initially really interested in solar, but after talking to the sales agent, Willie, we're certain it should be our top focus. Joseph was not only very kind and kind, but also very conscious of our time and thorough in his explanations. We can't say enough excellent things about the electrician and installation crew that came to our house to make sure that everything looked great, worked well, and was as easy as possible for us to get to. A few delays occurred, but they were caused by hiccups in production. Everything was perfect, except for the delay, and we had good service whenever we phoned." - Wesley O.
"My wife and I had gotten many quotes for solar and were blown away by the one we got from Gordian Energy Systems. Thanks to their excellent assistance, we knew we had made the best possible decision. We're thrilled with our new solar panels. If you are interested or just want a free quotation, we strongly suggest Gordian Energy Systems." - Travis W.
"Gordian Energy Systems is a fantastic company to deal with, and they have made excellent strides in making solar energy more affordable. They took care of the whole process, from the new roof's installation to the cleanup. Fernando did a fantastic job as our sales representative. Shane took his time explaining everything (he even helped shovel snow off our driveway), and while we had to deal with many different people inside the organization, the whole thing went well once again. I'm looking forward to having solar power for many, many years." - Abraham C.

Gordian Energy Systems Social media

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Gordian Energy Systems, a solar power firm, has an excellent LinkedIn profile. The fact that the company's fan base has grown to over 450 members speaks much about its standing in the market. The page's design and layout are both polished and professional. In addition, there are several helpful tools and informative content updates available to clients. There are reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers to back up the claim that you can trust this business. Potential customers will be quite impressed with Gordian Energy Systems' extensive list of services, mission statements, and accolades. Gordian Energy Systems has established a solid online reputation because of its active presence on LinkedIn.
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22 Subscribers

Gordian Energy Systems average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews45


Gordian Energy Systems Pros & Cons

  • Knowledgeable
  • Cost Effective
  • Flexible
  • Limited Geographical Reach
  • Reduced Compatibility
  • Weather Dependent

Gordian Energy Systems Final Conclusions

Complete energy services for American homes and companies are offered by Gordian Energy Systems. They provide a wide variety of goods and services to guarantee that their clients always have access to clean, safe electricity. According to feedback from satisfied customers, Gordian Energy Systems is highly regarded.

Gordian Energy Systems locations

Main Address3915 Coolidge Avenue Baltimore, MD 21229
Phone Number4102422449

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