Freedom Forever review

Freedom Forever is a solar energy company that helps homeowners plan, install, and pay for solar energy systems. The goal of the company is to make it easier and cheaper for all homeowners in the United States to put in solar systems. Freedom Forever puts in solar energy systems, keeps an eye on them for life, and guarantees that they will work for 25 years.
Freedom Forever review

Freedom Forever overview

Freedom Forever is a solar energy company that helps homeowners plan, install, and pay for solar energy systems. The goal of the company is to make it easier and cheaper for all homeowners in the United States to put in solar systems. Freedom Forever puts in solar energy systems, keeps an eye on them for life, and guarantees that they will work for 25 years.

What Freedom Forever has to say about itself

Freedom Forever was founded on the idea that energy should be cheaper and greener. Since our founding, we've specialized in residential solar installations with 5-star customer service. Solar energy is our company's goal and has helped us identify the brightest in the industry. We value ethics, servant leadership, and improving customer service and the environment. We want our team members to grow with us. Leadership requires daily inspiration, collaboration, and teamwork; we foster optimism and progress.

Freedom Forever Solar Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasAZ, CA, NV, NM
Service TypesInstallation and maintenance, Battery storage solutions, Financing options, In-home energy assessments, Professional engineering services, Home energy monitoring system, Solar monitoring and management, System performance monitoring, System optimization, Remote troubleshooting and support
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film modules.
Backup Batterylithium-ion technology and are designed to provide reliable and efficient solar energy storage.
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, ETL, CEC, UL1741, IC, NRTL

Freedom Forever website review

If you're a client seeking reliable information on making the move to renewable energy, go no further than Freedom Forever's official website. It offers a variety of tools, such as a savings calculator to help consumers determine how much they may save by converting to solar power and a blog full of helpful articles and insights. The company's dedication to excellent customer service and assistance is also highlighted. The website also has a chatbot that may be used for assistance. Customers interested in making the move to renewable energy may find a wealth of useful information on official website.

Freedom Forever price policy

PackagesThe Solar System Package: $14,995, The Solar System + Battery Package: $22,995, The Solar System + Battery + Home Backup Package: $34,995
Payment optionscash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), PayPal, checks, and electronic funds transfers (EFT).
Payment discounts0% APR financing, Cash Discount - 5%, Group Purchase Discount - 10%, Military Discount - 10%

Freedom Forever online reputation

Freedom Forever leads the U.S. home solar market. Customers have praised the high quality, efficient solar energy systems, and competent employees. Freedom Forever also offers good customer service and low rates. Customers also appreciate the company's use of advanced technology and willingness to develop customized solar energy solutions. Freedom Forever has excellent ratings online, making it one of the best solar energy providers.
"I wish I could give this a nice rating, but it has been both funny and heartbreaking to put together. In February 2022, we signed a contract for eight panels and a wall. This week, yes, Nearly a year later, they found out how to finish getting the permissions and scheduled an installation. If only the hilarity and total lack of customer service stopped there. Installation and final inspections were scheduled for today, March 13th, 2023. The inspections should have been scheduled with the local electricity provider, but they didn't. So the setup team (who have been wonderful) came and waited about for about 2 hours before realizing they couldn't do anything since the "office" hadn't finished what needed to be finished. So, it's been the same old thing for a year or more. Even though my new panels and wall are only decorative additions to my home, I am now responsible for paying for them. Until Freedom can get its act together, I have to continue paying the local utility for electricity while also not being able to utilize my current panels (23 of which were already installed on the home). If I were to give this firm any favorable feedback, it would be for the quality of the installation personnel. They're not only hopelessly inept; they don't even give a damn. They don't seem to care about what the consumers want." - Liam B.
"Don't even bother with them; they're bad. They have frequent system outages. Less than 3 years have passed since I had solar panels installed in June 2020. Even though I have been without power for weeks or even months at a time, Edison has continued to send me invoices. They are unreachable and refuse to uphold their promise. The company's upper echelons ignore emails. Don't waste your time or money with Freedom Forever; you won't get the service or product you paid for." - Jeffery K.
"It took more than five months to get the machinery set up. Once the installation was complete, Freedom Forever gave me the go-ahead and showed me how to activate the system. The electric company phoned me two months later asking that I immediately switch off the system because Freedom Forever had not submitted the necessary licenses and inspections. For FF to submit all documents to Empire Electric, it took many additional weeks. A representative from FF said in an email that we will be refunded $1,500 within 24 hours of receiving approval to begin operations. No one ever paid us. FF refuses to uphold the salesperson's written agreement and instead instructs us to pay the last $1,500 and file a small claims action against the salesman for reimbursement. Freedom Forever has disabled electricity generation by locking the inverter." - Greg O.
"They provide false information about pricing. About production, they lie. Repairs are a deception, they say. They were supposed to replace my dead battery, but it's been 90 days, and still no replacement. This firm has made my life so difficult it's ludicrous. Try to locate an alternative solar energy provider." - Wade F.
"Freedom Forever Solar assured us on 3/12/22 that we will have operational solar panels by 10/14. (our First payment). The day has long since passed. The panels were finally put on our roof on September 18th. We aren't able to properly integrate our system. Creating a huge wreckage and potential safety issue on our lawn. The hole wasn't patched up until the 24th of November. After that, I had to phone and nag until they agreed to send an inspector. The Freedom Forever representative and the county inspector showed up on December 25th. Our Valley Electric meters arrived on January 11th. We were granted permission to begin operations on January 17th. On January 19th, we were sent activation instructions for the system. The machine would not boot up. I have tried to get in touch with Freedom about this matter, but thus yet I have heard nothing back. All I received when I phoned today was a promise to get back in touch with me." - Tony M.
"In the month of November, I was given an Installation. They moved quickly, and I was able to get credit before the end of the year. They were accurate in their estimate of my cost. Rather, it's a decrease. Also, you save ten thousand dollars compared to going elsewhere." - Samuel J.
"My father has been interested in Solar energy for a time, but he has been at a loss as to where to start his research. We were fortunate enough to sit down and check out what the Freedom men had to offer when we saw that several of them were assisting a nearby resident. We were really pleased with Jason's assistance and the variety of available panels. We felt like we had complete control over the system. As for the solar panels and inverters, we settled on Silfab and Enphase. They remained in contact with us regularly and gave us progress reports on the installation. Since we'd heard horror tales of individuals waiting months, the speed with which we were installed came as a pleasant surprise. What a fantastic time I had! Ten out of ten would suggest to a friend!!" - Philip G.
"In August of 2021, I had Freedom Forever install thirty solar panels on the roof of my home. Four out of the five racks in which the panels were first installed have performed faultlessly from the get-go. There were issues with panels coming free on one rack due to the wind. It's windier where I live on top of a mountain compared to the homes at lower elevations. I've phoned Freedom Forever three times in the last year to inspect the panels that had come loose due to the wind, and each time they've been on schedule, tightened everything up and replaced any panels that had been damaged. There was zero cost to me for any of this. At our last inspection, we made the call to alter the panels' slant on the problematic rack in order to lessen their exposure to wind. Everything is running well again, so this seems to have fixed the issue. The outstanding follow-up I got from Freedom Forever was a major highlight. In fact, I'm considering adding eight or ten more panels to the array already on my roof, and if I do, you can bet I'll be giving Freedom Forever a call." - Omar S.
"In November of 2021, I did some online research and discovered Freedom Forever, where I was eventually connected with a sales representative. He provided me with bids and assured me that no one could top Freedom Forever's prices. He suggested I shop elsewhere, which I did (I got four quotations total), but none of them could beat Freedom Forever's price. As I joined the team later that month, they immediately began carrying out all of the commitments they made to me. Everyone has been very helpful, from the site survey team to the installers of the home security system to the design team and the interconnections team. When I contact the Freedom Forever Concierge line, the representatives are always helpful and kind. Yesterday, March 13th, their installation crew arrived and put in our Tesla Powerwall backup battery and solar panels. Such a fantastic job they did!! They were really picky about how the system would fit in with the aesthetics of my house. They made themselves at home and didn't bother anybody. The crew who installed the solar panels and batteries did an incredible job. If you're wondering why I didn't get this up and running until March 2022, it's because my utility company had to make some adjustments to the system in November 2021. The electricity company may now assess and activate the system. Overall, my experience with Freedom Forever has been excellent, and I have no reservations about recommending them to others." - Larry H.
"The folks at Freedom Forever are the best. If I could, I'd give them ten stars. The HOA's customer experience expert, helped me out tremendously while dealing with my difficult homeowner's association. It took more than a year to receive PTO (license to operate) from my HOA due to unanticipated circumstances, but Freedom Forever stayed by me and made my loan payments the whole time. Then, over the following six months, they checked in with me to make sure my HOA was charging me fairly. Wow, such a reliable business! These come with my strongest endorsement." - Kevin L.

Freedom Forever Social media
The Freedom Forever Facebook page has a highly reliable and polished appearance. It combines images, videos, and links to highlight their solar energy goods and services. Over 2,300 people have liked the page, and it is often updated and actively solicits feedback from users. The entries cover a variety of subjects, including their blog, success stories, and customer satisfaction levels. It seems to be a well-known and respectable solar energy firm with a solid support staff. Customers may learn all they might need to know about Freedom Forever from the page's content, which spans from educational to amusing and useful.Freedom Forever, a solar energy firm, has a polished and lovely LinkedIn presence. It features images and a very simple, contemporary style to represent the company's vibrant and inventive identity. The page has amassed a sizable following, which reflects the company's expanding popularity and the top-notch services they provide. The business is dedicated to disseminating trustworthy and current information about the advantages of solar energy in addition to offering high-quality solar energy services. Customers may also have confidence in this page since it has received widespread community support and the business has taken care to maintain open lines of contact with its clients. All in all, folks looking for solar energy solutions can check out Freedom Forever's LinkedIn profile.
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Freedom Forever average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews5573.9


Freedom Forever Pros & Cons

  • Limited Service Area
  • Minimum System Size Requirement
  • Higher Upfront Costs
  • Flexibility
  • Unrestricted access to resources
  • Stability

Freedom Forever Final Conclusions

Freedom Forever is a solar energy and battery storage business based in the United States. In addition to cutting-edge energy options, they strive to provide the greatest customer service possible. Freedom Forever has been rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by customers.

Freedom Forever locations

Main Address43445 BUSINESS PARK DR STE 110 TEMECULA, CA 92590
Phone Number8885576431

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