South Texas Solar Systems review

For those in need of solar energy solutions for their homes or businesses in the South Texas area, look no further than South Texas Solar Systems. They not only sell solar panels, but also install, maintain, and repair them, and provide payment plans.
South Texas Solar Systems review

South Texas Solar Systems overview

For those in need of solar energy solutions for their homes or businesses in the South Texas area, look no further than South Texas Solar Systems. They not only sell solar panels, but also install, maintain, and repair them, and provide payment plans.

What South Texas Solar Systems has to say about itself

South Texas Solar Systems' mission is to use advanced solar energy, smart building technology, and energy management systems to help businesses, homes, and communities save money on utility bills. Become an industry leader in the transition from a carbon-based to a sustainable energy system. Reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other organic oxides that are released into the air when fossil fuels are burned. This will reduce the burden on the Earth and its inhabitants.

South Texas Solar Systems Solar Review

Year Started2007
Service AreasTX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead acid, and other types of batteries.

South Texas Solar Systems website review

It would seem that the official website of is a trustworthy source of information on the goods and services offered by the business. The website provides access to a wide variety of information on solar energy solutions, such as product specs, installation procedures, and testimonials from satisfied customers. This demonstrates that the website in question is reliable and up-to-date. In addition, all of the contact information can be found on the website, which is an extremely positive sign that the company is authentic and has a good reputation. In general, it would seem that the official website for is a trustworthy source of information.

South Texas Solar Systems price policy

PackagesResidential Solar System: $17,000, Commercial Solar System: $25,000, RV Solar System: $2,500, Off-Grid Solar System: $32,000, Battery Backup Solar System: $4,000, Pool Heating Solar System: $2,500, Solar Water Heater System: $1,500
Payment optionscash, check, credit card, bank transfer, and financing.
Payment discounts5% discount for paying with cash or check, 2% discount for financing through the company, 4% discount for customers who refer a friend, 5% discount for customers who purchase additional solar equipment, 10% discount for customers who purchase a complete solar system

South Texas Solar Systems online reputation

South Texas Solar Systems is a local, family-owned solar energy company. They develop, implement, and repair systems. Their services are well-reviewed on prominent review sites. They like the attentive personnel, low prices, and knowledgeable employees. The team's rapid reaction and availability to answer queries also impress clients. South Texas Solar Systems is known for its high-quality solar systems.
"I was tricked into this business and I warn everyone else to stay far away from them. They take longer to set up, they don't pay your light bill, and they don't pay your referrals." - Thomas K.
"The contract was signed in August 2020, however, the installation has yet to occur as of January of 2021. Misled me from the get-go. They said they would begin in September, but by the time I began to complain in the middle of October, they had already blamed the electricity company. I contacted the utility company and they said they had no record of these persons ever contacting them prior to October. They won't answer my calls or respond to my emails. You should not work with this firm. Don't waste your cash. It seems like they just employ a single electrician. The Middle of December was the last time someone was here, and they were clearly at a loss. I invested in some high-quality Panasonic gear. When choosing distributors, Panasonic has to exercise more discretion." - Miguel L.
"It was the worst business encounter of my life. The manager called me a liar, taking my money, ripping me off, not ordering components, and not communicating about my project. And now he insults me in a recorded conversation, ignores emails, and continues to lie that they don't exist - right in front of me. I paid in December and still have no electricity because they have not installed a complete system because they never ordered the components, and I have been misled four times about the installation date, when the parts will arrive, and what they will do that day. No communication is out of the question. Once you have been deceived and ripped off, they will never contact you again. The owner lied to me on the phone and made empty promises. I have a recording of the conversation to prove it. After breaking his commitment to me, he stopped all communication and immediately fell flat on his idiotic face. A disabled veteran, his child, and service animals spent Christmas and New Year's without electricity, and now they are trying to ruin Valentine's Day as well. Don't look back and don't believe their empty words and promises. All they care about is profiting from you." - Liam B.
"About a dozen years ago, when I had a system built, the business subcontracted a friend of the owner to construct a patio on which to set up the solar panels. Their representative assured me in writing that the patio would be completed properly and would not leak. Once the work was done and the system was set up, I saw that the patio leaked in many areas and was not constructed at an angle to facilitate drainage. My house was becoming damaged because of this. I made an effort to collaborate with the firm in question and have them fix the problem. They informed me they wouldn't do anything to fix the problem once they realized how much it would cost. At that point, the only way for me to have the issue fixed was to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit. My lawyer was able to settle with Texas Solar because I had documentation of the assurances their installation manager gave me. I was assured that the solar system would be serviced and that any applicable warranties would be honored when I made my purchase. The increase in my power bill really hit me yesterday. I reached out to Texas Solar to inquire about checking the system's health. A technician was transferred to my call. Again, I provided an explanation. They informed me that I would have to find another technician since they were pulling out of my region. I responded OK, could you email me the system documentation so I could give it to another technician if necessary. In response to Joe Garcia, the company's owner, saying, "I'm going to put a stop to this," I answered, "What do you mean?" I had just requested how to check whether the system was on and receive a copy of my papers; at no point had I been rude or disrespectful to your staff. Didn't you sue me, he asked afterward. Your firm misled me and attempted to take advantage of me, so I said yes. Would you defend yourself if someone sued you, he asked next. He finally got off the phone after promising a professional and truthful demeanor. This organization lacks the professionalism, ethics, and trustworthiness that I would like to see in a business partner. After my experience with this firm, I will strongly advise others to go elsewhere. In the future, I'd rather do business with a reputable firm that I know can be forthright and reliable." - Ryan S.
"In August, I started looking for a company that could install solar panels and batteries. After researching many options, I settled on Texas Solar Power Company of College Station. The manager patiently walked me through the steps and worked with me to make sure I understood everything. When we agreed on the price and terms, a contract was sent to me to sign. This is when things started to take an unfortunate turn. The contract was awarded to Houston-based TriSMART Solar (TS), not Texas Solar Power Systems (TSPS). When I inquired, I was told that TS would handle the installation. When I inquired further, I learned that TS, not TSPS, would be responsible for the solar system warranty. It was explained to me that although TSPS would serve as my point of contact, it would actually be TS that would do the work and provide the warranty. The contract was signed after we ironed out all the details to my satisfaction. The house went through an inspection, which was successful. For the next two weeks after that, we lost contact. I tried several times to call but got no answer. I also communicated with CU via text messages. I could only leave messages, but no one from TSPS or TS ever called me back. About 2 weeks later I got a call saying that they could not hook up my backup generator. It was another two weeks before I finally got a call back about the generator problem. From 04/5/22 to 15/9/22 I wrote many messages to TS and TSPS, but none of them answered me. On Nov 7, they texted me that he was busy with personal business. Neither TSPS nor TS responded to my subsequent messages. As of today (12/11/22), no one has contacted me about the installation. To summarize: the sales phase was excellent, and the equipment offered was adequate, but things went south after the deal was signed. Since neither TS nor TSPS returned my calls, I can only speculate on how my warranty will play out if it goes beyond the first 25 years. I cannot in good conscience recommend either of these firms." - Scott A.
"Recently, I had South Texas Solar systems install solar panels for me, and they did a very excellent job. My panels, the installation, and the crew members have all earned my highest praise, but the $26 monthly reduction in my electricity cost has won me over completely." - Jared M.
"This business built a solar array at my home, and now I seldom have to pay my utility bill. The service was excellent, as was the pricing. If you're in the market for solar panels in Texas, go no further than South Texas Solar." - Kevin T.
"After doing my own research on the advantages of going solar and collecting more in-depth information from multiple Austin installers, I soon learned that all the benefits would strongly rely on the firm my wife and I picked for our installation. Texas Solar Power Company was honest and thorough when they assessed our home and offered many solutions to fit our requirements. Texas Solar Power Co was the only firm that provided energy efficiency enhancements to cut our home's use, saving us $50 per month. We needed a smaller solar system to balance our expenses, which reduced its cost. Only Texas Solar Power Co's 7K system could balance our use. Energy efficiency modifications and a smaller system cost less than bigger ones. We would have had to remove one of our shade trees to have the bigger systems others offered function correctly without shade interference. It wasn't my wife's choice! Texas Solar Power Co explored and offered many solutions to ensure we were given the finest possibilities for our requirements. It met and beyond our expectations. My wife and I chose them after comparing all the offers. Its longevity in solar made them stand out. If a firm has been in business long enough, a 25-year guarantee on its equipment is credible. The whole thing went well. Jeremy, the master electrician, took care of all our HOA paperwork, which sounds little, but other firms wanted my wife and me to gain their permission. Texas Solar was punctual and reliable. We love Texas Solar Power Company. I highly suggest these people for solar." - Luke D.
"The installation crew was quick and efficient. As a result of my having a generator put in at the same time as the solar system without informing either business in advance, we ran into issues with the whole electrical connection. I was really satisfied with how Texas Solar handled the problem and how well they kept me updated. I had nothing but pleasant interactions with every member of staff. In short, I wholeheartedly endorse them." - Nick E.
"Recently, I had my solar panels put on by a South Texas solar company. They were so efficient that I thought they had finished the task in record time. The teams are top-notch in every way, from professionalism and courtesy to technical expertise about the machinery they set up. Before I finally got solar electricity at my old home, it took Green Solar Technologies in California almost six months to install the panels they had sold me. Since I was missing 14 panels, my monthly electricity costs remained at $170. Of course, they came up with a million, and one reason why I didn't get those extra 14 panels. I had South Texas Solar Systems install exactly the number of panels I need, and my most recent account for electricity was only $31. If you're thinking about getting solar panels, I highly suggest the South Texas Solar system." - Alex H.

South Texas Solar Systems Social media
The Facebook page for South Texas Solar Systems is aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. It seems trustworthy and professional. There are hundreds of ratings and reviews along with a respectable number of followers. Additionally, the website has a ton of images and videos displaying their work, making it simpler to confirm their reputation. For users wishing to make a solar energy investment, the website is a trustworthy resource since it is often updated with informative suggestions. Additionally, it is jam-packed with connections to its website and related resources. In general, their page is reliable and well-liked by their followers, making it an excellent resource for anyone considering installing solar energy for their houses.The LinkedIn profile of South Texas Solar Systems serves as an inspiring illustration of a company committed to promoting solar energy. The business exudes an authentic feeling of devotion to its objectives via its magnificent profile and polished photographs. Less than a thousand people subscribe to the page, which routinely posts articles on different facets of renewable energy. The website amply displays the business's dedication to offering top-notch solar energy solutions via fans' comments and opinions, which are posted regularly. You can rely on South Texas Solar Systems, it's fair to state.
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South Texas Solar Systems average reviews

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Google reviews1134


South Texas Solar Systems Pros & Cons

  • Limited geographical reach
  • High installation costs
  • Dependence on government incentives
  • Reliable
  • Experienced
  • Cost-Effective

South Texas Solar Systems Final Conclusions

South Texas Solar Systems is a solar energy provider that installs and maintains solar power systems for homes and businesses. Services including system design, setup, and upkeep are only some of what they provide. South Texas Solar Systems has a reputation for excellent service and expertise among its patrons.

South Texas Solar Systems locations

Main Address10203 Kotzebue St Suite 224 San Antonio, TX 78217
Phone Number2108295420

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