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In terms of solar power, Geostellar is the nation's pioneering and most successful market.
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Solar energy solutions for homes and businesses are offered by Geostellar, an energy technology firm. Geostellar provides consumers with bids for solar installations, estimations for solar savings, and insights into the solar industry using algorithms developed in-house.

What Geostellar has to say about itself

Geostellar is a cutting-edge energy technology firm that is changing the method in which sustainable energy is delivered and used. Geostellar offers state-of-the-art solar energy mapping and analytics services to assist homes and businesses in making the most of their renewable energy potential. Geostellar is able to correctly map roofs, and evaluate solar energy potential.

Geostellar Solar Review

Year Started2010
Service AreasPA
Service TypesScreening for solar suitability, design, financing, discount pricing on equipment and installation, and assistance on utility rebates.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, LEED, SRCC, GSCN

Geostellar website review, the company's official website, is a reliable and trustworthy resource. It details the company's goals and principles and gives a thorough rundown of the items and services it offers. Furthermore, all information entered on the website is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. There is a customer care area and other contact details on the website as well. The website comes out as an authentic and reliable resource.

Geostellar price policy

PackagesThe exact cost of the installation will depend on the size and type of solar system you select, as well as local labor and material costs.
Payment optionsCash, Credit card, Bank transfer, Check, Lease, Loan, Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)
Payment discountsPrice Match Guarantee: 5-10%, Referral Program: $500, Discounts based on the size of the installation 5-10%, Solar Tax Credit: 26%

Geostellar online reputation

Customers have given Geostellar largely good feedback. Customers have spoken about the company's helpful representatives. Many of Geostellar's clients have also reported significant savings on their monthly power costs because of the company's solar solutions. However, some customers have complained that the company's installation procedure was time-consuming and difficult, leading to delays.
"Unfortunately, the issue with our installation was never rectified despite many calls. Upon installation, the technician tried to explain how it would function, however, it does not. Even though we only received a single invoice, we were surprised to learn that separate accounts and providers are required to pay for equipment and service. Service to customers is terrible." - Jack M.
"If I could rate them worse than 0 stars, I would. Terrible assistance. Do not do business with this firm. Instead of installing brand-new components, they recycled parts from my old security system and charged me for them as if they were brand-new. Instead of sending a repairman to your home, they have you contact customer care, who then walks you through the process over the phone. How terrifying." - Larry B.
"In reality, this is a 0/5 rating. In March, I sold my house. I was still in debt for the tools I needed. I had to buy out/pay off the equipment in order to transfer service at the time since the new owners insisted on it. I've paid it, and I know I have to keep the service contract active until the move is finalized. The last day of June 2022 marked the conclusion of my contract. Including the cost of necessary equipment, my monthly outlay averaged $73.54. My guess is that my bill will stay at $23.89 a month through June. NOPE! The total for April, May, and June has been charged! Including the $100 equipment fee, I am now owed a REFUND of $74,75 for this month. After an hour of phone argument, I was told that I would get no refund. Since the very beginning, this has been an issue. WARNING - AND THE SERVICE IS HORRIBLE!!!" - Sam W.
"Since June of 2019, I've been working with Geostellar to set up my solar system. I've made a handful of payments since then. No planned installation has occurred as of yet. There is a problem with phone calls at the moment. So far, answers to emails are few and ambiguous at best." - Dean V.
"Our first visit with a Geostellar salesperson went extremely well; he was kind, knowledgable, and answered all of our inquiries. However, we ran into problems during the actual installation. The app and website still don't accomplish what we were promised they would do with a map of our system, some piping had to be rebuilt, and the critter guard took a long time to complete. We kept calling our contacts to ask for updates and have work redone, and although they were always helpful, the whole process seemed cumbersome and time-consuming. To have our queries answered, we have to get in touch with many different people. For the formal switch-on, we were promised someone would come out and lead us through the steps; however, when I phoned them, they informed me over the phone that they wouldn't be able to come out for a while and explained everything to me over the phone. A malfunctioning component was the cause of our temporary outage not long after we had our system up and running. That procedure was successful, and it was covered by the guarantee. Although I'm relieved to finally have solar power, the installation wasn't a breeze, and the accompanying app and website aren't nearly as user-friendly as promised." - Verne O.
"Despite a ground rod coming through my drain pipe for my pool (to be fair, I didn't even realize it was there), the whole process, from the knowledgeable salesman to the final result, was excellent. The install manager was on top of things and kept me informed at every stage of the troubleshooting process. They are without peer!!" - Luke R.
"There are many people to acknowledge for their contributions to the team's success. My evaluation includes current events since the project is still in the "Waiting for City Sign-Off" phase. My design engineer has been fantastic. Working together on the groundbreaking concept. When I have concerns regarding my system or about new rules, William is always there to explain things to me. Diana - My project manager has been really good at keeping me updated on progress. She offers to answer any inquiries I have. She initiates contact and follows up on it. My system was set up by the Geostellar. This turned out beautifully. These gentlemen were always respectful and careful not to leave any mess behind." - Mark B.
"Customer feedback was taken into account during system design. The installation was completed quickly and efficiently, and the customer service we had throughout the process was excellent. The cost was less than half of what three other businesses had quoted. I'd suggest it to anybody thinking about getting solar panels." - Allen K.
"All of the transitions amongst team members went off without a hitch. The installation team, who were the ones who truly benefitted from the communications, received them directly. The few issues that arose were dealt with openly and promptly. The time it took to get city and utility company clearances was less than expected. The completed item arrived promptly. After working with Geostellar, I am certain that I made the best possible choice." - Roy P.
"I did a lot of reading on solar panels before deciding to buy them for my home. While doing my research, I expected to come across some horror tales; however, Geostellar had overwhelmingly positive feedback, and I'm relieved to report that it lives up to the hype. Everything that was promised to me has been provided, and everyone I've dealt with has been nothing but kind and professional. If you're researching solar panels like I am, you may stop right now and put your faith in Geostellar." - Zain M.

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Geostellar Pros & Cons

  • Affordable pricing
  • Comprehensive services
  • Easy access
  • Limited geographical coverage
  • Lack of customer support
  • Limited customer support

Geostellar Final Conclusions

The services provided by Geostellar, a renewable energy organization, can significantly reduce your monthly energy bills. Energy efficiency recommendations, solar energy monitoring, and custom renewable energy system designs are all on their list of offerings. Geostellar's customer service and pricing consistently receive high marks from reviewers.

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Main Address224 W King St, Martinsburg, WV 25401
Phone Number7039944700

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