Geostellar review

In terms of solar power, Geostellar is the nation's pioneering and most successful market.
Geostellar review

Geostellar overview

In terms of solar power, Geostellar is the nation's pioneering and most successful market.

What Geostellar has to say about itself

Martinsburg, West Virginia Solar Equipment Distributor. Business suspended

Geostellar Solar Review (Out business)

Year Started2012
Service AreasWV
Service Typessolar energy analysis, nationwide cost and savings calculator, installer database, blog section and virtual assistant
Types Panelsmonocrystalline panels, polycrystalline panels
Backup Batterylithium ion, lead acid and nickel cadmium

Geostellar website review

To assist homes in making knowledgeable choices regarding solar energy, Geostellar is an online platform that offers solar energy research and insights. For homeowners looking to compare and explore solar options for their house, the website is intended to be a one-stop shop. A solar energy analysis, a cost and savings calculator for the whole country, a directory of installers, and an informational blog area for users are some of the key features. A virtual assistant is also available on the website to address any queries visitors may have on solar power. Users also have the choice to get in touch with local solar contractors to get tailored quotations. Geostellar aims to make choosing a solar energy option for households simple and accessible by offering a variety of information.

Geostellar price policy

Payment optionsGeostellar does not accept direct payments, you can use a variety of payment methods including financing or leasing options
Payment discountsGeostellar does not offer payment discounts as it does not install solar panels, but customers may also be eligible for discounts, incentives and tax credits that can reduce installation costs.

Geostellar online reputation

It seems that there are considerable worries and dissatisfaction with Geostellar's customer service and communication based on the comments from customers. The client claims that they have been making several payments and following the appropriate procedures to get solar energy from Geostellar since June 2017. However, despite the passing of time, there has been no advancement in the installation plans.The consumer mentions having trouble calling Geostellar, which raises the possibility that their phone system is broken. They also remark that not many individuals reply to their emails, and when they do, they find the responses to be unclear. For clients looking for updates and information regarding their solar installation, the lack of clear communication may cause confusion and dissatisfaction.The complainant also highlights the hassle of switching their cell phone number, which was previously connected to Geostellar. They indicate that problems with erroneous contact from creditors and bill collectors may have led to this development.According to this comment, Geostellar's customer service and communication might need some work. Planning delays, phone connection issues, slow email response times, and confusing responses all add up to a miserable customer experience. Potential administrative problems inside Geostellar are suggested by the customer's allegation of unrelated bill collectors and creditors contacting them. These issues raise doubts about the business' efficacy and efficiency in responding to client enquiries and delivering a successful solar installation procedure.
"Since June of 2017, I've been working through the steps necessary to get solar power from GeoStellar. Since that time, I've put down a few more deposits. To this day, there has been no planning done for the installation. There is a problem with the phone calls going through. The number of people that respond to emails is quite low, and their replies are often ambiguous." - Liem
"The awful task of changing my mobile phone number, which was formerly a geostellar number, has been assigned to me. For a time, nonstop contact from various types of bill collectors, creditors, and the like was ongoing." - Karl

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Geostellar Pros & Cons

  • Provides solar energy analysis and insights
  • Provides a nationwide cost and savings calculator
  • Installers database connects you with local solar installers
  • Not a solar installer and does not provide warranties
  • Not all states have access to the same level of resources
  • The cost of installation will depend on your area

Geostellar Final Conclusions

Overall, Geostellar is a trustworthy and efficient online resource that gives homeowners access to in-depth knowledge on solar energy and the chance to get in touch with nearby solar installers. Geostellar makes the process of choosing a solar energy solution simple and accessible with features including a solar energy analysis, a national cost and savings calculator, an installers directory, information and recommendations, and a virtual assistant. Customers also have access to tax incentives and rebates, which may assist lower the cost of installation. Together, these elements give Geostellar a solid reputation and maximize its efficiency.

Geostellar locations

Main Address224 W King Street, Martinsburg WV, 25401
Phone Number855982341

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