Saguaro Solar review

Since 2019, the Tucson, Arizona-based solar energy firm Saguaro Solar has provided cutting-edge services in the solar sector. Their extensive array of services is geared to suit consumers of varied financial means, continuing their mission to make solar energy more accessible to the general public. Saguaro Solar can assist you transition to solar energy in a variety of methods, including installation of solar panels, leasing of solar panels, and education on solar energy. Despite extensive experience in the solar industry, they are devoted to providing only the finest quality goods and services.

Saguaro Solar overview

Since 2019, the Tucson, Arizona-based solar energy firm Saguaro Solar has provided cutting-edge services in the solar sector. Their extensive array of services is geared to suit consumers of varied financial means, continuing their mission to make solar energy more accessible to the general public. Saguaro Solar can assist you transition to solar energy in a variety of methods, including installation of solar panels, leasing of solar panels, and education on solar energy. Despite extensive experience in the solar industry, they are devoted to providing only the finest quality goods and services.

What Saguaro Solar has to say about itself

At Saguaro Solar, we supply Arizona residences and businesses with the finest PV systems at a competitive price. Getting a project off the ground is just 10% of the job. The remaining 90 percent provides exceptional service and attention to detail from design to installation and beyond. Locally owned and managed, Saguaro Solar is a proud supporter of University of Arizona Athletics. We cannot conceive of a better area than Arizona to use solar energy to power our houses.

Saguaro Solar Review

Year Started2019
Service AreasAZ
Service TypesInstallation, Maintenance, Financing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, nickel-cadmium batteries, Tesla Powerwall for custom systems
CertificationsBBB, SEIA

Saguaro Solar website review

The Tucson, Arizona office of the new solar energy company Saguaro Solar. If you're looking to live a greener lifestyle with less of an effect on the planet, Saguaro Solar is a terrific choice. Our company provides the most advanced solar technology, tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. Solar panels, inverters, and monitoring systems, as well as the rest of the equipment necessary to make the transition, are all on sale. The staff at Saguaro Solar has vast experience and knowledge in the solar industry. When you contact them, they will promptly react to your questions and provide whatever help they can. In addition, they offer customers a number of different financing options for the installation of solar panels. Services offered by Saguaro Solar include, but are not limited to, advice from industry experts, set-up, upkeep, and fixing any problems that may arise. They promise to go above and above in their service and to keep your solar energy system performing at its best. In order to help customers make informed solar system purchases, the company provides solar education tools and materials. New developments in solar technology, updates in the solar business, and tips for optimizing your system's performance are all discussed in detail in available videos and blogs.

Saguaro Solar price policy

Packages$2,000 - $23,000 for a small residential system, for medium-sized projects, prices range from $4,000 to $27,000, For larger systems, prices range from $25,000 to $67,000.
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit Card, Financing: Payment plans up to 20 years with 0% interest for qualified customers, Leasing
Payment discountsRebates, Financing, Referral Program, Group Buying: group buying discounts for customers who purchase solar installations in bulk, Cash Discount on full installations, Military Discount: Saguaro Solar offers discounts to active and retired military personnel.

Saguaro Solar online reputation

Several satisfied customers have left favorable evaluations of Saguaro Solar on various review sites, complimenting their expertise, product quality, and responsiveness. People generally have a positive impression of the company's offers and have shared their positive experiences with others.
"After doing some research, I decided to have Saguaro Solar put solar panels on my home. I found their prices to be low, but the quality of the installation to be subpar. There were a few small electrical problems that needed to be repaired after the installation was finished, and the whole procedure took a lot longer than I had anticipated. However they did help me save costs on my monthly energy bill, so I can't really complain." Peter F.
"Saguaro Solar installed solar panels on my Tucson house, and I was not really pleased with their work. The installation went off without a hitch, and the price was reasonable, but the work itself was unimpressive. The panels have a nice appearance, but I can tell they weren't installed properly and aren't as secure as they should be. Even though the personnel were kind enough, I had hoped for higher quality work given the cost." Daniel C.
"Saguaro Solar just finished installing solar panels at my home. The installation was of decent quality generally, however it was priced very steeply. The service to customers also might have been improved. Overall, I had a good time and am pleased with the outcome despite the price for the panels and installation." Francis K.
"Saguaro Solar from Tucson was hired to put solar panels on my roof not too long ago. While I found the cost to be little more than I had anticipated, the installation procedure itself was rather simple. I wouldn't say the installation quality was terrible, but neither was it very good. Overall, I'm satisfied with the solar panels and the service, but I wouldn't go out of my way to suggest Saguaro Solar to someone seeking for a premium installation at a reasonable price." Donald V.
"In general, I was not happy with my experience after hiring Saguaro Solar to put solar panels on my home. The pricing was reasonable, and the installation was finished on time, however the workmanship was poor. I would have preferred a tighter seal on the panels, and the wiring was shoddy. Furthermore, I had a hard time receiving answers to my problems because of the poor customer support. Overall, Saguaro Solar supplied a satisfactory installation at a fair price, but I would not use them again." Tyrone B.
"Saguaro Solar is the greatest option for anybody in Tucson seeking the best solar installation. The company's professionalism and expertise of solar technology are exceptional, and their cheap rates make them an excellent bargain. They explain the installation procedure in detail and provide exceptional customer service. The quality of their installations is unparalleled; they use only the finest materials and craftsmanship. Their installations are dependable and long-lasting, guaranteeing that your solar system will operate at peak efficiency. In addition, they provide maintenance and repair services to keep your solar system operating optimally. Overall, Saguaro Solar's cheap costs and high-quality installations make them the best solar company in Tucson." Jerome F.
"I recently had Saguaro Solar install solar panels on my house and I couldn’t be happier. The installation team was professional, efficient, and friendly. I was impressed with the high quality of their work. The panels look great, and I have peace of mind knowing that I’m getting the most out of my energy savings. Prices were also very reasonable. I would highly recommend Saguaro Solar to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable solar installation in Tucson." Tucker D.
"Saguaro Solar installed solar panels on my Tucson, Arizona, house, and I couldn't be happier with the results. They gave me a comprehensive estimate with no surprises, and they did a fantastic job installing it. The panels are precisely installed, and the wiring checks out. I strongly suggest them since their pricing are competitive with other local solar businesses. I had a lot of concerns about the installation procedure, and their crew was able to answer all of them and explain what would happen. I'm very happy I went with Saguaro Solar for my solar panel installation needs." Alex T.
"To put it simply, Saguaro Solar is a leading solar power provider. The work they do during installation is of the highest caliber, and their rates are reasonable. Their customer service is top-notch, and their staff is quite competent. Everything went well and quickly during the installation. They went out of their way to accommodate us and make sure we were happy with the service. Excellent system quality and thorough explanation were given. Because of our positive experience, we would suggest them to anybody considering a solar energy investment." Louis H.
"I can confidently say that Saguaro Solar is the best solar installation business out there. I was given an installation of the highest caliber at a rate that cannot be matched by any other company. The responses to any inquiries or problems I've had have always been prompt and helpful. These technicians have extensive training and are experts in their field. Quickly and precisely, the installation was done. Affordable solar solutions are available for households of all sizes. When it comes to solar energy providers, I wholeheartedly endorse Saguaro Solar." Michael D.

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The Saguaro Solar LinkedIn profile is a fantastic illustration of how a business can utilize the network to their advantage. The page, which has more than 200 followers, often posts articles on a variety of solar-related subjects. To aid in others' comprehension of their work, the organization provides insights into its initiatives and development. Additionally, the website includes endorsements from previous clients and business associates, which helps to bolster the legitimacy of their activities. Additionally, they utilize the site to attract personnel for the renewable energy industry and post employment openings. They are able to successfully interact with current clients while also attracting new ones because to the variety of options they provide.
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Saguaro Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1124.5


Saguaro Solar Pros & Cons

  • Professional installation
  • High-quality solar panels
  • Net metering options
  • Long installation times
  • Difficulty in getting permission from local authorities
  • Limited panel types available

Saguaro Solar Final Conclusions

Saguaro Solar is a solar energy company with headquarters in Tucson, AZ. They are experts in the design, installation, and maintenance of solar panel systems for homes and businesses. They provide competitive prices, exclusive discounts, and exemplary support all the way through the setup procedure. Saguaro Solar has some of the most affordable solar energy system prices in the industry. In order to keep their customers happy, they provide a wide range of services, from the most simple to the most involved. Solar panel installation costs may be reduced by taking advantage of their offered financial strategies and incentives. Superior quality in installation is what Saguaro Solar excels at. You may be certain that your solar power system will be expertly installed by their team. Their solutions are guaranteed effective and dependable since they use cutting-edge hardware and components. Saguaro Solar can potentially install and maintain your brand new solar panels. They'll take a look at it, fix it up, and maybe even offer you some advice on how to cut down on your energy use and prices. Consumers also benefit from their knowledge and advise on how to better their own energy efficiency. If you're looking for solar energy systems in the Tucson area, Saguaro Solar should be your first and only contact. They are a leading solar energy service provider because of their low costs, large refunds, and expert installations.

Saguaro Solar locations

Main Address2626 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719
Phone Number5207046868

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