Good Energy Solutions review

Good Energy Solutions is an organization that sells and installs environmentally friendly energy products. They focus on supplying business and residential customers with renewable energy solutions and giving professional energy efficiency advice. The firm also promotes improvements in the energy sector and public energy education.
Good Energy Solutions review

Good Energy Solutions overview

Good Energy Solutions is an organization that sells and installs environmentally friendly energy products. They focus on supplying business and residential customers with renewable energy solutions and giving professional energy efficiency advice. The firm also promotes improvements in the energy sector and public energy education.

What Good Energy Solutions has to say about itself

Good Energy Solutions provides all the tools necessary to make a permanent transition to a clean energy route and lessen one's impact on the environment. We have a selection of items that can help you create and manage renewable energy no matter your financial situation, way of life, or physical limitations. If you need assistance determining which renewable energy source is best for you, we can do that.

Good Energy Solutions Solar Review

Year Started2007
Service AreasKS
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and bifacial solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries are available.

Good Energy Solutions website review seems to be the company's main hub for business and residential energy solutions from Good Energy Solutions. Products, services, and customer support info, as well as other contact details, are all available on the website. The website is polished and professional in appearance, and it provides a wealth of information regarding the company's offerings. As a result, it's reasonable to presume the website is reliable.

Good Energy Solutions price policy

PackagesHome Energy Efficiency Audit: $299, Install Solar Panels: Starting at $4,000, Install Solar Batteries: Starting at $1,500, Home Performance Assessment: Starting at $200, Install Solar Water Heaters: Starting at $2,000, Install Energy-Efficient Lighting: Starting at $250, Install Heat Pumps: Starting at $3,000, Install Tankless Water Heaters: Starting at $1,500, Install Energy-Efficient Windows: Starting at $1,000, Install Reusable Energy Sources: Starting at $5,000
Payment optionsCash, check, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover), PayPal, wire transfers, and money orders.
Payment discountsFirst Time Customer Discount: 10%, Multi-Product Bundle Discount: 15%, Loyalty Discounts: 5-10%, Referral Discounts: 5-10%, Seasonal Promotions: 10-20%, Long-Term Customer Discount: Up to 15%

Good Energy Solutions online reputation

Customers are pleased with Good Energy Solutions generally. The organization has been commended for its ability to quickly and affordably provide high-quality solutions. Customers have also said that the company's support staff was kind, patient, and informative. Customers have also remarked on the items' exceptional quality, praising their longevity and dependability. However, not everyone has had a positive experience; some have complained about excessive wait times and being unable to reach customer support. As a supplier of energy solutions, Good Energy Solutions has earned a solid reputation for dependability, trustworthiness, and efficacy.
I can't even bring myself to give this firm a one star rating. I've only been with them since July of this year, and already our solar panels aren't working. It took over a month for anyone to come out and see what was wrong, and now we have to order parts and wait even longer. In the meantime, I'm stuck paying their lease as well as a higher bill because our panels are producing energy. Spend your money elsewhere, with a firm that values its clientele. - Jaiden O.
PLEASE DON'T. They earn money off of you and your home while you pay for the privilege. Need to get the rented system taken away because of roof damage from hail? To have them removed and replaced will set you back an additional $700, plus an additional $200 each panel. I almost never provide negative feedback, but this business is without redeeming qualities. - Grayson T.
Adore the Good Energy Solutions system and the way it was set up. Two of my roof tiles were shattered when an electrical wire was put to the shingles. I've been trying to contact Good Energy Solutions under warranty for three weeks now with no success. Heavy precipitation seeping into the insulation and wood behind the roofing. My emails, phone calls, and conversations with the operator have all gone unanswered. I was expecting to hear from Christian, but so far he hasn't made touch. I was hoping for more from Sunrun, but this division has let me down. You should probably look at other options. - Andres B.
Have been a Good Energy Solutions tenant for almost a decade. It was everything wonderful until recent years. My solar panel has failed on THREE separate occasions. Good Energy Solutions clearly wasn't doing their monitoring job the first two times. After learning about it, I felt compelled to inform them. I'm not thrilled with the lack of effective monitoring, but at least they fixed it and compensated me for the lost solar energy. They called me today to let me know that my system has been underperforming. It will be nearly a month before they can go. I don't know what's up, but their service is terrible. - Braxton W.
The first setup and selling went well. After finishing the setup, the service is terrible. Utility firm rejected the design a month after it was installed. Our neighbors' system, installed at the same time by a rival company, is already wired in, but we haven't set a date for ourselves. The billing cycle has begun, however there is still no internet access. To put it plainly, stay away from this firm. - Jaylen S.
Although we had done a great deal of study on solar, we still had many unanswered questions. Before we spoke to Good Energy, we spoke with another local solar firm, and they were more eager to make a sale than to address our inquiries. Good Energy, however, was able to answer all of our inquiries without any pressure, and we now feel quite confident in our choice. Even though it would have meant a lesser sale for them, they recommended we build a somewhat smaller solar panel system since it would better suit our requirements. The installation went well, and they responded quickly to my many emails with follow-up queries in the days and weeks that followed. About nine months have passed since we implemented our system, and I couldn't be happier with it. When feasible, I want to give my business to local establishments, and Good Energy is no exception. If you are even vaguely considering solar panel installation, you should absolutely contact them. - Asher D.
I'm glad I went with Good Energy Solutions to put up my solar panels. This is a time-consuming procedure that requires cooperation among several parties, both internal and external to Good Energy, such as site/installation inspectors and the power provider. Good Energy's employees were enthusiastic about their job from my first encounter with a sales representative to the completion of the installation and beyond to the go-live date. The team at Good Energy was not only competent technically, but also managed the project well. - Jace L.
Good Energy Solutions' solar panels had the greatest warranty of any I researched, so I hired them to set up my system. My 12 kW ground-mounted array was finished ahead of schedule and within budget, so I can't say enough good things about the firm. Everyone I interacted with at the organization, from sales to engineering to installation, exemplified the highest standards of professionalism and courtesy. They arrived on time, and each one seemed to be an expert in their field. It seemed like our solar installation, which began after Thanksgiving, wouldn't be finished before the end of the year, but Good Energy Solutions came through, and our system went online on December 8th. If you're looking to have solar panels installed, use this firm. - Ricardo E.
If you're looking for a solar energy company, I suggest Good Energy Solutions. They are quite helpful, taking the time to analyze your previous electricity bills and suggest the optimal setup for your current need. You've completed the task on schedule and within the allotted budget. From $70-$180 per month, I am now paying about $23 for my electricity. So far, a $45.00 air-conditioning charge has been the most expensive. If my recent electricity costs are any indication, my solar panel installation will pay for itself in around eight years. - Kaiden P.
Definitely a well-run, reputable business. All of our non-technical inquiries about Solar were answered and explained well, so we knew exactly what to anticipate. Coordinating with our utility provider went well. I couldn't have asked for a nicer group of installers. They were always eager to answer our home-related inquiries and take the time to explain what they were doing. Our stay and treatment far exceeded our expectations. A few times after the system was live, service calls were made due to error notifications. Wow, within only 24 hours a tech showed up to fine-tune the system. I have no qualms about recommending Good Energy Solutions to any homeowner interested in having a solar energy system installed. - Derek I.

Good Energy Solutions Social media
Good Energy Solutions' Facebook page presents as credible and well-managed. Over 1,600 people are following it, and it consistently updates with information on their renewable solar power products. Numerous satisfied customers have given it a perfect 5-star rating. Photos, movies, and links to the most recent solar energy news are just some of the features that keep website visitors interested and up-to-date. There's even details on discounts and potential grants. It would seem that this organization can be relied upon to provide trustworthy solar energy solutions; they are a popular option and a credible supplier.
Good Energy Solutions is a solar energy company with a LinkedIn profile that has been running effectively for more than ten years. They use industry-leading technology and customer service to strive to provide their customers the best energy solutions they can. The articles on renewable energy sources, sustainable energy solutions, and even job postings in the sector are stuffed into the LinkedIn profile. The website has a professional, modern appearance and includes compelling photos, standout video content, and client endorsements. It is a page of the greatest level with 900 followers that is very well-connected. Due to this page's strong online presence, it is obvious that it has a large following. All things considered, it's a terrific website for finding information about the company and its products so you can choose wisely.
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Good Energy Solutions average reviews

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Good Energy Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Professional
  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable
  • Limited coverage area
  • Limited product selection
  • Weather Dependence

Good Energy Solutions Final Conclusions

Good Energy Solutions caters to businesses of all sizes by offering them tailor-made energy solutions. Assessments of renewable energy resources, project development, funding of energy projects, and expert advice are all part of their repertoire of offerings. Customers give the firm an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars due to the professionalism, quickness, and expertise of the employees.

Good Energy Solutions locations

Main Address641 E 22nd Street, Lawrence KS, 66046
Phone Number8005549182

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