Planet Solar review

Planet Solar is a sustainable energy provider that specializes in solar power systems for homes and businesses. The business's offerings include consultation on solar energy as well as design, construction, and installation of solar energy systems. They also provide solar financing choices and information on alternative energy sources.
Planet Solar review

Planet Solar overview

Planet Solar is a sustainable energy provider that specializes in solar power systems for homes and businesses. The business's offerings include consultation on solar energy as well as design, construction, and installation of solar energy systems. They also provide solar financing choices and information on alternative energy sources.

What Planet Solar has to say about itself

Planet Solar are here to assist you make the transition to a renewable energy source, and our solar energy solutions are a great place to start. Our cutting-edge solar technology allows us to offer you superior solar power alternatives. Make the switch to solar power as easy and affordable as possible with the aid of our team of professionals. We're excited to share our expertise in renewable energy with you so that you may save costs, lessen your environmental impact, and exercise your freedom of choice.

Planet Solar Review

Year Started2007
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

Planet Solar website review

The official website of Planet Solar may be found at The website is professionally designed and laid up, making it easy to get the information you need about the business and its offerings. A blog, frequently asked questions, and help are also available. has a solid reputation for reliability in the eyes of its clientele. Customers can count on prompt responses to their inquiries, and the site is often updated with fresh content. The use of SSL encryption on the website further protects users' personal information from hackers., in general, is a dependable online resource.

Planet Solar price policy

PackagesBasic Solar Package: Starting at $9,999, Advanced Solar Package: Starting at $12,999, Premium Solar Package: Starting at $14,999, Battery Backup Package: Starting at $6,999, Solar & Battery Backup Package: Starting at $17,999, Solar & Smart Home Package: Starting at $19,999, Solar & Generators Package: Starting at $21,999
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), e-checks, bank transfers, and certified checks.
Payment discounts10% off for returning customers, 5% off for referrals, 10% off for military, veterans, and first responders, 5% off for bulk orders, Free shipping on orders, 10% off for senior citizens

Planet Solar online reputation

Planet Solar has generally been well-received by its clientele. Their high-quality solar systems and attentive customer care have earned them several rave reviews from satisfied clients. They also like that the items are reasonably priced. Some consumers have complained that the installation procedure is too difficult, so there is potential for improvement there. Customers are happy with the service they have gotten from Planet Solar and would recommend them despite this.
"Be wary, since there is no customer service once the system has been installed. After installing their system in our home, we tried for months to get it inspected, but our costs never went down. There were several explanations given, but no reports or follow-up were ever made. Perhaps other stores are fine, but not the team." - Jeffrey F.
"I wish I hadn't given them grades because, the owner of the company, was kind on the phone and in an email when I originally contacted them, I never heard back from him after I sent him my bills for PG&E. Then I called and the salesman answered me. He turned out to be a pretty decent guy. When I told him I was interested in the PPA, he came right out to give me quotes. He promised to respond, and so he did. Still waiting 3 months later and several calls that went unanswered. Sorry guys, I thought you guys would be an awesome company.... Just very unhappy as they don't seem to want to serve people unless it makes them a good profit." - Ryan D.
"In April of 2022, I signed a contract with Planet Solar and put down a $2,000 deposit to have a system installed. After 5 months, they have announced they are shutting its central California facility due to a lack of design and construction permissions. Planet Solar is not a trustworthy installation and should not be trusted with any money. The CEO/owner, makes big claims but never follows through." - Brian A.
"Beware! In 2016, I had a solar energy system built, and at the time, I was told that the panels would be covered by a 25-year guarantee. I contacted again a few months ago to have them evaluated for effectiveness. The expert who came to look at the panels advised that I replace six of them. I advised him to go ahead and replace them within the terms of my 25-year guarantee. After waiting a few days without hearing back from them, I gave them a call again. The guy who examined them informed me, "The panel company went out of business, and we can't honor the warranty!" I told them it wasn't acceptable and that they should have known better before they bought them. Planet Solar misleads the consumer into believing that the warranty would be honored regardless of whether or not the panel manufacturer survives. That's a terrible way to manage a company. However, I strongly advise anybody looking for a solar firm or installation to go elsewhere." - Charles S.
"A solar power system from Planet Solar was installed on my home a year ago. I was so pleased that I enthusiastically recommended Planet Solar to all my friends and family. I just found out that the Planet Solar salesperson lied to my wife and myself. The last bill I got was for $1500 from PG&E. An NEM (net energy metering) fee is assessed for this service. The $23,450 "cash" price for my system came as a surprise since I was only informed there would be a $1,500 annual fee. I would never suggest this company again and would warn anybody considering doing business with them to be very wary." - Aiden L.
"I researched the prices of ten different solar companies before settling on Planet Solar. Before I put the money down, I made sure I fully understood the nature of my purchase. After talking with them, I became convinced of her knowledge and expertise in the field and the possibilities I was considering. Although their offer was not the cheapest, it was not inferior to others I had received, and it was obvious to me that they offered the best option. The installation went off without a hitch, and it was obvious to me that these guys are experts at what they do, as they left no mess behind and did the job thoroughly. I unequivocally recommend Planet Solar." - Thomas N.
"Planet Solar is a fantastic company in every way imaginable. Everything was so easy and fast because of how well everyone worked together. Thanks to the expertise in affordable systems and guidance in construction planning, as well as the professionalism and efficiency of the installation crew and the quick arrival of the PGE inspector, we are now up and running and producing electricity. Thank you, Planet Solar!" - Andrew M.
"Planet Solar has been excellent to work with from the first contact through the design/quote process, contract, installation, and startup. They assisted with the HOA permission process and performed a fantastic job of ensuring a clean and orderly installation. For a long time, we debated installing solar panels, but we never felt the moment was right. Choosing Planet Solar was an excellent decision. The outcomes have exceeded our expectations." - William C.
"The setup process for Planet Solar was straightforward. The workers were prompt, polite, and thorough in their cleanup. It was a plus to have Critter Guard. The absence of post-installation follow-up led to a 4-star rating for service. A tracking connection for our panel manufacture was something I was promised by Planet Solar. About 90 days after my first inquiry, I received detailed responses to all of my queries and a link to track the manufacturing of my panels. In conclusion, if I were to do it all over again, I would absolutely choose Planet Solar." - Jayden F.
"For my installation, I went with Planet Solar. The reason I hired them was because a buddy had recommended them and I didn't want any pipes on my roof. In contrast to rivals, who charge for seemingly unnecessary extras, their pricing included everything. My sales rep was helpful and kind; he answered all my inquiries and kept in touch often (approximately once a week) while I deliberated about my purchase for two months. They got the panels up in two days, and their personnel were neat and efficient. It's a promising system that has exceeded expectations in terms of electricity generation. Planet Solar is an excellent choice." - Christopher G.

Planet Solar Social media
If you want to learn more about solar energy and its many applications, Planet Solar Inc's Facebook page is a fantastic resource. Its sleek and modern style creates an atmosphere of professionalism. The site seems reliable, with good comments and evaluations given seriously and helpfully regarding their services. More than 2,900 people follow the page, and even more are liking, sharing, and commenting on various posts. The site includes photos, movies, and links to informative articles and research about solar energy and other sustainable energy sources. For those interested in the amazing potential of solar energy, Planet Solar's Facebook page is a great resource.
The LinkedIn profile for Planet Solar Inc. is an excellent example of minimalism. A blue logo is centered on a beige backdrop. There seem to be relatively few subscribers and practically little data about the firm. To what extent you can trust it as "the leading global provider of clean, renewable energy" remains unclear, despite the company's bold boasts. Some articles are available, but there have been no changes recently. Maybe the page isn't as well-liked as others. More details on Planet Solar and its offerings would help determine whether or not to trust the firm.
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Planet Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1185


Planet Solar Pros & Cons

  • Cutting-edge Technology
  • Experienced Team
  • Responsible Business Practices
  • Limited Production
  • High Cost
  • Limited Customer Base

Planet Solar Final Conclusions

Firm Planet Solar develops and sells solar power systems. They are experts in making solar panels, batteries, and inverters. Planet Solar has built a strong name in the solar energy industry because to the quality of its goods, which are often praised by satisfied consumers.

Planet Solar locations

Main Address117 N Sunnyside Ave Clovis, CA 93611
Phone Number8008597652

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