Monarch Solar review

By having your own solar-powered energy generator, you may save tens of thousands of dollars over time! Take charge of your utility expenditures with a solar energy system from Monarch Solar when you consider the turbulence and unpredictability of steadily rising power rates. The experts at Monarch Solar will design your solar system such that you'll save enough money on electricity that you'll hardly have to make a payment at all!

Monarch Solar overview

By having your own solar-powered energy generator, you may save tens of thousands of dollars over time! Take charge of your utility expenditures with a solar energy system from Monarch Solar when you consider the turbulence and unpredictability of steadily rising power rates. The experts at Monarch Solar will design your solar system such that you'll save enough money on electricity that you'll hardly have to make a payment at all!

What Monarch Solar has to say about itself

In terms of energy-saving and energy-efficient solutions, Monarch Solar is the regional authority. We create unique solar systems for both residential and business clients. In the Myrtle Beach region, we are the only solar installation specialists that are also skilled in installing roofs. Following in the footsteps of Monarch Roofing, our parent business, we take pleasure in upholding the same standards of quality control, exceptional performance, first-rate service, ongoing progress, and of course, customer happiness.

Monarch Solar Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasNC, SC
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries

Monarch Solar website review

The website for Monarch Solar has a contemporary style and is simple and attractive to the eye. The navigation system is straightforward and contains access to sections like Contacts, Services, and Projects. Visitors will find it simple to discover the information they want as a result. The "About Us" page gives background data about Monarch Solar and highlights the business's knowledge and experience in the solar sector. Additionally, their dedication to the environment and sustainability is mentioned. Details on the services Monarch Solar provides, such as solar panel installation, upkeep, and financing choices, are available on the Services page. Visitors may easily access the information they're looking for thanks to each service's own specialized area. Some of Monarch Solar's earlier solar panel installations may be seen on the Projects page. Visitors may get a sense of the company's expertise and skills by seeing the photographs, descriptions, and basic information about each project. A contact form and the company's details may be found on the Contact page. Additionally, it states their service region, providing a clear picture of the area in which they operate. Overall, the organization is effectively informed through the Monarch Solar website.

Monarch Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card, Financing Options
Payment discountsFinancing discounts

Monarch Solar online reputation

The firm clearly offers top-notch and dependable services when it comes to installing solar panels, as seen by client evaluations of Monarch Solar. The evaluations are extremely favorable in general, and Monarch Solar seems to be a reliable and trustworthy company in the Menifee region. Insights from the reviews may be summarized as follows: Good job, prompt and accommodating exceptional customer service, careful attention to detail, Discounts and reasonable costs: (Customers also appreciate that Monarch Solar provides reasonable rates and even discounts for the military.) dependable advice, safety, and effectiveness. Ultimately, Monarch Solar seems to be a trustworthy and client-focused business that specializes in solar panel cleaning, installation, and pigeon protection services. Positive reviews from pleased clients demonstrate that the business is strongly advised to anybody in the Menifi region in need of solar energy-related services.
"Everything about the installation process, from the first contact to the day of the install, went well. Rudy provided me a very reasonable quote for the installation of pigeon proofing metal mesh and advised me to use spikes to deter pigeons from landing on the roof and damaging the solar panels. Once upon a time, pigeons nested and laid eggs on our roof and solar panels. Afterward, they cleaned all of the panels and the patio cover, which was very appreciated. I would confidently suggest my own clients, friends, and family to them since I think so highly of the quality of their work." - Hunters
"While taking a stroll around our neighborhood (Menifee), we came onto Rudy and his company, Monarch Solar Cleaning. After receiving a business card from Rudy, we continued on our way. Pigeons have begun building nests underneath our solar panels as the weather has warmed up over the last several months. They were creating a terrible mess all over our roof while doing this. The most polite phrase we can use to describe it is "disgusting." Seeing it made us think about the condition of our own solar panels. So, we gave Rudy a ring. He, too, lives in Menifee and is a war veteran. He was very quick to respond and quite comprehensive overall. We made contact with him in the middle of the week, and he started working on our house that very same day. He cleaned our panels, removed debris from our roof, and installed spikes and netting to keep pests away from our solar panels. He was here for almost 8 hours, and now our roof is spotless. What's even better? Pigeons can no longer build nests there. Our immaculate roof needs to remain that way, please. Rudy did a fantastic job, and I would highly suggest him to anybody in the Menifee area for future cleaning needs." - Ed
"After following Rudy's Instagram for a while and admiring the quality of his work, I decided to ask for a price quotation to have him come clean our solar panels. He replied very away, provided a fair estimate, and even offered a discount for military personnel. Which is a big deal for us Two days later, he came to our property and performed an excellent job of washing the panels. He showed me before and after shots of the solar panels and provided me some background information on the roof. I will continue to utilize Monarch Solar and highly suggest them to anybody in need of solar panel cleaning!" - Chris
"Recently came upon this service. I meant to call but got caught up with other things. The owners arrived at my door shortly after. To my relief, they did. I have set up a time for them to come clean and get rid of pests on Tuesday morning at 9:00. They did the task as promised, showed there on schedule, and cleaned up after themselves before leaving. Pictures of the roof both before and after the repair were shown to me. I was worried since our roof is tiled with Spanish tile, which is slippery when wet. Highly recommended; I valued learning about the several types of cleaning water and abatement agents." - Calvin
"The bird barriers that Rudy and his helper (sorry, can't remember your name) put up around our solar panels look great, and they did a great job of clearing out the nests and bird poop that had gathered there. We were unaware of the necessity for the barriers when we purchased the property, so Rudy's education and attention to detail were much appreciated. The pigeons will no longer be welcome here. They also performed an excellent job of washing the roof tiles and solar panels. I plan on using them again for my next cleanings. The spikes, of course. Extremely competent, friendly, quick, and inexpensive." - Joseph

Monarch Solar Social media
Monarch Solar's Facebook page ( offers updates and extra details on the business's products and services. The website includes a polished and lovely cover image that depicts the installation of a solar panel. The profile photo of Monarch Solar is instantly recognized due to the presence of the Monarch Solar emblem. The Facebook page has updates on finished projects, client testimonials, business news and updates, as well as general information on solar energy and sustainability. The addition of images and videos to posts makes the material more visually appealing. The page receives a lot of likes, comments, and shares on its postings. This suggests an engaged and curious audience. Monarch Solar also replies to questions and comments on its articles, displaying a dedication to interaction and client service. Overall, the Monarch Solar Facebook page provides a useful platform for the business to present its work, engage with its audience, and disseminate news and details regarding solar energy and sustainability.
Monarch Solar's LinkedIn profile ( offers a business-related platform for the organization to network with colleagues in the sector and highlight their proficiency in solar energy. On the website, Monarch Solar gives an overview of its offerings and notes that Myrtle Beach is one of the regions it serves. As an example, it illustrates the installation of solar panels for homes and businesses. Authenticity of the company's existence on LinkedIn is shown by the verified logo on the website. A degree of interest in Monarch Solar's services and qualifications is shown by the number of followers they have on LinkedIn. The website has a feed with updates and postings that provide pertinent information on the company's initiatives and market developments. These articles provide aesthetic appeal and interesting material to the page by including photos, videos, and connections to articles or outside resources. Through posting articles, leaving comments on other people's postings, and engaging in industry debates, Monarch Solar also has a lively presence on LinkedIn. Overall, Monarch Solar's LinkedIn profile acts as a business hub for the firm to network with other industry individuals and companies, highlight their accomplishments, and exchange insightful solar energy knowledge and information.
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Monarch Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviewsNo reviewsNo reviews


Monarch Solar Pros & Cons

  • High-Quality Work
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Fair Pricing and Discounts
  • Limited Geographic Coverage
  • Lack of Diversity in Services
  • Limited Information

Monarch Solar Final Conclusions

In the solar energy sector, Monarch Solar is a respected and competent business. The website has a simple, contemporary style and offers clear, succinct details about Monarch Solar's offerings, expertise, and dedication to sustainability. Monarch Solar has extra channels to interact with their audience, provide information about their projects, and educate people about solar energy and sustainability via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Monarch Solar's dedication to providing exceptional customer service and customer satisfaction is shown by the fact that it is available across a variety of platforms and actively communicates with its audience by responding to questions and comments. Monarch Solar seems to be a respectable and trustworthy business with a strong emphasis on providing top-notch work and top-notch customer service, according to the client testimonials that have been offered. Numerous consumers' complimentary comments suggest that they regularly provide excellent services in a variety of areas. Overall, Monarch Solar has a good standing in the market and a dedication to provide top-notch solar installations and customer support.

Monarch Solar locations

Main Address4336 Waccamaw Blvd Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
Phone Number8438176527

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