Green House Solar & Air review

Green House Solar has than a decade of expertise installing solar panels, making them the finest firm to work with for both residential and commercial projects in Florida and Texas. Take advantage of a once-in-a-generation federal tax credit for solar panel purchases as you embark on the smart home journey and increase the efficiency of your house.
Green House Solar & Air review

Green House Solar & Air overview

Green House Solar has than a decade of expertise installing solar panels, making them the finest firm to work with for both residential and commercial projects in Florida and Texas. Take advantage of a once-in-a-generation federal tax credit for solar panel purchases as you embark on the smart home journey and increase the efficiency of your house.

What Green House Solar & Air has to say about itself

When we start a new project at Green House Solar and Air Inc, we do it with the utmost professionalism and consideration for our clients. From the first consultation through the final inspection of your house or company, we will be completely devoted to you and your needs. Our mission is to assist the greatest number of people in making the transition toward a greener and more economically viable future. Like every other major movement that has helped mankind, the solar movement has a rich history. The sun provides the majority of the energy used by humans on Earth. Our goal is to install the most efficient and cost-effective solar solutions to help speed the day when every household and business owner in solar and beyond can become energy independent. To achieve the greatest possible cost savings, we advocate an all-encompassing energy conservation program that takes use of both energy efficiency measures and high-end solar technologies.

Green House Solar & Air Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasFL
Service TypesResidential solar energy, Commercial solar energy, Energy audit, Energy monitoring
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup Batterylithium-ion batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SRCC, FSEC, BBB

Green House Solar & Air website review

The website's sleek, contemporary style and continuous green and white color palette represent the business's dedication to sustainability. A large graphic and succinct text on the main page efficiently communicate the company's goal and services. The website's material is extensive and covers all of the company's offerings, including solar heating and cooling systems for both residential and commercial structures. Information about the company's past, core principles, and team members may be found in the About Us section. The section on frequently asked questions also addresses typical queries and worries that prospective customers could have. The website is simple to use, with a menu that is straightforward to understand and has links to the business blog, projects, and contact details. The company's location is shown on an interactive map on the Contact Us page along with a straightforward contact form. Overall, the website gives off the impression of being well created and educational, successfully exhibiting the business's offerings and domain knowledge in sustainable energy solutions.

Green House Solar & Air price policy

Packages$3 to $4 per watt, a typical 6kW home solar panel can cost $18,000 to $24,000.
Payment optionscredit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers
Payment discounts5% discount when paying by cash or check, 7% discount when subscribing to automatic payments and 10% discount when subscribing to a multi-year lease or purchase of solar panels

Green House Solar & Air online reputation

Customer feedback is divided about Green House Solar & Air. While some customers have had great experiences with the company, others have had difficulties with installation, repairs, and waiting for service. Another client singled out Joshua Stewart for particular acclaim for going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure his satisfaction. Customers of Green House Solar & Air should proceed with care, and a comprehensive agreement making the provider liable for both installation and continuing maintenance, seems to be a must. It's clear the corporation also has to pay more attention to its customers and do more to address their complaints. Although not all customers have had a good time, some have, so you might want to give Green House Solar & Air some thought if you're in the market for solar energy providers.
"Awesome salesman. He knew my responses. Before the storm, had to fix roof installation. Roofers, not electricians. Poorly placed flexible conduit through the roof, boxes left open when it rained, and general lack of training. After six months, their tech support hasn't returned my electrical calls. Solar control panel electrical. No idea. They couldn't connect the solar panel cover's schematic. Some load-side CTs were improperly installed. You can't understand the system without them. I installed missing CTs and rewired the panel with the manufacturer. After this, the meter was wrong. Since reprogramming the meter with FPL, everything has worked as promised for three months. Panels and inverters have 25-year warranties, electronics 5-year. The salesman was adjusted to 25 for everything." - DB1
"Avoid using this firm, and steer clear of involving them in any job that will be permanently affixed to your house. Every time I phone the office, they make excuses before telling me that it is not their responsibility to assist clients. This business installed our solar panels. This firm takes many months to complete the installation, does not react promptly, and does not provide customer care after the installation. After installation, when I needed and still need panels to be taken down and put back up to fix a roof after a storm, they failed to even email me an estimate to submit to my insurance so I could have my roof fixed. I now have storm damage, and since the roof hasn't been fixed, I may have trouble keeping my coverage." - Joe L
"No customer service, broken system.... After signing the contract, problems started. First, don't start the job and then send your workers elsewhere, turning a three-day job into a month. Second, don't make the consumer feel like they're bothering you. Third, customer service matters. Calling repeatedly with no answer, no. Finally, if you choose Green House Solar, be sure you have an agreement that holds them accountable for both your FPL bill and your solar equipment loan. Though picky, your roof is most important. Just having flashing exposed for wind to pull off, poles for panels with no panel, and panels twisted that might shatter under force are serious concerns. You decide. Thanks" - F HALL
"In November 2021, we made a solar and generator agreement with Greenhouse Solar. The process was started at the end of December, and the solar panels themselves were placed in the middle of January. The order to link would be finished within the month, according to what we were informed. We have been paying for the solar panels since they were installed; the app shows us how much electricity the panels are generating, but nothing is connected to the electrical grid. Our power bills are also being paid in full. Numerous justifications are given every time we call Greenhouse Solar, and we are always promised that they will call us back with an update—but they never do. Since the solar panels were installed seven months ago, nothing has happened. We continue making payments on the loan for the installed panels despite no news on the generator installation. Avoid using this company." - GDS
"Use these individuals not! We have been working on this project for eight months. It was a nightmare to install. They drilled holes in the incorrect location on my roof, and they weren't filled. They began to leak, flooding my living room! They are still "working" on sending someone out to fix the damage it did even though this happened six months ago. The system as a whole keeps failing examination. Every time it breaks, it takes them at least 6 weeks to get someone out to attempt a remedy. I wish there was a choice for 0 stars." - Kevin S
"Just wanted to say that Joshua Steward is unquestionably a light from Jesus Christ because he came to my house and fixed my solar panels.He has solved a year-old issue while making it seem as if it never existed. Everything is in order; he is a wonderful guy, and I'm not sure what this business would do without him since he enhances their reputation. Joshua Stewart should be contacted if you have issues with your solar panels since he is compassionate, empathetic, and so brilliant that his firm won't know what to do without him." - Gail
"I compared more than eight solar firms while shopping. The greatest deal was at Green House Solar! Les, the salesman, was extremely kind and knowledgeable. Josh and Matt, the installers, were highly knowledgeable professionals. With the final touches, Josh went above and beyond!" - Edward K
"It was a smooth and pleasurable procedure thanks to Green House Solar and Air. They were incredibly professional and educated throughout, from the assessment to price to installation. To anybody interested in solar, I would suggest them!" - Lesvy
"The business came out to inspect our house and provide an energy assessment. Our salesman offered us advice on how to cut our electricity cost. We determined that they were the greatest organization to employ in our region after investigating their business. With the exception of Duke Energy, which took over 40 days to replace our meter since our house had a very big system that classified as a tier 2 system, the whole procedure went well. In any case, we would suggest Green House to our loved ones." - K. Tunis
"I really appreciate Bryan and Green House Solar's assistance in lowering my Duke energy cost. From paying over $400 a month for electricity throughout the summer, we now hardly pay any at all! Without a doubt, this is among my finest investments ever. I wish I had finished it sooner." - Rich

Green House Solar & Air Social media

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Green House Solar & Air average reviews

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Green House Solar & Air Pros & Cons

  • services may be more expensive than other providers
  • energy efficiency benefits may not be seen immediately
  • not all types of house roofs are suitable for installation
  • a wide range of solar panel systems
  • multiple financing options
  • 10 year warranty on all products and services

Green House Solar & Air Final Conclusions

Based on the customer reviews provided, it is clear that Green House Solar & Air's performance has received mixed reviews. While some customers have praised the company for its professionalism, knowledge, and willingness to help, others have had negative experiences due to the poor quality of the installation, lack of response to customer complaints, and lack of follow-up after installation. It is important for potential customers to carefully study these reviews before deciding to cooperate with Green House Solar & Air. While the company may have some positive qualities, the negative experiences reported by some customers suggest caution is warranted. Ultimately, customers should exercise due diligence and evaluate their options carefully before approaching any solar panel installation company.

Green House Solar & Air locations

Main Address14451 60th St. Clearwater, FL 33760
Phone Number(844) 987-6527

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