Green Solar Technologies review

Green Solar Technologies is a solar energy firm that focuses on the development, setup, and upkeep of solar power systems. The firm's mission is to serve the energy needs of its clients, whether large or small, public or private.
Green Solar Technologies review

Green Solar Technologies overview

Green Solar Technologies is a solar energy firm that focuses on the development, setup, and upkeep of solar power systems. The firm's mission is to serve the energy needs of its clients, whether large or small, public or private.

What Green Solar Technologies has to say about itself

Green Solar Technologies is dedicated to providing its customers with cost-effective solar energy systems constructed entirely of domestically sourced, top-tier components. We have been leaders in solar energy technology, making us experts in our sector. By choosing Green Solar Technologies, you can rest certain that your solar energy equipment will perform reliably and effectively for many years to come thanks to the high quality of the materials used and the expertise of the specialists who installed it.

Green Solar Technologies Solar Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasCA, CO, GA, MO, NM, NC, PA, SC, TX
Service Typesinstallation and maintenance, energy storage systems, energy monitoring, and energy management services.
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial panels.
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead acid, and gel deep cycle batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, UL, OSHA, IAEI

Green Solar Technologies website review

Greensolar Technologies' website,, is an easy-to-navigate hub of detailed information about the company's products and goals. It is user-friendly and provides a detailed view of the company's products and services. The site has a blog, contact form, and testimonials from satisfied customers. The site provides legitimate information and a secure payment gateway, so overall it seems trustworthy. In addition, the Better Business Bureau confirmed that the company is trustworthy and gave it an A+ rating. Consequently, it can be concluded that the site is trustworthy and offers safe ways to purchase Greensolar Technologies products and services.

Green Solar Technologies price policy

PackagesSolar Panels: $1,895 - $6,000, Solar Inverters: $1,395 - $2,895, Solar Batteries: $795 - $2,895, Solar Charge Controllers: $395 - $1,395, Solar Installation Services: $2,000 - $25,000
Payment optionscash, check, credit cards, PayPal, and financing options.
Payment discounts5% discount for military veterans, 10% discount for senior citizens, 10% discount for those who purchase multiple solar systems, 15% discount for those who refer a friend, 20% discount for those who refer more than 5 friends, Up to 30% discount for government and non-profit organizations, Up to 25% discount for low-income households, Up to 20% off on select solar products

Green Solar Technologies online reputation

Several satisfied clients have left glowing evaluations of Green Solar Technology on the company's website. Consumers have remarked on the company's professionalism, reliability, and high quality of its goods and services. Solar panels and other items sold by the firm have been credited by satisfied clients with lowering their monthly energy costs. Green Solar Technologies has received generally positive feedback from its clients, with many satisfied customers going on to suggest the company's services to others.
"The installation of my solar array was interrupted by a malfunctioning inverter. Instead of immediately replacing it, they had me wait four months for a new one to be sent from the manufacturer. Such a crock!!! Don't give them a chance to steal your money!" - Billy M.
"No one ever returns calls or picks up the phone. Wait to sign anything until after the installation has been finished. More than a year has passed since I first started paying for the completion of my system. I'm going to the bank to lodge a complaint and have a stop payment placed on the account. This is something I intend to take to court. I forked out $54,400 for a non-functional system. You should not do business with them." - Albert E.
"It took them a year to install the system I purchased from them. They began cashing out funds before the system was fully functional. He informed me that the fact that I am still paying payments on my uncompleted system was something to be grateful about. Nick stated they were waiting for my electricity provider to install the new meter, so I had to make some phone calls to find out why the county rejected the system setup. For months now, I've either been lied to or ignored. Avoid employing them." - Steven C.
"NOT SUGGESTED. Take VERY good care! The salesperson was quite helpful in convincing us to purchase an 8 kW system. Yet, serious difficulties emerged soon after we signed the deal. Installation delays, inaccurate production reporting, the output below estimates, and poor post-sale communication were all problems. We now found out that the refund application they promised to submit to our utility provider was never sent. The estimated value of the rebate was $7 457. For all of the aforementioned reasons, but especially since they refused to compensate us for a $7,457 loss that was all their fault, I cannot endorse Green Solar. If Green Solar apologizes and fixes the problem, I will include an update. I have provided them with all the evidence and given them many opportunities to fix the problem but to no avail. I will keep fighting to get Green Solar to compensate me fairly for the breach of contract they caused." - Wade F.
"In 2020, we finally got a fully functional system after a very lengthy and difficult installation. The quality of the materials utilized was exceptional. The inverter failure initiated the issue. We contacted the firm, and they assured us that the guarantee would be honored. The system has been out of service for two months at this point. The "Solar" industry is not profitable. No one returns our calls, the broken inverter hasn't been replaced, and we haven't heard anything about the status of the repair or replacement. Our opinion is that California and Missouri are too far apart to make meaningful service commitments. We strongly suggest working with local solar energy providers. Such a painful lesson!" - Harry G.
"A solar energy advertisement online prompted me to investigate the topic further. During the whole installation procedure and afterward, my representative at Green Solar Tech was very helpful and informed. Three months have passed since I first turned on my solar panel installation. I am pleased with my panels' efficiency since today's reading registered at 38.4 kilowatt hours (kWh). Please get in touch with her if you're curious about solar energy." - John W.
"With considerable trepidation, I clicked on a Facebook announcement about the switch to solar power and asked for details. We were contacted by Liam, who was doing the presentation. Liam explained everything in detail and advised us on what he thought was best for our family. The process consisted of several steps. First, the solar installer visited our home to make sure the roof and surrounding area would allow for the perfect system to be installed. Second, they drew a design with the location of the panels and began work after our approval. They obtained the necessary permits for installation and then delivered all the equipment and materials to us. Finally, the day of installation came, and the electrician and his team quickly arrived on site and worked tirelessly throughout the day, and returned the next day to finish the job. Although we have only been using the panels for a few weeks, we are already generating more electricity than we use. According to my husband's research, the panels and inverters they use are state-of-the-art. Liam and the installer Tom were a pleasure to work with. You won't regret it if you make the decision to go green." - Zayn F.
"I got about seven quotes and discovered that green solar stood out the most despite the fact that they were all essentially offering the same item at fairly comparable costs. The most notable dissimilarity is that when I phoned LG for solar quotas, they sent me to this firm. The research I perform as a homeowner won't even come close to matching the research LG conducted before selecting green solar as its primary installer. I am relieved to have made that decision since everything was laid out clearly and precisely. very recommended." - Dylan J.
"The true-up date marking one year after the installation of our solar panels has recently passed. The projected output of electricity was 110%, based on historical use. The system has even exceeded expectations. The whole process, from contract signing through system installation to PG&E approval for operation, takes around 28 days. Since I turned the system on, I have only gotten the bare minimum in billing costs, but my current PG&E bill is negative because of overproduction. Green Solar Technology comes highly recommended by me." - Christopher N.
"For a long time, I had considered installing solar panels on the roof, but the price always discouraged me. Finally, my monthly payments for the system I wanted to buy were less than my power bill when I was offered financing for 23 years at a rate of 4%. The system was costing me a little bit of money. Not to mention the money I'll receive back after filing my taxes in April. There is a 25-year warranty on the system. Hail the size of golf balls has fallen on my Wyoming home on more than one occasion. The panels are certified to withstand any climate. Green Solar will keep an eye on my setup and fix any issues that arise over the next quarter of a century. For me, making that choice was easy. The local workers were professional, kind, and quick. So far, my setup has been fantastic, so :)" - Kevin D.

Green Solar Technologies Social media

YouTube Channel 1160 Subscribers

Green Solar Technologies average reviews

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Green Solar Technologies Pros & Cons

  • High Upfront Cost
  • Limited Availability
  • Limited Warranty
  • Renewable energy
  • Green initiative
  • Customer service

Green Solar Technologies Final Conclusions

Green Solar Technologies is a leading provider of solar energy solutions, including photovoltaic panels, solar water heaters, and battery systems. They've been operating out since 2014 and use the year as their establishment date. Green Solar Technologies has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers who praise the company's professionalism, product quality, and meticulous attention to detail.

Green Solar Technologies locations

Main Address6400 Laurel Canyon Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91606
Phone Number(844) 765-8324 and (310) 345-5595

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