Harmon Solar review

A supplier of solar energy services, Harmon Solar specializes in the installation, upkeep, and consultation of home and commercial solar systems. For both households and companies, they provide turnkey solutions that make the process of making significant energy savings simpler. With over ten years of experience, Harmon Solar is dedicated to providing trustworthy, top-notch services.

Harmon Solar overview

A supplier of solar energy services, Harmon Solar specializes in the installation, upkeep, and consultation of home and commercial solar systems. For both households and companies, they provide turnkey solutions that make the process of making significant energy savings simpler. With over ten years of experience, Harmon Solar is dedicated to providing trustworthy, top-notch services.

What Harmon Solar has to say about itself

Harmon Solar is a solar energy solution provider that gives commercial and residential customers the greatest renewable energy choices possible. We strive to provide the best solar energy solutions and customer service in the business. We can design and implement one-of-a-kind projects every time because our team includes specialists in sectors as varied as energy engineering, construction, finance, and project development. Clean energy is the way of the future, therefore we put in extra effort to make sure all of our customers are happy with the solar power systems we install for them.

Harmon Solar Review

Year Started2008
Company Websiteharmonsolar.com
Service AreasAZ, OK
Service TypesInstallation, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous (thin-film) panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and battery banks.
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, OSHA, IREC, LEED

Harmon Solar website review

Visit HarmonSolar.com to learn more about the industry-leading solar energy products made by Harmon Solar. Products, services, and hardware are all described on the site. Instructions for setup, recommendations, and learning tools are all included. In addition, users may voice their opinions on Harmon Solar goods and share their own experiences with them on the website. Customers can find what they need quickly and easily because of the website's clean layout and intuitive navigation. Financial data, as well as purpose and vision statements, are available on the site for potential backers to peruse. This is significant for clients since it reflects the firm's financial health. In conclusion, the Harmon Solar official website is polished, user-friendly, and packed with helpful content. Because of this, you can rely on it as an authoritative guide to the company's offerings.

Harmon Solar price policy

PackagesCustom Solar PV System Installation: Starts at $6,500, Solar Thermal Hot Water Heater Installation: Starts at $5,500, Solar Skylight Installation: Starts at $3,500, Solar Pool Heating Installation: Starts at $3,500, Solar Batteries Installation: Starts at $2,500, Solar Heating and Cooling Installation: Starts at $7,000, Solar Carport Installation: Starts at $4,500, Solar LED Lighting Installation: Starts at $2,000, Solar Water Filtration Installation: Starts at $3,000
Payment optionsCredit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), debit card, check, cash, and PayPal.
Payment discountsCash Discount of 10%, Senior Citizen Discount of 10%, Military Discount of 10%, AEC Solar Club Discount of 5%, Contractor and Builder Discount of 10%, Dealer Discount of 10%, Specialty Incentives of up to 30%

Harmon Solar online reputation

Harmon Solar has, generally speaking, delivered excellent service to its clients. The company's high-quality solar energy products and attentive customer care have earned widespread acclaim from its clientele. Some consumers have reported delays and poor service, although these problems seem to be anomalies. Harmon Solar's commitment to offering first-rate quality and helpful customer care has resulted in happy clients and a dedicated fan base.
"I now regret buying solar panels after using them for six years. I have no idea whether I am getting a better deal or paying more than before. There is no mobile app that lets me monitor my output or tells me if anything is wrong with the system. When panels cracked, it took over a month to get a replacement. After storms, the only way for me to know whether everything is functioning is to fly a drone and examine it personally to see if any panels are damaged. You have to pay via Spruce power, an even more frustrating business to work with, and you'll waste a good portion of a year getting nowhere. Using this firm for solar is something I would never suggest." - Oliver K.
"I never claimed your panels were to blame for the leaking roof. If I have to pay an additional $12,000 because of your avarice, saving me $3,000 is not very kind. If the roof is sturdy enough, a 5-year guarantee should be sufficient, as you yourself have said. It's irrelevant that the roof inspector estimated a much older age. I know you won't confess it. I chose your organization since I read nothing but glowing testimonials about it online. Despite your claims of being privately owned with a wonderful staff, the greatest discounts, and ethics, it turns out that you're simply your standard, run-of-the-mill salespeople." - Miguel F.
"Another desperation business that ignores "NO SOLICITATION" and "NO TRESPASSING" signs on private property and the individuals who put them there. I avoided doing business with Harmon because their repeated violations of the law dissuaded me. The poster they left on my doorstep explicitly forbade both solicitation and trespassing. I expect a dumb explanation along the lines of "we hired a marketing firm" but I don't care about it either. If that's the case, I don't give a hoot since you should hold the marketing firm accountable for how they distribute your fliers. I wouldn't trust a firm that does this to even watch my grass grow, much alone accomplish anything as costly as installing solar panels." - Jaden G.
"STILL GOT IGNORE. When I switched from an APS savings plan to a standard plan, they came out, did an inspection, cut holes in my ceilings, and then didn't contact me or come back for many months, during which time I received multiple ENORMOUS BILLS. Thought I could finally say goodbye to those enormous electricity bills, but not with Harmon. This fall's power bill was the highest it's ever been. I guess I made a mistake by heeding their advice and abandoning my savings program. I made a call and inquired as to the status of my set up. A staffer apologized and said they would hear from someone with an installation update quickly after she searched her computer. There was no phone call. I tried to contact the person in charge of my account the next day but was unable. It was almost ten past noon, so maybe she had snuck out to eat. Don't associate with this kind." - Antonio O.
"Poor service, consistent with previous ratings. It's not only that I can't reach anybody through phone; the incorrect Quote I received also failed to account for the specific components and panel area that I needed for my solar array. I have decided to abandon any further contact with this firm after several phone calls and emails. Excellent customer service is promised on purchases of $22,000 or more. (consider the car salesperson; we may all despise them, but if you offer them $22,000, they can't ignore you.)" - Steven P.
"Some unexpected complications arose during installation, increasing the final tab by $14,000 due to a failed roof inspection. We had to wait two more days for our shingle order. Aside from a few minor issues with the roof's finishing that were promptly resolved, the work was excellent. The system is live and functioning well, and the installation was thorough and tidy." - Kyle I.
"From the sales team to our project manager to the installation staff, everyone at Harmon has been helpful, responsive, and pleasant to work with. They've given us faith that we can rest easy knowing that everything is being monitored and accounted for. The applications for permits were submitted to APS and the City of Phoenix, and we were notified when they were approved. Talk to the friendly folks at Harmon Solar if you're thinking about installing a solar energy system in your house." - Kaden J.
"Harmon Electric/Solar has been a great experience. In my perspective, customer service is excellent. Excellent technical aspect. The system had a little hiccup at the outset due to a manufacturing flaw in the inverter rather than the work of the installation. Harmon reacted quickly and restored normal operation. We are taking pleasure in the reduced utility costs, which would have been exorbitant had we continued using just APS. It was a good idea to switch to solar power, and it was even better that you choose a dependable installer like Harmon Solar. They came with a strong recommendation. Really appreciate it." - Caden E.
"My service ticket was submitted by NRG Solar. There is no sales opportunity for the contractor when they arrive to undertake work under warranty or for which I am not being charged. The guy from Harmon, on the other hand, was kind, helpful, and educational. After a lightning strike created an electrical surge that shorted out my solar telemetry system, he performed the necessary adjustments. What a breath of fresh air he was with how helpful and nice he was. If I ever need warranty service, I hope NRG hires the same specialists from Harmon Solar who worked on my system before." - Max N.
"I just signed a deal on a house that includes solar panels. As this was my first experience with solar energy, I relied on the company's stellar reputation and contacted Harmon Solar to do a pre-closing inspection of the solar array. The guy was careful and took the time to explain everything to me once he had inspected the system. Now that I know a lot more than I did before, Harmon would be my first choice for any future solar needs I have." - Riley A.

Harmon Solar Social media

Fans of solar energy may rely on the information posted on the Harmon Solar page. The layout is neat and professional looking. The insightful articles on cutting-edge solar energy research, technology, and business practices are a terrific addition. Over 10,000 people have liked it, indicating that they have a dedicated fan base. They provide excellent images and videos in addition to insightful writing. There is a wonderful array of pictures demonstrating their enthusiasm for solar power. In addition, you may find some links to extra information about their goods that you may find useful. In conclusion, the website is an excellent resource for keeping abreast of developments in the solar energy sector.
If you're looking for a reliable solar energy provider, go no further than LinkedIn-endorsed Harmon Solar. The website is properly laid out, with a soothing blue backdrop and well-labeled images and text. Over 2,100 people find the website helpful, as it details Harmon Solar's services and ongoing projects. Constant updates highlight their achievements, upcoming events, and available positions. In addition to reading about them, customers may rate and comment on their experiences and subscribe to news about the firm and its wares. Visitors may feel comfortable contacting Harmon Solar with any questions or comments they may have since their information is shown clearly on the website. Harmon Solar's LinkedIn profile is an excellent reference for anybody interested in learning more about solar power.
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Harmon Solar average reviews

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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1794.3


Harmon Solar Pros & Cons

  • Eco-friendly
  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • High Initial Cost
  • Limited Accessibility
  • Maintenance Requirements

Harmon Solar Final Conclusions

Harmon Solar provides installation, maintenance, and repair services for solar energy systems. They specialize in solar energy solutions for homes, businesses, and factories, as well as battery storage. Customers are mostly happy with the company, praising the friendliness of the staff and the speed with which they complete installations.

Harmon Solar locations

Main Address945 West Deer Valley Rd Phoenix, AZ 85027
Phone Number8002813189

3 local offices

Arizona – Phoenix 945 W. Deer Valley Road, Phoenix AZ, 85027
Arizona – Phoenix 945 W Deer Valley Rd, Phoenix AZ, 85027
– Oklahoma City 11032 Quail Creek Rd, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, 73120

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