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At Hytech Solar, we strive to achieve more than just financial success. In actuality, we are more concerned with assisting our clients by giving them the best of what we have to offer. Beyond just satisfying your fundamental demands for renewable energy, our products provide advantages. We work hard to provide top-notch, reasonably priced service while having a positive impact on the surroundings and communities we serve.

Hytech Solar overview

At Hytech Solar, we strive to achieve more than just financial success. In actuality, we are more concerned with assisting our clients by giving them the best of what we have to offer. Beyond just satisfying your fundamental demands for renewable energy, our products provide advantages. We work hard to provide top-notch, reasonably priced service while having a positive impact on the surroundings and communities we serve.

What Hytech Solar has to say about itself

We at Hytech Solar uphold certain ideals that are unmatched elsewhere. Going solar involves more than simply lowering your energy costs; it also involves choosing what's best for your house and your family. We work hard to provide the greatest product in our field while also keeping you informed and knowledgeable each step of the way. Hytech Solar aspires to be the finest in the business, and we go above and beyond to provide exceptional service to each of our clients. Do what is right for our consumers, our communities, and our environment. These are just a handful of our guiding principles and the kinds of values that set us apart from other renewable energy businesses.

Hytech Solar Solar Review

Year Started2016
Company Websitehytechsolar.com
Service AreasNY
Service TypesResidential solar, Commercial solar, Energy monitoring, Installation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsSingle-crystal, polycrystalline
Backup BatteryNot specified
CertificationsBBB, SEIA, NYSERDA

Hytech Solar website review

The hytechsolar.com website provides information about the services they offer, their company history and their approach to solar energy. The website has a professional design, with easy navigation and clear information about their services. It includes a section for frequently asked questions, as well as a blog with articles on solar energy and related topics. The Hytech Solar website also features customer testimonials and case studies showcasing their past projects and successes. They offer a free consultation and quote for interested clients, which can be requested through a form on their website. Hytech Solar social media links can be easily found to help potential customers with their selection.

Hytech Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, credit cards
Payment discountsTax incentives, Utility discounts, Payback guarantee

Hytech Solar online reputation

Customers laud the business for its professionalism, expertise, and client-focused approach. Numerous clients claim that the installation procedure for Hytech Solar was quick and easy. They also praised the company's personnel for their knowledge and their capacity to respond to all of their inquiries. Customers who have Hytech Solar solar panels installed say they have saved a lot on their energy costs and are less reliant on the power grid. This implies that the business offers its clients high-quality goods and services. Unfortunately, some people were not happy with their experience working with Hytech Solar; clients complain that they had a hard time getting in touch with the business by phone and email for a very long period of time. There are concerns about the solar panels on their rooftops' low payback as well.
"I was informed in October that my position would be over by year's end. Although the town's permitting department had poor turnaround times, I would still be in good shape, I was informed. Midway through December, I inquired once again about whether this would take place, and I was informed that it would not. I decided to cancel. In the midst of winter, I don't feel safe having workers on the roof, and the permission has still not been authorized. A very defensive Valerie informed me that I would be liable for paying $1600 in engineering costs when I contacted to cancel, but she subsequently changed her mind and stated the sales representative would be responsible. Valerie was informed by me that I was not in any way challenging their morality and that I had just changed my views. A few hours later, an even more combative Leigh called me. All I said was that I had changed my mind, but thank you! A short time later, I got a $10,350? invoice in the mail! I became enraged. I contacted them and informed "Leigh," who was irritated merely to answer the phone and sounded much more irritated that I had the arrogance to even inquire about her name. They're a joke, I shouted, and I hung up. The 1600 that Valerie indicated I wouldn't have to pay was then included in another email invoice. The invoice's due date was particularly upsetting. This business is for you if you like using intimidation and powerful arms." - Marlo V.
"Go someplace else instead of trying them. They put in a system that barely can handle my use, so I wind up paying the loan and the electricity bills considerably more often than I used to. I phoned their technician, David, who then came to my home and offered to install 18 additional panels for $ 22k extra and a new loan after meeting with me. His justification is that my hot tub is using more energy, even though it was installed before the system had completed its eight-month data collecting. What a joke it is to concede the math error and then claim that your usage increased. I disagree with them since completing the proper calculations at the outset would have prevented this. I'm stuck right now and unsure of what to do. Really looking forward to the problem being resolved; the business is respectable, but this error resulted in my being duped. Update: I've received a call for the last two weeks attempting to persuade me to modify and take down the review that I posted. I clarified that this is an issue that has to be addressed and that customers need to see both the good and the bad in any business. First of all, it found out that my system can be rectified without the addition of that many panels and that I don't require an additional 18 panels. They must first go back to the owner and obtain stuff from him before coming to me. When they said they would need a few days on the phone, that was two weeks ago. As I indicated previously, they calculated things incorrectly from the start and never had enough supply to meet demand. I am now stuck paying more for the loan plus the PSEG bill than I used to, which is more than what I used to pay before getting the loan for solar. waiting for a solution and will keep you updated whether they call or not. I don't notice any recently updated negative customer reviews. I find it very frustrating that the firm only responds to positive reviews when they need to address errors in my calculations and only asks me to modify the review I wrote honestly in the hopes that they would correct the issue." - Albert
"With a 25-year manufacturer's guarantee on the panels, our solar system started operating in September 2020. Due to low production voltage as of mid-February 2021, one of our panels has started to breakdown. Hytech Solar is not accessible to us. The organization forbids leaving voicemails (their mailbox is full). They do not return emails or texts as stated in the contracts they offered at the time of purchase, the posted web pages, or the contracts themselves." - Leigh K
"The salespeople offered several guarantees about how smoothly the system would operate and that my future payments will be equivalent to or lower than what I already pay for grid electricity. The costs have increased from the beginning and have gone over the roof. They informed me that within a few months, I would see progress. There has been a little decrease in the bills, but only by a few dollars. After a year, they made the decision to install 65% additional panels and a free 5 kw upgrade, but the costs have not decreased. I have inquired about the system's operation, but I have received little response. The costs will increase once again as a result of the government's decision to lower the feed-in electricity rate to 6.7 cents per kilowatt. I regret ever touching solar energy. I've never received a bill for the unit, and I've never seen any documentation of the $4800.00 government reimbursement I was entitled to. They claimed to have collected it, but they cannot prove that it came from my total. I need my invoice from Hytech Solar. Show me the evidence." - Ronald
"It would have been wiser to have purchased the system altogether and hired a local electrician to do the work. I signed up for an 8 kw system, but two years later I only have 5 kw with 3 KW still needing to be completed." - Brendan
"There are many solar businesses everywhere, including undoubtedly on Long Island. From the beginning, Hytech made this procedure simple. I really enjoyed working with the installation staff since they arrived on schedule and were quite welcoming. Chris was really considerate of the small children in my home and worked with us to schedule their lunch around a child's nap time to minimize noise. Chris guided me through every step of the process. Hytech has my highest recommendation, and Chris deserves praise for his exceptional customer service!" - Phil
"My solar panels were just installed by Hytech Solar, and the whole process was excellent. Big thanks to David and Dylan for being so kind and accommodating when I had concerns throughout the process and for making it all go so well." - Adam Toubali
"Our solar system was expertly installed by Chris and his team. They completed their task quickly, neatly, and even cleaned up some leftover nails from the previous week's construction of a new roof. I was a little worried about how the gray wire tube would appear on the black roof (which was visible from the street) before the installation was finished, but I was reassured that it would be painted black to match the roof color. That proactive attitude is much appreciated. Chris gave an easy-to-understand explanation of every step of the installation procedure, the operation of the system, how to keep track of how the App is being used, inspection, potential problems, and more. An wonderful experience all around." - Dennis S
"We are really happy with Hytech. They have been very professional throughout our whole solar adventure, and the project was effectively handled. There was very little disruption to our operations throughout the installation, which ran well. How happy we are with our choice to go solar and discovering Hytech to make it a reality is difficult to completely describe. I wish we had decided to do this years ago. We like having the ability to monitor our system from wherever as an extra bonus. The software is entertaining and educational. We like to see how quickly our savings increase." - Michael Tucker
"During the month of November 2019, Hytech Solar installed my solar panels. Excellent work. Even a family of local squirrels agreed. The solar panels will serve as the roof over the heads of the mother and puppies. My exterminator suggested that before the squirrels could do any harm, I get in touch with my solar business and ask them to install "critter guards." When Leigh contacted Hytech, the appointment was scheduled, and the critter guards were placed. The fantastic Service Technician from Hytech, Travis, came on time and completed the work carefully. Since my panels are safeguarded, I'm grateful to Hytech for my sense of security. The money was well spent!" - MMPizzo

Hytech Solar Social media

A solar energy business called Diablo Solar Services is situated in Concord, California. The business has a significant presence on Facebook, where its page offers comprehensive information on its goods, services, and clientele. The business efficiently markets its items by including user reviews, testimonials, and carefully thought-out product photographs and descriptions. The page also includes helpful details on financing alternatives, special deals, and solar energy installation. Potential clients can learn a lot about the business and its services on the Diablo Solar Services page. This provides the business with a fantastic opportunity to connect with new clients and engage with existing ones. Potential clients who read the page's customer reviews and learn about the business's dedication to provide high-quality goods and services develop trust and loyalty for it.
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Hytech Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews3774.8


Hytech Solar Pros & Cons

  • Offers products from leading manufacturers
  • Simple and effective consultations
  • Competent staff
  • Limited service area
  • Limited Warranty
  • Insufficient energy performance

Hytech Solar Final Conclusions

For clients in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, Hytech Solar offers solar energy solutions. Solar panel design, installation, and maintenance, as well as backup power systems and electric car charging stations, are their areas of expertise. They have installed more than 2,000 solar panels and have been in business effectively for a very long time. The firm asserts that client happiness is a top priority and that all of the equipment it installs is of the highest quality and comes from reputable suppliers. For those who are interested, they also provide free consultations and estimates. In conclusion, Hytech Solar is a trustworthy business in the solar energy sector.

Hytech Solar locations

Main Address6 Washington Avenue, Bay Shore, NY 11706, United States
Phone Number(888) 394-3111

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