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The cost of electricity in California continues to rise annually. The sooner you make the switch to Solar, the better your rate will be. Using solar energy to power your house or company is a wonderful idea. You may relax knowing that any future rate hikes won't affect you.

I Love My Solar overview

The cost of electricity in California continues to rise annually. The sooner you make the switch to Solar, the better your rate will be. Using solar energy to power your house or company is a wonderful idea. You may relax knowing that any future rate hikes won't affect you.

What I Love My Solar has to say about itself

Greater Sacramento, the Sierra Foothills, the Central Valley, and the Bay Area are all serviceable regions for I Love My Solar's individualized solar energy solutions. If you love the sun as much as I do, you should love solar, too! We hope that after making the transition to solar energy, you are able to relax and enjoy life without worrying about your electricity cost. You can now harness renewable energy and take use of the sun's free energy thanks to I Love My Solar. In every step of your solar panel installation, it is our goal to provide your complete pleasure.

I Love My Solar Review

Year Started1990
Company Websiteilovemysolar.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar panel installation, solar panel inspections, system monitoring, battery storage solutions, solar water heating and solar LED lighting, financing and consulting
Types PanelsMono- and polycrystalline, thin film
Backup BatteryTesla Powerwall, LG Chem, Pylontech, and BYD

I Love My Solar website review

A solar startup called I Love My Solar offers solar panels and various accessories. The website offers a wealth of details about their goods and services, as well as advice for those using solar power. Visitors to ILoveMySolar.com are welcomed with a commanding and expert design on the site. Users get quick access to the company's primary services thanks to the navigation bar at the top of the website. It's simple to discover the information you need since the material is organized into several categories. The website has many, excellent images of their goods as well as films discussing the advantages of solar power. Additionally, a thorough "Frequently Asked Questions" section that addresses all the most important inquiries a user could have regarding solar energy is available. The website furthermore offers consumers a robust "Contact Us" area that has a toll-free number, an email address, and an online contact form. Overall, the I Love My Solar website offers users a plethora of knowledge and assistance in their quest to make the switch to solar energy simple and economical. The website's layout and structure make it simple for users to get the information they want, and the wide range of products and excellent customer service make it fantastic.

I Love My Solar price policy

PackagesResidential installations start at around $4,000, with more complex installations costing up to $18,000
Payment optionsCredit and debit card
Payment discountsDiscounts for customers who pay in full upfront, discounts on future services and purchases, special discounts for seniors

I Love My Solar online reputation

A mixed picture emerges from consumer evaluations of I Love My Solar. Numerous glowing testimonials attest to the company's professionalism, integrity, and dependable service. Customers enjoy a comprehensive analysis of their energy requirements, precise calculations, and a solar installation that significantly lowers or eliminates their energy expenses. The business has received acclaim for keeping its word and offering an easy and quick installation procedure. However, a few unfavorable reviews point out certain problems with the business. One client claims that Mark, the proprietor, did not follow through after installation and did not appear on the first day of installation as promised. Another review raises questions about the effectiveness of warranties and the firm's business operations by mentioning that the company has shut down and abandoned its clients. Insufficient response times, poor customer service, and problems obtaining leases or receiving assistance with systemic problems are some concerns that have drawn criticism. I Love My Solar has generally had good reviews from clients who had good solar system installations and dependable service, but there have also been some questions regarding the company's customer service, communications, and track record. Before dealing with a business, prospective customers should carefully evaluate these issues and do extensive research.
"The same thing happened to me as it did to Joe: I had my system built, but then I had an issue approximately six months later and phoned for servicing, only to learn that the company had closed and abandoned all of its customers. The twenty-year guarantee disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Their self-congratulatory tone while discussing their previous employer led me to the conclusion that they consider this to be acceptable behavior. A class action lawsuit is warranted to force them to fulfill the abandoned promises." - Ray
"In 2016, I hired a solar installation firm that is apparently now known as "I love my solar." The system was purchased for $34,000, and the business ultimately shut down a year later. Then I came upon this firm. Despite being a newly founded business, reviews can be found going back to at least 2007. When I open the reviews, I see content written by Solar Company employees. Be wary; if it's the same firm, buying a 25-year guarantee from them won't do you any good if they go out of business and reopen under a different name." - Joe
"I have tried calling their toll-free number, their number with the 510 area code, and their website, but NO ONE IS RETURNING MY CALLS. I am trying to receive a copy of my lease agreement from an installation that took place in 2013." - Albert
"Warning! You will never receive a return phone call or service after your system is up and running since there is no longer any profit to be made off of you. Our home had solar panels installed by Mark Danenhower (now of I LOVE MY SOLAR) of The Solar Company when we acquired it a year ago. All documentation, guarantees, contact details, etc., for our system are at hand. We've had astronomically high PGE bills and, after having PGE and other solar firms check things out, we've concluded that our solar panels/system aren't doing their job and aren't enough for our size house.Mark has received many calls, texts, and one actual conversation with us. He had to go soon but will get in touch again. Since early June, when I first tried to contact him, he has not answered my calls. As we are getting a new roof installed, we regretfully must now have our panels removed by a different provider. Due to Mark not responding our calls, we've had to hire a different firm to complete our warranty work, put new panels on our roof, and remove the old ones. This was the worst experience ever and was handled in the most unprofessional manner. Choose a reliable business that stands behind their products and provides services beyond the first purchase and setup to avoid unnecessary headaches. Extremely dissatisfied!!" - Jayme
"Bad company, to put it mildly. Doesn't reply calls and hasn't been out to fix my panel. It's no surprise that his first firm failed. The claims made by "Mark Danenhower" have been debunked. Don't do business with them!" - Ed
"The Solar Company, myself, and PG&E had a quick phone conversation to calculate our annualized power bill. It's a good thing they inquired about next year's consumption since we did expect it to increase. After calculating our projected increase in energy use, they suggested a solar power installation that would allow us to completely do away with our monthly electric cost. During heat waves, we typically turn on both of our air units. Even if it's 90 degrees outside, we'll be nice and cool inside. We took up the loan they suggested, filed for the 30% tax credit, and now our PG&E bill is under $10 a month. Wow, that's incredible! The assessment, permits, and installation were all handled by The Solar Company, and they delivered on their promise that our solar panels would completely reduce our electricity cost. They kept every promise they made even after 2 years! They are the ones to contact if you want an open and honest process for installing solar panels. " - JK
"Since The Solar Company's crew put solar panels on my roof two years ago, I've been meaning to write a letter of thanks. The Solar Corporation has always been extremely forthright and reliable. They put me on the phone with PG&E for three minutes to find out how much I usually spend on power each month over the course of a year. They also wanted to know whether we intended to increase our power use, and we said that we would. Two years of disuse forced us to finally replace the air conditioner in the basement. Only the unit at the second floor was being used. The Solar Company suggested a system, responded to all inquiries, performed an excellent installation, obtained all necessary licenses, and switched on our system. After 2 years, our regular payment is between $5 and $10. Together with the low-interest equity credit they arranged for us, we were able to completely pay off our system. They kept every promise they made, and now I look forward to receiving our monthly bil. It's been in the mid 90s, yet even though we've had to use both air conditioners, we know our total electricity bill won't exceed $10. It's obvious. The Solar Company, you have my deepest gratitude." - James
"There were just two minor issues: Mark (the owner) promised to be there on the first day of the installation to address my concerns and make sure everything went well, but he never showed up. Another little issue I have is that Mark never followed up with me to see how satisfied I was with the installation. He put all his trust in me to call with any issues, but luckily there were none. The installers were great, so I would definitely use them again." - Michael
"Our home is perched precariously on a rocky incline in the Sierra Nevada. Some businesses we contacted in the past were only interested in doing ceiling mounts for homes and not the ground. Mark, needless to say, took the bait and ran with it. He completed the task swiftly and flawlessly. The location was left in immaculate condition after heavy machinery had been there. So if you're considering going solar, it's best to get in touch with Mark first." - Suzanne
"My home's system was installed during construction. The solar company worked with my general contractor to get the job done quickly so I could move in before the home was done. We began utilizing the system in June, and there have been zero issues since then. Have a balance of roughly 1100 Kw on credit. I am thrilled with how the installation turned out. " - Elizabeth

I Love My Solar Social media

I Love My Solar's Facebook page has an overall rating of five stars out of five. With nearly twice as many likes as comments, the page has a high degree of engagement and more than 300 likes. This shows that the audience is really involved. The page's content mostly consists of an overview of the company's goods and services, along with advice on how to save energy. They also provide client feedback and tales of individuals who have transitioned to solar energy. Additionally, there are articles on the website that cover recent developments in solar energy technology or official programs. The website does a fantastic job of giving its audience access to helpful and educational solar energy material. By enabling consumers, future customers, and anybody with an interest in solar energy to connect with and engage with the business, it also reinforces the I Love My Solar brand.
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I Love My Solar average reviews

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I Love My Solar Pros & Cons

  • Wide range of solar and battery options
  • Discounts and bonus programs
  • Certification by the Clean Energy Council of Australia
  • Relatively high initial costs
  • May require a large initial investment
  • Installation may require some disruption to the home or business

I Love My Solar Final Conclusions

I Love My Solar is a business that offers solar energy systems and other items and services linked to solar power. Their product selection is extensive, covering both homes and businesses, and their support reps are well-versed in all of the available alternatives. The firm has been given a clean energy certification, proving that it follows all applicable rules and regulations. They make it simple for clients to buy their items by providing a number of different discount options and payment plans. When it comes to solar power systems, I Love My Solar is the most dependable and trustworthy option. They're dedicated to easing their clients' transition to solar power and give a superior product and service as a result.

I Love My Solar locations

Main Address1550 Carbondale Road, Ione CA 95640
Phone Number8776076527

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