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An Independent Power Systems is a company that designs, builds, and operates power systems that are not connected to the main power grid. These systems are typically used to provide electricity to remote locations or to provide backup power in case of a power outage. They may also be used to generate renewable energy from sources such as solar, wind, or hydro.

Independent Power overview

An Independent Power Systems is a company that designs, builds, and operates power systems that are not connected to the main power grid. These systems are typically used to provide electricity to remote locations or to provide backup power in case of a power outage. They may also be used to generate renewable energy from sources such as solar, wind, or hydro.

What Independent Power has to say about itself

Independent Power's solar and energy storage professionals are devoted to assisting you in harnessing the power of nature through comprehensive solar, heating, cooling, and electrical solutions. With more than 25 years of expertise, we have collaborated with homeowners, business owners, non-profits, utilities, and even the military and national parks of the United States to optimize returns via superior workmanship and design. Our award-winning team is a SunPower Elite Dealer that uses only the most technologically sophisticated goods on the market to assure clean-energy systems with high impact and extreme durability.

Independent Power Solar Review

Year Started1996
Service AreasMT, CO, MA
Service TypesResidential solar - Grid tied, Commercial solar - Grid tied, Residential solar - Off-grid systems, Sonnen battery sales and installations
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Thin Film, Bifacial
Backup BatterySealed Lead Acid, Gel, AGM, LiFePO4, and Lithium
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, IPMVP

Independent Power website review

Independent Power Systems (IPS) is a leading provider of solar energy systems, specializing in the design, installation, and maintenance of photovoltaic power systems. With over 35 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, their products are engineered for reliability and performance with a focus on quality. IPS offers complete turnkey project management for large commercial projects as well as residential applications. Their services include energy management consulting, energy storage solutions, custom engineering and design, system monitoring and optimization, and project financing. IPS prides itself on providing customers with a customized solution tailored to their specific needs. As a fully integrated company, they are able to provide the highest safety standards and the most efficient solar power systems available. IPS is dedicated to helping homeowners and businesses reduce their energy costs through the use of solar power technology while providing superior customer service and support. The goal of IPS is to create sustainable solutions for a brighter future by powering our world with clean, renewable energy. It's their mission to make solar energy accessible and affordable for everyone. With the ever-increasing demands on the energy grid, IPS is proud to be part of the solution.

Independent Power price policy

Packages1. Home Solar Starter Package - $1,945 2. Home Solar Basic Package - $3,295 3. Home Solar Deluxe Package - $4,695 4. Home Solar Premium Package - $5,995 5. Home Solar Elite Package - $7,195 6. Home Solar Supreme Package - $8,495 7. Home Solar Ultimate Package - $9,795 8. Home Solar Pro Package - $11,095 9. Home Solar Pro Plus Package - $12,695 10. Home Solar Pro Deluxe Package - $14,845
Payment optionsCredit/debit card, ACH transfer, check, PayPal, and financing
Payment discounts0% down financing, 20% off upfront cash purchases, 0% financing for 24 months, and 10% off financing for 60 months.

Independent Power online reputation

It is evident from client comments that Independent Power Systems (IPS) has encountered conflicting customer opinions. While some clients have had excellent experiences and are happy with the effectiveness and dependability of their solar systems, others have voiced serious unhappiness with the firm's offerings, customer service, and communication in general. Numerous clients have voiced concerns about the performance and upkeep of their solar panels, including installation hold-ups, uneven branch manager availability and credentials, and challenges with re-installation after roof repair. Additionally, poor customer service was criticized, including issues with contacting the area manager, a lack of feedback and communication, and a lack of reaction from the business. The professionalism, effectiveness, and performance of their solar systems have all been lauded by a number of clients who have had good experiences with IPS. These clients highlighted the friendly nature of the IPS employees, the dependability of their solar panels, and the simplicity of tracking their energy production. In summary, it shows that IPS performance and customer happiness might differ greatly dependent on the input from customers. There are several allegations of bad customer service, communication problems, and unhappiness with the whole experience, despite the fact that some consumers have had pleasant interactions with the business. Before deciding to buy solar panels from Independent Power Systems, prospective consumers should carefully examine their alternatives and do their own research.
"While Independent Power Systems (IPS) might be useful in certain regions, they are not recommended for the Northeast. Six years ago, I bought a set of their solar panels. Issues with functionality and upkeep have existed from the get-go. It took almost a full year to get my panels up and running, and the local branch manager was inconsistent in his availability, expertise, and friendliness. Then, for a long time, we either had no branch managers or they would come and go. At some point in time, IPS also made the decision to have Apex handle technical tasks at their physical location. It seems like their employees have a wide range of talents and customer service attitudes. My roof recently needed to be replaced, therefore I had to have my solar panels removed. They stopped functioning after being reinstalled three months ago. To be honest, I did not figure this out until about a month ago. It took me almost a week of calls to reach the regional manager. We received no feedback. True or false? Even though his photo is still up on the internet, he departed the firm two months ago. When I phoned the Colorado branch, that is when I found out. As there is currently no branch manager in New England, my issue is being handled by the Colorado office. Apex never returns calls or picks up the phone when they are called. They also never contact to let you know what is going on or show up when they say they would. IPS has just informed me that my system requires a discontinued component. The response I received when I inquired, "What if you can not find it?" was dismissive. I questioned why the problem was not uncovered after the panels had been put back in place, and was informed, "That is not what they were there for." They should have made sure the system was operational before they departed, I said. No response. As I sit here each month paying my power bill, I am disappointed, unhappy, and questioning why I made such a large investment in solar panels. Do not make the mistake of purchasing solar panels from this firm. From what I have seen, all you get out of it is frustration, subpar results, and clumsy dialogue." - annette
"Despite the positive feedback I read about IPS online, my first interaction with the firm was terrible. Today, 10/25/19, at 9am, was when I was scheduled to see my first doctor. After waiting until 9:15 with no sign of the promised callback, I phoned the office. Phil, the person who was supposedly coming to my house, emailed me at 9:35 p.m., saying he would call within the hour. After waiting for 4 hours, I decided to phone him and leave a second message. Eventually, he called me back, and I inquired about the scheduled meeting. I asked him about the missed appointment this morning and why I had to wait all day for this information, and he said I could reschedule for next week, but then he hung up on me. Actually, I would been quite courteous." - David
"Since they were swamped with new installations, they refused to assist me with my system issue. You should not bother talking to them." - Rex
"They must have been acquired and did not cope with the change well. They are demanding payment before my solar panels have been installed, despite being six months behind schedule. Probably a roll of the dice with these individuals. Maybe they may be great, but more likely they will be a letdown, leaving you to deal with a bunch of boneheads who can not seem to get along." - Frank
"Spending $100,000 on systems with several missed deadlines is a red flag. Worst customer service I have ever had, along with a total failure to communicate with anybody outside the company. My works have taken over 6 months to install, and they have not been finished as per their offer. They basically informed me they had no more answers for me and that they were leaving. The worst customer service I have ever had." - Keith
"My 4.5 kilowatt (kW) SunPower PV system was installed by IPS in late 2006, and it has reliably produced its 550 kWhr/month design specification ever since, year after year, maintenance- and incident-free. In addition to meeting all of my electric-power needs for the first ten years with the rooftop array, I am now actually driving on sunlight as a result of the efficiency upgrades I made to my home (mostly by replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs for 1/10th their power cost).It is nice that I have not had to call IPS out to deal with anything related to my array in the last 13 years, but I am always delighted to see IPS staff since they were so helpful during the design and installation of my system. With their SunPower PV system, all I had to do was hook it up to the grid and forget about it. I have never been happy in my life." - Joe
"My Boulder, Colorado, house now has an IPS security system. Because they have been around for a long and I was assured that they do not cut corners, I felt confident employing their service right away. Sun Power panels were installed, and they look wonderful with the "black on black" clean aesthetic, and the wiring was hidden in the attic. They also installed a sturdy "squirrel guard," which was something I had not considered before but which makes perfect sense. Continue your excellent job. In a cutthroat industry like solar, it is good to know these guys would do all it takes to provide a pristine, long-lasting system. The tax portion of my monthly power bill has increased to $7. We appreciate your excellent method." - Nate
"Since 2010, our set-up has been functioning normally (panels, inverter, and monitor). The order was fulfilled in full. All aspects of the installation (electricity, building, roofing, and internet connection for monitoring) were handled by highly trained professionals. Use and care are little required. My mobile phone allows me to track power production from any location. Using the grid for 95–100% of our energy needs. It is convenient to be able to download inexpensive gasoline from the panels as easily as downloading a movie, but the system was already producing more than 100% before the acquisition of an electric vehicle (which charges for around 3 hours a day, using more power). Wish we could cover our whole roof with these since they performed perfectly during two hail storms that ruined our tiles. If we ever purchase a new home, we know just where to go to have a new system installed: INDEPENDENT POWER SYSTEMS." - AS
"I just had a 12.75 kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) solar system built on my roof, which consists of 30 panels. The IPS team's responsiveness and professionalism were evident at every stage of the process, from the original cost estimate to the final product. The Sun Power panels were the most efficient on the market, but their price was more than that of other panels. Given that I expect to hold onto this purchase for the next two decades, I opted for durability above economy. Anna at the IPS office was very helpful in answering my concerns, coordinating the necessary paperwork and inspections, and liaising with Northwestern Energy to get my system operational. You can rely on IPS to remain in business in the Bozeman region for the foreseeable future as they have been doing so for many years. If you are thinking about getting a solar energy system, I highly suggest having IPS install a Sun Power PV system." - Robert
"I think Solar IPS is fantastic. We first used a 2.4 KW system from them about 20 years ago, and it has been virtually faultless ever since. It was a no-brainer to hire them again when we chose to almost increase our system's capacity and implement more stringent monitoring. Dan was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process, from initial system scoping to panel selection to matching our goals (such as eventually owning a plug-in hybrid that we want to charge from the sun), to tax information, city permitting, scheduling, coordinating with NW Energy to upgrade our net metering setup, etc. Solar IPS will handle everything for you. The installation crew then arrived and completed the switchover in a matter of days. Our home-based business had no interruptions during the solar panel replacement. Working with these people will be a pleasure. To give you an idea, here's a snippet from the thank-you message I sent to Tony, the owner of Solar IPS, after the installation was finished: I would like to thank your team in the north (Dan, Lance, and Dustin) for the excellent work they performed replacing our system. They bring positivity and talent to Solar IPS and are a pleasure to work with. They are great for the company's reputation. Thank you, too, to Lance and Dustin for their attention to detail about disguises, social distance, etc. That Lance showed up at our home again 20 years later, by the way, is fantastic. That is a great advertisement for your company. The Solar IPS crew has our highest praise." - Scott

Independent Power Social media
Independent Power's Facebook page highlights solar energy products and services. The site has articles and media about solar energy and other sustainable energy sources, as well as case studies, images, and videos of completed solar installations. There are over a thousand fans, and the page is constantly updated. The content is updated often and includes images, text, and media all relevant to solar power. In addition, you may click on the provided links to learn further more about renewable energy sources like solar power and its many advantages. Customers and others may ask questions about solar energy on the company's Facebook page and get responses from the company's staff. Independent Power may learn more about its customers' needs and interests by holding open discussions in this area. A Facebook ad for their solar power products was also included on the page. Independent Power is able to reach out to prospective clients and raise their company's profile as a result. Independent Power's Facebook page serves as a great platform for the company to connect with its clientele and spread the word about its solar energy offerings. Using Facebook's tools, it is professionally maintained and updated to increase brand recognition and consumer base.
Independent Power uses its LinkedIn presence to inform potential clients about their solar energy services and to facilitate communication with them. The website gives a rundown of the business, including its offerings and upcoming activities. Prospective clients may also peruse employee profiles to find out more about the people they could be working with. It also includes key customer projects and case studies that show how Independent Power's solutions have helped other businesses. Independent Power employment positions are advertised on the website through the LinkedIn "Jobs" section. Here, prospective workers may get information about the firm and open positions. Overall, Independent Power's LinkedIn profile serves as an efficient means of communicating with current and prospective customers, as well as job seekers. The profile is well-maintained and up-to-date, and it makes effective use of LinkedIn's tools to promote the company's solar products and foster customer relationships.
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Independent Power average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews134.7


Independent Power Pros & Cons

  • Flexibility
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased reliability
  • Grid reliability
  • Regulatory issues
  • Limited resources

Independent Power Final Conclusions

The Independent Power offers an extensive range of products and services. Their services are dependable and efficient, and their products are of superior quality. They provide a wide variety of solar and wind energy systems, as well as a comprehensive array of energy storage options, including batteries and fuel cells. Also, their customer service is exceptional, and they are always accessible to address any inquiries or issues. In addition, they provide financing alternatives to assist clients in affording their systems. The Independent Power Company delivers an extensive, dependable, and cost-effective array of energy options.

Independent Power locations

Main Address1501 Lee Hill Rd. #24, Boulder, CO 80304
Phone Number3034430115

5 local offices

Colorado – Boulder 1501 Lee Hill Road #24, Boulder CO, 80304
Colorado – Boulder 1501 Lee Hill Dr, Boulder CO, 80304
Montana – Bozeman 2430 North 7th Avenue #6, Bozeman MT, 59715
Montana – Bozeman 2430 N 7th Ave, Bozeman MT, 59715
Massachusetts – Beverly 54 W Dane Street Unit G, Beverly MA, 01915

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