Solar Max review

At SolarMax, our goal is to save you the stress of searching by offering the best solar goods and unmatched installation services from qualified experts. Additionally, we offer excellent customer service, all at a price that is affordable and will enable you to save money both now and in the future.

Solar Max overview

At SolarMax, our goal is to save you the stress of searching by offering the best solar goods and unmatched installation services from qualified experts. Additionally, we offer excellent customer service, all at a price that is affordable and will enable you to save money both now and in the future.

What Solar Max has to say about itself

In addition to adding a new roof, SolarMax will handle every aspect of your system's design and installation. We manage neighborhood associations and licenses, as well as make sure you get all possible tax breaks and rebates, as part of our all-inclusive service. So that you can relax knowing we've got everything under control, we additionally offer 24/7 monitoring throughout the duration of the system. We provide the finest products from renowned manufacturers like Tesla, LG, Enphase, and others. Manufacturer warranties cover all of this. Our clients will always receive excellent service along with clear and straightforward pricing alternatives. Producing your own clean, sustainable solar energy directly from your rooftop will give you control over your home's energy bills and energy independence.

Solar Max Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels, Tesla, LG, Enphase
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries

Solar Max website review

The website of Solar Max is an expertly made informational platform that effectively promotes business prospects. The website has an appealing look because to its straightforward, modern design. The website's user experience is uncomplicated and straightforward. The website's main menu is prominently displayed at the top of the page, making it simple for users to access its many sections. On the website, Solar Max services are extensively detailed. Additionally, a summary of the characteristics and advantages of each service is given. The expertise and skills of the organization are successfully covered in this section. A portfolio of finished projects on the website provides prospective customers with a visual depiction of the work done by the business. Each project in the portfolio includes high-quality images and a thorough description. Solar Max specializes in solar energy solutions, and its website offers helpful details on those solutions' advantages as well as information on how to install solar panels and other relevant advantages. The company's understanding and dedication to renewable energy are demonstrated in this section. On the website, users may provide testimonials about their interactions with Solar Max. This strengthens the company's claims and assists potential clients in making the best decision. The company's contact information is readily available on the internet in a variety of ways. There is also a "Request a Quote" form accessible, which enables users to submit the specifics of their project straight immediately and makes it possible for interested clients to get in touch with them.

Solar Max price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCheck, Credit or Debit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal
Payment discountsNo payment discounts specified

Solar Max online reputation

The general assessment of SolarMax is based on a variety of user evaluations, with different consumers reporting both positive and bad experiences. Conclusion: While some customers have enjoyed working with SolarMax because of its affordable prices, extensive services, and top-notch customer service, others have had issues due to installation delays, insufficient energy output, broken promises, and contracts that are related to workmanship. Individual experiences might differ, just like they can with any business, so prospective customers should carefully analyze both positive and negative reviews before choosing. To guarantee a successful and satisfied implementation of a solar power system, it is essential to do an in-depth investigation and due diligence on any solar installation firm.
"It's been over three months since we had solar panels put, but we just now went online with them. It DOES NOT generate even half of the energy promised, thus in addition to my 30-year debt with this firm, I will still have a substantial energy expense. There are multiple persons involved, none of whom appear to be talking to one another. Solar Max has made far too many blunders along the road to list them all in a single review, but I will say that doing business with them was the worst financial decision I have ever made. After I had already paid my first payment (without even being online yet), I enquired about their payment to me since they had promised to cover the first six months of payments as part of the contract because we signed up on the first visit. A cheque was written out to me, and when I went to deposit it, it bounced. As a result, the price tag to correct it has increased. I know the owner is aware of all of the issues we've had from the start, but I've never seen or talked to him, which says volumes for someone who cares so much about getting things right. I wish they could simply come and pay off my debt and pick up all their panels so I never have to deal with them again." - Todd
"We went ahead and bought a 53-panel setup. We are paying between $135 and $150 per fpl to live beyond the Solar System. For the past four weeks, I have emailed and called solarmax with no response. The solar installation cost was meant to lock in our power rate with fpl. Multiple deceptions. My next move is to see an attorney about filing a claim for compensation for the monetary losses we have sustained as a result of the solar panel company's negligence. Even Enphase admits that the panels' output is insufficient." - Christopher
"People should not fall for solar panel overall contracts. Installing and optimizing the panels is a necessary first step before selling them. It's not that the folks at Solar Max aren't kind; the real problem is that, even after signing a contract with them, I'm still spending more than $100 a month for things like electricity. So, I'm saving for what??? They promise a money-back guarantee but never respond to customer service requests or issue refunds. It's frustrating being taken advantage of as an American, especially when people only care about sticking you with contracts. And they're well aware that modern attorneys are too idle to bother with such minutiae before rejecting a case. Personally, I think everyone should know better than to believe this scammy advertisement." - Martin
"Let's begin. We bought a 44-panel system from SolarMax in June of 2021. We are still offline as of November 2021, after three failed inspections. Whenever a new installer came, they all complained about the firm and their predecessor. On the fourth attempt, they were successful. They said they'd pay for our electricity costs till we were up and running. They performed this for two installments before stopping after we passed inspection. Duke Energy keeps sending me notifications that they haven't received the inspection report and other information from SolarMax. Even if we are online in 2022, I have no faith that we won't be charged again. Until we can connect to the internet, I had to employ a lawyer merely to be made whole. We're thinking about taking the necessary procedures to get our money back, cancel solar, and have the whole system taken out. Listen, I'm simply a sensible buyer who expects to get the value for my money. Do yourself a favor and avoid calling SolarMax; they will provide nothing but fake assurances and blame you when they fail to deliver. This is the first time in my life I've ever needed an attorney, and it's been a horrific experience." - Aldayr
"When it comes to client satisfaction, Solar Max is NOT the company to go with. Even if you currently have solar panels, installing solar batteries will require you to purchase and install their panels. The bad news is that they don't acquire a permission, so you can end up having to take out whatever they placed without compensation. Nobody checks anything. They don't check their work in front of the client. The intended functionality of our system was compromised by poor wiring. They're not willing to fix the problem for free and instead want to increase our prices. This firm cares more about earning a profit than it does about delivering a reliable system. Extremely dissatisfied; would not use them again for any solar-related requirements." - Tania
"Once I made up my mind to switch to solar power, I started researching my options. I did some preliminary research on solar panels, got a few estimates, and did some cost per watt comparisons. Solar Max Inc. offered the finest bundle at a price that didn't break the bank for me. After that, I decided to learn more about the firm. Given the scope of the undertaking and the varying opinions I came across, I brought my concerns to LeeAnn, my sales representative. I was worried about moving forward with the project, but when she calmed me down and explained the negative feedback I had found, we did just that. Since I was already installing 51 solar panels, I hired LeeAnn to install new windows, a hybrid water heater, and a computerized thermostat. It was convenient to work with a single point of contact across all of our projects with this organization. I have dealt with and am dealing with a number of contractors, and I cannot overstate the importance of good customer service when your fate is in their hands. You have a lot of concerns about a procedure that the average person understands nothing about. The homeowner's only concerns are that the work, on which they are spending their hard-earned cash, is completed as promised and in a timely fashion, and that their concerns are addressed when they arise. Throughout the duration of my project, Solar Max Inc. has consistently gone above and beyond in their efforts to resolve any problems that arose and answer any concerns that I had. My Solar Max crew (LeeAnn, Sonny, and Mariah) were always available by phone or text message, and their reaction time was so impressive that I refuse to even compare them to the other contractors I had to deal with. I really appreciate all of you. I'm very glad I went with Solar Max Inc.; the panels are performing just as expected, and the financial results match what was predicted." - Chris
"Since my previous Solar Company let me down, I must find a new one to complete the installation. To find a business to do the install, I already had the necessary permission, blueprints, and rails in place. SolarMax came through for me after I had obtained a few estimates and visited with Chester at my house. After hearing my predicament, he volunteered to assist me in cleaning up the mess. This time, I was looking for a local business since I knew how crucial warranty and service would be. The pricing was right, and I was able to upgrade to higher-quality Solar Panels (Silfab 320w) with a longer guarantee period (25 years). The solar industry is competitive, and picking the appropriate installer is crucial. I've settled on SolarMax." - Ron
"I spoke with a manager, and they arranged for the necessary services to be performed; I only had them installed two weeks ago, so I haven't seen my first bill yet. However, they also sent someone to inspect my air conditioner and perform maintenance, free of charge, after I complained about some problems I'd been having with the heat pump." - Liam
"My 11.3-kilowatt solar array was erected by Solarmax in June. Their affiliate upgraded us to a Goodman heat pump with more efficiency. The salespeople there knew their stuff, listened to me, and figured out exactly what I needed. Both setups succeeded magnificently. Minor problems were resolved quickly and painlessly over the course of a few weeks. Improvements in productivity and economy are widespread with this update. I like how they didn't try to con me during the sales process as their rivals did." - Dennis
"Current Speed Solar Max is a great company to work with since they are quick to respond and offer the agreed-upon price. The installation was completed promptly and expertly. The installers were always respectful and thorough in their cleanup efforts. The installation of the solar panels went well and to my satisfaction in December 2017. The power bill for the previous month (April) was $0. The firm phoned me last week to update me on the functioning of the solar panels since installation, so I know they followed up right after the install. Duke Energy's installation of the plus/minus meter was the lone hiccup. (unavoidable circumstances outside the company's control). Extremely content." - Gregory

Solar Max Social media
A fantastic resource for conversing with current clients and connecting with prospective new ones is SolarMax's Facebook page. The emphasis on delivering excellent customer service is accompanied with an approachable and welcoming tone on the website. They reply to client queries, publish these articles, give discounts and promotions, and provide frequent solar updates and articles. Additionally, a large number of testimonials and reviews submitted by prior clients are available, helping prospective clients better grasp the caliber of service offered by SolarMax. Overall, anyone interested in learning more about solar energy and how it may improve their house or place of business should visit the Facebook page run by SolarMax.
The LinkedIn page for Solar Max is well written and gives a synopsis of the company's operations. The business is situated in Florida, United States. It has backlinks to their website, picture galleries, and client feedback. Additionally, the site offers data about available positions and forthcoming events that may be utilized to interact with prospective customers. Additionally, Solar Max connects with new team members on its website by posting job vacancies, perks, and success stories of its employees. Regular updates that showcase the company's goal and ideals and notify readers of the most recent news serve to supplement this. Overall, the LinkedIn profile for Solar Max is a fantastic illustration of how to leverage the network to create contacts and market your services. A strong emphasis on client satisfaction, expertise in planning and installing solar systems, and a dedication to sustainable energy are all highlighted in Solar Max's LinkedIn profile.
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Solar Max average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Solar Max Pros & Cons

  • Cost Savings
  • Benefits for the environment
  • Energy Independence
  • Weather dependency
  • Space Requirements
  • Limited energy storage

Solar Max Final Conclusions

"Solar Max" has a mixed reputation and performance in the solar energy industry. With a 3.29 star rating, this suggests that Solar Max has room to improve its performance. This may be due to factors such as customer communication, project management, or response time. The performance of a solar company is critical in terms of the efficiency and longevity of their solar products. Solar Max may offer mid-range performance products. While they may deliver reliable solar solutions, they may have the ability to improve the efficiency of their solar panels and other technologies to compete with higher ranked companies. Reputation is an important aspect of any company and affects customer trust and brand loyalty. Customers have both positive and negative experiences, so it's important to study specific reviews and testimonials to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. This indicates that Solar Max is somewhere between a satisfactory and above average solar company. If you're considering working with or buying from Solar Max, it's important to do some more research.

Solar Max locations

Main Address11515 66th St N Largo, FL 33773
Phone Number8137731800

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