Longhorn Solar review

Longhorn Solar takes great pride in being a Texas institution and a pioneer in the solar energy industry. The most dependable solar products are what we sell, and our local team of professionals is committed to educating the public and providing excellent service.
Longhorn Solar review

Longhorn Solar overview

Longhorn Solar takes great pride in being a Texas institution and a pioneer in the solar energy industry. The most dependable solar products are what we sell, and our local team of professionals is committed to educating the public and providing excellent service.

What Longhorn Solar has to say about itself

Considering switching to solar power? Our mission at Longhorn Solar, a family-owned business in Central Texas, is to provide our neighbors with the best solar systems available, along with the highest standards of customer service. From our beginnings in the 1980s, when we strung holiday lights on roofs, through our solar launch in 2009, during which we won multiple awards for our work, we have become Texas' most highly certified solar company. Since the first system went online, we have added over 2,300 more, bringing the total energy produced to over 91,000,000 kWh. Our goal is to install solar panels on every home in Texas, continuing our family's legacy as reliable solar power consultants.

Longhorn Solar Review

Year Started2009
Company Websitelonghornsolar.com
Service AreasTX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries from companies such as LG Chem, BYD and Tesla
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA,

Longhorn Solar website review

The Longhorn Solar website is exceptionally well-designed, with intuitive tabs and menus that are simple to use. It is also mobile-friendly, with a responsive layout that adapts to any display size. The pages are visually appealing and well-organized, providing the most recent information in a clear format. A component of the website is devoted to client endorsements, further bolstering Longhorn Solar's reputation. Finally, if you still have questions for the business, you can reach them via an easily accessible contact form.

Longhorn Solar price policy

Packages$3.50 to $6.50 per watt for home solar PV installations
Payment optionsCash, checks, and most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover).
Payment discountsDiscount when paying by cash, check or bank transfer, partnerships with selected lenders for preferential financing options

Longhorn Solar online reputation

A mixed picture of Longhorn Solar may be drawn overall from the customer testimonials that have been submitted. While some customers have praised the business for its thoroughness, openness, and system performance, others have had bad interactions with it and have had problems with installation, customer support, and system failures. Positive evaluations highlight the sales representatives' professionalism, the business's capacity to address problems and concerns, and the installation's high quality. Customers valued the capabilities for system monitoring and the potential for electricity bill savings. Some clients have also appreciated the firm's dedication to keeping up with its goods and providing assistance long after the first installation. Negative reviews, on the other side, highlight installation delays, a lack of response, inadequate connectivity, and system crash problems. Some clients have expressed their unhappiness with delays and unmet promises as well as their difficulty in timely receiving support. Customers have occasionally complained about equipment issues and subpar service.
"I began working with Longhorn Solar at the end of August 2021, per my contract's terms. It is now September 27, 2022, and I still haven't gotten my system set up so that we can turn off the Grid and see how long we can survive on only our Sonnen EcoLynx20 battery. The whole house was shut off after only one hour, with 86% of the battery still showing. When Sonnen was asked to fix the problem, their attempts resulted in the battery becoming dead. It was explained to me that I could recharge the battery and everything would be fine. No way, the backup battery won't turn on, and we have no other options. Sonnen advised I contact my installer about the problem since it would not turn on. Over 10 business days have passed since I first contacted them, and I have heard nothing. It was reported today that hundreds of Austin residents are without power; fortunately, we are not among them. However, my wife was outraged by the news and called Longhorn to report the outage; she was told that the company had forgotten about them. Holding 10% of their final payment will not even get you the time of day on their usual 20-40-30-10 payment schedule, so if you decide to deal with this company, demand a 40%-30-30 payment schedule. That leaves me with a very angry wife and no battery backup or solar flowing into the system when the Grid power is cut off, despite the fact that they already have 90% of my money. Unfortunately, my tolerance for this situation has also run out today." - Bruce
"I'd like to review Longhorn, but I can't. Installation was a nightmare, but sales were easy. Longhorn is the least responsive and reliable company I've worked with. I regret choosing them, especially because I'll need them to maintain the system. When problems arose, I should have terminated my contract. Avoid my error. My install date was repeatedly delayed over two and a half months without notice. Even though I contacted and emailed my project manager numerous times that week to confirm our late May date, she never returned my calls or emails. Installation began with problems. Despite saying they exclusively utilize in-house teams, a subcontractor fitted my panels. Longhorn's battery team and the subcontracted panel team didn't agree and didn't even know each other. The panels and batteries were installed over a month and a half. My voicemails and emails were rarely returned. If I needed a response from the office, I had to call outside of their usual morning multi-hour all hands meeting, when no one is available. My project manager rarely answered the phone, but she usually told me she'd ask her manager at the next day's all hands meeting and call me back. That rarely happened. When someone was eventually scheduled to finish installation, generally 1-2 weeks out if I was lucky, they often didn't show up or didn't send enough workers, pushing things out another week or more just to get another appointment. After the panels were finished, it took three weeks to get someone to commission the batteries. I almost cried when my system failed the QC inspection, knowing it would take weeks and dozens of calls to rectify. I spent hours a week attempting to get someone's schedule. Fortunately, Danny joined the project late. While he couldn't address all of Longhorn's problems, it was nice to be able to approach someone who could get things going. Appreciate his efforts. Without him, my project would have taken longer. After installation, I was promised I would receive an owner's manual and a walkthrough. I haven't received either of these goods after two months of inquiries. I've received vague apologies but no other attempts to fix these concerns. As a business owner, I would give a customer a big discount if they had all my problems. One of my batteries is broken. After reporting the issue, it took over a month to get someone out to fix it, and ordering a new battery would take another month. Longhorn has staffing concerns. A reputable company would adapt their project timetable to only take on tasks they can do, but Longhorn seems to prioritize profit before customer satisfaction. Due to their good reputation, I hired Longhorn despite their higher quote. I wanted what I paid for." - Alexandra
"After only three months, the inverter provided by longhorn solar failed twice. The server remains unavailable. A 16 kilowatt-hour battery is very much useless if the system is down for more than 75% of the year. They turned down the opportunity to revise the contract to reflect their unsatisfactory level of service and warranty. The cost of installing solar panels was not the biggest mistake; in fact, solar is a terrific investment when it is functioning properly. Simply avoid going there. Keep in mind that I still have a broken system. It was a cash purchase of a $37,000 system. They don't care that I've already paid because of this. They state there are supply chain and logistics challenges. My system is down, but they keep installing new ones. It's not a question of logistics, but rather one of importance. Just don't hang out with them again." - Leo
"Austin-based Longhorn Solar Inc. provides service to San Antonio. We signed the contract in August of 2021, and the panels were put on December 31 of same year, but they have yet to be connected. There are a lot of lame explanations for the delay. My recommendation is to go with a business that offers local support instead of distant support. My best estimate is that Longhorn dispatches a single licensed electrician from Austin to San Antonio. They failed to show up for scheduled meetings without giving any advance notice. As soon as I call, I want to know the reason for your absence. The administrator resets the system and says she has no idea why. One such slip-up is as follows: The penultimate stage before installing a solar meter, an onsite certification inspection meeting with CPS, was unsuccessful because necessary papers lacked a stamp. The inspector claimed that he would be fired if he allowed the installation to proceed without the official seal. It appears that Longhorn is taking short cuts. The inspector discovered further problems and was courteous enough to inform the new electrician of those that had been overlooked. I'm relieved that someone is checking over Longhorn's work because I have no idea how the codes operate, and here we are, three weeks later, with no resolution and yet another missed meeting." - Leo
"More than six weeks have passed since my server crashed. They won't keep an eye on your system for you, despite what they say. Over the course of a week, I left a number of messages on their service line that went unreturned. I was able to speak with a live person and arrange a service date (they made no mention of the messages I sent that went unreturned). They told me the earliest appointment for servicing would be in three weeks. Seventeen days! My wait for an inspection of my system has been extended by three weeks. To top it all off, Longhorn solar has a service crew that is completely unhelpful and has misled me about how they "monitor" my system." - Martinez
"After hearing some horror stories, I was apprehensive to move forward with solar installation. I guess there must be a good reason for Longhorn Solar to have lasted this long in business. They were thorough at every stage and didn't try to sell me a system I didn't need. When the weather stopped them from installing my system on the appointed date, it was through no fault of their own. They made it up to us by sending out twice as many people to install the system the next day. Now I can't wait to play around with the system's monitoring features and see how much money they end up saving me. Additionally, future cooperation with Longhorn Solar is planned." - Eric
"Longhorn Solar is a family-owned business with deep roots in the community that prioritizes happy customers over expansion. This saleswoman was a real pro. The initial plan accounted for our present level of electricity consumption. Reviewers told us they wished they had bought a system that could handle their expected rising energy demands in the future. The Longhorn salesperson revised the proposal to include 120% of our typical consumption. I'm relieved we upgraded to a more powerful setup and batteries. We had nothing but positive experiences with everyone we dealt with at Longhorn. It takes time. Even though not everything went according to plan, Longhorn delivered on its assurances. Value, quality, competence, and service are all present. Kathie Millen and her crew are the solar experts you need, and I wholeheartedly endorse them." - Wayne
"A year ago, we bought a house with solar panels installed by Longhorn Solar, but we had no idea if they were functioning properly or if any upkeep was necessary. Jameson at Longhorn was quite quick to answer to my request, so we were able to get in touch with him. He viewed our panel's data remotely and informed us of the parts that needed to be fixed or optimized. (The system is 8 years old.) Then he surprised us by saying that the guarantee will cover the cost of the repairs, which is not normally the case. We appreciate Jameson's exceptional customer service and are pleased to have solar panels put by a firm that will stand behind their products and labor regardless of who owns the property." - Jack
"Fourteen months ago, Longhorn Solar measured and installed our solar panels. The system's output is in line with expectations. It's great that we've built up so many credits with our electric provider that we haven't had a bill to pay in months. During the first three months of this year, we experienced roof damage due to hail. Our carport-mounted panels were not affected and are still generating power. To sum up, we are thrilled with the solar power system that Longhorn Solar installed for us." - Lana
"So, when I decided to get solar panels for my house in San Antonio, I called around to around a dozen different businesses to see what my options were. All came highly recommended by CPS, the regional utility. Because I prefer supporting local businesses, I looked into one that sells locally produced panels, only to learn of its dubious financial history. Similar panels could be purchased from the others at lower prices. When a salesman from a corporation visited my home without wearing a mask, I decided to cut ties with them. It was so hot in June that we met with the garage door open. I demoted another firm after their salesperson did some math and advised doubling the number of panels called for by their calculations. I decided to go with Longhorn since their proposal was the easiest to grasp after our Zoom conversation and the subsequent delivery of their sales pitch (they were the only firm to do so). This facilitated my review, as well as my quantitative analysis, of the options available. Because of my immune system, I found the Zoom conference to be really helpful. A production guarantee was the clincher to the contract. They did the math on how much electricity the panels should generate in a year and offered to pay me back if actual output was lower. The system was foolproof, with the sole "gotcha" occurring upon activation. When the two weeks were over, I inquired as to the status of the system's initialization. They told me they were hanging tight for an inspection date from the city. A week later, I gave it another shot, but got the same result. I called the city, explained the problem, and an inspection was set for the following afternoon. I don't know what happened, but the city's approval of the system was supposed to trigger the final payment. The city officials finally showed up, blessed the panels, and now I'm saving money on my utility bills every month.You should check these people out if you're interested in solar energy." - Tony

Longhorn Solar Social media

The Facebook page for Longhorn Solar is kept in excellent condition, with a large number of high-quality images, news items, and testimonials from satisfied customers. It has a clean look that is appealing to the eye, and the navigation is uncomplicated and easy to understand and use. Customers and those who might become customers have an excellent chance to interact with the business through this page because there are many postings and updates made on a regular basis and a detailed part devoted to frequently asked questions (FAQ). In addition to that, there are links to the website of the company as well as contact information.
The LinkedIn page for Longhorn Solar is professionally designed and straightforward to access. It details a great deal of information about the company, such as an introduction to the business, biographies of the team members, previous projects, and plenty more. In addition, there are connections to the many products and services that are on sale. This page fosters networking by providing numerous options to communicate with the company, such as a follow button and a comment box. Other features on the page include a about us section. In addition to that, the page includes client success stories and testimonials from satisfied customers.
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Longhorn Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews1514.5


Longhorn Solar Pros & Cons

  • Highly experienced and certified staff
  • Offers a variety of payment methods, including financing
  • Competitive prices
  • Services are limited to solar installations
  • No maintenance services
  • Limited warranty coverage

Longhorn Solar Final Conclusions

An expert in solar energy supply and installation, Longhorn Solar. With certifications from UL and NABCEP, they have established a reputation for providing top-notch goods and services that satisfy their clients' expectations. To ensure that clients are happy with their experience, they provide a range of payment choices, affordable prices, and a satisfaction guarantee. Longhorn Solar is a top supplier of solar energy in the market, and they have awards and customer testimonials to prove it. When assessing a company's reputation, it's critical to take both favorable and unfavorable comments into account. Negative reviews raise questions regarding inconsistent experiences, problems with customer assistance, and system performance, while positive reviews show that Longhorn Solar has happy clients who value their services. Before choosing Longhorn Solar for your solar installation, it is advised to carry out more research, get referrals, and thoroughly assess their offerings.

Longhorn Solar locations

Main Address1421 Wells Branch Pkwy. Ste. 110 Pflugerville, TX 78660
Phone Number5128374800

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