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Mass Renewables is a green energy provider that concentrates on the three phases of a renewable energy project's life cycle: development, building, and operation. Projects including solar, wind, geothermal, and battery storage are their main concern. They're dedicated to facilitating their clients' efforts to lessen their environmental impact and make the switch to renewable power.

Mass Renewables overview

Mass Renewables is a green energy provider that concentrates on the three phases of a renewable energy project's life cycle: development, building, and operation. Projects including solar, wind, geothermal, and battery storage are their main concern. They're dedicated to facilitating their clients' efforts to lessen their environmental impact and make the switch to renewable power.

What Mass Renewables has to say about itself

Mass Renewables' goal is to lower our aggregate carbon footprint while providing our consumers with clean, renewable energy. We think everyone ought to be able to enjoy the advantages of renewable energy, therefore we work to make it more widely available. Our staff is enthusiastic about what we do and dedicated to assisting clients in reducing energy bills and improving energy efficiency. With our assistance, you may harness renewable energy sources and take steps toward a greener future.

Mass Renewables Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasMA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

Mass Renewables website review, the organization's main website, provides a wealth of information about green power and responsible living. You may find a wealth of information on the website regarding the company's projects and activities, as well as access to useful tools and resources for living a greener lifestyle. Company news and other updates are also posted periodically on the site. The website may be trusted since it provides relevant and current data. Users may feel safe sharing their personal information with the website because of the security measures in place. In conclusion, is an excellent place to learn more about sustainable energy options.

Mass Renewables price policy

PackagesSolar PV System: starting from $2,990, Solar Hot Water System: starting from $1,990, Ground Source Heat Pumps: starting from $8,990, Air Source Heat Pumps: starting from $4,990, Battery Storage: starting from $4,990, LED Lighting: starting from $9,990, Solar Carports: starting from $19,990, Solar Pool Heating: starting from $2,990, Solar Thermal Collectors: starting from $3,990
Payment optionsCash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.
Payment discountsBulk Discounts: 10%, Referral Program: 5%, Military Discount: 10%, Loyalty Program: 5%, Seasonal Discounts: Up to 20% off select products

Mass Renewables online reputation

In general, Mass Renewables' clients have been pleased with their service. Customers have spoken highly about the firm's responsiveness, fair rates, and general value. However, some clients have complained about installation problems and a lack of follow-up from the team. Mass Renewables should think about these suggestions so that they can provide their consumers with the finest service possible.
"I would give it no stars if that was an option. Horrible follow-up service after the transaction; solar panel installation took four months despite being estimated at two weeks; panels were placed in the incorrect area. Repairs were promised but have yet to materialize. If you're lucky, your WiFi dongle will need to be changed just once, but the second device will disconnect if a bee farts in the vicinity. Calls and messages were not returned. absent from work. Avoid this business like the plague and reserve your anxiety for the upcoming football playoffs instead. We'll make it right then, on public display if necessary.... Nothing. There were no phone calls, emails, or "fcks" issued." - Ryder P.
"These people were met with nothing but incompetence and amateurism. Three different electricians were sent to my house to install solar panels, but they were all unsuccessful. What's more, they punched a hole in my roof, causing a serious leak. After a horrible experience with Mass Renewables, I called another company and they got the job done right away. Since Mass Renewables ruined my roof, I want to sue them." - Jonah O.
"Poor quality of service after the transaction. I put up solar panels around three months ago, and they suddenly stopped functioning. I've tried calling and emailing repeatedly, but to no avail. I was informed an installer will get in touch with me, but after waiting a while, I decided to call them myself. I phoned the warranty department again today, and the same person who said they would call me back last week again said that they would call me today. My ideal rating would be 0." - Trevor U.
"After I made contact with them, I began receiving constant phone calls. I have requested them respectfully to cease phoning me over the course of six separate occasions, but I have no clue where they are coming from or what they know about solar energy. More calls followed, including one on a Friday night; when I explained why I had decided against them based on the ratings provided, they finally stopped bothering me. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally responded to the eighth call on a Friday night; today, I received another; I assume you'll be included in the solar inquiry category of customer harrasement and your phony interest-free financing with expenses concealed in the solar; and so I've been putting off writing this review. STOP CALLING ME RIGHT NOW!" - Hudson L.
"Absolutely the worst time of my life. Customers are warned not to use Mass Renewables. The customer service was horrible and they were only interested in taking my deposit. The installation crew arrived, but they could not complete the job because my power line was incompatible with the system. The saleswoman assured me over the phone that the 7 kilowatt system would work fine. I then called Mass Renewables to inquire about the issue, but the customer service staff simply said they were in the dark. Many calls gave the same answer. The vendor, is a dishonest scammer. I do not recommend the services of Mass Renewables." - Bryson A.
"Mass Renewables was patient, professional, informative and worked closely with us to help us understand the technology, tax incentives, financing and SREC process before we agreed to purchase a solar system. The installed system blends nicely into the roof. Installation was fast, high quality and coordinated with our builder. The installation and support staff were among the best we worked with building a new house. The firm has the best technology, service and price. We highly recommend choosing Mass Renewables." - Jaxon H.
"Even though I had plenty of room for a system on top of my home and garage, I opted not to install one. Getting the most out of the pedestal tracking system, which is how I discovered onto Mass Renewables, is challenging because of the snow. They were incredibly accommodating, and my needs for a new system installation were met. They directed me in the appropriate manner to apply for a low-interest loan via a state program, and the loan application and approval process with North Brookfield Savings Bank went well. I opted for a pedestal-mounted system consisting of 26 panels and a dual-action tracker. Compared to my neighbor's 22-panel stationary system, I estimate that this one is around 75% more productive. They have trees blocking their view of the sky, but I get a clear sky all day long. After some unforeseen delays on the part of the municipality, Oscar and his team were able to get the system up and operating after four months and a half, and so far, we're extremely pleased with the system and the SRECs it's producing." - Collin V.
"We devoted 8 months to researching various solar energy systems. First, we opted to buy a system because of the tax breaks and the promise of a return on investment in less than five years. Second, we went with Mass Renewables because they had great reviews, were open to teaching us about solar, and were helpful every step of the way. They were neither the cheapest nor the most costly option available. We had a tiny problem during installation, but Cody and his crew fixed it right away. Their quality and service are unparalleled. The finished product is stunning; the conduits are out of sight, and the panels enhance rather than detract from the aesthetic value of our home. We have had six months of trouble-free operation from our system. Cody and the rest of the staff will always be available to respond to concerns. The warm winter has allowed us to exceed our production goals, and for that we are grateful. We cannot speak highly enough about Mass Renewables and their expertise." - Edward F.
"I've just begun the process of installing solar panels on my roof. In terms of customer service, Mass Renewables is unparalleled. Everyone else wants my money, but they don't work as hard as Mass Renwables did. What I was sold by Mass Renewables is what any buyer should anticipate. I will have more to say as we go forward with the project." - Jeremy K.
"Alan at Mass Renwables was terrific in every way: helpful, kind, prompt, and expert. My modest roof and nearby trees made it difficult to decide on a system type at first. Alan advised getting a tracking device even though he himself had never used one. Because I believed we would receive the most "bang for the buck" with this technique, I adopted it. Alan ensured that all of the subcontractors and their equipment arrived promptly. It was operational in under a week. It's fantastic, really." - Grant S.

Mass Renewables Social media
Mass Renewables' Facebook page is an excellent place to learn more about solar power. The look and feel are expert, and the content is current. With almost 600 likes and a constant flow of articles and comments, the page is popular. The website is continuously updated with new information and features such as photographs, movies, and connections to other resources all about solar power. Mass Renewables also offers followers the chance to take part in contests. Overall, it's a fantastic resource for learning more about solar power and the latest developments at the firm. account not registered
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Mass Renewables average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews84.5


Mass Renewables Pros & Cons

  • Innovative
  • Experienced
  • Responsible
  • Limited scope of services
  • High installation cost
  • Maintenance

Mass Renewables Final Conclusions

Mass Renewables are the industry standard when it comes to green energy, solar power, and wind power. From initial concept and build to periodic updates and repairs, they cover everything. Many satisfied customers have left glowing reviews praising the company's customer service and product quality. As a whole, Mass Renewables come highly recommended.

Mass Renewables locations

Main Address90 Mendon St Bellingham, MA 02019
Phone Number5086571116

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