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ARE Solar, an energy management firm, offers bespoke power strategies for its clientele. They are experts in residential solar panel installation, EV charging station design and construction, energy storage, backup power generation, metering and efficiency, and other related fields. ARE Solar provides an extensive suite of energy services and green living goods to its clientele to lower their energy use and associated costs.

ARE Solar overview

ARE Solar, an energy management firm, offers bespoke power strategies for its clientele. They are experts in residential solar panel installation, EV charging station design and construction, energy storage, backup power generation, metering and efficiency, and other related fields. ARE Solar provides an extensive suite of energy services and green living goods to its clientele to lower their energy use and associated costs.

What ARE Solar has to say about itself

ARE Solar is committed to a better energy future for all, we are dedicated to providing high-quality solar energy products and services. We aim to make solar energy widely available, affordable, and reliable. With the help of our skilled professionals, we can create a system that is tailored exactly to your requirements. We can assist you in your efforts to green your company or reduce your environmental impact. ARE Solar can be your trusted ally on the road to a sustainable energy future.

ARE Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasCO
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, flow batteries

ARE Solar website review, their main website, has excellent information, layout, and usability. It includes specifics about the business and its offerings. Visitors may have faith in the site since it is updated often and utilized to provide reliable information. The trustworthiness of the website is further enhanced by the fact that it is routinely scanned for security holes. In addition, features testimonials from satisfied clients who have used the company's services. As a result, prospective consumers get more knowledge and confidence in the services offered by

ARE Solar price policy

PackagesStandard Solar Package - starting at $2,700, Basic Solar Package - starting at $3,499, Enhanced Solar Package - starting at $3,999, Premium Solar Package - starting at $4,499, Residential Solar Package - starting at $4,899, Solar Power System Package - starting at $5,299, Solar Panel Installation Package - starting at $5,999, Commercial Solar Package - starting at $6,499, Solar Maintenance Package - starting at $2,999
Payment optionsCash, major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club International, Discover), PayPal, and Apple Pay.
Payment discounts10% Discount for Pre-paid Solar Plans, 10% Discount for Veterans, 5% Discount for Auto-Renewal, 5% Discount for Friends and Family Referrals, Additional 5% Discount for Installing Your System in the First 60 Days of Signing Up, Additional 5% Discount for Homes with Existing Solar Panels, Additional 5% Discount for Customers Who Add Battery Solutions to Their Solar System, Loyalty Discount on Renewing Your Solar Plan, 10% Discount for Military Members.

ARE Solar online reputation

ARE Solar has generally been met with approval from its clientele. A lot of people have said how impressed they were with how professional, quick, and good the service was. In addition, their clients have lauded them for keeping them apprised of developments at all times. Nonetheless, there have been complaints from patrons who feel the price is too expensive when compared to similar offerings from competitors. ARE Solar has earned a solid reputation as a leading provider of solar system installation and upkeep because of its knowledgeable team and high-quality services.
"Fantastic sales, mediocre follow-up. ARE Solar may take some time to answer once the lending agreement has been executed, so be patient. On August 22, 2021, we had our system installed; however, there was an error during the installation; the company afterward apologized and corrected the problem; still, it took four visits from the county inspector before we were ultimately approved. ARE Solar's "Interconnection Team" has had three weeks to submit our authorization to operate since the final inspection. This is quite annoying. Continue to wait." - Austin W.
"A year ago, I had mine put in. The installation crew was poor, but the customer care representative helped get several problems resolved. The biggest problem I had was that the salesperson lied to me about the government rebate for going solar, and ARE Solar still hasn't replied to my three or four requests for an explanation. The marketer assured us that we would get 26% cash back from the government and that we would have 19 months to apply that money to the loan to reduce our monthly payment. The salesperson pressured us like we were buying an old vehicle. ARE Solar has done a fantastic job of upgrading the website to reflect the true workings of the tax credit. My solar system cost more than what some of my neighbors spent." - Charles F.
"As a handicapped veteran of the United States Army, I do not have much disposable income. They informed me I could use solar panels to offset my power cost, and they even put it in writing so I wouldn't forget. Since installing the panels, though, I have seen a rise in my output to the tune of 670–731 kWh daily. However, the electric provider is only giving me credit for 91 kWh. Instead of helping me figure out what's wrong with their own system, ARE Solar wants to charge me $383 to get a technician out to repair their meter. They are impolite and unresponsive when you call them. Once their technician arrives, I will let you know how this turns out. Oh, and you won't get compensated for any errors they make." - Jason W.
"The setup process was quick and easy. Finished in one day. The staff is kind and professional. Fixing an issue with the service is a nightmare. Getting online to check out our solar panels on the roof has been a 4-month ordeal. As soon as we did, we saw one of the panels was malfunctioning. The service provider eventually came to inspect the non-functioning panel, but it took another four months. We have tried calling many times, but each time we get a different response. When someone did show up, they said they needed to order a component. According to what we were informed at the outset, the firm always has some spares on available. It's been less than a year since the solar panels went up." - Xavier J.
"Overall, I am satisfied with both the installation procedure and the system itself; however, I am concerned that my use was under-estimated since I am still required to pay a little amount to West Penn Power each month in addition to my loan payment. The agency gave me the impression that it was possible, and I don't like that feeling. Regarding the system's promised recompense, I too feel badly misled. According to the agent, I would get $6,000 from ARE Solar itself to go toward the cost of the installation. This was not the case. An energy tax credit was never brought up as a possible form of payment. The firm did not help me along the way, and it was difficult to get in touch with someone to ask questions. This compelled me to submit a correction. On the return, the sum was less than $6,000, and to this day, I am still waiting to hear from the Internal Revenue Service." - Luis K.
"Working with this firm was a pleasure from start to finish. We met with representatives from six different solar firms when planning our installation, and after doing so, we made our final decision to go with ARE Solar with no hesitation. Incredibly impressive first meeting overview/explanation of who they are, what they do, and why. From inspections to installations to coordinating with utility providers and securing rebates, every step of the process was explained clearly and thoroughly. The installations and inspections went off without a hitch. Everyone we dealt with was professional, knowledgeable, and diligent, and the process as a whole was easy to understand and follow. The work was of good enough quality to pass inspection on the first try, and prices were reasonable. It's exciting to see how much money and energy we're able to save." - Adrian O.
"Installing photovoltaic solar panels at your house or company is simple with ARE solar. They are second to none when it comes to installation, but their true strength is in the quality of the service they provide. Solar systems may seem simple to set up, but in reality, they use complicated electro-magnetic technology, and even a little misalignment may make them ineffective. ARE has extensive knowledge and expertise in the intricacies of interfacing web-enabled solar panels, inverters, batteries, and transfer switches. We count ourselves very lucky to have connected with ARE. They are, without a doubt, the most valuable acquisition we could have made." - Cameron I.
"Professionally constructing for over 30 years in Boulder County, I have utilized ARE Solar on the past seven luxury houses I have constructed in Niwot and Longmont. ARE Solar is significantly more structured and has far higher quality installers than a major solar firm I used some years ago. The national business I hired performed a lousy job installing everything and their workers weren't properly trained. ARE Solar's installation staff has improved greatly over the last several years, with the vast majority of current installers have been with the firm for many years. They're accommodating and patient while we collaborate on the system's design. I definitely suggest ARE Solar if you're looking for a reliable home service provider." - Wyatt R.
"We scheduled the installation with ARE Solar for December 2020. The installation has exceeded our expectations. David and Casey were very quick to respond to our numerous inquiries and help us arrive at a fantastic outcome. After the project was finished, they still responded quickly to our inquiries and concerns. Excellent work by the installation teams. They were punctual, polite, neat, and hard-working. I can't stop thinking about the Solar Edge app that tracks our live power output, energy consumption, battery life, and grid connection." - Chase T.
"For our setup, I went with ARE Solar. They have been very detailed, forthright, honest, and, perhaps most significantly, reasonably priced. There is not as much pressure to use their financing vehicles as there was with other installers since they do not get commissions from their lenders. Our salesman was forthright and not at all aggressive. Some of the other sellers we spoke with made me feel like I was at a timeshare. Not these men; they're quite busy without needing your business, but not idle either. Since I am now in utility limbo (as is to be anticipated of my electrical Co-Op), I have yet to get my system installed, but I do not anticipate any problems." - Julian H.

ARE Solar Social media
As shown by Facebook's blue checkmark, ARE Solar is a reliable solar energy provider. With over 1,600 dedicated followers, it regularly updates its page. Typical examples of such material include testimonials from satisfied customers, in-depth explanations of solar power, and humorous memes/quotes. The site is well-maintained, and well-organized, and has many photographs and videos of current solar energy installations and the experts behind them. If you wish to learn more about the services and products ARE Solar provides, you may follow the provided links to various websites and publications. Overall, the ARE Solar Facebook page is expert, comprehensive, and current, providing all one needs to know about solar power.
ARE Solar is a solar power firm with a LinkedIn profile. The design of the page is fairly plain, making it seem less credible than it is. There are no visuals or details available on the firm. Despite this, there seems to be a sizable subscription base, which may be indicative of respectability. There aren't many client reviews, which is concerning since they're usually accurate reflections of a business's dependability. While at first glance ARE Solar seems to be a respectable solar energy firm, it is difficult to know for sure whether you can trust them without more research.
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ARE Solar Pros & Cons

  • Renewable Energy
  • Custom Solutions
  • Professional Service
  • High Upfront Cost
  • Maintenance Expenses
  • Limited Resources

ARE Solar Final Conclusions

ARE Solar is a nationwide company that provides dependable solar panel installation services. Customers have generally given the organization high marks for the quality of the services they have gotten. Many customers have remarked on their excellent service and low prices. If you're looking for solar energy solutions, ARE Solar is your best option.

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Main Address1155 S Tejon St Denver, CO 80223
Phone Number7207062773

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