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Mid-State Solar supplies reliable solar electric and thermal systems for residential and commercial properties. Manufacturers provide thorough training to their certified installers to ensure proper installation and system longevity. Mid-State Solar pays special attention to the roof's integrity during installation to ensure high-quality solar systems. You can rely on their expertise in installing and maintaining solar systems to save money on electricity and provide your property with clean electricity.

Mid-State Solar overview

Mid-State Solar supplies reliable solar electric and thermal systems for residential and commercial properties. Manufacturers provide thorough training to their certified installers to ensure proper installation and system longevity. Mid-State Solar pays special attention to the roof's integrity during installation to ensure high-quality solar systems. You can rely on their expertise in installing and maintaining solar systems to save money on electricity and provide your property with clean electricity.

What Mid-State Solar has to say about itself

For both business and residential buildings, Mid-State Solar offers solar energy solutions. To save money on energy and save the environment is the company's aim. In addition to helping consumers save money, the business provides complete solar energy services that support environmental conservation. Mid-State Solar is devoted to assisting its clients in making the most of their solar investment by offering specialized solar installation packages as well as effective maintenance and repair services.

Mid-State Solar Review

Year Started1977
Company Websitemidstatesolar.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, maintenance, design, financing, and monitoring.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-Ion, Lead-Acid, and Nickel-Cadmium batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, SRCC, IREC

Mid-State Solar website review

The official website of a solar energy firm is midstatesolar.com. It provides various energy solutions, including solar finance, home and commercial solar installation services, and more. It is a reliable educational resource that offers recent data about solar energy in its blog area. Along with useful tools like commonly asked questions, the website includes consumer reviews of various services. The website, including images and videos displaying recent work, is simple to use and comprehend. The website is dependable and trustworthy since it provides online quotations and rapid expert guidance. As a result, midstatesolar.com is a reliable, intelligent, and educational website.

Mid-State Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installations: Starting at $9,995, Solar Panel Maintenance: Starting at $199, Battery Storage: Starting at $3,500, Solar Inverter Installations: Starting at $2,000, Solar Monitoring Services: Starting at $9.95, Solar Shade Assessment: Starting at $195, Solar Mounting Systems: Starting at $500, Custom Solar Design Services: Starting at $1,000
Payment optionsCredit card, check, cash, or financing through a third-party lender
Payment discounts5% off on select systems and installations, Up to 10% off on solar accessories, 10% off on solar energy consultations, 5% off on referrals, Up to 10% off on bulk orders

Mid-State Solar online reputation

It should be noted that people's experiences with Mid-State Solar have been quite diverse; some have reported receiving acceptable service, while others have found the firm to be poor. Customers have applauded the expertise, service, and outcomes of Mid-State Solar despite the fact that its service charges are greater than those of rivals. Others, though, have reported service disruptions. In the end, picking a solar system supplier should be based on personal tastes, and Mid-State Solar is definitely worth taking into account.
"Our pool's solar system required maintenance before the summer since we had relocated to Ripon. I contacted to set up an appointment after seeing the Mid State Solar badge on our equipment. Despite being informed that they were "slammed," I phoned to make an appointment every week. Finally, a technician was supposed to come up on May 21, but neither they nor anybody else did so. It was unacceptable that when I phoned their office, they had no justification for the technician's actions. Mid State Solar may not be the business for you, unfortunately, if you're searching for respect for your time and a hassle-free experience." - Donald F.
"It was difficult to schedule a service appointment when we called Mid-State to have our solar heating system examined and taught how to use it correctly. Planning around their inability to commit to a precise day and time was challenging. When the technician got there, they suggested changing the whole control panel since there was a problem with the temperature control. But they simply ended up replacing the temperature sensor, and we never received an estimate for the cost of the repair. The poor customer service and lack of communication disappointed us." - Steven J.
"After purchasing a new house with solar panels already installed, we called the firm to transfer ownership. We were unpleasantly startled to hear that we had to spend $300 to link their monitoring system to our internet connection. They defended the charge by saying that we were accountable for it since we owned the panels, but that the price would have been eliminated if we had rented them. As Real Estate professionals and friends in the solar installation industry, we were shocked to find that this cost was non-negotiable. We were forced to make the decision between paying for something we could easily do ourselves or not monitoring our solar panels. In general, it was a poor experience unless you were one of the initial solar system buyers." - Brian T.
"They worked on the roof and solar for 5 months.They performed poorly, causing my patio's roof to leak for seven weeks. To get them to correct it, you had to battle them after jumping over fire rings (phone calls and texts that included pictures of the leaks). They were paid (after their " matrix " overcharged me thousands of dollars,) called them out on it, and I'm still missing a piece of my solar. Now neither the owner (who came to my house and lied to me in front of everyone) nor anybody would call, text, or contact me. I'm still waiting for someone to answer and deliver the solar component I'm lacking to me. Beware!!!" - Kevin H.
"Being unable to reach this business by the phone number provided on their website is a frustrating exercise. After finishing the installation of my solar system and getting their money, they appeared to disappear into thin air. Unfortunately, I immediately saw that my system was having issues because of the subpar inverter they had installed. However, their non-working phone number prevented me from getting in touch with them when I tried to ask for help. To replace the inverter, I had to contact a different contractor, and they agreed that Mid-State Solar's installation was the least priced choice. Based on my experience, I cannot suggest doing business with this firm." - George G.
"After researching 12 businesses and obtaining bids from 5, Mid State Solar stood out for their open and honest approach to solar. They provided me with information that other suppliers did not and kept me informed every day while the installation was being done. I heartily suggest this business since the personnel and installation crew were outstanding. After a year, my electricity expenses have decreased by 90%, and I couldn't be happier with my choice." - Mark K.
"We have been a devoted client of Mid-State Solar for almost 20 years since they built our solar pool heating system. When we made the decision to install solar panels for our home's power, I did a ton of research and gathered quotations from many solar firms. Unlike other businesses, Aaron from Mid-State visited our property and evaluated the roof, trees, and shade to develop a system that complied with neighborhood regulations. He spared us an update to the electrical panel and trenching to the street, saving us almost $10,000. Nick's installation team performed a fantastic job and found a less intrusive approach to power our panel. The electrician, Dan, was likewise on time and polite. We got a great low-interest loan and the pricing was less than comparable bids. Watching our meter run backwards is one of the joys of our day. We are extremely happy with the system and the support offered by the Mid-State Solar crew. As a retired couple, we are ecstatic!" - Paul H.
"A few years ago, we invited Mid-State Solar to our home to take care of a few small problems with the solar heating system for our pool. They stood out since the system continued to function perfectly following their visit and their fixes held up. Previously, the solar system for our pool only provided heat throughout the summer, so we were without it in April, May, and September. Our system's pipes were damaged by a tree branch, so we had to contact Mid-State Solar once again. While they were here, we requested them to boost the system's capacity by 20%. We're delighted to report that the renovations proceeded well, and the pool was usable by April. We wholeheartedly endorse this business for their knowledge and quick fixes." - Andrew N.
"We searched for a business that would emphasize after-sales customer support after our solar system failed since our previous installation had not done so. We requested quotations from Mid-State Solar, which was suggested by a friend, as well as two big businesses. We decided on Mid-State Solar despite the fact that they were a little more costly because of their stellar Yelp and other solar-specific review sites. From beginning to finish, Aaron and his staff were outstanding! They expertly accomplished the difficult removal of our old system, shingle replacement, and new system installation after carefully outlining the plan and keeping us informed on the progress. Furthermore, we are certain that Mid-State will be there to help us if we have any issues in the future. We heartily recommend this business!" - Joshua K.
"Among solar firms in San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties, Mid-State Solar stands out. Their heating system for the Israeli-made solar pool performed better than expected, and Phil, the owner, gave fantastic service. Despite being in the center of the pricing range, they were the obvious option because of their 44 years of expertise and meticulousness. When it came time to build a PV (Electric) solar system, Mid-State Solar provided a lower pricing as well as a free upgrade to better solar panels and management software. The installation was successfully finished in a short amount of time. For all solar requirements, Mid-State Solar is strongly recommended." - Kenneth D.

Mid-State Solar Social media

Mid-State Solar's Facebook page has been abandoned. The profile contains all contact information, a brief description of the company, and a link to the official website. The last updates were in July 2020, proving that the page needs to be remembered. One hundred forty-eight people subscribed to the profile, and the page has 143 likes. Although without new updates, the page has useful content; the posts contain information about the work done and are supported by photos and hashtags. Even when the page was updated periodically, it was not popular with clients, as evidenced by the small number of likes under the posts.
Mid-State Solar's profile on LinkedIn is not active. There is no useful information on it, no subscribers, no company logo, just information that such a company exists. The profile is not useful at all; it just exists.
YouTube channel not registered

Mid-State Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews134.6


Mid-State Solar Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive
  • Experienced
  • Affordable
  • Low Efficiency
  • Limited Service Area
  • Limited product selection

Mid-State Solar Final Conclusions

Regarding consumer testimonials, Mid-State Solar has a solid reputation. While some clients are pleased with the business knowledge and support, others have had unfavorable interactions. Noting that the business needs a larger social media presence. The firm may be a decent choice for people searching for high-quality solar installations, even if Mid-State Solar may not always provide the finest customer service. A 4.5 rating out of 5 is given to the business.

Mid-State Solar locations

Main Address450 Glass Ln, Suite A-1 Modesto, CA 95356
Phone Number2095517800

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