Olson Solar Energy review

It may be challenging to sort through the details and inquiries involved in selecting and installing the ideal solar system for your requirements. Call us to arrange a no-cost consultation! We will provide you the following details and address any other questions you may have during your consultation: a broad overview of solar power and solar energy systems, a discussion of the solar power installation procedure, an illustration of the size and design that would be most appropriate for your area, and the provision of cost estimates for your projects.

Olson Solar Energy overview

It may be challenging to sort through the details and inquiries involved in selecting and installing the ideal solar system for your requirements. Call us to arrange a no-cost consultation! We will provide you the following details and address any other questions you may have during your consultation: a broad overview of solar power and solar energy systems, a discussion of the solar power installation procedure, an illustration of the size and design that would be most appropriate for your area, and the provision of cost estimates for your projects.

What Olson Solar Energy has to say about itself

Within months of rejoining in Wisconsin after many years of living on opposite sides of the nation (North Carolina and Washington), two brothers founded Olson Solar Energy. Together, Cameron and Brandon Olson place a high importance on a solid work ethic, top-notch customer service, and a genuine love for solar power. They are eager to continue learning, developing, helping people, and exploring what the future holds for their business. The partnership of Cameron and Brandon is eager to close the distance between you and the solar energy system you want. They are committed to meeting your demands, whether you want to modernize your house or your place of work.

Olson Solar Energy Review

Year Started2017
Company Websiteolsonsolarenergy.com
Service AreasIA, MN, WI
Service TypesDesign and installation, maintenance and repair, consulting and financing of solar energy, energy audit, energy storage systems
Types PanelsPhotovoltaic (PV) panels, thin film solar panels and solar thermal panels
Backup BatteryLithium ion and lead acid batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB

Olson Solar Energy website review

Owner of the website and a company that specializes in the planning and installation of residential and commercial solar systems is Olson Solar Energy. The website seems to be well-organized and has clear and simple details regarding the company's offerings, products, and advantages of adopting solar. Visitors may get a decent understanding of the company's capabilities by seeing the homepage's slideshow of high-quality photographs exhibiting the business's prior solar projects. The user-friendly navigation menu makes it simple for visitors to access the data they want. The website has a contemporary layout and offers a contact form, a phone number, and an email address so that users can get in touch with the staff of the business. A website must seem overall professional and informative in order to establish confidence and trust among visitors.

Olson Solar Energy price policy

PackagesFrom $15,000 to $25,000
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card, and financing options
Payment discounts10% discount for military and veterans, 5% discount for referrals, and 10% discount for those who subscribe to a service plan

Olson Solar Energy online reputation

Based on customer reviews, Olson Solar Energy appears to be a reputable and reliable company that offers high quality solar installations. Customers appreciate the company's attention to detail, experience and commitment to customer service. Project managers and contractors are described as professional, informative and efficient in their work. In addition, customers appreciate the company's willingness to work with them and take into account their special needs, such as raising arrays so that lawn mowers can be used under them. Olson Solar Energy also deserves credit for their competitive pricing and their ability to navigate the often complex rebate process. While some customers experienced delays due to equipment orders or inclement weather, the company still maintained excellent communication and customer service throughout the process. Overall, Olson Solar Energy seems like a trustworthy and solid choice for anyone considering adding solar power to their home or business.
"Our new solar system was expertly installed by Olson Solar. Every step of the way, our project manager informed us of the status and made sure we understood everything. The system was installed quickly and efficiently by all of their contractors, who also kept our house tidy. It's wonderful to see how much clean energy it is creating and returning to the electricity system now that it's up and operating. If you're seeking to add solar to your house or place of business, I strongly suggest Olson Solar Energy! Remember that due to the many processes required, the whole procedure will take a few months. Within the 4 months we were advised to anticipate, our system was linked to the grid, and after roughly a week in service, everything is doing well!" - Richard D
"Professional, straight-forward, great with utilities and energy, always available for queries, by far the best pricing I could find in a very big region! They also raised my arrays so I could use my lawnmower underneath, which was a huge win in my book. 56 panels are divided between 2 big arrays and microinverters. Days are still short, and yesterday (Jan. 27th), 102KWH was produced. I heartily suggest them." - John LaDue
"Although the founders of Olson Solar Energy are our grandkids, we have personally seen their commitment to their company as they erected a 10kw ground mount solar panel system on our remote property in West Salem, Wisconsin, in August 2018. Both Cameron and Brandon were very competent and came up with a number of various ideas for the installation and the days that followed as they made sure the system was placed correctly!" - Valerie O.
"Olson Solar has been helpful with the rebate process, is attentive when I contact them with issues, and the installation was as easy and inconspicuous as possible. With winter clouds and snow, we haven't seen much output since we installed in September, but we still did it for the long-term advantages. Although we were offered the choice of choosing a different panel and elected to wait for the most current model, there was some delay with the equipment order from the manufacturer, which caused a delayed install from the first price. Overall, we're content that we're helping the environment in some tiny way." - Happy Customer
"From the first price to the final installation and when filing the necessary paperwork for the energy rebates, working with Olson Solar Energy was fantastic. I truly appreciate how simple they made everything for me as the homeowner. If you are considering installing solar to your house, I strongly suggest them." - Randi

Olson Solar Energy Social media

There are 2,039 likes and 2,139 followers on the Olson Solar Energy Facebook page. The average number of engagements he receives each post is 826. Additionally, the majority of postings get a large number of comments and likes, demonstrating their followers' active interaction. Olson Solar Energy's Facebook page mainly focuses on presenting the business's services and projects while also advancing solar education. Additionally, the portal offers advice on solar conversion, news on solar programs, and updates on the solar sector. The layout of the Olson Solar Energy Facebook page is simple and straightforward. The postings are arranged chronologically, giving the website a professional appearance and feel, and this makes it simple for people to browse. Overall, the Olson Solar Energy Facebook page is a fantastic illustration of engaging content and good participation. They have successfully developed a platform to advertise their solar services and education, which is probably what has helped grow their clientele and exposure.
There are 72 followers on Olson Solar Energy's LinkedIn profile. The page receives a lot of likes and comments on the postings. Additionally, several articles include various photographs and videos, which contributes to an overall boost in engagement.The updates and projects shown on Olson Solar Energy's LinkedIn profile are highlighted there, along with a promotion of solar education. Additionally, the portal includes blog entries, solar advice, and even podcast episodes. The entries on the Olson Solar Energy LinkedIn profile are chronologically arranged and the page is well-organized. Users may now surf the website with ease and immediately learn about the company's activities and offerings. Overall, Olson Solar Energy's LinkedIn profile is a fantastic illustration of engaging content and good involvement. They have successfully established themselves on the platform and raised a lot of interest in their business by using a variety of photographs, videos, and educational material.
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Olson Solar Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews584.9


Olson Solar Energy Pros & Cons

  • Services tailored to the needs of each client
  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • High quality products and services
  • Limited service area
  • Expensive compared to other solar companies
  • Limited funding options

Olson Solar Energy Final Conclusions

The development of the use of renewable energy in the United States has been significantly aided by the work of Olson Solar Energy. Their dedication to offering both residential and business clients high-quality solar energy solutions has assisted in lowering carbon emissions and reducing the consequences of climate change. The business has maintained its leadership position in the rapidly expanding solar energy sector because to its emphasis on innovation and efficiency. Their goods and services are now more affordable, dependable, and available to a larger spectrum of clients because to the application of cutting-edge technology and engineering techniques. Additionally, Olson Solar Energy has developed a devoted client base as a result of its dedication to long-term connections and customer satisfaction. Because of their exceptional service, expertise, and experience, they routinely obtain high ratings and favorable reviews. Overall, Olson Solar Energy's efforts have significantly aided the development and sustainability of the renewable energy industry. Their dedication to efficiency, innovation, and client happiness will undoubtedly help them succeed in the next years.

Olson Solar Energy locations

Main Address1447 Oak Forest Dr Onalaska, WI 54650
Phone Number(608) 780-2347

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