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In addition to solar panel installations, electrical improvements, energy efficiency solutions, and financing options, Optimum Solar Group is a full-service solar energy solution provider. Businesses, factories, and farms have specialized solar systems. In addition to its expertise in renewable energy generation, the business has developed net metering solutions for utility companies.

Optimum Solar Group overview

In addition to solar panel installations, electrical improvements, energy efficiency solutions, and financing options, Optimum Solar Group is a full-service solar energy solution provider. Businesses, factories, and farms have specialized solar systems. In addition to its expertise in renewable energy generation, the business has developed net metering solutions for utility companies.

What Optimum Solar Group has to say about itself

As a group of skilled professionals, Optimum Solar Group provides our customers with superior solar energy services. Our solar panels, solar heaters, solar thermal systems, and other related products are ideal for any home, business, or government facility. Our goal is to facilitate the global transition to a greener and more sustainable future. Optimum Solar Group is the trusted solar partner you've been looking for with our affordable solutions, comprehensive service, and highly trained employees.

Optimum Solar Group Solar Review

Year Started2019
Company Websiteoptimumsolargroup.com
Service AreasMN, UT
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, flow, and lead-acid systems.

Optimum Solar Group website review

The Optimum Solar Group website has all the hallmarks of a well-designed, reliable business hub. An expanded selection of services and goods as well as an in-depth "About Us" section are just some of the features of this website. The website also includes endorsements from authoritative sources and memberships in groups that attest to its credibility. All of these things provide the impression that Optimum Solar Group is being operated professionally and that its services can be trusted by its consumers.

Optimum Solar Group price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Systems: Starting at $9,500, Commercial Solar Systems: Starting at $15,000, Solar Battery Installation: Starting at $1,500, Solar Maintenance & Repair Plans: Starting at $50/mo, Solar Monitoring Services: Starting at $10/mo, Solar Financing Options: Starting at 2.99%, Solar Home Automation & Smart Home Technologies: Starting at $200, Solar Car Charging Stations: Starting at $1,000
Payment optionsMajor credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), eCheck, PayPal, and Solar Marketplace Financing.
Payment discountsBulk Order Discount - 5%, Referral Discount - 10%, Repeat Customer Discount - 10%, E-commerce Discount - 5%, 10-Year Warranty Discount - 15%, Government Rebate Discount - 15-25%, Zero Discharge-Installation Guarantee Discount - 5%, Military Discount - 10%

Optimum Solar Group online reputation

In general, Optimum Solar Group's consumers have had both positive and negative interactions with the company. Customers have had nothing but nice things to say about the company's customer service, payment options, and low prices. However, some consumers have complained about the long installation procedure, suggesting that it should be better organized. However, the overwhelming number of positive comments submitted by satisfied customers more than makeup for the few negative ones.
"Without my knowledge, they subcontracted the installation of solar panels on my roof after I engaged them to do so. They chose a business that went bankrupt, so now I'm stuck with a $32,000 solar debt and a bunch of useless solar panels on my roof. Knowing what I know now, I would never do business with them again." - Robert M.
"Optimum Solar Group will treat you well until you sign the contract and pay them the deposit. After that, they will ignore your calls, hang up on you, and give you an attitude when you point out unprofessionalism. Had to spend close to an hour to finally get a hold of someone to get updates on the project. Poorly trained employees seemed annoyed to do their jobs. Just something to keep in mind when they are selling you on the contract." - Hunter N.
"Can't figure out how to evaluate this firm. Even though they have a lot of positive feedback and give the impression of being a reliable business, my experience with them was terrible. After receiving four estimates, I decided to work with Optimum Solar Group and scheduled a phone consultation. When nobody phoned at the scheduled time, I had to give the business a ring. While the first conversation from a different employee went well, I have had no luck getting a response to any of my emails, phone calls, or texts after then. We were ready to join, but after receiving such awful treatment, we changed our minds. Although I recognize that they have a lot on their plate with the recent upgrade to NEM 3.0, I cannot abide by a corporation that fails to deliver on its promises. What kind of trouble will they cause when the installer comes out if this is how they behave throughout the sales process?" - Thomas J.
"We have tried to get in touch with Optimum Solar Group three times since publishing our last review, but have heard nothing back. Suddenly, it seems, the folks we were collaborating with are unable to answer. Even though Optimum Solar Group collected our $700 deposit and then decided they weren't going to put solar on our house, we haven't gotten even a partial return. Bad morals and service! Because they refuse to provide the refund, we have no choice except to pursue it via our credit card company. Credit cards are accepted here, but using them is at your own risk." - Wyatt P.
"Get back to me with a price. They gave me one, but then I had to pay $8,000 for roofing and additional money for other miscellaneous expenses. Twenty thousand dollars higher than the estimate. They went out and acquired the most respected company around. Not even one star is due you. And you did all of that behind my back and then handed me the bill. When they came to inspect my roof three months later, they still hadn't done any roofing. A fraud was the 8000. The 10 solar panels on my roof cost me an additional $7,000, yet they still don't cover my annual electricity bill. I may have to put my home up for sale." - Julian M.
"I was searching for a place to buy solar panels online when I came across an ad on Facebook. After I reached out to Optimum, Jack got immediately back to me and scheduled a time to meet up so he could explain everything about solar panels to me. Jack's thorough explanation of how the solar system operates sold me on the notion of having one installed. We scheduled a time and day for the installation thereafter. When I ran into trouble with the city's permit department, Jack promptly took care of everything they required from me to provide the permission and get the installation set up. My solar panel installation was expertly built by Belknap Electric. Throughout, Jack made care to check in with me to ensure that everything was moving forward well and on schedule. Overall, I'm delighted with Optimum and my solar panel installation. I'd suggest Optimum to anybody, and in fact, a lot of my pals are considering it for themselves." - Kevin L.
"Optimum Solar was an outstanding business partner. They were patient while I asked questions and absorbed information on solar panel installation before making any commitments. They kept in touch and followed through on their promises. The setup was straightforward, with clear instructions on what to do next. The people there are really kind and helpful." - Jordan F.
"After deciding to build a solar power system, I contacted several companies online to get price estimates. To kick off the estimate process and address any questions I had, Justin from Optimum Solar promptly returned my call. Working with him was a pleasure. He was always timely and polite in responding to emails, texts, and phone calls. After we finalized the agreement and received the solar system's components, a local installer put up the system in my home and garage and promptly addressed any concerns I had. I can only speak to the quality of the service provided by Optimum Solar, since I haven't had the system long enough to comment on its performance." - Brayden R.
"As part of a larger effort to improve our building's energy efficiency, we collaborated with Luke to install solar panels and update to more efficient HVAC systems. In order to optimize our savings, Luke performed a fantastic job of understanding the intricacies of the incentives offered by the local utilities and federal energy programs. He secured funding for our endeavor and arranged for the necessary personnel to do the necessary installations. We're relieved to see our energy expenses decreasing and our electricity production increasing." - Carter B.
"The Optimum Solar Group solar system has exceeded our expectations. Connor crafted a terrific strategy for us, and implementation and cooperation with Xcel went swimmingly. It's been up and running for a little over a year now, and we've already gotten our tax rebate. Since last June, our output has exceeded 8 MW! We replaced our air conditioner and furnace with a heat pump not long after that. The heat pump uses energy to cool the home in the summer and heat it to 20 degrees in the winter, so the solar system is also reducing our gas heating costs. If we have an excess that we can provide to the grid, we get compensated for it as well. It's a fantastic set up, really. Please accept my gratitude." - Aaron P.

Optimum Solar Group Social media

The Facebook page for the Optimum Solar Group is a fantastic source for the most recent information about the business and its offerings. It has a polished, welcoming appearance and offers a significant number of images, videos, and connections. The activity on the page indicates a high degree of involvement and popularity. Posts include customer reviews, information about projects and associated events, and news about solar energy. The website also provides useful details about the business, its staff, and its services. This page may be trusted because of its good content. With regular updates and prompt answers, the page is maintained current and serves as a great informational resource. For individuals who are interested in solar energy and its uses, the Optimum Solar Group page is an excellent resource.
Few people follow the Optimum Solar Group's LinkedIn profile, which is still rather young. With minimal information about the firm itself and no updates from them regarding what they do, its page design is simple. Additionally, there aren't many client testimonials on the website, and it doesn't say where they are located, which might make prospective consumers suspicious. It would be challenging to trust the company's page as a consequence of the little information provided. Depending on your level of interest in the Optimum Solar Group, the page could be a good place to discover some fundamentals about the business, but in the absence of further reviews and information, it would be wise to investigate other sources to make an educated choice.
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Optimum Solar Group average reviews

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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews434.7


Optimum Solar Group Pros & Cons

  • Quality Products
  • Affordable Prices
  • Professional Staff
  • High upfront costs
  • Technical complex installation
  • Limited product offerings

Optimum Solar Group Final Conclusions

By converting people's houses into renewable energy generators, Optimum Solar Group makes becoming green easy for everyone. They are well-known in the business for offering high-quality services at reasonable costs. The majority of clients give the business's services great marks, praising its professionalism, efficacy, and affordability.

Optimum Solar Group locations

Main Address3600 Arrowhead Dr Unit 9 Medina, MN 55340
Phone Number8448497094

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