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Installing a domestic solar power system is a great idea in southern Oregon. A considerable amount, if not all, of a person's annual electricity consumption, can be reduced by using solar energy because the area has plenty of sunshine and long daylight hours throughout the summer. Southern Oregon offers the same amount of sun as "sunny Florida" regarding exposure. Several types of residential solar electric systems may be installed here.

Oregon Solarworks overview

Installing a domestic solar power system is a great idea in southern Oregon. A considerable amount, if not all, of a person's annual electricity consumption, can be reduced by using solar energy because the area has plenty of sunshine and long daylight hours throughout the summer. Southern Oregon offers the same amount of sun as "sunny Florida" regarding exposure. Several types of residential solar electric systems may be installed here.

What Oregon Solarworks has to say about itself

Kirpal Khalsa owns Oregon Solarworks LLC. Since 2001, he has researched, created, and installed solar energy systems. He has license number 025LRT for Oregon Solar. In Central Point, Oregon, Kirpal and his family reside on a property powered entirely by solar energy. When he is not installing and creating solar systems, you can find him in the woods searching for edible mushrooms, on his mountain bike, rafting Southern Oregon's untamed rivers, skiing in powder, scaling mountains, or taking care of his vegetable gardens.

Oregon Solarworks Solar Review

Year Started2005
Company Websiteoregonsolarworks.com
Service AreasOR
Service TypesSolar Panel Installation, Solar System Design, Solar System Maintenance, Solar System Repair, Solar Energy Consultation, Solar Energy Monitoring, Battery Storage Solutions, Financing and Incentive Assistance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryNot specified

Oregon Solarworks website review

The Oregon Solarworks website seems modern and clear. The navigation menu is easily accessible, allowing users to conveniently explore the various sections of the HOME, SERVICES, PROJECTS, REFERENCES, ABOUT, and CONTACT sites. On the main page is a large banner with a slide show showing solar panels. The website provides detailed information about the various services offered by Oregon Solarworks. These include residential and commercial solar installations and solar panel maintenance. The site details information about discounts and federal tax benefits for residents of Ashland. The site has a section dedicated to customer reviews, and reviews are often positive. Contact information, including phone number and email address, is easily accessible on the page. In addition, there is a special form for requesting a free quote, which makes it easy for visitors to contact the company. There are no links to the company's social networks. Overall, the Oregon Solarworks website looks decent.

Oregon Solarworks price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCredit or Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Financing Options, Personal Checks, Online Payment, Platforms (PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay), Cash Payments
Payment discounts$450 rebate for grid-connected solar systems, this rebate is an upfront cash incentive. $0.25 rebate per watt of installed power, this rebate is capped at $5,000. Tax relief of 30% of the cost of the system without limitation until 2032

Oregon Solarworks online reputation

Numerous customer testimonials indicate that Oregon Solarworks is a top local business in the solar installation industry. The installation procedure itself pleased the clients. Reviews frequently draw attention to the perfect installations and the personnel at Oregon Solarworks's clear delight in their work. Their willingness to help clients through the complicated paperwork involved with grants and rebate programs indicates their attention to detail and goes above and beyond basic installation. The off-grid power-generating competence of Oregon Solarworks has gained special praise. The company's extensive expertise and experience have assisted clients who reside in outlying places. Their installations have demonstrated their dependability under trying circumstances, highlighting the worth of the company's services. Most customer testimonials concur that Oregon Solarworks is the finest option for solar installations.
"I booked a meeting for two weeks from now, during my lunch break at noon. He contacted me the day before and asked if we could meet at 2:00. I replied OK but added that I would be leaving work and asked him to call me when he was ready. I arrived at my home at 2:06 and waited until 2:10 before calling to check our status. He informed me that he waited for 5 minutes before leaving so he would arrive on time for his next appointment. He continued telling me I needed to take down trees, get a new roof, and do other things. He instructed me to "use one of them then" when I mentioned that other persons I had spoken to had volunteered to assist in getting that organized. So I am. I'm glad I witnessed how they handled consumers earlier because it prevented me from being even more dissatisfied." - Bob
"It's a fantastic local business. I received assistance from the staff at Oregon Solar Works in selecting the ideal setup. All of my calls, messages, and emails received prompt responses and any queries I had received detailed responses. I was never in the dark about the status of the projects because of excellent communication. I'm fussy, but the installation was flawless, and it was obvious that they took great delight in their work. In addition, Kirpal was open to working with me to supply all of the deliverables required for the USDA REAP grant and state rebate programs that were used to fund this solar installation.I have worked with contractors before, but this was by far the greatest one. Thank you, folks!" - Ginny
"I appreciate Oregon Solarworks installing my solar power system. Kirpal was upbeat, on time, and enlightening. My plan was set up without any issues. All of the papers were delivered on schedule. From design to installation, the business led me through the whole process. I am pleased with their job. My vision of PV electricity has become a reality thanks to Oregon Solarworks! I heartily endorse their offerings." - Josh
"I have a lovely home on a property off the grid in the hills above Ashland. For over six years, I relied on a modest generator and two batteries for my electricity needs. Ironically, True South Solar recommended Oregon Solarworks to me since they knew Kirpal was an expert with off-grid installations. He had previously installed systems at two nearby houses so I could test my system with a few quick walks. My neighbors highly recommended Kirpal, so I hired him to set me up. My life has been given new life since reliable, continuous, REAL power became available. I cleaned up my power tools, bought new ones, and placed lights in a sizable, previously gloomy workspace. Now, I'm enjoying all I can accomplish. This advantage could have been provided to me by any skilled solar installation, but it was a delight to have Oregon Solarworks as the installers. When my generator failed in the face of a snowstorm, my system went online ahead of schedule and on budget. In that instant, I felt saved, and ever since, I've appreciated the soundness and dependability of the system they installed even more. I have no qualms about recommending Kirpal and Oregon Solarworks to anyone who wants to take advantage of solar energy." - Peter
"A few years before house building started, we briefly talked with Kirpal and ultimately decided on Oregon Solarworks. Kirpal has a wealth of information and is passionate about his profession. He was the best to work with during the process, and we have told everyone who has inquired about our array about him. Highly recommended is Oregon Solarworks!" - Andrew
"Knowledge about solar. I was ready to use the solar power I asked for. I applied for rebates over a longer period. A different installation advised me to construct a fence around my system for safety. Still, this one went above and beyond to cover the panel wiring underneath the array for no additional charge. My inverter's warranty was extended without charging me an extra penny for 25 years, and I had positive testimonials from other buyers." - Parker

Oregon Solarworks Social media

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Oregon Solarworks average reviews

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Oregon Solarworks Pros & Cons

  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Quality Installations
  • Schedule and deadlines
  • Demand and Availability
  • Cost ratio

Oregon Solarworks Final Conclusions

Due to its performance and high customer service, Oregon Solarworks has made a name for itself as a reputable participant in the solar energy sector. The business is strongly dedicated to quality, as seen in the excellent feedback and testimonials it has received from consumers, demonstrating its devotion to providing top-tier solar solutions. Working with offline installations is a noteworthy aspect of Oregon Solarworks. Clients in distant locations or searching for energy alternatives frequently value the company's expertise in developing dependable autonomous systems. Oregon Solarworks is a reliable option for various energy demands because of its capabilities. Oregon Solarworks has, however, experienced certain difficulties, just like any other company. Occasionally, miscommunications, scheduling issues, or interactions that fell short of expectations were mentioned in evaluations. A few customers have expressed concerns about the costs and range of services supplied, even though the company's expertise and quality are highly respected.

Oregon Solarworks locations

Main AddressPO Box 502 Rogue River, OR 97537
Phone Number5412990402

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