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Pell Solar, a US-based renewable energy firm, manufactures and installs solar panels, energy storage systems, and other energy-saving devices. Pell Solar empowers clients to transition to clean, renewable energy with industry-leading solar equipment and local and state incentives. Their skilled staff creates customized energy solutions to assist homes and businesses cut energy bills and carbon emissions.

Pell Solar overview

Pell Solar, a US-based renewable energy firm, manufactures and installs solar panels, energy storage systems, and other energy-saving devices. Pell Solar empowers clients to transition to clean, renewable energy with industry-leading solar equipment and local and state incentives. Their skilled staff creates customized energy solutions to assist homes and businesses cut energy bills and carbon emissions.

What Pell Solar has to say about itself

Since 2003, Pell Solar has been a family owned and operated business serving Idaho and Southern California. Pell Solar specializes in electric billing issues. There is a problem with purchasing certain equipment? Pell Solar solves that problem! With over 18 years of solar system installation and customer service, quality installation is a top priority! Pell Solar has everything you need to install a solar system seamlessly. Pell Solar's first priority is to educate customers on the economics of solar energy.

Pell Solar Review

Year Started2003
Service AreasID, CA
Service TypesResidential solar, Grid-tied, Energy audits, Residential solar, Hybrid solar systems, Energy monitoring
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline solar panels.
Backup BatteryGel/AGM, sealed lead acid, lithium-ion, and lead-carbon batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP PVIP, UL 1703, IEC, CSI, ISCP

Pell Solar website review

The official website of Pell Solar is a well-designed, informative resource for anyone interested in the company's solar energy solutions. The site includes sections About Us, Financing, News, Locations, and Reviews. In the About Us section, there is no history or description of the company, which left a bad impression. However, there are a lot of photo materials with the company's team on completed projects. Also on the site, you can leave a request for a callback, which is very convenient. The section with news in the world of Solar distinguishes this site from the rest, it is pleasing. In conclusion, the site will help in choosing a solar company and will give you all the basic information.

Pell Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Panel System starts at $6,500, Solar Installation and Installation Kit starts at $8,000, Solar Battery Package starts at $5,000, Solar Monitoring Package starts at $1,500, Solar System Maintenance Package starts at $1,000, Solar Energy Storage Package starts at $2,500
Payment optionsCredit/debit cards, cash, check, money order, and financing.
Payment discounts0.5% discount for customers signing up for the “Pell Solar Lifetime Warranty Plan", Up to 10% off installation costs for Pell Solar customers who purchase their own installation materials, Up to 10% off pre-paid packages, Up to 10% off when multiple systems are purchased, Up to 10% discount when you refer a friend to Pell Solar, 0.25% discount for customers who set up Auto-Pay, 0.5% discount for customers who sign up for Yearly Maintenance Program, 6% maximum discount when you purchase one of Pell Solar’s solar panel bundle packages.

Pell Solar online reputation

Pell Solar has been providing residential and commercial services for many years. Throughout this time period, customers have provided both positive and negative feedback to the business. Others are dissatisfied with the customer service, particularly the disagreeable treatment they received, whereas others are content with the service quality and value. According to reviews, Pell Solar offers reasonable prices and quality services, but the company could improve its customer service.
"It is with regret that I need to amend this review. The very first rain that fell following the installation caused a leak in precisely the same location on our roof where the solar panels had been put. Even after they brought over their specialist to mend the roof, water is still getting in. They are now making the allegation that the skylight is the source of the leak, and they are refusing to take any more action. The employees were the first people to ever cause the roof to develop a leak. In addition, he fractured a tile and then filled the crack with tar." - Brandon S.
"Keep away -- I would attempt a different business. The customer assistance has been poor, but the installation appears to be working well thus far. Questions remain unanswered, and after sending the cash to Pell, I stopped hearing from them. They never provided instructions on how to use and maintain solar panels. I made contact but got no answer. This business has the appearance of being disorganized. This was true for everyone, even the owner and office personnel." - John B.
"Had the unpleasant experience of interacting with the owner. He is the epitome of impoliteness. After reading through all of these reviews, I realized that I am not the only "customer" who Josh verbally abuses and treats in a manner that is utterly unprofessional. If you are searching for quality customer service or even simply basic human decency, he will never provide any of those things to you. Prepare yourself to be mistreated." - Lilly G.
"If you intend to purchase solar from this store. I would advise staying away. I contacted the store in the morning forty minutes after it opened, spoke with a staff member, and was then assured that someone would call me back. After calling the store again four hours later, a new member of staff reiterated the same thing: someone will call you back. The store is now closing. YET I STILL DON'T GET A REPLY CALL. If the customer care is this bad, I can only imagine the terrible customer service I will have in the road if I buy solar from them. Ya'll been Warn." - Fu Y.
"It seems that for more than a month, my solar was not functioning, but I did not get any phone calls informing me of this issue. Edison had to send me a charge for $640 before I could find out the truth. I have phoned this business six times and left voicemails, but I have not heard any callbacks from them. Utilizing the services of this firm is something that I would never suggest. I am going to make it a point to provide my comments on Yelp as well." - Greany C.
"Pell Solar was one of the first businesses to get in touch with me when I was searching for a solar provider. The amount of knowledge Josh shared with me regarding solar installation and how it will be done astounded me. And how my Edison bill might be impacted. All of the installers were excellent and highly competent. It was swift, rapid, and professional, like I mentioned. Anybody searching for solar power should choose Pell Solar, in my opinion. Since my installation in December, I have not received an Edison bill as of August 12. Gratitude to Pell Solar" - Michael R.
"I really loved the whole process, from the estimate to the bids to the signing of the contract to the installation. Aaron was incredible, and he was straightforward about all of the topics. We are really grateful to have our solar system, and we enjoy putting it to use during the warmer months. Pell Solar was the only firm that was honest and made us feel like we were making a fantastic choice. We had three other companies come out and give us quotes, but Pell Solar was the only one that was trustworthy." - Amanda F.
"Since our solar system was completed in September 2020, this review is a little after schedule, but I didn't want Shaun Evans at Pell Solar to go unnoticed for the fantastic service we had. First of all, Shaun spent a lot of time on the phone with my husband and me, in the beginning, going through all of the variations in solar technology. Even though we already adored Shaun, we went on to get a number of other estimates only to give the impression that we had done our research. We requested the identical model panels, inverters, and warranty coverage from each business since we understood it was important to compare like with like. They all said that they couldn't compete with the offer Shaun made to us. Professional and timely handling was provided at every stage of the procedure. What more is there to say than that Shaun is the best representative and the best solar company in terms of professionalism, expertise, compassion, dependability, and price? " - Cindy T.
"We chose to work with Pell Solar after completing extensive research on solar contractors. I can't express how professionally they conducted their work enough. Our contact was Shaun, and I thought a lot of him right away. Shaun was incredibly competent, kind, and professional. We ultimately had a really sturdy solar system that was easy to install and operating well. Every concern was answered, and the outcome was fantastic. Now two years old, our system is still functional. Along with our system, we also upgraded our electric panel entirely. The positioning of the panels is the finest part; you wouldn't even notice their being there. Thank you to Shaun in particular and Pell Solar for always being available and addressing questions." - Edison M.
"David took our call and patiently answered all of our questions about pell solar. He never made any attempt to get us to sign anything. It was reassuring to have a positive experience considering the size of the transaction. Our 35 panels were installed expertly by Stephen and his team, and they look fantastic. Excellent from the very first contact till the installation was complete. I appreciate David asking for your assistance. Stephen, I want to thank you and your team for the fantastic work. Pell Solar is a great choice." - Scott C.

Pell Solar Social media
The Pell Solar Facebook page is not short of fresh material. About 400 people have subscribed to the page, which is encouraging. For them, information about the page, office location, and a link to the main website are available. There are also customer reviews available, but they fall short of reviews from other sources. They can be rated about 3.5 stars out of 5. Last updated in February 2023, but activity peaked in 2018.
The firm page on Pell Solar's LinkedIn profile seems to be unfinished and devoid of content. The only information provided about the firm is very fundamental, such as what it is that the company does, the office location, and a link to the official website. Surprisingly, more than one hundred individuals have chosen to follow the page. On the other hand, you won't discover anything that would be of interest to you on this page since it doesn't include any publications or job openings.
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Pell Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews113.9


Pell Solar Pros & Cons

  • Experienced
  • Innovative
  • Supportive
  • Long-term commitment
  • Limited warranties
  • High maintenance costs

Pell Solar Final Conclusions

Pell Solar offers its services to homeowners in two different parts of the country. The reviews that are available show that people have both positive and negative things to say about the business. Considering the numerous favorable evaluations and contented clients, it is a very dependable company with a rating of more than 4 stars. Overall, Pell Solar seems to be a respectable option for people considering solar power; however, if the business intends to expand in the future, it will need to make some adjustments.

Pell Solar locations

Main Address780 S Milliken Ave, Ontario, CA 91761
Phone Number8666468499

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