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To improve air quality by sourcing from environmentally and socially responsible product lines and manufacturers; to provide an honest, consistent, and realistic message to meet the needs of our clientele; to supply high-quality, tried-and-true products; and to develop innovative energy-saving strategies are all central to Phoenix Energy Products' mission. Pride, Excellence, and Performance are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy, and we apply them to every project we do.

PEP Solar overview

To improve air quality by sourcing from environmentally and socially responsible product lines and manufacturers; to provide an honest, consistent, and realistic message to meet the needs of our clientele; to supply high-quality, tried-and-true products; and to develop innovative energy-saving strategies are all central to Phoenix Energy Products' mission. Pride, Excellence, and Performance are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy, and we apply them to every project we do.

What PEP Solar has to say about itself

The household solar photovoltaic (PV) sector was founded by Phoenix Energy Products LLC, doing business as PEP Solar. The Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ rating, making us the preeminent provider of solar panels for use on rooftops in private homes. Our team's total years of expertise in engineering, design, and integration exceed 150 years. Since we opened in 1978, we have had the pleasure of assisting over 17,000 happy clients. To continue the road toward a more sustainable future for our community while enhancing the lives of home and business owners via proven new technologies and steadfast devotion is our company's top priority.

PEP Solar Review

Year Started1978
Service AreasAZ
Service TypesResidential and commercial solar energy installation, energy storage solutions, consulting and engineering services, financing options
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline panels, as well as thin film and bifacial panels
Backup BatteryTesla, Sonnen, and LG Chem

PEP Solar website review

Leader in solar energy solutions is PEP Solar. Their website helps to advertise and educate visitors about their offerings. They have a polished, user-friendly website design that is user experience optimized. A brief summary of the company's services, a "Get Quote" button, and contact information are all included on the landing page's contemporary design and eye-catching graphics. Clear, organized, and user-friendly navigation is provided. Key information is highlighted with graphics and color, and a section featuring customer reviews is also there. A summary of the company's past and current goals may be found on the About Us page. A unique "Events and Awards" page is also available that showcases the business' accomplishments. A blog run by PEP Solar is also available, with articles regarding solar energy that are informative and instructive. This is a fantastic approach to learn more about the subject and stay current with news about the field. In conclusion, the PEP Solar website is attractive, easy to use, and offers visitors useful information about the business and its assets.

PEP Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsMajor credit and debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and JCB, as well as PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
Payment discountsCash advance rebates and discount financing for residential customers, discounts for US veterans and military personnel, volume discounts for commercial customers

PEP Solar online reputation

Customer reviews for PEP Solar are quite contradictory. There were happy clients that had good experiences with the organization. According to them, PEP Solar is knowledgeable, thorough, and trustworthy. Customers praised PEP Solar's in-depth discussions of their requirements and the design options offered to them. Customer service, installation, and explanation of how things worked were also highlighted as strengths of the organization. Some consumers, however, spoke up about their poor experiences. They complained about PEP Solar's unresponsiveness and lack of after-sales assistance. Some others said they had a hard time getting their messages or calls returned. These consumers also felt let down by the warranty coverage, and cited difficulties with their solar systems including faulty components or power management. Disappointment and irritation arose from claims of poor customer service and unfulfilled promises. There is a wide variety of PEP Solar customer service experiences reflected in the reviews. Some clients have had positive experiences with the firm, while others have had bad ones, mostly with the company's after-sales assistance and warranty concerns. Before deciding whether or not to use PEP Solar's services, prospective clients should thoroughly assess these issues and weigh all elements.
"As a result, I purchased the 27-panel array in 2014, and ever since then, I've had nothing but problems with the power management. I learned from Sean over the phone and through email that the firm who manufactured my panels has now gone out of business. Short version: I have to pay for a $25,000 system that doesn't operate until I pay an additional $3,000 to $8,000, since the warranty only covers labor. I don't see the point of a warranty." - Brad
"My 6.75 kilowatt system from 2015, which was marketed to me as the "Cadillac" of systems, was actually fitted with lower quality components. They say they are not responsible for the malfunctioning system (failed components) since the original manufacturer is no longer in business. Now they say it's my job to get the now-defunct manufacturer to uphold the guarantee on the $25,000 system that failed inside the first five years, despite the fact that the warranty was only good for the actual act of installation. Since the guarantee covers just the labor, the 25-year duration now makes sense. I contend they inflated their earnings by selling defective goods." - Brad
"PEP Solar's support services are mediocre at best. No one has returned my calls after I left four messages requesting help. After reaching the office, we were told the owner would call us back immediately; however, we never heard from him. Four of our solar panels are broken. We contacted again today and were assured that we will get a response. There has been no phone contact. On January 6th, we were supposed to have a service call for routine maintenance. No one showed up, and no one even bothered to phone and cancel or reschedule. The quality of after-sale service is the deciding factor among the numerous solar panel manufacturers. We would look at the quality of the customer care offered if we were to buy solar panels again. Our standards would not have been met by PEP Solar." - Lantz
"The after-sale service is also problematic for me. My emails sometimes go ignored, or I'll receive a reply many days after I sent it. The majority of scheduled events and commitments are broken. The solar panels seem to be of high quality, however customer service and attitude are very lacking." - Joe
"If you can't acquire the necessary replacement components, a solar power system with a 25-year guarantee that's gradually deteriorating is pointless. It failed as early as 4 years of age and is currently about 8 years old. So, I'm only down $25,000 on a half functional system, and there was no blah blah blah my fault/your obligation involved. However, I may purchase a replacement system from them for a price that has yet to be published." - Brad
"PepSolar was really helpful and detailed. They questioned us to learn the goals we had for the system. We spoke about costs, how much power we use now, and our projections for the future. After discussing our needs, they provided ** with a variety of design possibilities. Which included the total number of panels, their layout, and whether or not they were roofed over. Not to mention battery life, battery count, and battery location. It took longer than anticipated to get our system up and operating due to weather and the permit filing, review, inspection, and approval procedure. However, after PepSolar began working on our installation, they did not abandon us in favor of a new client. They were helpful and kind during the whole installation process and beyond." - Brent
"We are very pleased with the work that was done on our Cochise County property. They did not hide the costs associated with installing the solar panels and SPAN in two different areas so that we could power our house and well. A Tesla battery was purchased, and a second is planned. They were quite helpful in that they clarified everything for us, demonstrated how everything worked, and cleaned up after themselves. I have no qualms about recommending PEP Solar." - Lois
"I work as an expert in job transfers for a prominent solar and electronics firm. Pep Solar, the independent solar panel contractor we chose, has been fantastic. Skilled and exhaustive in their work. Together with Pep Solar, we will continue to improve the globe by installing solar batteries everywhere." - Talicia
"My family and I have had negative luck with two prior solar energy companies before finding PEP Solar. Everyone we've dealt with or even simply spoken to has been really kind and professional. They have been incredibly accommodating to my wife and I, answering all of our queries and addressing our issues in language that we could comprehend. The staff at PEP Solar has been really helpful and enlightening. Working with PEP Solar has been a pleasure, and we hope to do it again in the future." - Danney
"For a variety of reasons, excellent customer service has become more rare over the last year. Recently, I have had so many service providers fail to deliver on their promises that I fully anticipate it will happen again. I appreciate Diane and all of her PEP Solar colleagues for the help they've given me lately. Several items have caught my attention recently: First, workers follow through on their commitments. They keep their word if they say they will get back to you later today. The staff is trained to make each and every one of their customers feel like they are priority number one. This is the kind of care and attention I expect to get as a client, and the firm clearly understands what I'm looking for. Third, they do their best to satisfy customers' expectations despite the fact that it's hard right now (because to COVID) to believe that service providers will show up when they say they would. The company's ethos emphasizes providing exceptional service to customers without making any exceptions." - Joe

PEP Solar Social media
The PEP Solar Facebook page is a useful tool for communicating with current and new customers and promoting your services. The website is structured logically and clearly, with distinct tabs for Home, Photos, Videos, and Events. Customers' testimonies, news about new services, articles and photographs pertaining to solar energy, as well as advice and resources, are all included in the content. Additionally, the page has intriguing entries that draw users in and promote dialogue. With the intention of educating and entertaining its audience, the page is interactive and engaging. Additionally, they utilize it to advertise their products and occasions as well as to highlight the achievements of their clientele. Even the customer care option allows users to get in touch with the business directly with any queries or grievances. Overall, the PEP Solar Facebook page is a fantastic tool for connecting with a large and active audience. They may show their dedication to provide high-quality service and support by using entertaining and educational material as well as customer service.
The LinkedIn page for PEP Solar is a fantastic venue for them to display their professional profiles and network with other businesses or future employers. Along with a list of their team members and their titles, it includes an overview of the business and its offerings. The page offers links to their open positions and is a terrific approach to draw in new applicants. The website also includes postings on news and events pertaining to the business as well as subjects linked to solar energy, such rules and policies. By fostering a common understanding of the organization's goal and values, this keeps the page alive and relevant. Overall, PEP Solar's LinkedIn profile is a terrific resource for recruiting new staff members as well as advertising and disseminating vital information about their sector. This is a fantastic approach for them to get more professional recognition and open doors for them to work with other industry experts and firms.
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PEP Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews15


PEP Solar Pros & Cons

  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • Competitive prices
  • Convenient financing options
  • Not available in all US regions
  • Their products cost more than other solar solutions
  • May not fit all types of roofs

PEP Solar Final Conclusions

When it comes to solar energy, PEP Solar has a stellar reputation and is a top provider. its team of experts is dedicated to providing excellent service and assistance to its clients. Solar energy is made more accessible because to their extensive product line, low costs, and flexible payment plans. Furthermore, they have won several accolades and certificates for their dedication to environmental sustainability. As a result, PEP Solar has become a frontrunner and one of the solar industry's most respected brands.

PEP Solar locations

Main Address2025 W Deer Valley Rd | Suite 104 Phoenix, AZ 85027
Phone Number6233233850

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