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PlugPV is an energy technology business that focuses on smart ways to use solar energy. The company creates, develops, and makes solar solutions for both homes and businesses. PlugPV also offers customers who want to get the most out of their solar energy systems counseling services.

PlugPV overview

PlugPV is an energy technology business that focuses on smart ways to use solar energy. The company creates, develops, and makes solar solutions for both homes and businesses. PlugPV also offers customers who want to get the most out of their solar energy systems counseling services.

What PlugPV has to say about itself

PlugPV's goal is to provide businesses and homes with renewable energy. Our advanced products allow consumers to take control of their energy bills, reduce their impact on the environment and improve the world as a whole. Our solar energy solutions include panels, inverters, and more, and we back them up with world-class customer service and free technical assistance.

PlugPV Solar Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasCT, FL, IL, MA, NJ, NY, VT
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and hybrid battery systems.
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, UL, CEC, FCC, IEC

PlugPV website review

Customers and potential customers may trust the company's official website,, for truthful and current information. The website offers information about PlugPV's offerings, commitment to excellence, and focus on client happiness. Additionally, there is a wealth of information about renewable energy available, including blogs, consumer reviews, and the most recent business news. Finding the information you need is made easy by the website's style and design. For visitors who have questions, the website also provides customer service contact information. Users may generally rely on the information provided by

PlugPV price policy

PackagesHome System Package: Solar Panels: Starting at $3,500, Mounting System: Starting at $1,500, Inverter: Starting at $1,500, Solar Battery: Starting at $2,500; Commercial System Package: Solar Panels: Starting at $25,000, Mounting System: Starting at $10,000, Inverter: Starting at $10,000, Solar Battery: Starting at $15,000; Battery System Package: Solar Panels: Starting at $5,000, Mounting System: Starting at $3,000, Inverter: Starting at $3,000, Solar Battery: Starting at $5,000
Payment optionsCash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
Payment discountsRefer-A-Friend Discount: 10%, Multi-Unit Discount: 10%, Military Discount: 10%, Government Employee Discount: 10%, Senior Citizen Discount: 10%

PlugPV online reputation

Customers have generally been pleased with PlugPV. Numerous clients have praised the business for its dependability and top-notch customer support. Additionally, they value the range of goods and services that PlugPV provides. On the other side, some consumers have complained about the high prices of several goods and services as well as the long wait times for responses to their queries. Customers have yet to compliment PlugPV for its dedication to providing high-quality services and goods.
"First off, I apologize for my annoying and negative review, but our system has been inactive for four months. Electricity prices are rising nationally from 15% to 60% in the interim. We regrettably missed the summer's most beautiful sunny days. The technician received some instructions from the inspector, but we received no calls. The wires in the roof were checked and fixed by a single expert last month, but nothing further transpired after that. Unfortunately, things deteriorated worse. Nothing occurs. I'm hoping to hear back from PlugPV. They could be highly responsive in the state of New York, but definitely not in Massachusetts. They should be able to aid and support me as quickly as feasible." - Terry B.
"Terrible company. The dishonest vendors disappeared after the contract was signed. More than six months later, they changed the contract and demanded full payment, even though only 70% was required before the system was turned on. After installation, for about 4 months there was no power generation. When I inquired about this, their attorney advised me to go directly to the power provider and do my part. The owner of the company also did not respond to emails. Unfortunately, the reality is that plugpv made several mistakes in the paperwork and permits, which delayed the utility company from completing their part of the installation. The fact that I spent money and didn't have to process all aspects of the contract is the reality of the situation, ensuring that the utility provider can complete the installation. The reality is that Plugpv neglected to provide permits." - Damon K.
"I chose them as a result of what the salesman, assured me. On 5/5/21, when I signed the contract, I was told to expect installation in late July or early August. The installation has not been done for many months. The supervisor, was communicative. Even though they demanded full payment, it is now December 27 and I still do not have a working solar system. The last time we talked, they advised me to go directly to the power provider if I wanted my system to generate electricity." - Louis N.
"They accepted my enrollment in JUNE! In July, I finally had my solar installed. It still doesn't work, and it's almost December! They say they are "waiting" on someone else every time I call. However, when I reach the waiting stage, they inform me that it will take a few days to a week. Two to three weeks later, we are still waiting! They continued attempting to cut corners even though they were aware that I required a new panel and the process was getting longer. I'm prepared to have our agreement terminated when they remove their panels." - Arthur G.
"I'm unable to comment on the job or the goods, but it seems as if I've fallen victim to a dubious sales strategy. An apparently friendly enough door-to-door salesperson promised to conduct a survey, email me the findings in the form of a proposal, and then discuss the possibility of executing a solar lease. She also stressed that I wasn't committing or signing up for anything. Aside from not making a courtesy call before arriving, they were once again nice and professional when they came by and completed the survey. I never got the survey's findings or recommendation, but now PlugPV is calling to say thank you for selecting them to install solar panels and to set up a work schedule. Even if I liked the concept, I would be hesitant to cooperate with a business that used aggressive sales techniques." - Kishan A.
"When deciding to switch to solar, it was such a pleasure to work with effective, competent, capable, informed, and communicative individuals. It was a happy and stress-free experience thanks to the competent salesman Kaleb, the site engineers, the installation team, the finance, and our point of contact at the PlugPV office. Everything was completed quickly, correctly, and expertly. Working with the PlugPV crew was so reviving. a wonderful encounter. I'm grateful." - Suraj M.
"Since I live in CT, I was a little concerned that PlugPV is based in Albany. PPV had the best (credible) cost and answered my questions really quickly, even on weekends, and I chose to go for it because of how satisfied I had been with their attention and pricing throughout the decision process. PPV continued to outperform throughout the planning phases, offering timely and effective service. extremely process-oriented and customer-focused. The installation is the same. The team was huge and skilled, and they finished the installation in half a day (although I had anticipated they would need more time). After approximately two hours of usage, my SolarEdge inverter blew, which was the only issue. I knew SolarEdge has quality problems, but I didn't anticipate this. When that happened, PPV took a while to react and even longer to replace the device. To be fair, however, the problem came up just before Christmas, so I'm sure they were pressed for time. However, the unit's replacement took more than three weeks, which was far too long. I won't punish PPV in the end for its tardy reaction to my maintenance requests. Overall, they were excellent - receptive, enlightening, and really professional." - Alan D.
"We had a great time working with PlugPV and would definitely recommend them! From beginning to end, the procedure was simple and flawless, and our salesman, is undoubtedly responsible for this. He was really kind, took the time to address all of our inquiries, and was always on hand to help us out. He remained committed to us even after the solar panels were put in place. He took the time to get in touch with us to let us know that if we needed anything in the future, not to worry, he would be pleased to assist. You won't regret going with Harry and PlugPV." - Bruce C.
"High-quality panels and outstanding customer service were supplied by Plug PV. From the first informational meeting until the project's completion, Elvis was constantly reachable and kept me informed. As I needed a new funding source due to a concurrent geothermal project, Jackson was able to help with financing questions and approvals. Kol was a competent foreman who patiently addressed all of my inquiries about how to cover exposed pipe and easements to produce a symmetrical and visually beautiful result. They will be put to use if I ever decide to expand my solar panel array." - Frank K.
"Wow, such a terrific company—that is all I have to say. From the beginning to the end, Fred managed my project, and he was excellent. He is excellent at what he does and is accessible at all times. When I would contact him at midnight with worries, he would pick up the phone and reassure my family and I about our purchase. If you're considering going solar, I urge you to choose PlugPV since it has been nothing less than a wonderful experience. From purchases to communication, everything was excellent. Go with PlugPV if you want excellent customer service and solar, and I suggest that you ask for Fred." - Andy P.

PlugPV Social media
The Facebook page for the business PlugPV is a warm and welcoming online presence that aims to provide clients with a gateway into the solar energy industry. Reviews, images, and videos that provide a clear understanding of the items the firm offers are included on the website, which is well-designed. With multiple postings every week, the page is quite active and has over 500 Likes. You may get updates on the items as well as on market trends, governmental incentives, and tax credits via this website. It is a fantastic resource for keeping up with the most recent advancements in solar technology. In addition, PlugPV provides some informative blog pieces on environmental sustainability. All of this is quite useful information that unquestionably helps to establish their reputation as a reliable business. All in all, anybody interested in learning more about solar energy should visit PlugPV's Facebook page.
A US-based solar energy business named PlugPV is highlighted on LinkedIn. Although not many people have followed them on the page just yet, the page's quality and design are compelling. It offers in-depth descriptions of their goods, devoted workers, and customers, as well as resources for individuals curious to learn more about solar energy and its advantages. Because of the pictures, videos, and other tangible proof of their dedication to what they do, which is to provide sustainable energy solutions and contribute to a better world, we can be sure that this website is trustworthy. A reputable and knowledgeable source of information about solar energy, PlugPV seems to.
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PlugPV average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews2594.8


PlugPV Pros & Cons

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable
  • Maintenance
  • Limited Installations
  • Reliance on Electric Grid

PlugPV Final Conclusions

PlugPV is a solar energy provider that serves both commercial and residential customers. In addition to assessing energy efficiency, they also provide services for solar panel installations for homes and businesses. According to testimonials, PlugPV delivers excellent service and goods.

PlugPV locations

Main Address630 7th Ave Troy, NY 12182
Phone Number5189485316

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