Powur Energy review

Powur Energy is an adequate solar energy provider with some redeeming qualities, such as a commendable mission statement and service guarantee. The negatives of dealing with this firm include the potential for subcontractors to add complications to your installation, and a lack of customer assistance after your panels have been installed. Powur Energy is not the greatest solar panel installation company in our opinion. However, there are worse things.
Powur Energy review

Powur Energy overview

Powur Energy is an adequate solar energy provider with some redeeming qualities, such as a commendable mission statement and service guarantee. The negatives of dealing with this firm include the potential for subcontractors to add complications to your installation, and a lack of customer assistance after your panels have been installed. Powur Energy is not the greatest solar panel installation company in our opinion. However, there are worse things.

What Powur Energy has to say about itself

Powur Energy was established in 2014 by Jonathan Budd in Del Mar, California (then known as Powur PBC). Prior to founding Powur Energy, Jonathan's expertise in the solar industry was minimal, but he had previously founded many enterprises in the environmental sector. He also had extensive expertise in business and marketing, which likely influenced his choice to launch Powur and expand it throughout the country. Powur Energy's mission is to increase the global use of solar energy by informing customers of the many advantages of solar power and its potential as a clean energy source while maintaining competitive pricing.Through its role as a solar marketing tool and the use of third-party contractors, Powur is able to complete a large number of installations. On the Inc. 5000's 2021 list of the nation's fastest-growing private companies, Powur ranked in at number 61. In keeping with the CEO's history of entrepreneurship, Powur Energy has an ambassador program to promote the brand, which has been criticized by some in the industry for being too showy or marketing-heavy.

Powur Energy Solar Review

Year Started2014
Company Websitepowur.com
Service AreasCA
Service Typesdesign, installation, financing, monitoring and maintenance and consulting services
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium

Powur Energy website review

The website features an intuitive navigation, a clean structure, and a contemporary appearance. The site has a large header picture and a call to action that encourages visitors to find out more about the company's goods and services. The website's material is educational and well-written, offering thorough information about the company's goals, goods, and services. It also contains client endorsements, which may aid in gaining the confidence of future clients. The Powur website looks to be well-designed, educational, and user-friendly overall.

Powur Energy price policy

Packagesfrom $10,000 to $15,000
Payment optionsCash payments, solar loans, solar leases
Payment discountsdiscounts vary depending on the size and type of system, but can be as high as 10-20%

Powur Energy online reputation

Judging by customer feedback, Powur Energy seems to have received mixed reviews from its customers. Some customers are dissatisfied with the service, quality of work and communication with the company, others are satisfied with the work of the company. The negative reviews state that the company has poor employee training, unprofessionalism and poor communication. The installation process was slow, with some customers waiting months for their solar panels to be installed. In some cases, solar panels were installed but did not work, and some have design flaws. On the other hand, positive reviews praise Powur Energy for affordable prices, excellent customer service and professionalism. They stated that the company's employees were knowledgeable and competent and guided the installation process with ease. The installation process was quick and easy, no upfront fees. The level of customer service was excellent with prompt responses to questions and concerns. Overall, Powur Energy seems to have some areas of improvement in terms of quality of work, communication and professionalism, but some customers are satisfied with the company's performance.
"Reflecting back what others have stated. This business is an absolute farce. My panels have been placed since December, but they have still not passed the final inspection. Among other things, there were design faults. Every possible negative outcome occurred. Even though my electricity is not on, I have been making my loan payments. Sarah, the project manager, is a ding dong. She have zero knowledge. Kids were used as the installation's "techs" by the company. No one is capable of even offering answers, much alone knowing what they are doing.Take your time, money, and business elsewhere as a courtesy to yourself." - Tina
"A really unprofessional company, this one! Due to their poor employee training, I lost two customers, and one is now awaiting legal action. It's the worst firm I've ever worked for, and I'm an agent for it. They continuously claim 5 STAR service but manage to Blow UP IN THE PROCESS due to their poor installation partners, roofers, and other contractors. Homeowners should use caution, and consultants should avoid doing business with them since you can end up having to wait months for an installation." - Jose
"I wouldn't award any stars to this business. Even though we entered into our contract in April 2022, we have yet to pass inspections. POWUR has made three unsuccessful efforts to resolve the problem without success. I have phoned and left the management, project managers, and sales manager multiple messages, but I have not received a response. This problem has persisted for months, and there have been no improvements in how we are utilizing our solar panels." - Vanessa
"He seems unconcerned about your house and is a sloppy stucco man. does not cover his floor with a drop cloth to catch the stucco that falls from the ceiling as it falls, so the stucco drops land there. To clean up his mess, I shall ultimately hire a power washer. Additionally, it doesn't conceal your electrical panel, so your hardware will still look old and worn. ANY pride in his job. Simply said, "LAZY!" sums it up.Further, it appears that you are on your own after they install and patch the work. No help or follow-up seems to exist." - Oscar
"We have been working with Powur, and they installed solar on December 23, 2022, but it is still not up and running. They haven't called to let us know what's happening, and every time I email or call them, the response is different. It has been five months since the installation, and they are already deducting payments from our account. The Engineer at tried to contact them multiple times without success until I had to write an email to have anything done, and it is still pending and moving in the wrong direction, making our organization feel like we were duped." - mike
"FAVORITE SOLAR COMPANY! If you have an appetite in solar, I'd definitely suggest our consultant, A.T Snoots, who is very educated and competent. He guided us step-by-step through the procedure and met with my husband and myself through zoom to go over anything in depth. This business is honest, which is essential for me, and won't oversell you on solar. Overall, the procedure was fast and straightforward from signup through installation. After moving into our new house, Enphase batteries and solar panels were installed with no money down. Today, the sun provides our energy. See the pictures below!" - Chelsea
"Highly regarded, affordable, and outstanding customer service* People who have done their study are aware that sales in the solar sector might be dubious. Working with Powur throughout the process, especially Chaz Bademan who assisted us in the sales department, made me feel at ease. He took the time to go over everything with us, from the latest news to the installation schedule, financing, selection of products, and purchase alternatives. When we had queries, he either responded through email or set up a Zoom meeting with us, always taking into account our availability. He didn't put any pressure on us and let us take our time and come to a conclusion on our own, which I liked. Furthermore, his quote was superior to the many that we got from other businesses. Additionally, we worked with a project manager who helped us plan the installation and inspection and was able to respond to any additional questions we had. The actual installation was carried out by professionals from Zana Electric, who also returned to address a small problem we had. We ultimately decided on the solar panels with a 92% efficiency guarantee and a 25-year warranty. Again, I strongly advise! Finally, the level of customer service was excellent. Even after the deal was finished, Ivana and Chaz responded promptly when we had a little difficulty with our first connection." - Andrea
"I've only had good and excellent experiences with Powur. Throughout the procedure and even after it was over, my team and I stayed in touch. I could always predict what would happen before it did. Even when I asked the same question three times, it was answered each time and everything was well explained. I would certainly would suggest Powur and the team they sent out to install my Solars. They were also really kind and considerate. They went into great length to describe every step of the installation procedure. Before departing, they made sure I didn't have any further queries or worries by answering all of my inquiries. Once again, they were honest with me about everything they did. I like that if I have inquiries or worries, I may still contact my crew. Yes, everything that was given to me or promised did materialize." - Niki
"How fast this company installed our solar panel installation was amazing. Everything went as planned since they did a good job of communicating each stage and keeping us updated on what to anticipate. Our salesman was personable, knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with. The cost was quite reasonable. I had no issues with Powur Solar." - Kathleen
"Given our positive experience with Powur PBC and the high recommendation they received from a reliable source, I wanted to spread the word about the fantastic job they performed installing our solar power system. We were successful in developing a design throughout the proposal stage that satisfied both our present and future demands for an extended system and more battery storage. The proposal clearly stated everything and was exact and in-depth. The project then began, with a thorough timetable and step-by-step approach specified in the convenient Powur app. The site assessor was competent, kind, and effective. We examined the design team's meticulous schematics before submitting them for approval. The installation came next, and I can't express how pleased I was with the install crew enough. They were prompt, courteous, effective, communicative, and tidy. They performed a great job connecting the panels to our electrical system and installing the panels. All inspections were coordinated by them, and they were flawlessly approved. In less than a week after installation, the authority to operate was obtained from there. It took around 8 weeks from the original idea to the point of full functioning. Given the industrial ramifications of Richard2.0 to 3.0, this timescale is remarkable. Every step of the journey was crystal obvious in terms of communication, and everyone I dealt with in general was really pleasant, competent, and efficient. I appreciate the assistance from the Powur staff." - Richard

Powur Energy Social media

YouTube Channel 5700 Subscribers

Powur Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews


Powur Energy Pros & Cons

  • Customer service varies by local dealer
  • Slightly limited service offerings
  • Some reports of long wait times for installation
  • Certified BBB Corp
  • Educational, no-pressure sales approach
  • Excellent reputation

Powur Energy Final Conclusions

It is obvious from the customer reviews that there have been varied feelings about Powur Energy. While some clients have praised the business for its excellent customer service, reasonable costs, and simple installation process, others have complained about the company's subpar installation quality, inspection delays, unresponsive project managers, and unprofessional employee behavior. Before deciding to engage with Powur Energy, prospective customers should carefully read these reviews and thoroughly study the business to make sure it meets their unique requirements and preferences. Overall, there have been both favorable and bad evaluations of Powur Energy, but in the end, it is up to the individual client to decide whether or not to work with this firm.

Powur Energy locations

Main Address2683 Via de la Valle # 321G Del Mar, CA 92014-1911
Phone Number8664676987

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