PPM Solar review

PPM Solar is an organization that does work in solar energy engineering and construction. They are experts in integrating solar energy systems for homes, businesses, and factories. Services such as system design, engineering, installation, and maintenance are only some of what they provide.

PPM Solar overview

PPM Solar is an organization that does work in solar energy engineering and construction. They are experts in integrating solar energy systems for homes, businesses, and factories. Services such as system design, engineering, installation, and maintenance are only some of what they provide.

What PPM Solar has to say about itself

Since PPM Solar has been in the solar business for over ten years, you can trust that we will only sell you the best products. Our team of experts is committed to giving you the most up-to-date tools and information to make your switch to solar energy as easy as possible. PPM Solar gives you everything you need, from easy-to-use construction kits to detailed upkeep plans.

PPM Solar Review

Year Started2009
Company Websiteppm.solar
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, solar maintenance, design and engineering, and solar financing.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film modules.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-iron batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, UL, ITS, SRCC, IAEI

PPM Solar website review

If you have questions about PPM Solar, you can be certain that they have answers on their official website. The website has an extensive product catalog in addition to in-depth details on the company's solar solutions. In addition to providing information about the business, the website also includes a blog where readers can keep up with the newest developments. The website also includes a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section and firm contact details, facilitating communication with clients. The website is trustworthy and informative, giving visitors a full rundown of PPM Solar's offerings.

PPM Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installation – Starting at $5,500, Battery Backup System – Starting at $8,500, Solar Hot Water Heating System – Starting at $3,500, Solar Pool Heating System – Starting at $3,500, Solar Attic Fans – Starting at $900, Solar Powered Car Charging Stations – Starting at $2,500, Solar Powered Security Systems – Starting at $1,500, Solar Powered Lighting Systems – Starting at $1,500, Solar Powered Generators – Starting at $4,500
Payment optionsCash, credit card, debit card, PayPal, and bank transfer.
Payment discountsReferral Discount: 10% off all orders, Bulk Order Discount: 5% off orders of 10 or more, Repeat Customer Discount: 5% off all orders, Military Discount: 10% off all orders, Senior Citizen Discount: 10% off all orders, Multi-System Discount: 5% off orders of 3 or more

PPM Solar online reputation

PPM Solar has earned generally excellent feedback from their clientele. Their reasonable costs and high-caliber service have been acknowledged by several consumers. They also appreciated the prompt responses and helpfulness of the service staff. Customers have voiced concerns about the company's lack of policy clarity and the length of time it takes to complete installations. In the end, PPM Solar has given clients a dependable and inexpensive solar power choice; but, the company might do more in terms of customer care and openness.
"Poor coordination; we were not informed that a work team would be arriving, and they did not submit the work order with our HOA (despite their promise to do so). Even after the electricity was installed in April, it wasn't turned on until late September. We had to write them numerous times to obtain a response since it would take them weeks to react. Overall, I'm quite upset. It took them a while, but they eventually sent us a check for the lost generating capacity (the amount of electricity we utilized between the specified dates)." - Robert K.
"The service I received from PPM Solar was terrible. When they came to my house to offer me solar panels, they were quite kind people. However, they were not very kind when I told them I had to pay an additional $1,600 to SCE, my power provider, this year. They promised in the ad that they would handle everything. They promised to look into it all and provide me with just what I needed for my house. Now they're telling me that I need to increase my system's capacity from 22 to 38 panels, and that doing so would cost me an extra $100 a month for the next 23 years, or $18,000 in cash. It doesn't seem like they did a thorough job of checking everything. Which, coming from a corporation with such high praise, is a shock. To reiterate, I am really frustrated with PPM Solar. If they had been honest from the start, I never would have joined." - Kevin T.
"PPM Solar placed solar panels on my roof six months ago. In a previous residence, I also installed panels. Monitoring infrastructure is completely unsuitable. Individual panel data is not provided. Their little information is incorrect. What's strange is that they recognize their error and freely confess it. For months now, the monitoring website has promised fixes that never materialize. I want to know how effective the panels are before shelling out $50,000. Is that too much to expect? Repair your site that keeps tabs on things immediately." - Anthony N.
"It's difficult to rate them at all. I have had several conversations with solar energy providers. Although PPM Solar has good reviews online, we've had a hard time even getting them to come take a look, much alone provide an estimate. Even today, despite assurances to the contrary, no one has shown up. Do not contact them if you want to pursue solar energy bids for your home seriously. I regret having to express my dissatisfaction with them (or any firm). PPM Solar has called twice today to apologize for the company's bad customer service. Although I do value their efforts, I have decided to pursue business relations with a different firm." - John V.
"The after-sale support and service have been terrible. Instead than focusing on customer service, PPM Solar prioritizes revenue. Their customer service reps were impolite and unhelpful on the phone. I had to phone the salesman many times, and he was just interested in making a deal, not in making sure I was taken care of thereafter. I requested a meeting with upper management and was instead given a $200 restaurant gift voucher. I returned the certification and requested that my concerns be addressed. As a business, this shows absolutely NO ClLASS. The individual who recommended me had to make six phone calls over the course of five months in order to get the $700 referral bonus. I cannot endorse PPM Solar as a result of my experience with them." - Mark W.
"The PPM crew performed a fantastic job from the point of sale to power on. Power Production Management installed our 7.85kW SunPower system in July of 2014, and I couldn't be happier with it. As homeowners, we had a relatively stress-free experience throughout, thanks to the crew's careful installation of the grid on our roof. When we ran into our one and only hiccup, the office personnel was there to assist us out and the sales team was straightforward and honest. The results from the system are in line with those promised by the sales team, and "we are the envy of our neighbors." For the management of a Photo Voltaic project, I strongly suggest PPM." - Sebastian F.
"Working with Power Production Management was a pleasure right from the start. They were kind, courteous, and professional throughout the whole process, from the estimate to the installation. They prioritized the demands of their clients at all times. They guided us in choosing the appropriate financing option and walked us through the whole procedure. All of our interactions with their office personnel and employees have been positive, and we plan to utilize them again in the future." - Michael D.
"The in-home consultant was well-versed in the subject matter, and she answered all of my inquiries. Second, I looked for complaints on Yelp and the BBB, but came up empty. The two-day installation crew from the subcontractor consists of three individuals. They worked quickly, left little mess, and even painted the new conduit and panel boxes to fit the garage's decor. Sweet! 4. Located a financial institution that provided a one-year same-as-cash loan to cover 50% of the job's costs while I waited for my 2019 IRS tax credit. Five, the office staff dealt with the county and the power provider to get the necessary permits. Extremely polite, prompt, and competent. I enjoyed working with PPM and believe you will too." - James C.
"Strongly recommended! My wife and I had very few concerns since their whole staff was there for us every step of the way. If you're ready to make the switch to solar energy, leave it to them. Their products and services come with complete guarantees, and the money we'll save (plus the tax credits!) will more than cover the initial investment." - David B.
"The crew who installed the solar panels did an excellent job, and they left the home in pristine condition when they were done. We were well-informed and pleased with the organization's services throughout the whole procedure. Thankfully, my close friends suggested I check out the PPM. I wanted to take the time to write a recommendation on a fantastic firm I just discovered." - Rahul E.

PPM Solar Social media

If you're looking for reliable information about solar power, check out the PPM Solar Facebook page. The website is maintained by a group of experts, making it a reliable resource for the field. The blogs are interesting and informative, and they include topics including expert advice and FAQs. The site's aesthetic is sleek and contemporary, drawing in visitors in a matter of seconds. Many images and video excerpts from longer works are also included for good measure. There are hundreds of likes, frequent comments, and shares on each post, making this page very popular. It demonstrates that the community is engaged and enthusiastic about the page. In addition, there are several external links provided to help readers get even more useful information about solar power. If you're seeking reliable data about solar power, go no further than the PPM Solar Facebook page.
You can find out more about PPM Solar and the solar energy business in general by visiting their corporate profile on LinkedIn. Everything you need to know, from the company's mission statement to current news pieces highlighting their efforts, is neatly presented and easily accessible. The page's design is warm and expert, making the reader feel at ease. It all checks out as correct and current. More than 800 people are following the page, which is a positive indication of reliability and popularity. If you're interested in learning more about solar energy, the PPM Solar company's LinkedIn profile is a fantastic place to start. In addition to being user-friendly, the content offered here seems credible and trustworthy.
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322 Subscribers

PPM Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1174.9


PPM Solar Pros & Cons

  • Reputation
  • Efficiency
  • Customer Support
  • High upfront cost
  • Limited service area
  • Limited customer support

PPM Solar Final Conclusions

PPM Solar is a solar energy provider. They specialize in helping residential and business clients save money on their energy costs by harnessing solar energy. Customers have had positive experiences with PPM Solar, praising their knowledgeable staff and customer service. Overall, PPM Solar has a positive rating from customers.

PPM Solar locations

Main Address625 NW 8th Ave Gainesville, FL 32601
Phone Number3523097727

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