Pur Solar & Electrical review

Together, you and one of our knowledgeable experts will create a residential solar energy system that suits your needs both practically and aesthetically and advances your financial objectives. Investing in a business solar system is more than just a commitment to sustainable energy; it is also a financial decision that will pay for itself through lower electricity costs.
Pur Solar & Electrical review

Pur Solar & Electrical overview

Together, you and one of our knowledgeable experts will create a residential solar energy system that suits your needs both practically and aesthetically and advances your financial objectives. Investing in a business solar system is more than just a commitment to sustainable energy; it is also a financial decision that will pay for itself through lower electricity costs.

What Pur Solar & Electrical has to say about itself

In Yavapai County, encompassing Prescott, Prescott Valley, the Tri-Cities region, Sedona, Cottonwood, and Verde Valley, Pur Solar & Electrical has been providing services to clients since 1974. We are the local contractors you can trust for all of your home and business electrical and solar requirements. Over the past 45 years, we have finished tens of thousands of electrical and solar-powered projects utilizing high-quality, American-made goods. We are also a manufacturer-certified distributor and installation of the QuietCool whole house fan, which has won several awards in America.Pur Solar & Electrical has been establishing the groundwork for energy independence in beautiful Arizona for the past 45 years. We are dedicated to assisting more homes and business buildings meet their energy demands through solar, from reliable consultations to dependable in-house teams conducting installations and offering round-the-clock assistance for maintenance. This is made feasible by our varied financing choices.

Pur Solar & Electrical Review

Year Started1974
Company Websitepursolaraz.com
Service AreasAZ
Service TypesInstallation of solar panels, Solar system design, Solar system maintenance, Electrical Services, Energy Efficiency Solutions, Battery Storage Solutions, Charging stations for electric vehicles, Autonomous solar systems
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries

Pur Solar & Electrical website review

The Pur Solar & Electrical website (https://www.pursolaraz.com/) presents itself as a professional and well-designed online presence for an Arizona-based provider of solar and electrical energy. The website features a simple, contemporary layout. Access to the Home, Solar, Electrical, About, and Contact pages of the website is made simple via the navigation bar. Visitors may now easily discover the information they're looking for. Visitors are encouraged to seek a free offer by clicking a call-to-action button on the homepage's enormous banner picture. Additionally, it lists and briefly describes the company's primary services, such as electrical services and the installation of solar panels. The company's goal, beliefs, and areas of specialization are all detailed on the About Us page. It also includes a section about the team that adds individuality by including pictures and brief bios of each player. Customers may share their favorable experiences with Pur Solar & Electrical on the website's testimonials page. There are several options to get in touch with the business on the Contact page, including a contact form, a phone number, and an address. The business publishes educational material on solar and electric energy-related issues in the website's blog area. Overall, the Pur Solar & Electrical website does a good job of showcasing its offerings, expertise, and client endorsements. The navigation and information-finding process for visitors is made simple by the user-friendly design and layout.

Pur Solar & Electrical price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit/debit cards, Funding
Payment discountsCash discounts ,Upfront payment discounts, Financing discounts, Referral discounts, Seasonal or promotional discounts, Bundle discounts

Pur Solar & Electrical online reputation

Customers of Pur Solar & Electrical have provided a range of feedback, based on the customer testimonials provided. Positive reviews highlight the excellent service provided by the experts and how pleased customers are overall with the solar panels and electrical work the company did. These customers have the highest respect for the staff's competence, professionalism, and communication. A few critical reviews, however, draw attention to problems with subpar installation, a lack of reaction to customer questions, and subpar customer assistance. certain consumers said that the company was unresponsive to their help requests and left certain issues unresolved. So, both satisfied and dissatisfied customers use Pur Solar & Electrical. Even while some customers claim to have had great experiences working with the company, some people have experienced issues with installation, customer service, and communication. Prospective clients should thoroughly study these reviews and do their homework before deciding to cooperate with the company.
"I used this company two years ago and had a great experience. For professional purposes, I even recommended them to several of my relatives and neighbors. Turning their advice around. To begin, I was paid $65 upfront, which would be credited off the final cost if I decide to go through with having an electrical supply installed in the ceiling of my bathroom. If you're going to lose $65 by getting estimates and pricing quotes, what's the point? Without first removing his muddy boots, the electrician mounted the light and finished the electrical job. I have no interest in working with a company that treats my home with disdain. The electrician finished up his work on my lights but not before he dropped my chandelier, breaking it. I understand that accidents happen, but when I phoned the office to report it and ask for a discount on my bill, I was routed to the owner, who instructed me to place an order for a replacement light on Amazon, along with a shipping label for the damaged one, and then contact Amazon customer service to get a refund. He said that was routine practice. He did not lower my debt or give me priority when installing the new light bulb. As former law enforcement officers and Christians, my husband and I found that to be deeply offensive. The proprietor's admission of this practice makes me question if other unethical practices exist inside the company. I had no choice but to spend that cash now. I paid $140.00. The old light bulb was dumped, and a replacement was requested. Since his boots were dirtier than the original folks', the new electrician trampled all over my carpet and floors without wearing booties or booties. I blew $140, the truth is out there. The company charges a 3% credit card processing fee. I paid using a debit card, and in this jurisdiction the retailer is not allowed to charge more if the card is treated as a credit one throughout the signing procedure. I disputed the difference between the surcharge fee and the invoice amount by calling my bank. My husband came home to find electrical supplies and screws on the ground behind his car after the first electrician had parked in the driveway. If my friend hadn't picked them up from the driveway, my husband would have run them over and squashed them. We will never use or recommend this company again." - Joseph
"When I bought my property three years ago, Pursolar had already installed the solar panels and was keeping tabs on them remotely. Because of the liability of Pursolar's work, the roofer I contacted about removing and replacing the system declined my offer of a contract, and Travis told me that Pursolar would not work with me directly. The company's model is intriguing. A current client is off limits for future transactions." - David
"After Pur solar and electrical put a 2x4 through the wall in two places and then told me, "Oh well, the business will take care of it and walked off," without offering any compensation or apology, I asked for a discount and Travis complied by knocking $100 off our $32,000 bill. Their management never bothered to contact us, instead having their billing department chase us down with a final charge and an overdue letter before the project was even finished. Good product, however the corporation really needs to invest in customer service training." - Dawn
"Poor installation of the system. Not responding to any messages or calls, even at what they claim is an emergency number. Please utilize one of the many other solar energy businesses out there." - John
"Stay away from Pursolar! The work was supposedly completed but was actually incomplete. Over $30,000 was just paid thanks to my approval. When APS, the electric provider, arrived to install the meters, they informed me that they were unable to do so since the permanent marks had not yet been put in place. To get the job done properly, I had to get Pursolar to come back out. The power provider hasn't returned my calls. I feel like I'm being given the runaround. It has been three weeks since Pursolar declared the job finished. What a naive group! My bill from the power provider went up by three weeks because of this. GET RID OF YOUR PURSOLAR! They're dishonest!" - Jennifer
"Both Pur Solar and the guy that came to my house (Dan) were fantastic. This service has pushed me to write a review, which is really rare for me. Joe was in constant communication with me, making sure that my requirements were being addressed at every stage of the process. He went beyond of his way to resolve my difficulties by having his technician research my inverters' warranty. Together, he and the technician that came out (let's call him "Dan") saved me a ton of money and took excellent care of my home. Wow, that's one awesome crew. At last, I've discovered a business where I feel like I'm working with genuine, community-focused, honest, and knowledgeable people. Amazing that this still survives after all these years." - larry
"It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Pur Solar thus far. The technician that performed the inspection was fantastic. Likewise fantastic is the office personnel. They came up with a few other options for me to consider. When everything is finished, I'll revise my assessment." - Valerie
"I called Pur to have a technician check on our solar setup and make sure everything was running smoothly. Dan was really helpful and gave me a lot of insight into the process by explaining everything in detail. For the electrical department, which I'm hiring this afternoon, they are my "go to" folks, and I anticipate the same level of competence. Choose Pur's solar and electric system; you won't regret it." - Lon
"Our Sedona, Arizona, home has 30 solar panels, which were installed by Pur Solar & Electrical in 2017. From an average of $350 to $450 per month, Olur APS power bill reduced to an incredible average of $20 per month. And the return on investment for the solar panels was just approximately six years. In addition, I have had ZERO issues with the solar panels since 2016. Have only washed them. In our opinion, this is a fantastic investment." - Andy
"Technician Kory was fantastic and provided detailed explanations of all processes. The staff at the administrative stage responded quickly to my inquiry and was quite kind. Can't wait to collaborate with them on the forthcoming project." - Richard

Pur Solar & Electrical Social media

The page is routinely updated and kept up-to-date. With a cover image of solar panels and electrical equipment, it features a polished, professional layout. As the firm emblem is shown on the profile photo, brand familiarity is aided. The material consists of a number of educational messages, advertising offers, project demos, and client endorsements. Relevant photographs that are included with posts boost engagement and visual appeal. With a sizable amount of likes, comments, and shares on the majority of the posts, the page has a respectable engagement rate. Customers and others with an interest in solar and electric services tend to make up the majority of participants. Customer testimonials and suggestions have their own area on the website. The majority of the evaluations are encouraging and highlight the professionalism, expertise, and excellence of the company's work. The range of services offered by Pur Solar & Electrical are properly shown on the page. It emphasizes their proficiency in such connected services as energy audits, electrical repairs, and solar panel installation. Users are urged to take action with call-to-action buttons on the website, including "Contact Us" and "Learn More." Contact information for the firm, including a phone number, email address, and website, is easily accessible and enables interested parties to get in touch with the business. In general, the Facebook page for Pur Solar & Electrical efficiently promotes their services, draws clients, and builds a favorable brand image.
An overview of Pur Solar & Electrical is available on the business' LinkedIn profile. It makes note of being a solar energy business that specializes in electrical work, energy storage, and solar panel installation. The company's size or the number of employees between 11 and 50 are not mentioned on the page in any specific terms. The fact that Pur Solar & Electrical is headquartered in the US is nonetheless mentioned. A few workers' profiles are shown on the website, showcasing their backgrounds and current positions with the business. The Pur Solar & Electrical team is revealed in this way. With a respectable amount of followers, the page is showing some level of audience engagement. But it appears that their postings do not get many interactions (likes, comments, and reposts). The Pur Solar & Electrical LinkedIn page, which highlights the business's competence in solar energy and electrical services, serves as a generally professional introduction to it. It acts as a platform for updating users, interacting with audiences, and motivating leads and staff.
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Pur Solar & Electrical average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews444.5


Pur Solar & Electrical Pros & Cons

  • Excellent Technicians
  • Savings on Electricity Bills
  • Quick Response
  • Poor Installation Quality
  • Mixed Customer Experiences
  • Lack of Accountability

Pur Solar & Electrical Final Conclusions

The productivity and reputation of Pur Solar & Electrical are inconsistent. The company received a 3.51 overall star rating. Since the company demonstrated its knowledge and competence with qualified personnel, some clients have said they had a positive experience. Installing solar panels has resulted in significant energy bill reductions for several customers, demonstrating their degree of skill. There are, however, a few notable flaws that raise questions about the company's reputation as a whole. Poor installation quality and a failure to reply to consumer enquiries are frequent complaints, which point to uneven service delivery. Customers also voiced dissatisfaction with how the company handled mishaps and damage, underscoring the need for better customer care and accountability. Pur Solar & Electrical has demonstrated its expertise in some areas and received the praise of some clients, but there are still some things that may be done more effectively to enhance their overall reputation and ensure continuous client satisfaction. Like with any other service provider, diligent research and gathering additional information are encouraged before picking one.

Pur Solar & Electrical locations

Main Address8101 E STATE ROUTE 69 SUITE B, Prescott Valley, AZ, United States, Arizona
Phone Number9287880285

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