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Highlight Solar is a leading solar energy provider that focuses on providing innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible solar energy solutions. They provide a comprehensive menu of services at various price points to accommodate a large cross-section of the market. They work hard to provide renewable energy options that are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly for their varied clientele.

Highlight Solar overview

Highlight Solar is a leading solar energy provider that focuses on providing innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible solar energy solutions. They provide a comprehensive menu of services at various price points to accommodate a large cross-section of the market. They work hard to provide renewable energy options that are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly for their varied clientele.

What Highlight Solar has to say about itself

Highlight Solar the leading supplier of solar energy products. Making the conversion to solar energy as easy and economical as feasible is our aim. We provide the greatest customer service in the business together with high-quality, personalized solar solutions for home and commercial clients. We have more than ten years of experience, so we can help you locate the ideal solar solution for your particular energy requirements.

Highlight Solar Review

Year Started2010
Company Websitehighlightsolar.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, bifacial, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow-battery systems.
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, UL, IREC, CEAP, SEI

Highlight Solar website review

The company's official website, which is well-created, provides a variety of solar energy options for both home and business uses. The website offers thorough information about the goods and services they provide and is organized. The website has a contact page so users may get in touch with the business and a complete refund policy, which gives the impression that it is trustworthy and reputable. The website also includes endorsements from previous customers who were pleased with their services. Users may buy their items with confidence since the website is backed by a one-year warranty. Overall, Highlight Solar's official website is trustworthy and provides a selection of dependable and high-quality solar energy options.

Highlight Solar price policy

PackagesStandard System Package: starts at $3,800, SolarEdge Monitoring Package: starts at $4,500, Complete Solar System Package: starts at $6,800, Solar Battery System Package: starts at $9,500, High Voltage Install Package: starts at $13,000, Commercial Solar System Package: starts at $24,000, Industrial Solar System Package: starts at $41,000, Architectural Series System Package: starts at $67,000
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card), and ACH bank transfer.
Payment discounts10% off first-time customer purchases, 5% loyalty discounts for repeat customers, 15% group discounts for orders of 10 or more solar systems, 10% military and veteran discounts, 5-15% referral bonuses, Cash back rewards for referrals leading to sales

Highlight Solar online reputation

In general, Highlight Solar has done an outstanding job of meeting the needs of its clientele. Their professionalism and skill have been praised by several satisfied clients who have provided feedback on their services. However, a small number of consumers have complained about service quality and wait times while interacting with the organization. However, it is clear that Highlight Solar values its customers highly and works hard to offer them a positive experience.
"This firm does not have the required authorizations. A valid, company-issued license is required of the salesperson. Because I also check the company's licensing listing, I don't have to rush through my evaluation. Because he has to be affiliated with Highlight Solar to sell for us, please check the accompanying photo. The CSLB mandates HIS licenses, although it seems this business has never had or applied for any such license. The method is official and involves a fingerprint check and a background investigation. When I checked the company's credentials with the CSLB, I discovered that they did not employ any duly licensed salespeople. After that, he repeatedly attempted to sell me a battery that I had not specifically requested. If he does not have the proper licensing, he cannot lawfully sell batteries and solar panels on behalf of this firm. The state licensing board of California has ruled that they are in breach of state law because of this. Read the solar customer handbook thoroughly and use extreme caution. Lack of a valid license is not excusable." - Tristan K.
"Avoid. Because they were the only bidder out of five that wouldn't offer a detailed breakdown of their bid into materials and labor costs. They insisted on submitting a single lump amount since that is how their "business" operates. Quoted as saying, "We wish you the best of luck on your Solar Project" in response to a second request for further information. Seems like nothing is happening with our email. This is not a reliable company. AVOID!" - Dominic M.
"In general, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Is everyone praising the same business?! After I reached out to them about building something new, a sales representative called the next day to get my most recent 12-month power bill. After I explained that the home is currently under construction, he inquired as to the size of the desired system. A Title 24 was something he had never heard of. I requested that he get in touch with me through Dean. There has been no word for four days. That goes to show." - Carson R.
"I can't believe I used those. I compared prices from three separate businesses. I liked the person that came out for the estimate the best, even though the price and plan were compared to everyone else's. We made the worst decision possible, yet we chose him since he explained everything well and had the best solar panel design. They have poor organizational skills, weak communication, and little regard for their customers. Nobody informed us of the schedule until we specifically asked, and then nobody showed up. There are more than twenty things I don't like about them, but I don't want to spend your time listing them all. They don't give a damn when the installation is complete. No one at the business-backed our efforts to confirm whether or not the electricity was supplied by Sillicon Valley electricity (similar to PG&E), so we had to get in touch with SVP on our own. We went back and forth until SVP finally figured out what was wrong and changed it. During that period, we received ZERO assistance from this firm and ultimately had to call the SVP and resolve the issue on our own. Solar power systems are long-term investments. If we ever run across a difficulty, I have little faith in their ability to help us. Unfortunately, it's too late for us to avoid them, but if you're considering a solar panel installation, don't!" - Josiah W.
"If you don't want to be scanned, don't do business with this firm. fund my system's purchase. It hasn't worked in over a year, and I haven't received a return phone call. They are trying to con me out of money. Even if my system is broken, I still have to pay for it every month. Scammers run this firm. Sending incompetent workers to install, which necessitates OSHA oversight." - Levi A.
"I have had 20 q cell panels and enphase inverters installed for the last 9 months. From the very beginning, Jesus was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Working with him is a pleasure. We secured the lowest available prices in the market. The setup went off without a hitch, and I quickly reached a peak output of 6 kilowatts. Permitting issues also didn't give me any trouble. Since the installation, the employees at spotlight solar have been accessible and kind whenever I've needed them, which is exactly what I want for in a company. Recently, an event caused one of the panels to stop functioning as well as it normally would have. Dean was quick to act and have his team look into it the very same day. After 1 week, one of the underperforming panels was swapped out." - Carlos P.
"A winning mentality runs deep inside this organization. From the original quote to the site visit, and finally the installation, I worked with Samir. All the while, he maintains an air of calm professionalism and efficiency. Soon after our first phone conversation (during the mad dash to meet the NEM 2.0 deadline), he was able to swing over for a site visit. On the day of installation, Samir and his team once again displayed the utmost professionalism. The installation went well and quickly. We look forward to working with Samir and his team to conclude the project swiftly and efficiently once the City inspection has been scheduled. Strongly recommended!" - Cole L.
"My roof has solar panels that were installed by Highlight Solar some years ago. I couldn't be happy here. Even the installation of a new breaker box was handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. A panel in my rain gutters has been fractured for almost two years, ever since I had someone come clean them out. I've frequently thought, "Doesn't he sit on that?" Highlight immediately replaced it once I notified them about the problem. A second panel has been broken for a while now; I saw it happen a few months ago. (both were likely broken at the same time) In any case, I called Highlight Solar once again, and they came through for me once more. Finding a suitable panel was time-consuming, but the firm kept me informed at all times. Highlight Solar is the company to go with if you want to go solar at home. There's no doubt that it deserves 5 stars." - Alex O.
"Ultimately, I decided against placing solar panels on my roof owing to several complications. However, out of all the installers I spoke with, Highlight Solar is the one I would have used had I been planning to put in a system. Highlight Solar was the only company I contacted (all of which were also highly reviewed) that took the time to really understand the details of my situation, was willing to come out and visit the site before signing a contract, and provided a bid with an acceptable level of detail and specification. Ali, who I dealt with, was terrific and far more informed than the salespeople at the other company." - Cooper T.
"The final inspection was delayed because of an employee's personal problem, and the owner, phoned me personally to apologize. I replied it wasn't an issue and suggested adding two additional panels. Even as people were taking cover from the coronavirus, he swiftly provided a reasonable quotation and scheduled the installation. The installer arrived and did a great job. Our panel's ground wasn't already connected to the earth ground, but he saw that and fixed it. Dean shared the news that the city had decided to forego the upgrade charge and that the savings will be passed down. Excellent results in trade." - Ayden V.

Highlight Solar Social media

Our mission at the Highlight Solar Facebook page is to provide a space where you can learn all there is to know about solar energy solutions. Nothing is missed on this website, including the extensive lessons and the 24/7 customer service. The website has a polished appearance and also conveys an air of friendliness and knowledge. This page is growing in popularity and has over 3,500 followers. Posts are updated often. Along with informative material, the website includes images, videos, and connections to other sites that will assist you in selecting the best solar solution for your needs. This page is trustworthy because it provides accurate information, is regularly updated and maintained, and most importantly, is safe and trustworthy.
You can trust the LinkedIn profile for Highlight Solar. With a visual header and warm summary, it has a polished appearance. Numerous likes and comments give it a popular vibe. Updates on the solar energy sector, the debut of new products, and many educational opportunities are the main topics of its frequent publications. It's a great resource for anybody interested in the solar energy sector, with articles written by their specialists on topics like solar output and advice on the best solar financing alternatives. A perfect venue for networking and job searching, the website also includes industry events, news, and job ads. Anyone interested in this industry will undoubtedly find this material fascinating and helpful.
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Google reviews464.8


Highlight Solar Pros & Cons

  • Renewable energy
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Eco-friendly
  • High Initial Investment Cost
  • Weather Dependent
  • Maintenance Requirements

Highlight Solar Final Conclusions

Highlight Solar is the industry leader in solar energy solutions, lowering clients' energy costs and carbon footprints. Since it places a premium on providing exceptional customer service and employs cutting-edge solar technology, it comes highly recommended. In general, Highlight Solar has received rave reviews from its grateful clientele.

Highlight Solar locations

Main Address1624 Remuda Lane San Jose, CA 95112
Phone Number8669269997

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