RCI Solar Electric review

RCI Solar provides solar installation and maintenance services. No of the size or complexity of the task, you can rely on the skilled team of solar panel specialists we have on staff.

RCI Solar Electric overview

RCI Solar provides solar installation and maintenance services. No of the size or complexity of the task, you can rely on the skilled team of solar panel specialists we have on staff.

What RCI Solar Electric has to say about itself

For twenty years, RCI Solar Electric has been a family-run business in Galt, California, offering its clients the best possible quality and service. We help you save a ton of money in addition to offering excellent customer service and high-quality solar panels. It's time to stop your power expenses from rising exponentially every year. If you want to live a sustainable life while saving money, you've come to the correct spot.

RCI Solar Electric Review

Year Started1996
Company Websitercisolar.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation of solar panels, Solar system design, Solar system maintenance, Solar System Repair, Solar Energy Consulting, Battery Storage Solutions, Solar energy monitoring, Financing options
Types PanelsMonocrystalline panels, Polycrystalline panels, Thin-film panels, Bifacial panels, Hybrid panels
Backup BatteryLead-acid batteries, Lithium-ion batteries, Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries, Flow batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, LEED, BBB

RCI Solar Electric website review

Large call-to-action buttons on the homepage's graphic encourage visitors to sign up for a free consultation. Through succinct and powerful writing, it also showcases the company's experience and skill in solar energy solutions. The website offers in-depth details about the products and services that RCI Solar Electric offers. They specialize in battery storage systems as well as residential, commercial, and agricultural solar installations. RCI Solar Electric provides examples of its prior work in a specific portfolio section. Potential clients can view the company's work in this way and develop faith in their abilities. Images, project information, and client endorsements are all included in the portfolio. A variety of tools and educational information about solar energy are available on the website. This includes articles, tutorials, and frequently asked questions that offer visitors who may be unfamiliar with solar energy useful information. RCI Solar Electric informs customers about the financing choices they have, including loans, leasing, and power purchase agreements. There are many ways to get in touch with the website, including a phone number and a contact form. For instant assistance, there is also a live chat function. Visitors will always be able to request assistance or support thanks to this. Overall, the RCI Solar Electric website does a good job of communicating the company's offerings, knowledge, and dedication to renewable energy solutions.

RCI Solar Electric price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer, Financing
Payment discountsFinancing discounts

RCI Solar Electric online reputation

Pennsylvania Solar Energy Company (RCI Solar) seems to be a top-notch solar energy supplier with a solid reputation for dependability and high-quality service, according to the customer testimonials that have been provided. The company's family-operated business approach is praised by the vast majority of clients, with Fred, Rick, and Sera playing crucial roles in guaranteeing timely and effective service. Customers frequently praise the business for its integrity, dependability, and fair pricing, which are uncommon traits in today's society. They demonstrate their dedication to customer happiness by promptly and without charge handling warranty issues. Positive comments highlight the team's technical proficiency, speedy installs, and excellent customer service. Numerous clients have praised the installed solar panels for their functionality and have reported few problems. It is important to note that there are a few unfavorable reviews, most of which center on post-installation support. One client expressed dissatisfaction with the solar panels' look and the company's slow response time to complaints. Another consumer bemoaned the lack of communication and the delayed installation. The vast majority of clients appear to be really happy with RCI Solar overall and would suggest the business to others. These more good reviews than negative ones imply that RCI Solar has established a strong reputation as a dependable and respectable solar energy supplier. To further improve its client experience, the business might profit from addressing post-installation support and communication problems.
"RCI Solar is not a company I would suggest to anybody. They were OK up until after the installation, but we got through them. Although it has been some time after the transaction, I still place a high value on after-sale support. I informed Rob about the state of our system and the suspiciously blackened panels. He assures me that someone will look into them, but that person never shows up. Now I can't even get a callback from him. I've seen systems older than ours that still functioned just well, but mine is a mess. Rob keeps assuring me that this is how the panels usually look, but I don't buy it. If you're looking for service after the sale, which is something RCI lacks, you should go elsewhere." - Ethan
"The Rci Solar firm is terrible. In September of 2020, I contacted RCI about having them add on to the solar panels they had already placed. Tom Tommas visited my home to go over the details of why I required new pannels. The solar price estimate was then utilized to secure funding. I was told that they currently had a backlog of jobs, but that my request for more solar panels will be completed by the end of the year. Month after month, I contacted RCI and received assurances that my upgrades would be installed. I emailed RCI in November 2020, and they did not get back to me until January 2021 with an installation date. It is a terrible way to operate a company, and there is no customer service to speak of. Keep your distance from that firm; they are not worth your time. They are unreliable in keeping their word." - Preston
"Is there still a corporation with that name operating today? I have repeatedly tried to reach someone via phone in hopes of receiving service. It is been three months and countless calls and mails with no response. I can not and will not endorse doing business with them. If I hear back from them and arrange a visit, I will edit my previous evaluation to reflect that. Since 2020, has no one been able to get in touch with this firm?" - Sophia
"This firm has visited in response to our request for an inspection of our solar panels. The annual expense of true up is still around $3000. It appears that the system is operating at maximum efficiency." - Preston
“RCI Solar Electric installed my solar panels in December 2022. After 30 days, I saw that two solar panels were not working well. I told their staff about my problems, but they were not interested in solving them. RCI Solar Electric claims that their program optimizes panel placement. customers when a problem occurs. In March 2022, Dean, COO of RCI Solar Electric, received emails asking for clarification/pointing out the required payment to fix an issue their program was meant to avoid. Dean, COO of RCI Solar Electric, did not respond to my email today. After email reminders went unanswered, this happened. The performance of my system confirms my concerns.” - Emily
"Excellent solar energy provider, if not the finest. The business seems to be operated by a family. Main man Fred has a son, Rick, who handles the technical aspects, and a daughter, Sera, who handles appointments and schedules. I can't decide who deserves the greatest customer service award. They were three terrific people: prompt, on time, and kind. I phoned Fred and said that ten of my solar panels were malfunctioning. He sent Rick to document the inoperative solar panels using photographs. They learned that the maker is BP solar. However, BP solar collapsed and ceased operations a few years ago. The BP warranty office was called because of the 25-year guarantee on all panels. BP issued a recall on these models, thus they requested that all 40 modules be sent in for replacement. We have sent your payment. The complete modules were freshly changed out today. Best of all, I haven't paid them yet. After I get my BP check, I can pay them, like Fred promised. That's how much faith they have in it. Trustworthy and honest individuals like them are rare in today's world. They also provide extremely fair prices. Rick's visit to take pictures cost just $175, but previous visits from repairmen who attempted but failed and ultimately advised I replace the inverter itself cost $300. At this point, the costs are balanced out. RCI solar is a fantastic company, and I would suggest them to everyone." - Daniel
"RCI just finished installing our brand new system, and we could not be happier. Fantastic work by Rob, Tom, Rick, and Sarah! Great value for the money, and they delivered as promised. The RCI crew made sure our minor installation problems were resolved to our satisfaction. If I could do it all over again, I would! They are trustworthy because they are family-owned." - Lou
"Excellent company. Each member of staff is well-informed and polite. My solar panels were installed on time, expertly, and now produce excellent results. Rob Tueckes came to my house on short notice and provided a detailed inspection and estimate. Rick came out and handled the panels' technical details and arrangement. The installation personnel was top-notch, and they finished the work quickly." - Rob
"The family has run this company for generations. We have used them for both our home and our rental property. On time, neat, and competent; that is what we offer. The quality of the product was superb, and the price was reasonable. Strongly suggested!' - Mia
"In 2015, we had 30 panels installed by RCI Solar. They promptly answered all of our inquiries. The greatest quality goods and pricing could be found in Butte County, and they were willing to travel there. They handled all communication with the County departments and PG&E on our behalf. The set up went off without a hitch. There had been no issues up until last month, when they called to tell us their service man would need to come out and replace a module in one of the panels. As so, they deserve the highest rating we can give them: 5 stars!" - Ava

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RCI Solar Electric average reviews

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Google reviews52.8


RCI Solar Electric Pros & Cons

  • Technical Expertise
  • Fair Pricing
  • Efficient Installations
  • Post-Installation Support
  • Communication
  • Inconsistent Performance

RCI Solar Electric Final Conclusions

RCI Solar Electric's performance and reputation can be assessed at 3.5 stars based on the available customer reviews. The business has many assets that enhance its image, including superior customer service, technological know-how, reasonable rates, and a long history as a family-run enterprise. Customers also praise RCI Solar Electric for its fair pricing, saying that it offers good value for the money. The company's heritage as a multigenerational family business adds to its reputation and dependability. The overall score was impacted by a few areas that may use work. Numerous unfavorable evaluations point to support and communication problems that occurred after installation and left some clients unsatisfied with the results. A company's rating can be raised even higher by addressing these issues and offering improved after-sales service. RCI Solar Electric has a 3.5 star rating and is seen as a typical solar energy provider with a good reputation. Although there is space for improvement, the majority of clients are satisfied, which makes the business a feasible choice for individuals looking for solar power solutions. To make an informed choice that satisfies their unique needs and expectations, prospective consumers should take into account the positives as well as post-installation support comments.

RCI Solar Electric locations

Main Address27487 Kennefick Road, Galt CA, 95632
Phone Number8006138783

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