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Sustainable energy solutions are the focus of the environmentally friendly business Renewable Energy Outfitters. For households, companies, and non-profits, we provide individualized renewable energy solutions. Our goods are of the highest quality and are made with energy efficiency in mind. Access to clean energy is what we work to achieve.

Renewable Energy Outfitters overview

Sustainable energy solutions are the focus of the environmentally friendly business Renewable Energy Outfitters. For households, companies, and non-profits, we provide individualized renewable energy solutions. Our goods are of the highest quality and are made with energy efficiency in mind. Access to clean energy is what we work to achieve.

What Renewable Energy Outfitters has to say about itself

Renewable Energy Outfitters' mission is to provide the globe with low-cost, environmentally friendly, and renewable energy options. Join the ranks of environmentally aware consumers and business owners all across the world by working with us. We work hard to provide you with renewable energy solutions that are the best in the business and will help you make a difference in the world. Creating a better and more sustainable future by lowering your carbon footprint and opting for renewable energy sources is our main focus.

Renewable Energy Outfitters Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasCO
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Architecture, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and transparent solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

Renewable Energy Outfitters website review

The premier source of solar energy products and solutions, Renewable Energy Outfitters, may be found at their official website, Detailed product and service descriptions, topical blog entries, instructional solar energy resources, and a responsive customer care system are just some of the features available to website visitors. The website is simple to navigate and contains all the relevant information quickly and efficiently. Given the reliability and high quality of the company's offerings, the website may be trusted. Renewable Energy Outfitters is a well-known company in the renewable energy industry because of the reliability with which it has provided its customers with superior goods and services. Customers may be certain that they will get accurate information and helpful guidance on solar power systems when they visit the website.

Renewable Energy Outfitters price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installation - starting at $2,500, Wind Turbine Installation - starting at $2,000, Advanced Energy Monitoring System - starting at $1,500, Energy Storage Systems - starting at $1,000, Demand Management Solutions - starting at $500, Home Solar Analysis - starting at $300, Solar Roof Tiles - starting at $2,000, Solar Carport System - starting at $3,000, Off-grid and Grid-tied System Installation - starting at $3,500, Solar Tracker System - starting at $2,500
Payment optionsCredit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), debit card, check, cash, and PayPal.
Payment discounts10% off for First Time Customers, 10% off Select Solar Products, 5% off Site-Wide for Large Bulk Purchases, 5% off Referral Programs, 10% off all Renewable Energy Professionals

Renewable Energy Outfitters online reputation

In general, satisfied consumers will recommend Renewable Energy Outfitters to others. The company's helpful goods and quick responses earned high marks from satisfied customers. However, not everyone's experience was positive; several consumers complained about delayed service and higher-than-expected prices. Despite these minor concerns, clients still see Renewable Energy Outfitters as a trustworthy and reputable source of renewable energy solutions.
"We contacted them to do a solar check since our house is currently on the market. The inspector found that two of our eight panels were inoperable and that neither a generator nor a battery backup were connected to the system. These claims are all false, however, the inspection did come with an extremely overpriced quote to replace the whole system. Buyer beware!" - Christopher D.
"The solar panels have been broken since around the middle of August. Every time I make a call, I hear a new tale. Worst decision I've ever made. CHOOSE NOT TO WORK WITH THEM. The arrival date of my inverter is still a mystery to me. Love the convenience of both Dominion Energy and solar payments. They won't take responsibility for any problems caused by their installations, but it won't stop them from putting them in. Once it's in, there shouldn't be any problems again. Do not use this company once again. My new inverter has not yet arrived, but I cannot wait any longer. Ten days have passed since then. I've just been in business since February, yet this is already my third. No one ever calls me back to let me know what's going on. If you're thinking about adopting solar, you should realize that if the inverter fails, you'll have to fix it. The $430 electricity bill made me realize that my inverter had ceased operating over a month ago. That's a pleasant addition to my regular monthly system cost. I feel like I have no choice but to make such a complaint. No updates, and no estimates from customer support. I like my solar panels (when they work), but I wish the firm would be forthright about the problems with the inverters. On their end, things are in no hurry." - Logan M.
"At the end of October 2020, we formally began this procedure. On March 1st, 2021, we had the installation of our solar panels completed. As of today, neither the solar panels nor the new meter has been inspected, thus there is no way to utilize them. The only time we've received any answers is when we've called first, and even then, that's assuming they bother to pick up the phone. If you don't have six months to spare, I wouldn't suggest this firm." - James R.
"Since I can't leave it blank, I'll give it 1 star. My system has only been in place for a little over a year (from September 2020). Despite my repeated requests for assistance from a customer support representative, all I've heard since April 16th, 2021 is that I need to wait for a technician to visit my house. My system is not producing any energy because of a tripped breaker that I have been turning on with the troubleshooting process they told me to do, but I have to do it every day, and I am worried that this is due to a system failure, which could pose a safety risk to my home and family. In addition, I am still using energy but not producing any, so I will have to pay twice (the panel loan and electric bill)." - Ryan A.
"You should avoid working with Renewable Energy Outfitters at all costs. As a free-lance consultant, I made a single installation sale to test the waters with this company. The whole thing was a nightmare. It took 102 days to install the solar panels, then another 20 to pay the roofers and tree trimmers. My commission statement showed that I was entitled to $9231, but they adjusted the financial instrument to reflect that I was owed $0. Does not follow the rules. You should use caution while dealing with this firm. Incompetent, immoral, and deceptive. They are completely unqualified to manage a company." - Benjamin L.
"We've been off the grid for 30 years now. When we required servicing after the retirement of our original installation, we turned to Renewable Energy Outfitters. This past spring we decided to update the whole system. Aaron and his two helpers performed a fantastic job. Not one of us had anything negative to say. Aaron Mandelkorn is a model of how a company may successfully promote, build, and maintain renewable energy sources like solar and wind. If you're looking for a reliable business in this area of Colorado, go no farther than Renewable Energy Outfitters." - Aiden E.
"I had Aaron improve my off-grid system at a property near Salida. A new mount, rack, panels, charge controller, and wiring were all expertly installed after he had removed the old ones. It's more powerful than before when 2 racks of older panels were retired. He also fine-tuned my existing inverter settings, including the automatic generator start. I have no qualms about using him again for any more work or new equipment." - Matthew S.
"Aaron at Renewable Energy Outfitters provided me with excellent service. I'd long thought about solar energy, but not being a pro, dismissed the notion of performing my own job. I called Aaron, and he promptly arrived to assess the situation and provide a quote. Soon, I received a shipment of panels near my home, and in a few days, they were being installed! Aaron handled with my electric coop about this grid-tie method, which is helpful since I did not know what I was doing. There have been no issues since then. I paid more upfront, but my monthly power cost is substantially cheaper now." - David J.
"In October of this year, I had solar panels put in. Jared was the name of the salesperson. Everything Jared had described to me came out just as he had said it would. The installation was flawless, and they even replaced my forty-year-old service panel at no extra charge. Ten out of the first twelve months after installing the panels, I only had to pay the bare minimum for my monthly power bill. My current power bill, which includes the loan payment, is $7 lower than it would have been without the panels. The panels have effectively paid for themselves and then some. I highly recommend Renewable Energy Outfitters." - Andrew O.
"Renewable Energy Outfitters has been very professional throughout our whole transaction, from our first conversation to the final touches of our installation and after-care. They have always been forthright in their responses to my inquiries. Seeing the installation crew in action was a treat, as they operated as a technically proficient and well-orchestrated unit. After finishing the installation, the team inspected their work while supervised. The front desk staff was extremely kind, and they helped me fill out all the necessary paperwork for the permissions I needed to set up and run the solar power generation system. None of this would have been possible without their hard work and tolerance. The finest there is Renewable Energy Outfitters. Much appreciation, and best wishes for your efforts. My suggestions are at your disposal." - Joseph N.

Renewable Energy Outfitters Social media
Renewable Energy Outfitters' Facebook profile is reliable since it has been in operation since 2016 and has installed solar energy systems for many years. With a blue and white color scheme and several panels across the main image to highlight the company's goods, the website has a slick and polished appearance. The firm posts engaging articles about its solar energy solutions and products on the page, which is well-liked and has a respectable following. In addition to links to the business website and other pertinent material, there are images and videos. Additionally, the page is often updated, which aids in informing followers and prospective clients of the most recent corporate news. All in all, both present and future clients may benefit greatly from the Renewable Energy Outfitters Facebook page. account not registered
YouTube channel not registered

Renewable Energy Outfitters average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews25


Renewable Energy Outfitters Pros & Cons

  • Innovative
  • Sustainability
  • Quality and Reliability
  • High Cost
  • Dependence on the weather
  • Low Output Level

Renewable Energy Outfitters Final Conclusions

Sustainable power solutions for commercial and residential use are offered by Renewable Energy Outfitters. They are dedicated to informing clients so that they may choose the most sensible energy options for their needs. Positive feedback regarding their services is common, with customers praising the company's competent and kind employees. Renewable Energy Outfitters gets 4 out of 5.

Renewable Energy Outfitters locations

Main AddressPO Box 65 Salida, CO 81201
Phone Number9705963744

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