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Clean, green energy is the future, and RSRV Power is at the forefront of this movement by providing innovative solar solutions at competitive prices. That is why we are dedicated to long-term viability, cutting-edge effectiveness, and exceptional service for our clients.Each house and family is unique, and so are the solutions we create for them. Our method results in significant savings for our consumers throughout the course of their utility bills' lifetimes.

RSRV Power overview

Clean, green energy is the future, and RSRV Power is at the forefront of this movement by providing innovative solar solutions at competitive prices. That is why we are dedicated to long-term viability, cutting-edge effectiveness, and exceptional service for our clients.Each house and family is unique, and so are the solutions we create for them. Our method results in significant savings for our consumers throughout the course of their utility bills' lifetimes.

What RSRV Power has to say about itself

RSRV is a North Carolina-based distribution and setup firm. We have full control over every step of your project because of our vertical integration at RSRV Power. As a result, we can promise our clients unrivaled installation and service. For this reason, we take care of every step of the procedure for our clients, ensuring a straightforward and tailor-made answer for each individual residence. RSRV Power is concerned with developing economically viable options for the modern ecosystem. We also value the importance of institutional memory. Customers, therefore, are essentially our most reliable business allies.

RSRV Power Solar Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasNC, SC
Service TypesEnergy audits, energy efficiency upgrades, solar PV installations, energy procurement and benchmarking, energy cost analysis and optimization, LED lighting replacement, HVAC upgrades and more
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film modules
Backup BatteryLithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePo4)
CertificationsNABCEP, OSHA, UL and TUV

RSRV Power website review

A solar energy firm called RSRV Power offers energy services to individuals, organizations, and communities all across the globe. This company's website is straightforward and user-friendly. Links to all of the services they provide, including solar panel installation, home solar financing, and energy storage, are included on the site along with contact information and a short introduction. Other solar energy materials are also available on the website, including infographics, updates on the most recent developments and news in solar technology, and contact details for local certified installers. For prospective clients who may not be acquainted with the solar sector, this helps foster a feeling of confidence and openness. Additionally, the website prominently features client testimonials outlining how previous clients have used their services. Customers become more confident as a result, and others are inspired to utilize RSRV Power. Overall, the website for this business does a good job of communicating its offerings. It offers all the information you want, facilitates access to client testimonials, and has interactive features like infographics that educate the user about the many solar energy services available. Additionally, it is aesthetically attractive, increasing the likelihood that visitors would remain and read the website.

RSRV Power price policy

PackagesSolar PV installations start at about $2.50 per watt and energy efficiency upgrades start at $500
Payment optionsMajor credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Cash, PayPal, and bank transfers.
Payment discountsDiscounts for customers paying with cash or a major credit card, additional discounts for regular customers and customers who purchase several systems at the same time

RSRV Power online reputation

Customers have provided RSRV Power with extremely good comments. The business has built a strong reputation for offering excellent customer service, competent employees, and a dedication to provide accurate information at every stage of the process. Customers reported pleasure with the consultation stage, noting that the experts were kind, competent, and honest about the benefits and drawbacks of installing solar energy equipment. The professionalism, effectiveness, and cleanliness of the RSRV Power installation personnel are often appreciated. Customers laud the crew's diligence and commitment, noting that they often finish projects ahead of time. The company's low charges, quiet sales style, and capacity to manage paperwork and approvals on behalf of customers were all highly commended. There were, however, some unfavorable comments. Some customers have reported poor system performance, including malfunctioning inverters and less energy coverage than anticipated. Concerns have also been voiced over the hefty installation and ongoing costs. Additionally, a number of clients complained about the unsatisfactory customer service, rudeness, and lack of response to their queries. While reviews of RSRV Power that are favorable emphasize their great service, competent personnel, and general professionalism, it is impossible to overlook those that are unfavorable about system performance, excessive expenses, and customer service. Before making a choice, prospective customers should carefully consider their requirements, budget, and expectations.
"What a sham of a business! The inverter breaks, and the system does not provide 95% coverage as promised. No good, there are no working phone numbers. Visit the workplace? Poor service is a common complaint. No regard for paying consumers! As soon as I stepped in, he was quite impolite to me. You do not tell clients to come see you at your office as a greeting. Everyone you meet deserves a polite greeting from you. When I asked for assistance, I was treated unfairly and ignored. Do not be taken in by the con! Due to the rude behavior, there was a literal yelling battle." - James
"Nobody would hear me sing their praises. Their projections are wildly wrong, and they have not responded to any of my inquiries about expanding my system with more solar panels or anything else. In addition, their total prices are far greater than those of their rivals. Really, I should not have joined them." - Balamurugan
"I am really frustrated with this firm. The monthly cost of the equipment is $300, and the cost of running it is between $100 and $300. For a setup that supposedly provides 95% offset. Even though I have not turned on the heater or air conditioner in almost a month, my monthly energy bill was $140. The firm keeps telling me that I have excessive energy use. Since they first drafted the idea, nothing has changed. Either they are incompetent at their jobs or solar power is not cost-effective." - Dave
"Soliciting business from door to door despite clear warnings not to. Recommend that management look into more cutting-edge approaches to advertising." - Chris
"Although RSRV Power has many useful features, its high price may put off some customers. Due to the high possibility of a high installation cost, the system may be out of reach for those on more modest budgets. Potential consumers may be put off by the hefty price tag, even though the long-term advantages and reductions in energy expenses might eventually justify the initial investment." - Jeff
"From the very first consultation, I could see that RSRV Power was worthy of their stellar reputation as they helped me weigh the many advantages and disadvantages of installing a solar power system at my house. The technician was kind and knowledgeable, and they were honest and open with me throughout the whole process." - Lamar
"After much deliberation, I decided to go through with installing solar panels on my property and went with RSRV Power. I am so delighted that you asked me! Each and every member of the Team that I had the pleasure of working with was fantastic. Beto Gomez did a fantastic job of walking me through the many possibilities and assisting me in choosing the system that was most suited to my house and my requirements. While Beto well above my expectations in terms of sales and communication, the installation team was comprised of some of the most pleasant, hardworking, and committed people I have ever met. Reasons why The installation was pushed back one day because to the weather. Due to the scope of the job, the installation was scheduled to take two days. However, on the second day, my son decided to have a sleepover. My 8kW installation was finished by Javier, Kwabina, Pinkra, Justin, and Brayant in less than 8 hours! They worked in the heat and humidity without complaining, and they were wonderful people the whole time. I appreciate their kind demeanor and diligent effort. I have no words to express how much this team meant to me. As consumers, we often make purchasing decisions based on just one factor: cost. However, RSRV won me over with its reasonable rates and kind Service Team. Beto was great at providing details and had a very non-pushy sales approach, and the installation crew was composed of professionals I would be happy to have on my staff. If just for their team, I would strongly suggest RSRV. Please accept my sincere appreciation." - Scott
"Working with Beto and his crew was a pleasure. I have delayed writing this review in order to give them an honest rating throughout the board, from first quote to final follow-up. The time spent in silence taught us a lot. Many businesses provided us with estimates or spoke with us. RSRV was neither the cheapest nor the most costly option, but they were the only ones who did not push us into signing right away, flaunt same-day execution discounts, or "skew the math" on potential cost reductions. Beto was straightforward, described everything in layman's terms, and offered honest figures about potential cost reductions and/or bill adjustments. They took care of dealing with Duke Energy and York County on our behalf and kept us updated on the approval process as it progressed. The set up went well! The staff was not only helpful, but also very tidy. When they were finished, the only evidence of their presence was the panels on the roof. Absolutely no litter. Period. To make sure everything was functioning well, we were contacted for an update. More follow-up checks to make sure our system keeps performing as intended. Everyone on the team was helpful, kind, and very well-versed in all aspects of the service they provided. If you are thinking about going solar, I strongly urge you to go with RSRV." - Katherine
"When I first began looking into solar energy, the firm my electricity supplier recommended left a terrible impression. After talking to the sales staff at RSRV power, I had a full about-face. Nick, the sales guy we worked with, was really competent and never aggressive. He spent the most of his time explaining the issue to us in a way that we could understand and use to make a well-informed choice. It is fantastic when the buying process goes well, but servicing and installation seldom follow suit. Fortunately, this was not the case with RSRV; from the permitting support team to the installation crew, everyone involved was prompt, polite, and easy to get along with. I wish there were more local firms like RSRV that provide excellent after-sale support." - Brian
"You will not find a more thorough or more expert solar power business than RSRV Power. Because they were ready and able to answer any of our concerns, we felt completely at ease during the whole process. They were really ready to repeat themselves to make sure we understood them. We were shocked by how much effort RSRV Power had to put in to get all the necessary clearances, permits, and inspections before we could even schedule the installation after we have already decided to go ahead. All of which RSRV Power took care of without a hitch and kept us apprised of along the way. The next step is flawless installation. The installation crew functioned as a well-oiled machine and was always ready to address my issues and answer my inquiries. Seeing how much fun this group had working together and how much they cared about each other made me happy. They were fantastic as a team since they were always seeking for methods to aid one another. Thanks to RSRV Power's meticulous planning, the installation was followed by rapid progress. After a week and a state inspection, the utility company replaced the meter, and we began producing our own electricity. Do not spend time hunting for a deal or a big brand company that will treat you like a number if solar energy is something you are interested in. If you go with RSRV Power, you will be treated like family and have someone there for you no matter what. Our choice of solar power with RSRV Power has been nothing but a positive experience. What a fantastic time, thanks to Nick and Jessica!" - Margie

RSRV Power Social media
RSRV Power's Facebook page is structured and well designed. The company's goods and services, as well as recent business news, are widely advertised using attractive words, images, and videos. The website also offers news about upcoming corporate events, specials, and promotions. The page promotes consumer involvement with the business by enabling visitors to post reviews and submit inquiries. By engaging in interactive behavior, RSRV Power may better connect with its clients and increase the possibility that they will buy power services from the business. RSRV Power interacts with prospective consumers on its Facebook page by posting messages, pictures, videos, and details about client interactions. It is simple to use and has all the information you want to find out more about solar energy and the services provided by RSRV Power.
RSRV Power has a polished and complete LinkedIn profile. It presents all pertinent corporate data in a way that is simple to locate and understand, including the firm's goal, its offerings in terms of goods and services, and a link to its website. Additionally, it gives clients a chance to get in touch with corporate personnel, who may provide more details or respond to inquiries regarding the firm's goods and services. Additionally, it offers details on job vacancies and professional gatherings that RSRV Power attends. This encourages prospective clients to have faith in the firm's expertise and commitment to the solar business. Overall, the RSRV Power LinkedIn profile is clean, educational, and aesthetically attractive. It gives clients a clear picture of the business and makes it simple for them to communicate with the staff. Additionally, it indicates the company's dedication to continuing its involvement in the sector and offers a simple method to learn about employment vacancies.
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RSRV Power average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews524.7


RSRV Power Pros & Cons

  • Highly qualified and knowledgeable team
  • Variety of services offered
  • Payment discounts available, Financing options
  • Limited local service options
  • Installation cost can be high
  • Financing options not available to all customers

RSRV Power Final Conclusions

RSRV Power is regarded as one of the best providers of energy efficiency and green energy in the state of California. Their highly trained and experienced crew have the necessary credentials as well as the years of expertise to guarantee top-level performance. Their offerings include energy audits, emissions benchmarking, LED lighting replacements, HVAC improvements, and solar installation services, to name a few of the many different types of energy efficiency and green energy alternatives available. They provide a number of payment and financing alternatives in addition to providing low prices on a selection of high-quality items. They have an outstanding record for performance, which has helped them acquire accreditation from the NABCEP as well as five-star reviews from their clientele. Strongly suggested as an option.

RSRV Power locations

Main Address4123-A Rose Lake Dr Charlotte NC 28217
Phone Number7044122777

2 local offices

North Carolina – Charlotte 4123 Rose Lake Dr. Suite A, Charlotte NC, 28217
North Carolina – Charlotte 378 Crompton St, Charlotte NC, 28273

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