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The commercial and residential customers of Best Energy Power can count on competitive prices and consistent service from this energy provider. They focus only on green energy sources including solar, wind, and hydro. In addition, they provide a selection of energy services meant to cut down on the customer's utility bills and carbon output.

Best Energy Power overview

The commercial and residential customers of Best Energy Power can count on competitive prices and consistent service from this energy provider. They focus only on green energy sources including solar, wind, and hydro. In addition, they provide a selection of energy services meant to cut down on the customer's utility bills and carbon output.

What Best Energy Power has to say about itself

One of the top suppliers of energy services and solutions is Best Energy Power. No matter how little or big their organization is, we are dedicated to providing sustainable and dependable energy solutions for our clients. We employ the most recent technology to guarantee that the needs and expectations of our clients are satisfied as we provide energy to enterprises, governmental institutions, and organizations operating in the public sector. We are your one-stop shop for all of your energy requirements thanks to our extensive service options.

Best Energy Power Solar Review

Year Started2005
Service AreasNJ, NY
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair, Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film
Backup BatterySealed lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Best Energy Power website review

The main website of Best Energy Power is quite attractive and offers a wealth of information about the business and its energy services. Company information, news, and contact information are all found on the home page. The company's services and policies are covered in further depth on the 'About Us page. The website also provides details on relevant activities, projects, and questions, as well as user feedback. Overall, the website seems to be dependable and trustworthy. Real, real, and accurate stuff may be found on the website. If a consumer wants to get in touch with the business directly, the website also has contact information. Overall, the website may be utilized to learn more about the business and its services since it is dependable.

Best Energy Power price policy

PackagesHome Solar Package (Starting at $6,100), Commercial Solar Package (Starting at $32,000), Solar Battery Package (Starting at $5,400), Solar Panel Package (Starting at $3,600), Solar Hot Water Package (Starting at $4,500), Solar Pool Heating Package (Starting at $2,800)
Payment optionsCredit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), cash, and check as payment options.
Payment discountsSenior Citizens could get up to 15% off their electricity bills, a 5% discount for paying on time, a 5% discount for switching providers, a 5% to 10% discount for having an energy-efficient home, a 5% discount when you refer a friend, 5% discount when you sign up for Direct Debit payments, 10% discount when you bundle energy and home services.

Best Energy Power online reputation

There have been both positive and negative comments from Best Energy Power consumers. Customers are pleased with the company's responsiveness, the low pricing, and the variety of programs available to them. On the other side, some clients have voiced displeasure with the company's expensive costs and drawn-out response times. Overall, Best Energy Power is a dependable energy provider with several plans to choose from.
"Do not approach!!! The Worst Energy Power! To purchase a solar system, I have been doing my research and have contacted many local solar providers. I phoned "best energy power," and after setting up an appointment, they never showed up, nor did they call to cancel it. I even took the day off of work to be there. They came up over two hours late, again without calling to let me know, so I phoned the following day and they gave me some crazy explanation about how the imbecile had the dates jumbled up, so we rescheduled for the weekend. Following a feeble effort at high-pressure sales, they provided me with a price for over $5 per watt, completely installed, for a collection of subpar Chinese components. HA! Top-tier materials, completely installed, have been offered to me for as little as $3 per watt. In sum, I would not suggest this business to anybody since its proprietor is a group of crooks and a major rip off." - Judah R.
"Worst business ever! Back in August, I had solar panels installed on my roof, and not only did one of the installers accidentally put his foot through my ceiling, but the system also wasn't sending data to Best Energy Power. I immediately let Best Energy Power know about it. Here we are, two months later, and I'm still dealing with the poor customer service that I first encountered. Without an explanation or compensation, I lost both solar credits and cash. The installation of solar panels by Best Energy Power was a mistake." - Paxton O.
"The service I am receiving from Best Energy Power is excellent; if there were a half-star option, I would use it. My inverter may be defective, but I keep getting the runaround when I try to schedule a service call. Every month I phone in to complain that I can't monitor my output and am assured that a ticket has been raised and that I will be kept up to date. A day passes with no word from customer support, and the system reboots. My three-month endeavor to generate and reduce consumption in pursuit of credit (zero bills) has resulted in a bill of $240 (say I produced $400), therefore the one-star rating. Of course there's a communication breakdown, but when the system downloads data, I average around 350 each week. (I don't trust, of course.) The only response I get when I question what occurred and what can be done is that my system is up and running." - Abel H.
"My decision to work with Best Energy Power ranks among my worst regrets. They made lofty promises but fell well short in meeting those expectations, requiring an excessively long time (three months) to make the solar panels they had placed really work. Our homeowners association requested that they install animal cages around the solar panels and paint the conduit; none of these requests were met." - Jaime M.
"If you're looking for a solar energy company, don't choose Best Energy Power. There were several problems with the installation. The individual doing door-to-door sales is a freelancer. Your panels will be installed by independent contractors who could care less about the quality of their work. We had a terrible experience, and the installer made several changes without informing us first or asking for our permission. No, we don't pass the fire code! Our roof took a hit. Due to their many missteps, the whole process took about a year. Very unprofessional of you. They patronized me for being a woman who dared to hold them to a building code. That was the worst." - Payton F.
"Our solar panels were installed by Best Energy Power, and they did a great job. They have excellent communication skills. The installation crew arrived promptly, worked efficiently, and finished the job in a single day. We can always get in touch with our salesperson to have any queries we have addressed. Considering the uncertain future of power, Best Energy Power should be your first contact if you're considering installing solar panels. Don't worry, you're in for a treat." - Keith G.
"Best Energy Power provided me with a fantastic service. The sales representative was really helpful in that he or she answered all of my concerns and worked with me to tailor a system to my home's needs and energy profile. Throughout the procedure, I received text messages updating me on the progress, and I was also able to check the app to see where things stood. The paperwork and permits were handled by Best Energy Power, which was a huge relief. The crew who installed the system on my roof did an excellent job, and I couldn't be happier with their work. They were able to meet my preferences for the placement of the exterior conduit on my 90-year-old brick home. They outlined all the steps that needed to be taken and then vanished without a trace. Strongly recommended!" - Emmett K.
"Overall, Best Energy Power was a fantastic partner throughout the installation of our solar panels. We had to make some last-minute adjustments to the amount of panels, and they accommodated us swiftly. Their finance source was also excellent. When we ran into trouble with the local installers or needed to reschedule, we were able to get in touch with Best Energy Power quickly and easily via phone. Their software may be simple, but it does its job. I'm thrilled to produce such clean power (and almost eliminate my monthly utility cost)." - Holden M.
"When we installed solar panels on our roof, we were the first ones in the community to do so. The dealer we worked with walked us through the steps necessary to get solar panels certified there. All the necessary paperwork was done and permissions were obtained, however the process took a few months. In August of 2021, we launched our first investigation. The contract was signed in September, and the work was finished in January of 2022. Best Energy Power was responsible for scheduling and coordinating the work of a local contractor/installer. The fact that our neighbors have been curious about our low electricity costs has made our day every time it comes up in conversation." - Darius B.
"On the day of the installation, I was greeted by the crew at the door. They greeted my family and me with a grin and a professional air. They prepared us for what was to come and addressed any concerns we had right away. Throughout the installation, they behaved professionally. After they were done with the task, they showed off all the new gadgets and gave a quick rundown of what each one did. They all thanked me for blessing them with cool water before they went. I'd suggest these people a thousand times over." - Rowan J.

Best Energy Power Social media
There are over 350 people that follow the Best Energy Power company's highly rated and user-friendly Facebook page. The website aims to educate the public about sustainability by covering a variety of issues related to solar energy practices and solutions with engaging films and high-resolution images. They also guide how to make better and more economical use of energy. The site is maintained by experts and can be relied upon as a reliable resource. They provide a wealth of resources for keeping abreast of breaking news and cutting-edge analysis. In general, it's a solid hub for newcomers and diehards.
There are no images or videos on Best Energy Power's LinkedIn profile, just a limited amount of corporate information. The company's location and some of its services are listed, but no contact details are provided. As a consequence, we are unable to determine the company's reliability from this website. Because the page has no Likes or Followers, we are unable to determine its popularity. The website does, however, seem professional, and all of the contact details and services are made apparent. Despite the dearth of details, the website does give off a positive initial impression and could represent a reputable business.
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Best Energy Power Pros & Cons

  • Excellent Service
  • Affordable Rates
  • Renewable Sources
  • High Upfront Cost
  • Limited Service Area
  • Variable Rates

Best Energy Power Final Conclusions

Best Energy Power is a renewable energy company that allows its clients to buy or lease solar and wind power generation equipment. Customers are always impressed by the speed and friendliness of their answers. Based on feedback from previous clients, Best Energy Power has a high rating.

Best Energy Power locations

Main Address20 West Fairview Ave Valley Stream, NY 11580
Phone Number2127302267

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