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To assist its home and business clients make the transition to solar power, Simple Energy Works is a renewable energy firm. Rooftop solar panel installation, energy assessments, and energy finance are just some of the solar options that the firm offers its consumers.

Simple Energy Works overview

To assist its home and business clients make the transition to solar power, Simple Energy Works is a renewable energy firm. Rooftop solar panel installation, energy assessments, and energy finance are just some of the solar options that the firm offers its consumers.

What Simple Energy Works has to say about itself

Simple Energy Works provide cutting-edge energy services that streamline your life while reducing your carbon footprint. Our mission is to provide you with practical and affordable energy options that won't break the bank. We provide cutting-edge solutions for solar power, battery storage, and energy conservation. You may save money, lessen your impact on the environment, and gain independence from the grid with our assistance.

Simple Energy Works Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasTN
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Audits, Monitoring, Home Performance Testing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, and lead-acid.

Simple Energy Works website review

Simple Energy Works' official website is currently having problems, but technicians will solve the problem soon. In the meantime, it is impossible to give the site competent criticism.

Simple Energy Works price policy

PackagesSolar Installation Package - starting at $3,000, Home Energy Audit - $200, Home Energy Efficiency Upgrades - starting at $2,000, Solar Financing Options - Varies, Home Battery Backup System - starting at $5,000, Home Solar Maintenance Service - starting at $100, Home Automation - starting at $150, Home Energy Efficiency Rebates - Varies, Home Solar System Monitoring & Management - starting at $50
Payment optionsCash, checks, bank wires, and major credit cards
Payment discountsNew Customer Referral Discount: 10%, Renewal Discount: 10%, Volume Discount: 10-15%, Military, and Veteran Discount: 15%, Senior Citizen Discount: 15%, Multi-Service Discount: 10-20%

Simple Energy Works online reputation

Customers have generally been quite happy with Simple Energy Works' services. The simplicity of use, helpfulness of customer support, and affordable costs have all received high appreciation from clients. However, some users have complained that the website may be difficult to browse and that the process of signing up for the service can be unclear. Despite this, Simple Energy Works is a fantastic choice for anyone searching for energy services and has received excellent reviews from its clients.
"What a case of asynchronicity! I've paid for half of the installation but still haven't received it. A month passed after roofing was finished. For almost a month, I've been patiently waiting for Simple Energy Works to arrive so that conduit can be installed in my ditches. There was no notification through text or phone call that my installation could begin. I get that bad weather might happen, but I'd want to know when my installation will take place, especially since it's been a week of wonderful weather. They have just four people on their team and no one is in control of the project. I have to deal with them now." - Jaden G.
"In 2017, I spent nearly $52,000 on 38 Chinese solar panels and inverters, both of which are crap. Since then, I've had 18 inverters and 1 panel entirely fail, and monitoring was lost in 2020 when Simple Energy Works refused to assist me in ANY way. Don't take their word for anything when it comes to warranties! This organization cares just about being paid, and then they will forget about you. Due to Simple Energy Works's inaction, I just paid a subcontractor over $2000 to fix my incorrectly placed monitoring and replace 12 inverters. I am currently waiting for the subcontractor to locate a replacement panel for me. Make an effort to reach out to them via phone. You have to leave messages, get nowhere, and wait weeks for a return call. Unless, of course, you plan on making a purchase from them. Take care if you're the one buying." - Kaden N.
"While the technology itself is impressive, Simple Energy Works neglected to inform me that I would need to install a few applications in order to keep the Tesla battery charged and operational during a blackout. You have been given a Project Ambassador who may contact you if they have time. They have trouble communicating with one another. However, I've seen that this is standard practice at other solar firms." - Antonio C.
"I would rate this firm poorly if the option existed. The customer support of Simple Energy Works is really terrible. I have been attempting to schedule an appointment for them to replace the panels that they removed during the renovation, but they either don't respond to my messages or cancel at the last minute. My appointment was scheduled for the period of 9/14-9/18, but when I contacted to confirm, I was informed that no such appointment had been made and that Lena, the inept scheduler, was on vacation. When she did return, she didn't provide any reasons for the delay. She went on to set up an all-day shift for the following Tuesday. It's now Tuesday, and there still aren't any employees in sight, despite the fact that just half the job has been done. There have been so many other issues, but their customer service is terrible. They are not someone I would ever suggest to anybody." - Riley F.
"We used Simple Energy Works to get our PV installed, and now we really regret it. We beg you, learn from our blunder. The quality you get is not commensurate with the exorbitant price tag you'll have to pay. About $45,000 later, we only received a mediocre job. If I had paid half as much, I would have gotten the same result. We chose to invest extra money to guarantee the best quality, but we were let down. The work was really rather sloppy. Shaving and trash were left behind, and the employees were impolite. The roof had extra holes that had to be patched because of inaccurate measurements, and an extra rack had to be installed. The proprietors just worry about making money, regardless of how they treat their customers." - Kaleb T.
"I'm really happy with my solar panels. My close friends and I have all decided to start using Simple Energy Works. My wife and I had a lot of questions regarding solar energy, a representative from Simple Energy Works, was very helpful in answering them. He was kind and attentive in addressing our many questions regarding the equipment he was selling. From the first consultation to the final placement of my Solar Panels, it was a joy to deal with knowledgeable and skilled individuals. The installers were all kind and competent. If you're in the market for solar energy, go no further than Simple Energy Works." - Brady W.
"After a long delay (about 6 weeks), the system started working. According to Simple Energy Works, new batteries had to be shipped from their mainland manufacturing facility. This is unlikely to help, especially considering how far the epidemic has gone. Problems with updating the system's software have also been fixed. Special thanks to Sophia at Simple Energy Works for keeping me informed. The costs that were incurred during the outage were also covered by Simple Energy Works." - Bryce H.
"We had Simple Energy Works put up a new photovoltaic solar array with a backup battery system. From the first permit application through the final installation, they handled everything with efficiency and professionalism. They are very quick to respond to service inquiries, and they have excellent business methods. I am really pleased with their service and goods. Concluded installation by July 2020." - Colin A.
"From my first inquiry through the final installation of my purchased system, everything was top-rate. I'm as happy as a clam right now. My sales rep, was extremely helpful in walking me through the whole process, outlining the terms of the contract, and setting up the preliminary inspection. We set up the installation once the preliminary examination was finished. The two men who came to do the installation did an excellent job and did it quickly. Everything was completed in less than three hours, and we were quickly basking in the refreshing air of our new Mitsubishi split system. A little update on my previous review. Yesterday, August 21st, we were surprised to see a cheque from Simple Energy Works in the mail. It seems that I overpaid due to a billing mistake. I would have had no idea. However, they are such an ethical business that they saw the mistake and sent me a check for $300. I'm really satisfied with these individuals." - Jesse F.
"I'll be honest, I was afraid to work with a third solar panel firm because the previous two failed to do a good job of informing us. My first interaction with Simple Energy Works was really positive. Despite their hectic schedule, they always kept me informed of our progress as a customer. Our involvement with the association was unnecessary, as was the inspection procedure. All we were required to do was comply with certain obligations and be home at certain times. Although it took some time, they made sure everything was in place by the end of the year. Both the service and the new electric bill exceeded our expectations. Please continue to provide such excellent service to your customers, Simple Energy Works." - Richard K.

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Simple Energy Works Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Experienced Team
  • Innovative Technology
  • Limited Product Range
  • Lack of Expertise
  • Limited Resources

Simple Energy Works Final Conclusions

Renewable energy provider Simple Energy Works offers solar panels and other products that reduce energy waste. They also provide audits and guidance on how to improve energy efficiency. Reviews show that customers are pleased with the company's offerings, averaging 4 out of 5 stars.

Simple Energy Works locations

Main Address773 Deep Draw Rd Crossville, TN 38555
Phone Number9312879288

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